The Sports Bar- Jordan Johnson

Former UB Bulls and current Buffalo Bills RB Jordan Johnson joins Danger and Battaglia as he describes his new settings of the NFL, his journey to the pro league, and his fandom of the Bills growing up!


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Welcome back bills camp lives on the campus of saint John Fisher College this is the sports bar. With danger to take Leon AM 915957. FM ESPN Rochester all week long here. At the campus of saint John Fisher College talking to buffalo bills' players you detect Leah and excited to have our next guest. Here in the sports bar. What you wanna talk about a buffalo guy here's a guy that won three sectional championships are sweet home high school plays eight UP. And now trying to earn a roster spot for the Buffalo Bills Jordan Johnson our gas stored in house can't go for is so far. On his ability good little ups and downs no growing pains but is being used to that. That he gained a level you know defend them that it is how is has been so far in in terms of intensity compared to what you've been used to a drug you're playing freedom thankful Playgirl. I'm me the job is on the line he knows money involved knows the business the nose a little different now that you. A scholarship mean to stay on the team forever long you know is it day by day process so I think from intensity standpoint of going in and guys get that done each and every day. Accorsi did not get drafted but as a free agent gives you the opportunity to take a local round was there any doubt your minds and you wanna go anywhere else all the from the Buffalo Bills none you know I'm I was born and raised in buffalo notice them. A team I've grown up. Let me you know so this low and to be it is where my heart is in. When I had because the opportunity to sign you know as the number and if so which Romo grown up watching the Buffalo Bills and being from buffalo and attending games and assure you we played. It was a kid on the field. It you know at half time we. OJ Simpson highlights include some days I can and and then Thomas. Nice like Travis areas where who has those times in buffalo Fred Jackson as a fan favorite. You know and then relate the Watson some core but OK so first Buffalo Bills game you with and if you remember. I was I had a Little League game there we have like they know they do it and those things I have to get me at a game and our members. On the air Moses on a team of leaving and that's when he was room apartment so like late ninety's maybe some ordinary and I asked if yes so I mean yeah that would have been while the last good there Buffalo Bills flat out joy you know there's a drought does play after I don't know. You've heard anything about existing Ayers says suck if you being generous at seventeen years and does not scared you to bring that up and we need you know you're not part of that drug Jordan we hope that you can you know be a part of a team that gets. To end the drought and and Jordan Johnson our guest here in the sports bar with danger and tightly UP grad Giordan Johnson. End and you. You know had a chance to line up at practice against one of the league's premier linebackers today in Toledo Mac what was that like. Man those they will watch somebody who might now one of the best players NFL betting houses on that one of the best players as well. You know sites and then as like a granny so you know you get to. Why how is done each and every day you know an island no UBS a Mac schools you know small school conference but he gave us the motivation that you could. You put the work meaning you do what you gotta do each and every day you know anything is possible a former teammate of yours you guys keeping in contact here does it give you any words of curly hair and they know Maggie that's a pretty busy person you know being one of the top players in the city got a lot of things on the sketch I talked to some another former players notice in the league like Brandon out of his own charges and Steve mean Sunni loosening casesa code. Right now in the saints can't so. Try to keep in touch them every once in while. Jordan Johnson bills running back our guest here in the sports bar. With danger became the undrafted free agent but that that can't be something that discourages you when you see how many successful undrafted free agents there all are in the NFL talk about the process of going through the draft going undrafted in the being here today bills training camp fighting for that job. Nicely look at as a blessing you know you got to embrace challenges you know even just how we design another enemy that's another talent that you guys embraced you know even with Mike playing fullback Cameron and Magnuson of the talent as well you know those states who. Running backs those guys to know I sent around. You know and then I chose to play here at the both of those who have been injured after running backs we know. That was good on my part but let us say they did sign another human events and it increases the competition but. You know you got to embrace competition got a lot of competition ending that's what caused influencing what's competitive players on the team and customize their name now and Colin nothing to be in it to me in life. I think grope their way you know I had a rough upbringing and life so. He nods his look at is it as is just another hurdle that I got to get over yeah you grew up in buffalo and you're just tell me that I used a little time in North Carolina was it your. Mother in the and the army is so Lamar was an army for about three years spent time not necessity. With an iron because you know she wanted to change our lives and how we was livid about their ourselves our families so you know my hat goes off to her to do and then trying to put our family and about a situation. Let's talk a little bit about him other casino she's a motive there she's she's somebody that that inspires you every day every single mom what's for kids total was up one of us is there I mean it. Unbelievable upbringing in and you mentioned you know wasn't the best of offerings but it's taught you a lot it's giving you that great to get chew on that field every Sunday I mean my mom you know see. Tired of young man in case her semi assistant was she was thirteen years so and then. Number of those who was sixteen amien nineties has yet to reach his fourth he's putting is so you know she dame graduate from high school he knows better TV. But now she got a doctor no C 42 years though would a doctor degree. No sigh I see how chic go in and the person fairs and things that she went to a life know being a single mother you know she was mail won't play tomorrow we'll by the Babbitt. You know that was a rough relationship as well and just to see her keep striving to better herself and chase the success that those in the know rocking. Give us you know and get down on myself even though things go wrong you know just keep going. Debt and I'd next week's Thursday night she going to be in the stands when the buffalo bulls take on the vikings there's yes so on and worry what's going through your mind here are they giving you any idea about what. And it's time we still little ways away from the I think we're a little ways from now honestly no and no attention you know. I gotta go in and make the most of the reps and I'm giving them king customers can make the reps come and you have the reps here at saint John Fisher college for training camp tomorrow whole different beast and you guys go to new earth deal for your night practice. And I don't know I mean we gene and I kind of set the over under at that 151000 fans there are newer feel that's going to be different environment for you guys practicing you can feel that extra juice doing that. I mean how no attention is that so you by the time Gnostic concorde the collective to a situations even in came you know people ask me. I Finley numb I'm a really level headed you know humble guy you know trying to get caught up in a moment nominated. Give better work on my gaming fans is in his veins in their school to go through and if they would come out here you know buffalo got some of the best is in the world you know but. And in the day we were you know I got to go out there in time too much down I think it caught up in. Was going on around. Jordan Johnson our guest up played at UV and now trying to earn a roster spot here with the Buffalo Bills this is the sports bar knighted by seven ESPN did you have. FL moment there was a hit or whether was. Oh my gosh this is LeSean McCoy here in the locker room do you ever did did you get star struck just coming into the league like that I mean I think. Marlins NFL moment loses the coaches. You know they. They want and expect the players to know this doesn't you know it's a one. Once he's done is done most of you know they expected us to know it right in the named in the next day when you learn more studies need to keep my I think so. The Mets are expected it but the game within their film moves through. His. That is very serious. Join Johnson I guess in the sports bar with danger potentially Jordan rookie. How the veterans street the rookies in this camp you know we hear stories from years gone by about what what rookies have to go through you know whether it's paying the meal of the of the veterans or any that. Any any of that happen in. With with this veteran group I know some great guys and a lack it was a great team you know as a threat not believe that 899 players knows it. Good nine players in this event is that after repeated until after refusing that was a great core group guys known him. Hopefully no doubt this team be a part of the three man roster but. He knows a great coaches that is Lou so many the veterans taking you under their wing spent anytime with the extra time with it a Mets ought to a lot of running backs and I'm an American Louis post gave no he'd do a good job call actually coaching teaching. I'm reading your dream job will be point guard civil lakers what has happened the Los Angeles Lakers is proud of franchise they can't game and go play far. I'm out alternately one of the coast known as well into and they put the device could be sudden you know the lakers back so time it is Kobe Brian as my favorite player put. The negative will be our idea soon Alonso ball you know it'll be caught of the way his by the do you know he's a well what do you think about his dad. Honestly I mean some people they don't really like Tillman likely do but he is Smart what he's doing you know as mark mark analyzing every day I'm not a guy that talking about it you know I don't I don't Dudley skated yet I don't agree with everything that he says. The idea that he loves his kids the idea that he's got this entrepreneurial spirit that could change the game if if what he proposes dumpster for wishing. But you know I respect that. Right and I think you know like you say he loves his Katie it's like he doesn't put the people say he puts the pressure on his case didn't you look at lines of then play basketball. He doesn't get affected by UC. The other two sons you know in the middle of the young excellent you know meet but that is osu would pursue it fifteen years old and I think faces me uses that is. Bringing in money but like his dad sit before you know the pressure is known in decades he's. Puts the pressure on by the way I mean you know with the pressure become a bad thing I mean it's not. You know you still love your kids but how do you how does a dime and get form Jordan gets formed over years and years of pressure he's you know if you wanna be great. It's a little bit of pressure is probably good that way you know my thing. You know be fine lines thing in this summer league he so he's capable of me to triple doubles. Know people villas and two to promote that and is this the start assign you know that magic Johnson and head office. We'll have a pretty described today by you gotta get my home state. Senate as the upcoming hurricane worry about their eyes. Yeah I got to have that it's it's a war that we hear more and more it's a process right it's all about the process is that what's your impression of and coach John McDermott now you can around the team here for a few months I think does that's a great guy right there you know I had three different head coach's mother in college no would. Coach Jeff Quinn and in. Alex would he was antenna when coach going out fired and in this life who. You know and in so seeing sounding their Leno he's in the weight room early in the morning. You know working mouse that's true because we hear stories about him being in their like before 5 AMD is so mean as those are the type of guy he's not he will and put the work in himself as well and that's a town this or any out here you know coaching. As well watch him on his closest to close at the same time he expects. So none of his players bag and I think that's a good thing with coach Summitt and I don't think I can get up at 5 o'clock on all my you Jordan effect I had to do today as echo earlier mourn. Nice I like it Jordan. Johnson our guest here in the sports bar danger but tightly fighting for roster but these Buffalo Bills course buffalo product you beat. Brad Jordan we appreciate you giving us of your time this afternoon obvious you are who were training camp have fun Smart at Muirfield for practice. And at best of luck this season aren't they appreciated stay healthy but he's.