The Sports Bar-John Wildhack and Dino Babers

Syracuse Athletic Director John Wildhack and head football coach Dino Babers join Danger and Battaglia to give an update on camp, renovations at the dome and a preview of the 2017 season.


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Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com. Breaking news scores and on demand audio. Bookmark this sport's leaders ESPN Rochester dot com. Part gab fest weekend in Rochester genes electric. You feel the people raise a fine yeah I had awesome but yeah mark GAAP Chicopee arts and crafts. No shortage of parties happening on park gaffe. Actually in the side streets of park avenue would be technical. And Syracuse athletics are gonna have a presence on park out as well. Yeah look out for the van as they will have the prize we will giveaways posters are gonna beginning way a Syracuse football helmets. On to join us talk about their their goal our rewards mall this deal why not. Deal papers and John while back here in the sports are gentlemen I know you're you're both very busy Dino with can't go on. The deal how are you. We're doing actually the house can't go for his so far. Can't it is just getting started guys got to give him fantastic effort it's a little toasty out there. And the humidity is up in the AM that's when we've been going out there trying to get ready for those. So. Tigers then we have done in Baton Rouge later on but it's been going really well the kid to work and we are. We spent some time in the past coach talking about in the schedule and how rough is schedule looks. For Sarah accusing me guys paying any attention that at all just focusing on getting better every day in and going out there and and give your best effort. Oh yeah oh yeah weren't. You know it doesn't always gonna cry about it they are scheduled our schedule. The way I look at it very challenging was also got a lot of opportunities I've figured we were at every one there's no doubt that we should be in place. And yet but I bet you live series saw somebody had an unnamed source that said you guys are. By the team to watch there needs it is so I mean you're getting some credit throughout BAC seeking to be sneak up on not people this year coach. I don't know I don't know what it is we're gonna have to see I think everybody understands that. You know we got a great home field advantage in the dome we should play really well at home and we will try to do our best of that and we go on the road we've got to play better than what we have been on the. Syracuse head football coach Dino labors are gas in the sports bar as well as athletic director John while tack on the speakerphone. Syracuse athletics at park have fest this week and look for their boots with the prize wheel giveaways posters. Schedule cards and of course giving away Syracuse football helmet as well a gentleman national football foundation. Recently announced a list of college players have already received under grad degrees Syracuse has eight which is. Tied for third most in the ACC let's talk about the importance of that balance academic athletic opportunity you get it Syracuse say how does that help you coach when you're trying to recruit athletes come join the program. You know first of all when you talk about Syracuse University you have to start with the education that the big recruiting. Part of it for us we want young man they're going to be student athletes and that's how it at a telecoms across the net so we go about our business. And you know would get an opportunity to be an outstanding football player and get a degree from Syracuse University I don't see how you don't have to jumpstart on life. And compared to us some of the other universities and some of these other degrees it to happen extra kids are playing toward getting athletic scholarships and walking way mr. education and degrees. I coached you don't neighbors a Syracuse Orange along with so athletic director John while back Lusk John a few questions here in just a minute duck coach. I new defense just the importance of having I guy at linebacker in the year Franklin. Our Franklin's got he's on track right now to be here your three year captain which would only the second time that's happened in the history the orange. Program. What is he meant so for this defense coach. You know first of all it ever happened yet but I wouldn't bet against it can't he's outstanding players outstanding individual. He's a leader in every aspect we need an appeal the more vocal doing what he had been in the past but I think debt this year. He had been more vocal out of practice and I think that he's one of the guys that definitely stirs the drink when it comes at a decent side of the ball answer accused football. We're entering year two of the deal favors Eric Dino favors head coach of Syracuse football joining us here in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah. A coach I've been saying. In terms of the Buffalo Bills we've been spending a lot of time. And I have been talking about bills training camp the idea that. You know what fans should expect this year is hopefully a team that doesn't beat themselves throw the record out of the window and know that this team is gonna be competitive. Each and every week. And not beat themselves what can Syracuse football fans expect. During your two of the deal they were Sarah. I think the big invasion. You're running the exact same defense this exact same office for the second year road should be less mistakes that kids should play at a at a faster pace. And based also that we should have more success now. The big thing is we just like we cannot beat ourselves and we're not we're not as deep as some of the other teams because. We don't know we've had some injuries we've had some. A young men decided they want to lead to programs we don't have the depth our starters our starters are is as good as most people will have a good opportunity to. To win based problem starts the game. But the general word that increase occurred during the season there are certain positions that can withstand some injuries. And there's other positions that cannot so hopefully it will avoid those if we have and we do come up with some mishaps it'll be yet to positions were we have some depth. You know neighbors and athletic director John while Packard guests here in the sports are 957 ESPN is this weekend of course is part gab fest if you know. And if you're heading down to part GAAP make sure he's not stop by the Syracuse boot is they'll be a prize wheel those posters are really cool. And you can also log sign up to win the east Syracuse football. Helmet odd John I can't believe in years gone by the year's number one as athletic director at Syracuse I university John what are you most product. I think you know the academic success of our student athletes and their coach referenced and one of his earlier answer as to what your question do we get 600 student athletes and their academic performance. Last year was actually terrific their cumulative GPA would was it 31. In that so many of armored really really challenging curriculum so that speaks. Highly of them and highly of our coaches and their commitment to academics. I think secondly is is sealed the success we've had competitively to. If we compete in a copper is is good as any. In all sports and yeah we've established ourselves in just four years at Syracuse is. Is now only worry he bit its yeah we we carry the agency's torched. And number sports and yeah I look forward he would pick continued success and I think the one thing we try to establish throughout the entire. Organization is is a culture of we want to be excellent in everything that we do. And I think we've seen that across the border we've made improvements in a row look forward to look to the upcoming football season it is working with coach for year. That's been out. Absolute pleasure in it it's really fun to see what he and his staff for building because it's it's a program that. If it will get good when it does it will statement. Syracuse athletic director John wild pack on the box with head football coach Steele babe hers is well John. The basketball term at this is obviously on this you event but what does it say about. That the culture that deck coach behind his dealt with basketball programs seeing former players but he's come together like they did. One word comes to my family. Syracuse basketball that family install it on display. In those guys they all came back together in a bunch of them were overseas or played overseas they all came back together. And they played you know it plays one and they played for their pride at the university and then obviously for coach space time so. That that's number one in my mind and its second. These are fans support our fan support was tremendous. If all games that just speaks to. There are our fans and in their passion for Turkey sent a letter to our answer is good as any in the country in any sport. John is Sarah any update we had John not backing and I think it was not talking about you know what is coming down the interior Dominik. There are so many moving pieces you were telling us as far as the renovations at any update you convert ride does Syracuse fans here Rochester. No we continue to work really really hard at it I think we've made you know progress in terms as. Identifying. Ya a couple of different plans that could work. You know nothing concrete yet. But we are we are making progress that's really important that we take the time to get this right. You don't get do overs. When you're when you're renovating something like to go home so here we got to get it right the first time. Park after us this weekend at Syracuse athletics will involve a boot featuring a free prizes posters. Schedules and you can now sign up to win the Syracuse football helmet as well or speak with Syracuse athletic director John while Hackett head football coach. Dino neighbors in the sports bar with danger and the tag leading John I want to know you did to Jeanne they're at soda spam on my shot he had done all think saw six Utah about halting aid do we do was at that demoralizing lol what happened to Jean on that golf course and why has he not. Continue to pursue this this great leisure activity. Jean Jean Jean Louis that your career we had a great day it was fun to have been down now. Danger you're gonna bust his chops his job next you're gonna get you down well. And I'll be there I'm not I'm not great I might be a little bit better than Jaber I'm not great my I got the bug. I got the bug when I drove all your weight room which is turning stone a few weekends ago and played one of the courses there at attorneys and the shenandoah course and man that was beautiful and and he gave gave me the blog I would love to get. Back I was his shortest days beautiful alas it's just that as a class is not class on upn Johnny can't thank you enough for that. Well you'll do it again next year in New York coach come out to the war so playing like a great day. We're gonna bugged it don't don't threaten me with that job because genes already on the nicest denies with me now would. Gladly substitute. DL. For geno. This news. I'm not touching. Yeah you're unless it's another document date. Here that it's going to dangers by. John well that the Adobe neighbors our guests here in the sports bar with danger to take me gentlemen we know how busy Allard appreciate your time giving us updates on all things happening with Syracuse athletics coach. Best of luck we don't talk to you before the season starts would love to talk again real soon and that thanks for your time this afternoon. All right thank you Jeanne you guys got a good one. All right thank you coach thank you John. As and again the spark gap that's coming up on Saturday and Sunday. And they'll be on the lookout for that as you Booth as though have those posters schedule cards. Other giveaways including Syracuse football home. So good times a dark FS this week in Syracuse athletics will be on the scene can't think John while pack. And head football coach Dino bay was enough for their time this afternoon here just sent up a foursome yet wow that happened. That happens yeah we're all golfing with while pack and neighbors. Every guy knowing what I got to figure this out we're gonna be terrible we're going to be good to gather here it. You can't get that and golf cannot get together over the course of six months twelve months Null in its wraps it takes too much time we're we're going to be terrible. Let's go up there give it our best shot and let's have some memories let's have some stories too shy you you can't be as bad. I am I hitting a house on the second tee it shall we made it was pretty bad IAM not a good golfer. I admit I'm not I like the game. The game frustrates me I wish I had the time I'm insanely jealous of people who are good golf deserve more athletic or their their more mentally. Into the game at 9 AM. It took I took a lesson when where they're turning stone I feel like I improved from that one lesson. That's in my head now. Would golf and a couple times this summer and I've really enjoyed myself. Let's do it again. And let's go with coach favors and John while wanna. So expect that's. Out there and play out that that's that here it's beautiful. I'm into it. All right if you miss her conversation with us Syracuse athletic director John while tack. And head football coach Steele neighbors we will have that for you on demand online. At the all new ESPN Rochester dot com shortly after next in the sports bar. Let's today's top NFL stories of bite sized form NFL appetizers. And gene no shortage of stories some injury updates for you. No shortage of stories on a pass this along to read before we get to that Mike Roenick just tweeting out currently dried knew where field. But nasty weather isn't far away any tweets the that the buffalo radar yet I don't altered in all practices topic tonight tonight. That's unfortunate now maybe should stay in Rochester. That's John this year that's would you that's Jack that's Fisher upstairs saying do not take away practice from my school answer. Our NFL appetizer is on the way next stay in the sports bar danger in the tank Leon AM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester.