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NFL Draft expert Jon Ledyard of joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss all of the different scenarios that can play out for the Buffalo Bills with the #10 pick in the draft.


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Crunching hits backboard shattering dunks that's slips and half tricks on the S sports leader again 950 and 957 Afghan ESPN Rochester. Here in the sports bar with danger of the tag Leo we only talked to the best and the brightest in the industry the people that really do their homework he. He's one week from tomorrow night and nobody has studied it more than our next guest. Permits us to pile on dot com John let your joining us in the sports bar with danger and tightly how are you this afternoon John. All do it well and then make that point in the draft process where. We start. Pretty hot commodity and don't get much of though. Dragon a little bit but I'll do about it back. Yeah Leo and also becomes you know a lot during this time near a lot of the ads out there John so. Out of all stories right now where your your players going upper teams are most interest it is there one player that you had ranks. Lol there for some reason for it a whatever reason would be. Right now this player has is gone too high and we should not be buying into this point. How Matt yeah I mean I think you're definitely going to have a number of players every. Part of the media that he. In the year of being disparate in some regard at least from what so. What what you're boarded it. Lately I think it there's gonna put some players I mean now entered question whether or not because I think each unit a top five. Four. And I happen and kind of an early to mid back around grade that. Again that in that as we gotta bend you're inundated with the fact that letter that there's. Generational talent from the scene like that god made you really started playing it out used in the so. Because while I think it's hard for people think of them as something else than maybe in the Philippines or who would kill you well. I'll look at port I don't think I'd be really good player you know. There's a hot war there and a little bit yet much spot potential. But you look at and poking related they've cracked the top ten. Is he always got the united it was an amateur sport overall pick last year in the talked early early go. It never end the year before those were the running back between Google in the value of that intimate as orders over one that. In my opinion has prospects they offer a lot more in the passing game in the corner of those currently. In contradiction import that does currently. Many of those running back I think moreover even versatility or Puerto. Need to be any gap power takes Ian to be it was successful and he did and it often been run that really well open holes or. He can be an absolute force. Output the other guys rallied early loop course ability eve special Alley they're able to run and with those guys in the backfield so. I think it he's definitely getting over hyped going to be over drafted bot. He's he's talented enough to be lenient than the opposite of the good offensive line. He can make some real noise even as a rookie because. Doubtless situations that might end up in one of these teams take that as a good situation. John let your tree into the pylon dot com our guest in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee as we're talking about. Pick that might make you scratch your head with in the top ten you're saying Leonard four net and it's funny we've been having the the Leonard four net conversation the running back in general conversation we you bring up Ezekiel Elliott who. A kind of look is a chameleon running back he can kind of do it all there isn't really much. That the Dak I can't EU asking to do it he's gonna be able to do were for an. Like Ezekiel Alley it's it's maybe LaDainian Tomlinson before him and I don't know how. Reasonable it is to expect you're gonna have somebody like that come out of the draft every year I certainly don't see it this year where for net looks like room the running back to the NFL was. There is a running back up to that looks like with the NFL. Could be or should be in the future and that will be Christian McCaffrey and we've seen his kind of his stock rise when really there's there's nothing there to back that up as far as you know you know he did his work us in the common we haven't really heard of him. Coming up it was really talking about Chris McCaffery he's sort of start to hear him maybe being a top ten pick. Where do you fall in Christian McCaffery. Yeah I'm not gonna get past Philadelphia and over fourteen. And Carolina's going to be very interest but number eight possibly among other. He's extremely talented other local and there. I don't see a war course featured back but I see them better all around all the weapon that letter or. I think that it aptly. Is your gonna work really wanted and he's very patient runner I read his blog very lonely deep and very low vision is superb. But. He's not going to be the most elusive player deal billboards gonna break the most apples at the heart attack. General you've walked or you certainly did it and not ignited quite. Little bit positive there obviously but there's like it's significant upside. Launcher but as a receiver. Use one of the got a problem isn't that outing to eat and eat that good. I'm big but that was all you like an outline. You can move moron do a lot of things with an going to be able to separate remain covered at all in tackles to need affordable but it out of running back you can keep it won't be able to. You know you can go to your two running back that than a block out your aptly. And even back in the backfield and they can be and you know that you've brought in those two to running back then you're set there in the next big battle an actual linebacker in the block. I you've got a linebacker anchor and exactly covered by law a lot that you created an eyewitness captures Philadelphia law. He's not gonna get past them. The only question easily get there Carolina is definitely bury interest but a letter that on the board that's going to be the two hot spots where you might think. There's all the potential spot at the world could be interest and that. I'd get Carolina law and gold lost some of trade Paul Eaton is about the. John let your you can follow him a great following Twitter let your NFL draft. Is handle on Twitter. Our guest here in the sports bar on 957 ESPN what your saying to me. These music to my ears if I'm running the Buffalo Bills because and number tan knit team that needs death right now they have always expects or may get a seven that they don't. You know pick up the right to match mindlessly. But the point being if you want to trade down it's easier said than done right Johnny got to find a partner but. Danger not been running routes and aerials in our I have worked there will be a quarterback. Debate would trade up for but. You're saying there are certainly other players like a Christian McCaffery that if there are multiple teams intrastate may be. A team like buffalo at number ten. Hat's good opportunity to trade down. Yeah I put it definitely possible of Buffalo's got a couple options knows well the right at them all. They get bumped up couples spot potentially you know Arizona 1 o'clock mark ever Cleveland and get that sense ought not look into our quarterback or. Something of that nature. Of our. Or they can stay put and they did take the best they yet available outpouring certainly or we're out the ought. I think Google probably be off the board. I'm really corners they need to meanwhile on you know go out if they're calling on the board that's been a play at a at a target them. Of late but the rumors that they really do like it I didn't eat for a weapon. No question that are that nobody talked about the fact that trails clay by. No it doesn't really matter so much went out and bought. That was offensive weapon on key you know because that's what these guys that ought not just going to bill. You're traditionally in line role where you you know these guys are going to get Howard did you greet. They're going to the bill more of a lot receiver offensive weapon all your opposite so. Don't look at it as overloading tight and all of it is blowing up out front of weapons general when he had in that light and the dark changed the way that you. Valued position a little bit as you know bell is changing the way and it the emotional element so I think because of that data and other options buffalo. In the first round so they've got the options yeah it is easily bumped down a couple spots and and try to pick somebody out of the summit in daylight there it up or the offer and. John like your tree into the pile on dot com joining us in the sports bar with danger and tag leader John you've followed the NFL draft for years you've seen a lot of craziness happened a draft night and in we've got a situation in buffalo where. You could argue got a GM who's desperate and he might be desperate enough to try and make a move to. Save face save his job. If Doug Whaley c.s to Shawn Watson available at ten and pulls the trigger meaning do you see that happening ABC that the pass where GMs will. Make that reach for that ticker tape that chicken in an effort to try and save their own hide and we you know any examples of that the pass that you can. That you can recall and would there be worse things at the bills could do. They'd take dish on Watson attend. I mean I wouldn't be opposed to a first guests it's it would be unusual decision. Seemed like things are really closure resolutions are do you never know in that situation. I don't think you can count on quarterback completely for the bills in the first round but. It'll I think that if they're going to do it now they think it's seemed that god has been a tend to like these extra risk Bellic Marshall will be easier on the board. And I think that's probably did go a long shot and that. The only scenario like it the ball well moving upper player and I think they'd like to formally Coker. But I just don't think it that equal to them but of their really meant black quarterback. I've always been be it Hooper and that it seemed perspective I would beat Urquhart you know I like he. But his attitude perspective fingers let the quarterback and that's one position you can't lap and watch another eighteen. Go take a quarterback that you all all of them all now. I don't think that he would use up on war but I think that would be the guy that they could target. John Watson my number one quarterback outlawed is that in buffalo I think he makes a lot of sense an opportunity to be adequate you let them go there bandage. I needed a more controlled caught. Pocket passer than Tyrod Taylor isn't a better process or on the pocket that Tyrod Taylor is so I think that you would definitely be. An upgrade there and really ballclub and talented enough team that. That could help push them closer to a playoff spot they're able to another couple on other. But I don't think Tyrod Taylor Dent that even though. You know how much of a substantial equity getting the better are you talk about the ball velocity and things like that. You have to weigh your pros and cons is locked into the flight upgrade but not enough of the different. And not a significant difference and are tailor their immediate grows much that you could have would then go rock. John before we move on from Watson talk about that velocity a little mix that was a big concern coming out of Columbine and of course. If you watched any of his film he's out the other some accuracy issues with Watson is well. Yeah I think there are the velocity and credit. He's not a very accurate either that annoys me about decisions and sometimes it has detained struggled to pull the trigger I think Watson the you don't eat at a misunderstood I think the prospect a little bit and in the radar gun up to help. Yep and dollars and as strong as opposed the lead out there by. The radar gun understand that the Columbine. Not by all look at the history until the guys that and have been measured over the years. They'll find clear inconsistency when you beat some of the guys that the best start. But we got through the worst arms and and what they end up to the well that he gave all that and now I don't think that has been. Consistently accurate over the years I don't know the name of Thomas had to look up that information I think you'll see right away there's some. Pretty pretty glaring here errors and some of the data and it didn't project where well and it felt the best so. I think Bob I think in this situation with the trial. You're talking about it on that is indeed lead for sure but it is good enough but he also sports science he recently that. As having the quickest release and the draft which helps a lot when you talk about making opera lack of relief ought to be easy to walk quicker to the patient. Knob or any other quarterback. Or ordered defenders ready to act so it it'll help alleviate that concern for. That is one of the reasons why wasn't he steal people watched it. Because he has the mental process and quickly make up. I'm so. I'm not. We're concerned about it I didn't they want the best arm to be in the way. So this kind of just it compartment is almost an elite can meet but I think yeah is that they're very capable. Pocket passer in the it will make plays outside the structure and often and eventually actors in it he comes and goes a little bit on political opt out deal. In short intermediary in the field I think he's generally pretty accurate with good ball placement entirely honest drew huge slot. I think you project that still on the West Coast offense or even maybe they aren't Perkins tight he'd like Newington run much commodities dealer rod. Because of their ability to target short to intermediate areas of the field as well. I know he's not going to be the opera but somebody like there's a lot of for the church appealed. Consistently but I think he indeed out of knock you grow up and down the. No the quarterback club question commenting here at judge John not John let your inside the pile line dot com you can read his work here. Joining us in sports are 957 ESPN John you can you say Watson is a top guy. What other quarterbacks you give a first round grade how do you slot out these quarterbacks and would there be a quarterback. In the later rounds if buffalo was going to wait that long let's say that that that would Pique your interest. Yeah I think debt. I I evaluate missed the bit he also the first it right the only bird. By yet a lot of potential I think under spelling out that bit. I think it's a very very very good arm and I think. You have to improve his volatile processing and his ability to recover just Korean coast app. In order to reach healing Nia house of either very talented kid and any doesn't have a lot of experience but not overly concerned about that. But also you know you don't have a lot of issues brought into the NFL are now proper coaching development. Two lately and I think that if you really tracked the audience is so. This situation can be really importantly more important than people work. But he's got to be in an environment agreement similar law only on the range and from and ability to read you to react to what the going. So there's some risk involved but as unique as the dapper Dan Patrick two early. I think yeah I feel your quarterback. And I think that he is an incredibly talented kid that I would knock out out our number and Grady you know. That would evaluate you know Hebert no interest in the certain position or no needed a certain position if you need a quarterback in the first round. You should go to Patrick on yours though that thirteen you that you. Need a quarterback to developing on Carson Palmer or people thought they should go get a guy like pat on that steam. Even at five effect run about one minute back in the conditional courts are limited to eat. It's so great that they should be willing to reach or someone like especially some of the you lead army in any league mental you know profit and net. What comes from from a medical standpoint is maturity. Work ethic in the way he approaches the game. Ian watt and her head a bit you in terms Smart and intelligent right now but it's just the decision that he can that he beat the road truckers are all. Not brought any window will throw into coverage. If anybody could've played defense in the big wall like that and did on the dirt covered all the time. And a lot of that Al Mary shot the you know right and on sports center in order and they like that they're great stroke and they require a lot of talent to be able to make those those. But is that defender could play defense at all that's an interception or got the point that we're not talking about it much so I think that he's got to be able to play. Better it within himself a little bit more and be smarter with the decision. I don't think it's lack of all I just they did it in being wiser basically about when the goat herder when to take that got to do it because. In the NFL they're just not a lot of room hi there that the quarterback should you eat stability. All right gig or while plays. But it brought forth at every game it's not going to be helpful though. That's the reason why out of in the early background because it out but I call Peru's top quarterback and an eagle three that potentially attract passers that brought along well in the right environment. John if the bills take a wide receiver act ten it would mean that they are the only team in the NFL to invest more. There until well more considering what they paid for Sammy Watkins to top ten picks at wide receiver for the wide receiver one in essentially they're one day. Make the case for Corey Davis or Mike Williams of the bills do decide to go wide receiver at ten or their. Are there better options for the Buffalo Bills or he just looking at the talent there and saying no this the most talented guy. We have on our board right now at ten and we don't care that we have Sammy Watkins were gone wide receiver. Yeah I mean they need weapons there's no question about it position even as well. Up I don't think court David will likely go to guy Michael is probably the better shot to go to by the court order lately. Gordon is the best receiver in the strapped Sony and number seven ballplayer I really like my equally well. I jaw dropped to go about both of them my doubt be at stake but I did it because the children. Cortina as a bunch of other weapons that you need to be yelled over the top. Brought out of respect that you do need going to be productive enough holes so it's about looking at the conflict situation as well but. Record data mean yeah. He's a terrific bit about flow on because you don't know what Apple's been locked in the eye opening bell. Career are helping your any reason to dispute that's going to happen and he goes down there's not much call a lot. This team is pretty Cologne that situation they really needed Dolly court date I think. To be able to step in and potentially could still a number one wide receiver role and Corey Davis while speaker that I don't know much or. He is incredibly talented as a route runner. A separate her from poverty does not regard as well it catches the ball ball extremely well and is able to run after the catch. Pick up garbage after the that looked at as the Audi in the lose and that. At an extremely high level. You have the ability aware that the Pat's point or he's not the doctors beaver not compared to Mike the Mike Williams. In terms of contested catch ability in the strapped. We just about everything else so did you and indeed gotten better better McCarty so. Yes you don't have a different challenge facing more physical and they'll course but. Courted dog look out he's no question you take it personally he's going to accept the reality is that god is straight and beat abilities and so. Not concerned about his transition actually beat you whether they prepared a draft. They. More vertical threat right after the extra that might be forced civil old Corey Davis. So having somebody like Mike Williams on the outside. You know about bout that or even court did you do that detach. Threat out on the field Tyrod Taylor got the arm any trust it just his receivers are gonna make those plays that opportunity. And so I think having are you like Michael and make it more comfortable and I can be an option of a lot of bombs on a couple bought a little note there's are steeper. It's reasonable we've got a good look at it like Josh got that but. I don't think either of those guys are good at Mike and Mike Williams didn't get adjusted to the ball here. That's the jet situation and being able to dominate political press corners down you know Marlon how pretty is that physical press quarter who took a lot of receivers throughout the year. And Mike Williams you know just went out and beat up you know when you look like a bridge back cover and quite subjective game. Well it just was more physical and out competed and at that point on. And so that was just such an impressive in the negro when analyze Williams an outcome he consistently brought all these long has brought in Russia were incredible. I think the tape matches those numbers while. John real quick before we let you go I know you cover the Pittsburgh Steelers are scalp and we have a lot of steeler fans an area so what's your hunch here what all the Steelers do the draft. I don't know that I'll be super pumped about whether it could. I think TJ watt from which caught lightning there brought a lot of potential. It is their raw I think you go option for the in the per spoke that are pretty strongly. I'm like eight at. You've been the guy like Jerry Davis who I would not. Condone the tech but I think he's going to get attention. At that spot in the first round somewhere in that wanted to birdie Q range. I think Pittsburgh could be key to take him off the board as well. You only need a linebackers some would say because that law stolen by trust between the be able to fill that role but. A lot of scenes are going to be attracted the physical and athletic trade that Dave is great news table as well as work ethic and football character I just think when you put on the tape released a lot to be desired terms turn out of the I haven't. Consistently in the and finishing plays. I'm consistently yellow I love the potential there I just don't wanna take that time too when you're the Steelers here. A couple players away from me which you pursue global. In the next two years I don't wanna take players that are gonna peak in. Your three year or that are going to be far away from peak. I wanna take players is gonna go well when you walk now while Ben Roethlisberger still want to critical ball though. I think those are options for them all pre I'd love the people are around them. Karl locked and the Auburn player that I think that you should take it for sure I don't know if it happened at the but it loosing team a little bit. We're really weird and it will be Corey Davis and Bertram. At the ball. And that they don't trust marketed as Bryant adding to that offense would be straight up and saying though like that packet finally get on board now. Nobody knows the NFL draft like John led outlook here weed out this knowledge on our program the sports bar with danger to tag leave John let everybody know where they can get in touch and contact with you. And learn more about your work. Well thank you got to really appreciated always appreciated the opportunity got in. It called me on Twitter at let your Alley BYREEL. Draft. I write cover in the NFL draft for exports and started at an outing dot com as well as in got a pile on how do you applaud got locked on and they'll. Point out five days a week you can look Nadia bloom and I in. Also the breaking the plane podcast we talk all things NFL. Mark still children by the power and yet like we speak to a now clout. I cover the steelers' first knock on still that he insiders well so if you all rock you'll probably see my work somewhere out there to try to do. It but I replied back in there really appreciate you got you know all of. Let's let's make a point to get you one after the draft so we can over analyze or remove that was met him talk about mistakes. The teams make during the you know Andre John let you're always a pleasure having you on the that was the year the year with us here in the sports bar with danger and take enjoy the rest Unita right. You got John ledger from inside the pylon dot com our guest in sports bar with danger to tag glee that we are. That was well worth running way behind us we got and it's a lot ties on the way next we'll sort of the biggest and apple stores Wednesday. He invites ice form the sports or with danger and tag Lee continues next on ESP in Rochester.