The Sports Bar-Linda Cohn

ESPN's Linda Cohn joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the end of the NHL season and shares her opinion on who the Sabres should select as their next head coach.


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NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA. Your home for life support Tuesday and 950. I'm 57 FM he's sports leader ESPN Rochester. The. Welcome back to the sports bar with danger and that's exactly where we only talk to the best and brightest minds in the industry. Finds it share knowledge with you make you smarter just from listening to ESP Rochester every afternoon the legendary. Linda Cohn joins us in the sports bar Linda good afternoon thank you so much for your time. Are you. Kirk. There we can we got to figure out Linda we're so happy join us you just got done covering the Stanley Cup final. I would have if it was a great atmosphere down there in Nashville that. For those fans to lose the game that way in game six if you're a national fan right now. Yeah I mean within. It was heartbreaking because between now. Or goal. Is that big goal and obviously the president of course but are cool but of course the quick whistle is laughable that the goal. But. The referee in their war. I'd read between keeping them are my. Age. In the third period is planning topic in the back into the game but are happy that night at our if it ain't. Opt for sure. And again and went into the predators and I have nothing new you know hang their head you know they shouldn't feel bad. It was an amazing work on and you just don't obviously don't know what would happen at ankle counted but ill. I just feel you know we have the best player in the world Sydney Crosby. And automatically do it. And I really are aware and I'll wanna remember. This Stanley Cup final because it was two in a row in the first time it's happened for the pens in the first on the tab in the salary cap era but. I feel like is it is it fair bet that most soliciting might remember this is being a controversial Stanley Cup final when you consider the first goal of the series. Was it disallowed goal the first goal scoring game six was it just log I mean this feels like he a different NHL does not. I. Remember. Be remembered. It would be remembered that the national predators at Keeneland in and post these. Teens. Team making it all the latest idol is Erica I'll be remembered by the Amy and I am spill. The national day back rate at a beer like no longer. Odd you know people from other town and hockey fan but as I'm by the board the board. I believe hockey and the bad but what we saw from national. Was incredible not only outside that arena but in I'm Karina. And that is what I'm going to remember from the cup final animal and remember Sidney Crosby. Putting his team on him back banged up team and doing what he had to do to win the big gains you know. The present an opportunity to win the Earth Day they they dominated. Why and couldn't figure it out went I think it here now look back on Matt. As well as we are retained game five they look like an absolutely different team. They were very well. And I don't know what happened for the record means. Or or there. So that when I will be looking and it he want look at why national outwit. It. Linda Tony ESPN joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Linda how old were the penguins able to persevere on the Blue Line with outlook tank that to me is interesting as well. Yeah and the great unknown shot. Look crown on. And it is. That you know I mean I is amazing that god it was up by the end. In late February and never. And you went the cop. And are well you know I'll. All well early on in the Indy in the final. And he battled. And eat clean coal mines should guy. There in here how money and they all are the next. Evening hour. A lot at all out and feed and one battles. On law and yet it was amazing art. On the pop up and went victory and it sort that out. ESPN's Linda Cohen joining us in the sports bar changer and the tag me the first question and ask we got on the phone genius hire coaches there buffalo that we like the answer to that we're still waiting Jack on this roster Linda I mean with Michael on the roster. Is it fair first sabres fan to have the expectation of playoffs next season. A little bit but then again I was the president what you gonna make it land sea I mean I just like you guys are heading in the right direction. I'm not saying you're not but the Eiffel injury. Obviously it is back. And could have been the difference maker in light in neat yeah. I the guys that are out there hot and count up it leaked out we probably might be at a local favorite. Because. His time with well below what the basic player. But what I like what I see from where pocket. I love his relationship with Sidney Crosby. And how he had the relationship with a power player inside. Space. And when I seen that at what I think that they Britney because they know. Have a Jack cycle of state of the franchise and a diet that there is every rain and that the leader. And I truly believed we're hot it was that we Ariane. Isn't really gonna help the arrangement that helped Jack I will develop would be the kind of leader that Sidney Crosby is today. Talking hockey with a great Linda coney ESPN here in the sports are 957 ESPN we're expecting a lot of moment at least my expectations are high that there's one name. Linda that there was an article on My last week about. Cool at the capitals actually trade Alex Auld that's getting. There are places they speculating he could go to one of them being buffalo I guess my question for you Linda he's. Would wash it really trade him they couldn't get equal value right. Now and that's salaries. At all. You know there. Is all. It's. That they would happen pick up. In salaries unload him. You you know it's all of Spain and we all know. But I don't think I would want him on my team at that price. I would have it I don't wanna give up a lot more I think he's on the back into the career. I think at most it is cold calm on the power play online at Sidney Crosby you know even if the comparisons with a new battery Europe or. I. Think that alone is more like a big name Adam Mair. But I I don't think that would be like no I'm in the papers in with wanna spend my money on a huge different quality players. As opposed it is one big you know I shot you guys can put upon and then on the power play I needed diet you guys. Beckett who warned Egypt that. ESPN's Linda Cohen joining us in the sports bar Mike danger Jeanne the tag Leah at Linda little excitement for the 2017 when he eighteenth season expansion come to the NHL team in Vegas we're still waiting. On who that second expansion team might beat. Is there to market of yours that you believe she get a team who we've heard rumors about the back you know Carolina's got a problem and we've heard about a return of the Wale what about Seattle what do you think. Well while Quebec is such a beautiful city and I recommend all you do is. I I beat the satellite and the year and the artwork in the early. I copper evacuate kill the undeclared. Back in the day. And base is awaiting a pro hockey team. Now I would love to see the apple and it shall war I think it would supported. And I think would be great for the week. But it that we know your ranger fan and debt 94 cup. Enron debt was exciting was exciting time for New York with the knicks also in the NBA finals but. Where most people might not realize was there was a time back in 1994. Worthy NHL Meehan DA. What do run equal footing there's nothing 125 years ago. Live in your opinion why has the NBA taken off to weary days where the NHL. It has not brought and that takes. A. If need be am unfortunately right after that amazing run in 94. Where the NHL with the cooler hipper trendy here. We lots they were out doing the NBA in whole area has been very active on the the Rangers at bumping his it was an ordinary credible and based all in a layers of that how they haven't won a cup in 1940 at a time. That was big but they out did the NBA it was like to. Toward Gary Bettman. They would block out the following year. Change the whole game. Changed everything. All of that would ultimately it is it is you know loud bit of the year and been trapped and that. I don't know. And that apple of the bandages that and it while the game down it was a boring I'll play. Compared with a wide open any deal that was in 94. Last year we added. That example the golfer and an all own. With the quality of play I mean double and politely or. Yeah it became more on watchable than Ian being led by David irons. You know push the personalities. And that really that would really it was a win win a copy NBA back on the map it in the eighties with bird and magic and I say and almost died. And where it was believed that that was given by personality. And act like in the 8 o'clock in the NHL but the setback. Is there anybody in the NHL today Linda that has that kind of matching personality and Joseph has stars. Eat Albert Sidney Crosby is not universally loved by NHL fans as anybody in the NHL have the kind of magnanimous personality that. That helped the NBA propel past the NHL popularity. Well I tell you that they would look at the crowd and the team and they are. Numbered pill that we think we're at number two. Diet every city mentally means. He is an alcoholic and he is out. He is lamb poignant and amazing play he's a tremendous leader. He's great with the media he's great with the community he embraces every moment. And he would be someone that I was running Ali. That is one example I would hand. He'd be EPA grade you'd be great. I've said the same thing over and over in many times on the show Lynda and and which made it maddening to me to see you know one of the analysts. On the telecast basically. You know we're like yeah milk or chiding her for for having fun in pregame you know it rolled me and I think you drew a lot of hockey fans insane. I mean you have a talent and personality who can broaden the reach of this game and and when if your analyst is is doing everything he can't knock them down a peg. If it was just it was such a maddening occasion and it really hit you know I love hockey but sometimes NHL really makes me mad. Yeah it was an embarrassment. I really want to you know they've had to know there were three of Ian I mean it was an impact. You know I just is in medical. You know what unfortunate. You know when you think about the restores right in the NHL right now. You know the other guys but even if there. There will there guys you mention Sidney Crosby and I like and me Ottoman it and not match the Arctic in the future that an Allah that our. But they are buried in areas hand you know they want to win which is Corey. But they don't have that kind you know page look at me I can bang and they don't I don't mean that in an individual. Right. If I really thought long and hard there are other players that. With all along you know with the band and would be great. And they just got to find him I mean you know you mention out about it. You know he's great he's great for the sport. But he was not pleased now I know he's a Washington you know he's the guy that doesn't own pain and you know they're harmony. I don't how many great player and it Ryan Katz but for the popped it on my favorite. Guy his own army. You can't dispute is not. Between Indian colony where he envisions well here is. It yeah he's a great guy that you have to play well I don't know what Gary Bettman is doing but he's got to follow with the guy that he was meant to or email me. Behind David Stern anywhere in the day. You know Gary Bettman look at those personalities and push it I don't understand. Like Mike Milbury has opened up peak eight is gonna thank goodness at all of the tremendous future and I believe they'll be back. Men that we may use the next commissioner hockey I think I think that would bring his. I am now ready and we let the let let's make it happen let. Let's do it I am there already somebody who's hosting site now. I know I'd written orders that we get out of his. We talk about it all the time and and you know somebody who's hosted more sport sinners and anybody else and it won't forty have to prove it ESPN c'mon NHL calling. Get debt may not add office yes take control place. Right arm and now Meehan. A lot of it about Linda we really appreciate you giving us some your time hope this isn't duck. Your first and last time in the sports or danger but I would love talking Hough with you hope gets chance do it again soon okay. Any time just step and I thank Belmont. Thanks the great Linda Cohn. Who has hosted more sports centers and anyone in history and there is a voice. That hockey. If you read right at the top they're Linda Cohn giving your hockey opinions in and I'm grateful to have her on the show here. She gets it now she gets it if you missed any of that. With the exception of gene stalling like daughter back on the phone then we'll have a review up on demand the only ESP in Rochester dot com shortly. What happened there or did deadline just drop bunker not my fault on the server. You know it easy run of the controls as easy as it make it look she. Well I think we're covered there she's probably thinking home I got to him she really did nothing wrong that was not a Linda that was foul on me you see what I did Regina. I own it. Leo made a mistake. I owned mine mr. hatched not whales. No no it Linda's now part of team pretty bright she's privy to information resides in the sports bar. That was awesome. When the cone joining us here in the sports bar with danger and technically up next. We play game everyday at this time called I'll drink to that gives exports comments to agree. Or disagree with gene. A whole Bubba is brewing. Our hubbub is brewing around it. Teen USA's hockey jerseys for the world are a champ I saw this story and what do they say are some age. That would be shaking my head yeah. SM DH is shaken my. This is embarrassing I think it's embarrassing more Tacoma on that. As we play I'll drink to that the sports or next AM 950957. FM ESPN Rancho.