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"The King" Jerry Lawler talks some professional wrestling with Danger and Battaglia in advance of his Flower City Comic Con appearance this weekend.


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If you want pure unfiltered un adulterated sports you come to the right place KM 950 yen 957 net debt plus sports leader ESPN Rochester. This week in the sport for every day we'll have free tickets PC with Shawn McCoy it's charity softball game frontier field. That's coming up I look at fourths of that I shady and it's always a fun time out of becoming a different Deerfield. Big weekend this weekend downtown it's the return of the flowers CD. Comic con lot of celebrities come in in in now we're happy to have the king is not witnessed danger to camp believing he's not. Jerry and bureaucracy Laurie Garrett. Did you light pro wrestler. Coming in Sunday the flower city comic con dare we appreciate your time on this oh test to be fun when you come out these events in if there. Then I guess I usually am I at least that was as an anti organized. Ordinarily I'd have to wait until I hear my entrenched in music. They went right what does Davis on the we have in our four dollars and like a specialized song the guys decade. Oh that's a better as a cool trivia question because of all I think of all that they've got a derby. Being music weights or 999% of it has produced by that WB music department so that you know they don't have to pay any kind of royalties are elected my interest singing music. Is there had brain year old is on is either because this from the 18100. And old it's an old Russian march. A song called the great date of Pierre. That's the name of my area team basic. So I mean I've you know arms are just kidding of course about a team is but they have my two eyed little different from most of the others in the old. And I think you could just like go to another target at the site so we're but it's it's it is in the public domain for sure. It's funny how the years run together because you're you're pretty much retire from active actions are memory and wrestle mania few years ago Jerry. Yeah how well. I'm pretty much retired from active action as far as the WB go. And that happened at about. Cash or when I think back on now how time flies it almost five years over over forty years ago when I could just wrestled a match on Monday night at all. It was like comedian Randy Orton against CM punk. And dogs Sigler and during that match dot Sigler dropped here and not 1234. Fiber can straight elbow drops right in my chest. In the middle of the ring and I swear I remember that at timeout after about the ship when I was thinking well what ever happened the days when we used to do this not kill each other. And sure enough about ten minutes later after that match was over not sit back down denounce stable. I doubt it. I had a cardiac arrest and was my heart didn't beat for 22 minutes. Yeah so anyway. Has it. That's fortunately. There were our company doctor rector and Sanders who recognizes some band was it was an inch and he had two other paramedics as sort of Montreal Canada. Worked army for twenty minutes which CPR some really heavy duty security keep the blood flowing to my body but it are simply wasn't beating. 22 has Slater finally got the panels and the shock me like I think seven times and then my heart started beating back on rhythm again. And it was is just not that never happened I was I was perfectly fine and not a tremendous problems since. But a possible that. The WB has me on what they call a no touch list. Which means you know I'm not exclusivity of its physical contact and so I haven't been wrestling. For them for the WB but as you know there's like independent wrestling shows going on all over the country maverick the night the storm that the solar city Telecom. I am and and I am and which. In the scope stranglehold championship wrestling company in Richmond Virginia is wrestling there. And I and I sort still do a lot of wrestling I wrestled. And on the average of at least once a week. And since since that. Since the cardiac arrest occurred almost 200 matches. Still also ice I reckon it's simply because it still enjoy getting in the interest of forming in. And people will still offer the money to come do it so I do that is to be I don't do for them because they. And I understand 100% burger I mean you know I think they're just looking at it from a public relations standpoint. If they did put me back out there and wrestle again and it got forbid something else to me. You know public opinion they are why can't why did you put his character than Hillary ever architect of you know do this to him. So it's you know this rather but it receipt and so our biggest. Became Jerry Lawler will be in town this weekend flower city comic con. On Sunday years you're talking about your WW we days I'm just curious is how you got Jeremy can you to new timeline your career for a little bit is you know the casual fan. Knows who you all are they're familiar with your name their familiar with your voice but how did you get there and and what led you down that path. Well. How does this interview because my career 46 years all. The is that it is not easy to squeeze that into a kind of reacts I had my first wrestling match. Vacuum that is like December of 1970. And are wrestle here around the Memphis area that's so of course middle Tennessee is our own. We had a we had a major wrestling company organization here in a suspect in the book called. Territory days when all the wrestling. Companies were. Sort of regional allies around the country they're one time 32 different companies promoted large shows and TV shows that sort of thing and that all went on up into the mid eighties when cable TV came along in the and then of course the devastation I've got to superstation. TBS Ted Turner. They at a wrestling show that was in seen nationwide and then of course since abandoning his show was on USA network and that was seen nationwide. Get to the table. And everybody kind of flock to those two companies and sort little. Small territory come this kind of went up to basically that's what have I I've wrestled down here in Memphis. For over twenty plus years every single every single week all of this all of the mid South Bend 1993. That Italy Colombia answered. Well basically date date called my partner Georgia. So. We wanna work with you guys and we wanna use meant as a as a place where the WB cents a talent two train did. And then meet Indian place for you guys to break in front so. That's when it started working with every every. And as first went in there just to wrestle my first pick you it was. Bret hit man Hart you know came in as the king he had just won the king of the ring. I interviewed tournament. And then I of course showed up say there's only route one getting in the WB and I crowned him with my royal sector and not to the you know platinum out late have been thrown down a part of it and so we thought we get along real rivalry there. And there a couple of years ago Russell Garrett like Brad Pitt men are the undertaker. Jake the snake Roberts. Rowdy Roddy Piper ultimate warrior all these got that big you know rivalries where. And one day. Randy savage macho man Randy savage and that's the men were doing the commentary at the time on the on the Monday night Ross show. And and we were just rated new show auditors think it was a Poughkeepsie New York went right. And that's was walking around send anybody seeing Randy were brandished evidently doctor about what predator right. And somebody said Betsy might wanna turn their TV on and it is at that time Debussy got a it was like the main rival swords for WB and they're show went on a basically at the same time but an hour before hours and event Sterne Agee the honor there or Randy macho man savage. On the WCW show he jumped ship with no warning without telling anybody on this and he just he just left the company. And and and nobody knew it was even and it slipped over me executing. Would you mind doing the commentary with me tonight but actually don't have somebody deliver regular basis points and oh no problem. That was 24 years ago on this web of doing the commentary every single week for 24 years. The great Jerry Lawler joining us here in the sports car a 957 ESP and you talk about does some of those rivals is there one guy in particular though that. Even today you're just like you know what I just really didn't like that guy. Honestly no. There for a super a really didn't they're really was never that situation all the guys that I had you know that I that they had the pleasure to work without their. I did a lot of I think I'm not gonna take it back and his that would that it dislike him but Bret hit man art. He and I went in it would when I first came up there I don't know I don't know perhaps sort of resented the fact that. He kind of looked at a lot of a lot of talent there and a big time established that he kind of looked upon them Memphis wrestlers or commit in there as. You know not quite as good as the deputy guys you know they're local joke also speaker whatever and I think Brett didn't. Didn't like the fact he almost felt like he was forced into you know that you're the rivalry with the and he went crazy about it and then and then. You know I had the opportunity. To make some sort of derogatory remarks are in my in my belief has always been its case. You know you get to wrestlers you're gonna put them against each other. In these to be about more than just I mean just match in need to be about more than just a championships I think it needs to be for the fans to really get emotionally involved. I think it needs to be personal and so I tried to make our rivalry personal I. Saint some derogatory things about Bratz family. I mean it would assist parents or student talent art student actually recruit train a lot of wrestler and they had they had twelve kids. And an a couple of marimba several more are more wrestlers and and so you know I describe just talked about his parents a lot of it should. Minister and Helen are produced more tragedies that Shakespeare. And and then of course they were they were kind of old and others you know I so that is do you Harwood wrestling when the density was only sick. And I you know just you know just think like that and I think at that time really. He really sort of took exception to a lot of things that I sent and so are our matches worst word I mean we weren't really. Like pals are on friendly gracious when we work against each other. The king Jerry Lawler he's joining us in the sport sport danger it's actually see him Sunday. Have flowers to become the kind you're bringing up all these great names in the history of the sport and it's it's bringing me back to an always junger and watching wrestling with my old man and and and all of these you know names a lot of the names your mentioning. Armed men that are gone far too soon Gerry what. What happened to to to some of these guys I mean it was a picnic constant pounding of the body was it substance abuse what what do you attribute to. The short lifespan of some of these amazing athletes. Well you know wait I guess you would just you almost have to take him on a case by case basis across. It's it's. You know it's it's never in the it is not many of them are are the same but haste. There wrestling. Mirrors society. I mean you know the guys that are in big guys and performers and wrestling are no different and and then them you know people in the music industry I mean I decided turn on the TV this morning and last week we had the Mets as music fest. You're not just which has big annual event where they have all the instruments. I wanted to talk at Lybrand was the sound guards and I just and I just started CPR this morning so that the lead. Definitely guitar player percent garden died overnight. And is only 51 years old so you know you've got to wonder pay debts that's gone way twosome and and a lot of that and and you know the fair share that. Was due to substance abuse and and in wrestling you know I don't think I don't think. That the political older. That the wrestling takes on anybody. Player has has really. You know been a part of anybody passing away. But one think that does happen to the guys in and went when you're young and your in this profession you think you're invincible you think Superman thing Upton can. Nothing can hurt you you know. And and what happens is when guys do get an injury I've seen it I've seen this many times guys guys do get an injury. And based you know they start taking some pain pills are. At one of the big one of the big problems. In our business has been must relax or. And and and what happens is the guys think that. It's Madison it's not like stated I swear to you they never think they're abusing drugs they think you know. Like one guy that was close personal friend of mine was Eddie Gilbert. And and see you know he. It was a restaurant out of Puerto Rico and he had had an it had an injury and two so he you know he was taking. It's almost which is muscle relaxer and you know just one night EG two to many and he didn't wake up. And in all and that's been the case which west's with some of the guys but. You know it's it's like civics it depends on the individual choices that they make it's not I you can you really can't blame it. On this business because I've been out in the business 46 years and I've never you know I've. I was created way before Scientology even wood or. You know I've never even tasted alcohol one sip of beer wine which you're not in credits cigarette in my hand what's that about never did any kind of drugs. And and you know arms are still able to go in the ring a 67 years old and and perform and so it's you know it's it's individual choices. An Indian and instill I don't know if you saw the movie the wrestler or not but. Yeah you know at that was so that was a pretty much based. On the life. Objectives like Robert I mean it take to be the first one to admit that you know Tea Party heartened and he abuses his his body of that and and an all that sort of stuff throughout his career protect the site is still a lot of ticket so you know it's YouTube you can't release. You can or liquidity in the government does in the same category as just an end like it says this is just bear society. We have you know everybody's. Everybody's gotta go sometime in this so anytime. An athlete that's are familiar with goes you just say menaces which is so. Jerry Lawler will be at the flower city comic con they come a time Saturday and Sunday Gerald bit they're this. This Sunday SE three the number three ROC dot com for the web site. I'd Jerry I'd be remiss if I didn't ask about Vince McMahon I mean they aired there are no better promoters. Period anywhere concerts or movies or am when he came into wrestling what was it like. Working out for Vince McMahon. Well you know what I've I've I've worked for bench and rent since 1990 Surrey. And I can I can honestly say I've never had a cross word living never had a problem and that's got to say that there's not people out there that you know that that happened. But but you're you're right about the fact that this guy and mystery man is. The consummate. Professional and promoted you know when it comes to create our promoters. I don't think there's any equal to the Dutch and and and I think one of the reasons is you know we all hear about. We all hear the term workaholic but really you've really very few people have ever met a real honest to goodness workaholics. But Vince McMahon is that he is one I mean he eats sleeps breeze. The WWB in the wrestling business and and I think that's one of the things that makes him you know so successful. It's his life and ill admit that and and he's made it dislikes and his. And his you know his and his entire family as that revolves around the restaurant there's an entire life and so you know what somebody works that hard. And then people really just don't even realize. You know how hard. That's works I mean it's every waking moment he is working. On on making that business as good as a QB and then coming that would new ideas and new concepts and and an admitted demanding good that I mean you know what you became a problem when they became a publicly traded company and you've got. You know you've got investors and all these people. Looking over your shoulder you've got to be successful in and he's done that he just he's hard work. A hard worker and they always say you know hard work leads to success. King I imagine you had been sick man in the mount month Rushmore professional rest and I'm curious as to. What the professional wrestlers who put up on that mount Rushmore some of the four maybe four or five of that. The best wrestle as you are Soledad showman the best athletes and what do you think. Homer gash artist you're gonna say at mount Rushmore has for its rightful president so I wouldn't you want you know limited a war. I think I would have crusader. War in this in my own opinion now the four most recognizable names. That have been in this news. That's up and in other I mean they're remains there you go way back to people like. Gorgeous georgians. A wrestler that was little. Blazers of course these guys that start and that army. Yes but I'm gonna I'm gonna try to keep it and ends and sort of a modern era. And I'm I'm I'm gonna make it just wrestler so if it was it was a wrestling business of course since that would be huge gigantic yeah. But I'm I'm just gonna say wrestlers and I would say. Andre the Giant. Hulk Hogan. Stone cold Boston. And the rock. Showman. These guys did at all. The nature boy nature boy didn't make the list. Comment. There there Agassi yeah. Well now speculation begin you know all this. Here apart this matter it's who needs to be wearing red and you know that's why. Believe they have add another head. Well that's a holy cow you're you're you're right it that that is really at a cup question I mean there's so many guys that are made such future oppression that ArvinMeritor board. Yeah you're absolutely right then and just hearing you mentioned the names of some of these guys that you grew up watching. And that you watch you know it's a three or don't like continued do you eat the weaker generational. Athletes generational performers there they are people that are children little girl watching it and marveling at is is today. Continue to be successful whether richer Hulk Hogan's or junior Dwayne Johnson the rock I mean these are all. They're superstars. Yeah I I agree 100% let's and you know I've I'm might. Yeah I would I really need your problems just need to have to ask retire or somewhere. In this but but then I mean when you when you go that drought. Then there's you know resists. So many guys and good things in this business. He is coming to Rochester the king Jerry Lawler at the flowers city comic con. We comic con is downtown this Saturday and Sunday at the convention senator. Jerry Lawler you can meet him this Sunday at the convention center. Jerry this is been a lot of fun we can't wait the CO this coming Sunday thank you so much for your time today. I'm looking forward to it as a big a first down with arsenic Telecom I've. Heard a lot of bad habits there yet across a great crowd I'm look at port OC and everybody you know Billiton the Catholic convert just. Awesome I'm doing I've I've been doing to more and more this have a cup appearances and that. You know it's it's an opportunity for the fans that like you say that I have ever seen it seen it myself for the wrestlers over the years every week on television for years years. And actually come up. It is you know meeting did you did you rate won't shake hands talk wrestling whatever you wanted to I'm going to be doing an area. Going to be doing a panel there. Four about hour and an hour or so that. Present time we're just a beside him and take pictures and now talking wrestling and everything so Columbine and it'll be a good time a problems. Integrate really appreciate your time this afternoon king big king Jerry Lawler. Look at her son do you got Jerry thanks for judge joining us here in the sports bar danger in the tightly that was awesome that was a lot of fun wasn't it. Awesome he starts talking names like I remember and Jeanne I don't know if you like me but I. I watched wrestling religiously as a kid out with my old man it was our it was part of our bonding and and even then you know we we lasted at the dramas that win into it and what they said in the language they use in. You know that the kind of like glorified violence of at all. It was awesome it was awesome it was thought the end and it still exists today article it's the same today well as it was that I. I 81 grown up what did everybody call me. Mean gene that adds that he's no go out exactly and you're the from your favorite wrestlers for my generation. It was odd guys like junk yard dog I'm Maria of course JID and then you had them home dogs I mean your your uncle back here a little bit but if you know the. Hey remember Jimmy super fly snuck up all we and a the first guy remember like wow we eat that judges jumped from the top rope and just slam that that that guy is. Ridiculous he did the thing with his hands and he beat jump up and talk I mean that was the long hair crazy hair. You know he mentioned Jake this naked and bruised the barber ravishing Rick we're all like yeah like they are all just. So entertaining. New Ager who is from Uganda. What was his name everybody what was his name it yeah it felt like this oh come all I'm Ramallah yeah. Coco would be beware. He's vocal you glare. That nature boy oh. These guys are great Altima warrior macho man. Please this I mean it just boss and of course the rock and and Steve Austin all these rock. Was a rock not the best when he was out there. Yeah you forget that's where he started when you swing in when you go back and look at some of that old footage of the rock when he was. Just starting news in wrestling the charisma that that guy had he owns that character meant he owns it it is. It's entertaining I don't care related woody says it's entertaining it's so much fun. And if you have a son your bonding with them. You know what's better than watching wrestling with year old man I I'll always look back fondly at the time I spent one watching. WW laugh at the time with my old man so much and on really giant. You know of the aged that's why we need in the new arena so we could have a big wrestling events come in on Monday let's also if you miss say that conversation with the king Jerry Lawler. Will be appearing Sunday if flower city comic con convention center. We'll have a for you on demand and available shortly on the only ESPN Rochester dot com up next in the sports bar. Some sports thoughts wrap your mind around some comments to agree or disagree with. The game we play called Al drink to that it's probably next in sports marked danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester.