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Kevin Payne of joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to discuss the domestic abuse allegations against LeSean McCoy, what it means for the Buffalo Bills, and fantasy running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks you should target in your drafts.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester which. He's the radio dot com app downloaded today and listen to watch any time anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. When you wanna talk to Tennessee football in the sports bar a danger of Ted Lilly only talk to the best and brightest minds the guys that are close and in the know guys like Kevin Payne. Follow him on Twitter that. Casey. V that's PA YNE. 26. Rural. Well you know Kevin we give we are talking about this happy story to say the least about these allegations today. On made against a list Shawn McCoy and social media and I guess we would start. There are I mean. And we knowing that we don't know anything here now about this story. What does LeSean McCoy you right now means that buffalo bills' offense. Well Don McCoy B it is the ball well they'll often. You've got but what he marked the quarterback. We don't know that aren't in the Bert you app now. Well. We recorded. Dot. The minute that when your back up and or role. Earlier though and I'd be out there. Really like a one on though there are a lot. Oh it. I am very down on when. Don't record a year that fall off that op you know I don't know that there no one of the vote at. You are our top. And gory and he now well I don't know what oh. We are not principal group LP is obligated McCoy. Have you know lack of butter bar. On LT and and now. Don't you know anything that need to know more about people out. And where your late night but it and the debate now. And I don't think you know on well and they well don't find anything I don't really been upper arm and people all. I am for it and then whether or whether the ball Barack odd ball. Why if it is any feels kind of trivial to be talking about fantasy football and and what this means to to the game on the field when you're talking about what was done. To this woman but eat you know here we are. If there is some kind of a suspension or. If the worst case near for the some poison these are actual facts that this actually happen at that did the ease career is over. And what do the Buffalo Bills do. This season even if there is some kind of a suspension down the road a you know again. Not to not to trivialize what happened to this woman we don't know that the Shawn McCoy is responsible for that. But what if there is some sort of discipline levied against Shawn McCoy this season. You know what do the Buffalo Bills do. Our. RE. EL. That about. But back up he died and he worked court but at Rio Ottawa. That he bought it oh bird. Back though. That. Note young quarterback and era that Al. Thought boy it'd be gone now you know we'd be with them out and dug a pretty bad or what we. It that I need app not a lot we backed him that he was at all your article what. On that it that it on the bill. I got on order but when the ball. Even I don't really know out while. The ball on the field mean while op. Not want people when it bought all. Kevin payroll are dot com joining us in the sports bar danger particularly Kevin what about the free agent running back class is still out there and Nina a name like. DiMarco armory intrigues me I guess. Hole or who else is out there are there any. Up potential options should the worst case scenario happen for the Buffalo Bills. Four and five body in now yeah spot Mark Murray while we on the because of the that he add up but at that we all oh. Back out. You know I'll be very bad you know on those. Well I don't really yeah anybody out there that are brilliant. Article. On eight look up or young is being viewed it it'd apple. All work. On. It eat you bet for bill I think in the app out right now out. Back in another impact how bout that players want it. The build outbound on boy it is thought went well. Can't contain our guest here if there's a recent. On you know instincts like this would be easy Kelly last year where it mean you something happened and we knew discipline will become main. He's not playing years playing is not playing is playing and when you go back and you look at the numbers last year and again we're true we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here but it in the case of Z Galley area. Where should he had been drafted. Last year because cabinets older talking about this time last year is well when you take seek Elliott here wait until the second you take him in the third. In terms or seek Elliott where do you think based on his production last year he should've gone. Odd you know but when we. Where we figure out. Went. In and out and a lot more. Or that we meant that in me. Out I. And or four out. More. About. It at the end. I'm certainly not now. All underdog. Like. That. A lot on your. Or four rout out for we work for more ground. Oh I. Alia Rau oh what what he. He's Kevin Payne wrote a wired dot com joining us in the sports bar danger and tag Leah on ESPN Rochester are let's discuss a little bit fantasy football here is as. I think fourth of July happens that's when people start to get the it's a fantasy football players start to get PH you start see the publications on the newsstands geno picked one up while he was on vacation had some not some nice. Airplane reading they're going on I. I I have the which is what Kevin I'm curious about the bus with a rookie running backs does it feel like every year now fantasy football. You've got a handful of rookie running backs that are making a lot of Norway's. Because you haven't seen them in a pro uniform. But they're coming in hot and you know you can talk about the saint palm Barkley you can you can talk about the Rashad pennies in your first round guys from the NFL draft. But I'm sure there's some names out there that could make an impact who who is the shears Karine hunt for Tennessee couple. Quite out there knows what he's now on. I'll the guy you know got a lot Barkley. Are we go back not he'd better for you a lot ot. He cat owner that a lot them are ground. Gary I mean I watch the guy and a lot of that Alley. Off you know I ought not handle are bound for that is down. On the field lot a lot ot not. Yet at the guy that bought it or where there wow. A overall at the court we backbone for Ron are you running back he and apple a lot of that. I'm like for a lot even though that are that are here I mean I'll look at one on he'll. Earlier in the important he got one out. Well up on our op in op. Won't it work in the all important will it. Right out about. Robert. And an outlook you not. All of it out Robert Byrd urban is batted for the bird were Marla met. I know Oprah and they work for ought. Altered or like it or well I think. God damn it I've. Got. I I invite player but he. Smaller. I'll. 88 were bound back Ayman at. I. Went out there are more mobile and I got out of it all go out and buy it when ball. Dot org. On. Impossible well at all but we know that it. No I don't know where my you know we are are all here though. He. Did you leave it my event. At a dinner guest here a former all right Kevin hey he reads the rookie running backs he could always find some the pop here. I guess it's when he 14 am what it in the aberration when it comes to rookie wide receivers this ad. You know back on you have watched gains you had better he had so many guys contributing right away that's not the norm. So outside the running back position at wide receiver tight end is there any rookie out there that. Would be worth late round flier were dissect. Yeah it really light and on. Code that I'm over it eat you read by people I know OB. And I. Want there are one people by. There. Is no. We overall by Ebert. Now or not like it well. But. Now. For your well. And Miller Mike. Out there now oh. That your kayak. But why. Are there but Miller here are. There. Odd odd. Odd. We. Irritated rural wired dot com our guest in the sports bar danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester can I wanna shift. But a quarterback saying you have some of the obvious choices that he'll he'll be looking at two draft come draft season dry season which is is underway by the way I Kevin. The name it is intriguing to me because of how good he is when he's on the field is Andrew Luck we just haven't seen him on the field. For an awful long time in hearing reports that he is actually throwing the football again and scheduling work outs with his receivers. Good dots all encouraging. All Welling good but really realistically what do you do with Andrew Luck if you have chance again. Bet there'd be quite the quite apparent law is what ought more. You know. I'll order bat. And are now. Where around one dollar. I. On. Viable law. And order bat an eye on it. It by oh. I. Read it. Right in where Obama. I. Am but why. Rod is. What. There are older or. And he bought it for. Oh why wag. Off. Edgar at that reverse that the people brawl. Now. Now. When the op read nobody. But right now. What do even when my oh I'm better all. Kevin a veteran I'm fascinated and I'd like to get your opinion on Drew Brees because Drew Brees has always been a safe play when it comes to drafting a fantasy. And then last year his numbers went down well it is changed their office will they change profits it doesn't hope you necessarily so. Drew Brees still a safe play or you know we'll let somebody else taken would you say. Most likely. I mean what in the I'm on what. We are a little bit. Over the running game a lot more with are out Mark Ingram we know under. I don't think there. 39 years old and I went up 48 if you 100 yards were being and root beer and realize that. Well quarterback in the couple Portland I thought you. Al are running back that. One back on. And we are we re buys one and they don't want it. Old he I mean I mean not that he read the whole lot off earlier than what and it's a matter of I. 39 years old what exactly what Batman yet where opt you know there have been well. That I. A lot of crap at quarterback the 31 it. Hot air. Out there all week. Though these were going to be acquired and it. In the a lot of we wrap. Can't we appreciate your time so much want to let everybody know what's going on a brutal wire right now. Vote or not. Well I'll buy and read and he bridle on the Al got no credit art but we don't hound you don't want to sign off. Dollar up quote we lawyer called it up there now an all out I. What what your well all. App or. Are off the it'll be the pat at Brett you go back out in order and the people all Brett. A lot of Kevin Payne worth follow at TC pain that's pain. YNE 26 at Kasey Kahne. 26 in Rhode wired dot com mugged Greece. Native calls buffalo resides in buffalo always go with this time here to talk Tennessee football on the sports park Kevin enjoy the rest your afternoon but. A having pain and if you miss that we did talk about. The football implications perhaps a buffalo bills' offense and planet if there's no LeSean McCoy the beginnings here than not going to be much from gulf liberals office. Let's get to altering that next in the sport sport danger to tightly provocative thoughts from around the world of sports you can agree or disagree enjoys any time at 454 ESPN. 4543776. And also geno TMZ. Has dispatch audio. From up Monday morning early Monday morning the home invasion. Where the female victim. With Hayden head the this of course. The alleged victim Sean is. The summit was ex girlfriend a duly Shia court and I'm one listen and body American ally of that audio on the II I don't know that we need to hear or share but will. Yet look. As long as there's not I think we got a screen at first of all we're not breaking any FCC rules but I. Think it's important of the story here if you observed with the 911 audio what exactly. Happened Monday morning 3.3 AM. As. Authorities were called to this house. Coming up next in the sports marketing term tag Leah ESPN Rochester yeah. So it was street and. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Guys you've covered a lot of demand audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar with a teacher and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Sworn sleep. Looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the squares leader of the radio to. He's the official new home ESPN Rochester don't. My apple cart lady or android on the wirelessly yeah speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. 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