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Next on The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia, the guys welcome Kimberly Jones from NFL Network to talk about what she sees from the Buffalo Bills this offseason. She also gives a recap of what is happening in New York with the Giants. 

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Awful bills training camp today gates and of bills camp. And the radio dot com app free to download lets you listen to ESPN Rochester anywhere. Any time Mike danger and Jeanne the tag glee it is bills camp live we are on the campus of saint John Fisher College thanks store sponsors at Wilkens RV. It's tolls party rental and ace so what leisure joining us now in the country sweet hot seat NFL network's Kimberly Jones can. How are you how are you got I got little scoop for you talked I was on the air a little while ago and in mid stream which is how I operate generally on live television. I I mused. You don't terminate them at Edmonds could end up in the youngest defensive play caller in NFL history right and I said I think our NFL are great in about research department the club was on the wheel here it is. Jermaine Edmonds. As we know is that bill starting quarter asserting MLB. I'm reading my tweets middle linebacker H two when he assuming he does start the opener. He will become the youngest starting linebacker let alone defensive play caller in the Super Bowl era law that anyone would. With this morning year old is doing is remarkable and. Well in that's really been there and other than the quarterbacks the story here campus Kimberly Jones from the NFL network. I joining us you had a chance to talk to him today is the wise beyond his years. Yeah and I talked to him briefly but com mine as I had Josh Allen as I do with many of the players on the on the floor of the Carmine in the Indy. But they're very short conversations because they're truly in the middle of girls and I just happened be the only reporter on the field so. I am able to check in with them but I try to be really really. Careful with how much time I take them there so I knew coming here today I was looking for the scene Josh Allen again and remain Edmonds again. I knew it was a relief professional Smart. You know polite young man and then we didn't interview with him where he he just blew our socks up it was he was. He he gave terrific answers I think you can understand his teammates respect him. They seemed steadiness flash cards alone in the dining room I mean that's the kind of stuff that a young player does that really gains respect in his locker room. Kimmel what made other teams pass and and aside from need of course but Armenia you know he. It feels like they've bills got a a bargain with this guy considering what could be Eckstein said yeah yeah yeah well I mean he just you know. I guess rope wants me to be that the guys that he could be compared to for the rest of his career Kazaa a verse from linebackers. Taken early and in that draft but it you know. I think world's blown away that that he's our cities a twenty year old kid and that there there's so much potential with with what he brings the field. And age you guys know the pre draft process is a bunch of you know hypochondriac. Scalps than about you waiters thinking about what could go wrong. Basically and the one thing you heard about Edmonds back then lies will he could continue to grow he and espionage defensive end. And he may and a senior defensive ends like. You know I know for a fact this is rocket science that McDermott and dean would sign up for him as their middle linebacker for the next ten years made you know and your annual longer. But he may grow out of it and he really mighty you know we just turned on. I you know sick on Barkley who cover regularly on the Penn Stater I know I know say on. Equaling ends between. He's seen in his last season which is to junior year and state and the draft because he's legitimately six beat Tom now and he was always lewis' 511 so. And he's a little bit older then then and remains so. He could grow out of you know that linebacker he can grow into being a better stamp on it making any linebacker position. I am just amazed and really impressed by both the coaching staff and player that they are willing to give him those. Play calling responsibilities. In the middle of the defense of John McDermott it's amazing it's great. It's terrific. Kimberly Jones from the NFL network also WFAN in New York our guest here in the sports bar so. You have a defense that brings in starlet to allay drafts and means they were pretty good Lester coming up at nine and seven year react. In yet been a no nobody's talking playoffs or anything so what what is that is it just about the quarterback. Yeah I mean it's about the quarterback I think it's about the quarterback because that's what defines most NFL teams right and last year unfortunately. I'd certainly was not out Tyrod Taylor's fault but the fact that. Buffalo didn't advance. Again that's on that day unbeatable Jacksonville Tina was because they couldn't score enough points in these were hardly any point. So with this or 3.3 very healthy and it's at their job and right. Right so I don't think any of that has anything to do with the deep and I look that might does my favorite secondary I know I'm not alone and that I'm not saying the consensus. But there's a great respect for the secondary this team has there should be. That he Micah Hyde today got to see that it is quite permanent. And and I just love the way they play either they're the biggest ball hawks and in the league when he put all of their talent together and he's great. Yeah I don't think it's about the defense I think we don't have a quarterback. You know their lives and their teams or tell you. You're not your your start at the bottom if you don't have a quarterback now they're gonna have a quarterback of the future. In Josh Allen I truly believe could it be the present he could be. And if not you know essentially Canadian parent do the job I mean that's where my mindset is as I leave here today I may not be right. That's how I'm breaking them quarterback thing as I leave here that I. Really Jones NFL network joining us in the sports bar you mentioned Josh Allen seeing him to come by when we talked a brand name being. He he was very. Selecting how he described his time with Josh Allen didn't bring up a lot about. His college playing days and really focus more on. How the player has matured since leaving Wyoming how evolves from Wyoming to the Senior Bowl Senior Bowl to the come I come by through the draft. I'm curious what you saw Josh Al when you wrecked car by coming. Only their needs at that at the company never quarterbacks coach Kelly I think his senior year and he really he really came from. You know a different kind of brought you AJ McCarron with Alabama and won championships and that is who with and think about that that's who he's on the field competing. You know a player who played at the top of college football's upper you know any opportunity that top Echelon of college of and one at that level. And it guys from my Wyoming and I had this is nothing to do with small schools are bashing anyway have nothing to do with any of that just for Appleby. So he is coming from a completely different starting point. Now he has all of. It gaps. They're not concerned here about the accuracy thing they think from what I can tell they think that's sort of the book on Josh Allen and by that. What I took from that was sort of the cliff notes version it's easy to get in the not gonna move on. I'm not sure that they buy into that here I think they also see the special throws which we saw the com mine from Josh Allen that make you say. What can this guy possibly be when it he's he effortlessly into the ball seventy yards you know it it. Now but you'll also might say and I heard this here. There might be a little Brett Favre fish syndrome in him in that he does think he can make any throw because his arm is special. And that's something that you like the confidence that you got a coach some of that out of him just because you can't have turnovers and in this place and there's only one Brett Favre you know at this level. Kimberly Jones from the NFL network our guest. As you know over the years here at camp we've had we've got veterans a quarterback from Bledsoe out of its Patrick guys that have been around leaks or kinda new to this. First round pick create EJ Manuel with that kind of flamed out quickly what what should be our expectation. Then because. People have in their minds that it should be the Sean watts in her a quarterback like Russell Wilson that should just come on and win but. Is that we should lower expectations for Josh owners here. I don't believe in lowering expectations in line to be honest with you here's where here's what I've equated it to and I probably will tell him prove wrong I covered Eli Manning. Rookie season for the starlet are still in newspaper reporter that. And I believe that with nine games and I believe the giants were five and four I know that they still had playoff. Possibilities. And it veterans on the team including Michael Strahan who wanted to stick with Kurt Warner Kurt Warner was the starter that your New York Giants. And Coughlin made the decision to go to Eli. In game ten happily hand. For the betterment of the franchise in the future. And there were veterans ticked off including story I remember that vividly. Eli and about those last six games. 67 games whatever it was having a zero quarterback rating again. I later covered the Yankees and and when the first thing Derek Jeter talked about with how he respected Eli Manning we're talking about the alliance. Turns out he gave you live call that year it just kind of encourage him pretty solid rookie. Kind of you know swimming upstream in the New York spotlight. I'd be finally got it's not finally but is he got his chance you know halfway into the season so. And then to become friendly that via fax or anything but friendly over the years so. To me that would be. That to me would be the ideal this season for buffalo barring some sort of a miraculous crazy. Look at this great run run type but after the fairy tales that are in that. Would be my parents starts you got a brutal opening schedule in terms of road vs home games and I understand. The weather here can return at some point we understand that tale by. Halfway into the season. 67 games I don't know when the bias for the bills off the top my head at some time where makes sense to McDermott been. Perhaps the Google is as well by the way. That they've been put Josh Allen in he gets experience this season and then he injured drag on for Tim mead it on the bills man I look at that as a win. Because these on the field. Getting experience if he has zero quarterback rating in live with it. Because he's not gonna have zero quarterback rating for. You really Jones just a few more minutes here I got to ask you about the giants is what we do have a lot of giants fans in the area. And should we expect a bounce back season for big blow. Yeah you know my radio shows in New York people ask me how many wins meant and I say seven and giants fans you know immediately going that this depression live and three last year. I mean a four game improvement is considerable in the NFL now could it be more could be. It could be. I do think the offense will be better. Eli knows he has no excuses. I need to has no excuses with the talent around him they should be 2030 points per game offense the past two years they haven't even averaged when he. Do you start at ten point your output every game you were talking about a considerably higher number of wins I haven't gone nuts about them. I do think they'll be better in the offense has a chance. With the explosive pieces because it's O'Dell is fake wine and Evan Ingram can run with all three can run with any quarterly any corner and only. Sterling Shepperd not quite as fast and not just the sockeye in this offense anymore. Can certainly play at a high level that they have. The re guys that can run win any the fastest the fast corners in the league let alone the mid guys. How like that that's that's seek won't pick you believe I imagine yeah you love the but aides I know fancy was a little bit of a polarizing that a lot of fans that why would you take a running back at the value of that position you don't take a running back at two I mean you watched him through this coach Greg he's a special kind of talent is. He's remarkable. His medical's that the common perfect for running back who's taken a lot of hits I've heard from some people. What did you get enough carries other people that always beaten up after all the carries so it's probably somewhere in between which is about the right number of carries James Franklin to care and Penn State. He's practicing now harder than he's ever had to because when they did teen girls and state Franklin told me take on the do you two or three of the ten wraps. And they sit and watch they didn't wanna Wear him out during the week carried such heavy load on. Sadder is that the people who say that I say this respectfully have. Probably not watched him play. And 100% certainly have never talked to him and I understand everybody doesn't get a chance attacked these guys I don't say that flip partly but. Once you get it with they want you understand why the pick why the excitement over the pick in and my my final follow up to those folks would be where you equally. Mystified slash angered by four net an Elliott for. Because two to four isn't some dramatic difference and both of them change their respective offense. Oh Dell back in junior are so disappointed they. Weighed in that pre season game last year now the contract going back and forth is this gonna get daughters it's gonna be a big distraction. Where do you get them I think it'll get done I think the giants know he should be and will be the highest paid receiver. Might the giants come in eighteen and his camps Swanee maybe ten meters a middle ground there I mean you know. Spelling this thing Al you know you went really play hard ball and they know. And they can franchise and here you know so for the player. If you if the court unquote sacrifice somewhere between eighteen and when he rather than money I have to believe it gets done and I think there in that ballpark. Give before we let you go I noticed earlier this morning you were having a conversation with another camp. Can Google death president of the Buffalo Bills and curious as to what your impressions or can pool if you had relationship from Dario says singer of the yeah. And we're good friend of I Atlanta there today in capt Terry which is cool Betsy if you play you know you're in your and that's side of the cafeteria for actually that's the Marshall Newhouse who is in. New York with the giants have a real stand up guy really quality individual and I hope he can stay healthy and help here. It was fun at each JD again I've known JD forever. If you went back to school. Help Benjamin briefly and I'd like him last year the couple times had a chance to talk to him. Kim's great she's passionate about this say this for the school as they spare no expense they're not nickel and I mean. This franchise or or the beat the that building that they're that there that's training facility than any of two million Euro and yet what is a little thousand square feet or whatever the heck it is I'm not great with those kinds of numbers that huge. Going to be ready they hope by next year's MTA's which would be. Pretty decent yet probably some luck with the weather I would think to get that done in buffalo but hopefully they do I really like the coolest carries a Penn State grad as I am sure. I'm so I've seen him at Penn State game or two. I've I I've really liked them they've always been great to me and him and I find a lot of common ground she's an owner of an involved team which is also just really cool to talk dale. And we've a lot of fun with those conversations look at where you're off to next and home tonight giants tomorrow and then. Wednesday we end up this all day in my training camp stuff on an up on that we're in right now I will be yet yet but I'm not scheduled to be on TV at jets went this storm tomorrow might be my long my last long day like these that I love them a lot of fun. Well it's great having you here in Rochester we hope we get to see you India soon and end. Yeah and then the NFL never goes to their their their schedule of primetime now prime you know rather put a pre he's gained instant color yeah and they just replay of the mosque and I'm told the ratings are off the optic. Charlie I mean we love our foot yeah people are starved for Papa I. Yeah I was not gonna make it a point -- your team play yeah we actually make that when it's up yet Kimberly Jones NFL network we know you I have to traveling to do safe travels thank you again for the little guys it was a pleasure thank you very much Kimberly Jones NFL network. In the country sweet hot seat its bills camp live the sports bar with danger and the tag we have more next on ESPN Rochester.