The Sports Bar- John Wildhack

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia are joined by Syracuse AD John Wildhack. Listen as he talks about the golfing with Gene, the future of Syracuse athletics, and more.

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The only way you can. ESPN Rochester which you he's no radio dot com that downloading today had listened to watched any time anywhere not sports leaner ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sports part danger and the tag Leah we are fortunate today we have a beautiful view we have a nice cool breeze off the Lake Worth sonus bay heights golf club. For the RA GA golf tournament we just spoke with bad about Brad Mac greedy and we were gonna talk now to another guy familiar with. Our surroundings and. All of my guys I think he grew up on this course he is the athletic director. For Syracuse University. John while packed guide John we're our we're on the back patio. Looking over the day. I you don't Marv Levy saying where else would you rather be right here than right now John are you jealous of where we are broadcasting from today. You're exactly I am behind jail. That note and well to do is to our approach is tweeting that he expected me to go to about fifteen minutes ago YouTube guys. Look like a beautiful day and it ought to view I'm glad you guys are enjoying it and it's. Degraded your great play. Well John you know what we hear from here the patio I get a perfect view. The draw the the fairway and the second a hole here it's Otis bank. And Jeanne pointed out I think it was possible but Jean pointed out the house that he hit the last time we played golf with you how does that. Mean six is I wasn't good in eyes are Able Danger and what. There are you witness it he can he hit a house across the street from the the fairway and the second. No we don't know and that we will we not learn that from time to time though the other girl has her long you know he lives plus his second third second fairway good. You know I've been slow and slower faster. John I I don't know if you know the answer but I estimate. How many times have you played this course. All might get I mean IPO literally grew up playing at. So I mean who literally going to be killed thousands of times. And what about the course make what what about soda spay heights it it makes its mystery you grew up playing the course but he tells a little bit about the course. That the hills of the the hazards eight give us MP a picture force on and so it has been rights. As a golf course. But it was fun is it is it really tests yet and every shot in your back is there. The other holes that are you know relatively short may look pretty easy but then you get up on the greens and the other greens are very severe and I mutilation and then you get yelled so long tail long par fours are 430 or forty were. You're hitting your driver here hybrid and you're three shot par five that you have been. There's so much variety in the golf course and in terms of the design of the holes and then when you factor in the wind in the winter is almost count at least for a links so. It's it's just it's a lot of fun of plays and seldom is one day like connects the golf course always plays differently from one day the next so. You never get bored and the other thing I like did you go through. The report after the fourteenth hole. You go through that stretch you never you never replicate car so you go from a par 40524. To a street took. They're really adds to the variety that if it is fun to bring people up because they play in the in and they loved it. John wild pack who is the athletic director at Syracuse university art guys. Let's talk about camp here we just got done not covering Dole's camp does broke put on the Syracuse Orange still. I'd figuring things out get ready for the opener how his campaign so far for deer beavers team. You know I think it's better it's been a really good camp guys it's an offshoot. Yeah beyond these reader really good. Our biggest strength and conditioning jobs program big kids really bought into a spring practice was very very physical. Which do you know designed by nature and that carried over to work to do some work out there were little to be a little more than half at least you can happen. It would better really good camp and I think you're cute things is. Dick Dick competition. It is really it is it is dramatically different than a year two years ago. So when there's increased competition right you're just you're gonna get better and makes everybody better. I think secondly is both our offense and defense to line need to get bigger in the off season and they did. In and they look like any PC offensive line they look like any decent defense to line. And we will be infusion of talent that we have young kids we've got. Our debt or war far deeper than we were last year. Stall out or want to be but we're much much deeper the world will then we're we're we're a year ago and I think that'll payoff particularly inept in the last third of the he's. Syracuse University athletic director John wild pack joining us live in the sports bar danger of attack Leah. At sodas and pay heights golf club the one position you mentioned John the quarterback position we're curious about that the health of Eric dungy housing look at. Eric gill or health is great so he's he's a 100%. Yeah at least he would clear ready to go the other way media and on the first few weeks you can't that was more designed to get ready for the guys behind a bit. Eric looked fantastic. They're Tommy DeVito are redshirt freshman continues to look. Too impressed Rex Culpepper played well. Lleyton is playing a well we've we've got more in depth is the quarterback position and I think Syracuse his head and maybe back to that. Yup Donovan McNabb where. And our talked to deal neighbors coming up on Monday on the order what do you think the schedule overall I mean you you claim she's. You play one of the toughest conferences in the country John. The other question in the you know it it's always going to be challenged him this year though that should I think get you on paper Zach played is. It's severe blast here when everywhere we went to LSU went to Florida State we went to Miami. I think in some respects it's a little bit more manageable live. You know it. If you've played PH TCU guys that it wanted to but it's one of the best if that's the best conferences in the country and you know we're gonna play real lineup and we got to deal. John I think the last time we had you won we had a little bit more color on on what work was going to be done at the Carrier Dome I guess I'm curious as to how that's progressed and win were collections begin on the Carrier Dome has an all looking. It will they're videos we got we were proved to. By airborne made an 120 million. On into phase is one of the September 20 corny which will by then we'll have a new roof should be permanent rural. Which is great. Will be much easier to get in and out of the building will get sucked in and get sucked out like to do now. He'll be more portray a blue since we're gonna do way to the stated there lighting systems sound system wide side. I vertically on the scoreboard in the middle of the field which is going to be. Pretty need to reported on attracts so for basketball we can move and on the track those senators over the basketball court though. Amenities to put an improvement store concessions and are restrooms. Air conditioning will be done by 20/20 two so I mean his career at the very. Is there really ambitious project but it's one that we're excited about. We haven't started yet can any visible work yet but I can tell you that Leo word of the work. The work and there's a lot to be done has begun. John while tack our destiny and seems well IU college basketball IC duke on last night so Marty thinking about next season Mattel we had a big story last week with this rule change coming down the NCAA passing. Some of these things where. Our players select players to sign with eight genes in players that don't get drastic can go back what are your thoughts. About these new rules when it comes the men's basketball passed by the NCAA. I think overall I think things that didn't allow. This kid a little bit more kids can control their own destiny. Yeah we're those two things we do I think you I think is good in. The it's it's there's things that you know. There wasn't conversation between agents and players going around is this is only thank you so hard line. You know why not allow that to happen I think what's really important on that front though this. The certification process for agent has to be stringent and no word Thursday yesterday unethical behavior than video out of the penalty. You're the punitive punishment to the agents have to be severe so good we do everything we can't who. All of to prevent. Unscrupulous behavior I think kids to load declare for the draft you don't get drafted. They should have the option to come back if they want and and they may itself remains the cell mate they are very I think get drafted by the NBA but I go to did you leave. I go play internationally so they're getting getting kids more options. John it's great to hear your voice we always love catching up with you we hope to get chance to do with you again soon here get not get on. Everything going on the world of Syracuse athletics. And maybe just maybe next year at this time we could see here on the share the view that we have right now. And it does so to spay and height your golf course. Let that you've never little bit better Ngo that Buick is actually spectacular in the in a man if you guys in the golf course is in fantastic shape but it in the best shape that I I skated and it's in probably fifteen or forty years the golf courses is in tremendous shape so. I encourage our western diplomat in Georgia a great golf course enjoy great viewed. The pro shop is Ben looked at his team to a great Jabber food and beverage operation. Is. Is not so. If people come out we'll have a great day. John appreciate your time and now let's not let's talk during us Turkey's football season. Sounds good thanks guys I appreciated enjoy the rest of your time.