The Sports Bar- Marcus Murphy

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia live from Bills training camp. The guys are joined by Bills running back Marcus Murphy who talks about training camp, returning punts, and more.

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The sports bar with danger of a tag Leo we are back from saint John Fisher College bills camp live. Our next guest joining us in the country sweet hot seat you don't he's someone the bills picked up new way it last year but this year. In the battle for running backs certainly a big part of special teams to markets Murphy our guest Marcus and appreciate your time reading up on. Your background here arm buffalo its blue collar sort of town it seems like you had that sort of upbringing in Texas. Did did dome come from close knit family you know we. We bond together a lot you know we do a lot of family things. And I've always took pride in this you know been a leader you know Stan announced and I just shot you know transfer that to the football field. Marcus Murphy our guest in the sportswear with danger but I Leah. Marcus you feel like you found a home here in buffalo it at this point can't you still look at is like I can't afford to take any of this for granted when it comes to your job security on this this is one. Pros are always you know I don't wanna take. No grip for granted you know each each and every plated I did in and I have Roberts only a wanna make the most of it you I have a point to prove. Just that you are can be a playmaker and in this bill and I'd just moments you know gain trust from our coaches in my in my teammates that you know that. They cancerous you to come out and play in order to. Theory down it's funny how in his game meet you never know when your opportunity is going to come so I remember last year. LeSean McCoy. There's some questions about his status leading up to the Jacksonville game you would've been the guy in their playoff game what was your preparation what was your mindset that leak how. How was that whole experience leading up but today playoff game for us. I mean it was a funny spin casino. I've bounced around a lot last year how come I ended up here. And I was glad that I came here it was the end of the season. You know it it built a lot of a lot of hunger you know going today adversity and come in the beginning of the season but does this. When I came here just to go pros there I was gonna take advantage of each are so and so. Day in day you know I practice I was just trying to look look look for ways to improve my game. And homes opportunity presented itself when I became active in the last week of the season. And I just wanted to contain continue to get better each rep that I take. Marcus Murphy in the country sweet hot seat bills camp live from saint John Fisher College on ESPN Rochester. And called to Missouri you were specialists in media you know very explosive player returning. Up Ponce returning kicks fans might see you two more value shall we got opportunities in game one of the pre season week one of the pre season returning punts. I gotta think that that's one of the toughest things to do a whole sport if you're trying to just deal the parts knowing that you're going to get hit. Where when you do immediate what what is it about fielding a politics that is it what makes it special is it that I appreciate it what's key. For you was a punt returner at this level. Oh well first of this is knowing you're gonna be here this as an out Mombasa in I mean but the first thing is is our own. You know been able to make good decisions you know it back there. You know as a kick returner punt return of the main the main goal is to come out with a bar in those cities have position of the bombing the good field position for the office so. The main thing is you know it's his ball security kiss and a bomb making a good decision. Whether it be fair kids are taken in the I mean it's a lot of factors that come into a bush uses passive be. You know he's have to have the feel and make good the seasons and I mean you know the vision and and run and you know behind the blocks this business support of you know being around him back with me Obama set up the plays this is do office. So I mean that for comic comes you know match a little bit but I think the main port is is making the good the seasons have been able to. I want to thank you had a return for a special with the saints correcting me that feeling had to been incredible do you know joining colleges and an amazing feeling destructive to do it the pro level. Don't you can do that's gonna give you certain sort of confidence that you that you can. Be that kind of special playmaker at this level. Leo. Three of my rookie year did army no idea if the kind of give you a confidence boost and I think he kind of gave you know our return team a confidence boost. And you know it is just allowed us to to know that we we are able to make the play. So every time we get the chance come out here we you know we need to focus been in try to make their players are so many teams play now intones what do you you're not on one of those he sounds so. How much practice goes into when it comes to wind condition did you just practice a lot. Outside as well literally I would have to think this has to be one of the pop for stops in the NFL when it comes to measuring the wind off the lake in and that sort of thing. Right I mean is definitely. You know learning experience for me. I'm but I was a muzzle our car plus you know outs. A homebody you know being in the NF this is is Selma different level you know the kickers upon as a lock you know there are a lot more better than Mallorca I was so. Just coming out every day. Pranks and hard you know taking rips it and just trying to get the most out of each rip. I think is helping me become a better retirement you know being outside kits implies is that from the overall improve my game misses have look at it. Marcus fans and players alike are learning new rules when it comes to kick off returns can you explain these new rules on the kick off. Does what you -- how you interpret it how it's meant to make the game older safer. I. But I think Martin take on it is day. They're trying to reduce you know a lot of the collisions and you nudges to shot making more say fan and that's what I like you know I mean. A rule you know the rules are you know kind of a headache when you have to learn a new rule from year to year but I think you know is promote safety in the game and that's the most this the most important for. Now as a running back that you Delorean helmet rule could get to a troubled mean how does that change your style as a running back gate you know I I've been kind of joking with other players asking. Is that is that dive it dead player is that still would be called is that still something you'd have to work on the and now getting to that pilot getting dirty with your head up their rather than going straight and. Yemen has some there's definitely some you have to work on you know Rome and between the chances I think is going to be hearts it's you know. Guy's gonna lower the live and visit some we have to work on and again as far as safety so. I mean it. This kind of he knows kind of a headache learn in new rules in China that use new techniques but his support of again we have stood there we have to have you know improved so I'm with. It's markets Murphy who played guy his college ball in Missouri Buffalo Bills running back. And kick returner our guest here in the sports aren't high school you you play with fun. The Jew in Von Miller play on the same side of on offense that they can that would love the CNET backfield it was you and Von Miller back at the same time. Well me abundant playoffs as he was playing defense he pled mom record and you know kick return and you know a lot of different positions he wasn't on the offices SATA Barbara and I have a lot of lot of the teammates you know there alone on our for society and you know they made it to the today and if so we have we have had a lot of people come on let's not only to the some names and that's amounts are very he was there on him Barry for cancer each season. Did Tony Jerod Eddie played deets are closed San Fran. And I mean is this multiple guys that were there before me but those of the guys that I was there. Marcus Murphy bills running back joining us the country sweet hot seat bills camp life from saint John Fisher College markets you've been great with your time. We really appreciate you stop combine and continued looking forward to continuing you watch him make make the most out of your opportunities here. This free season with the Buffalo Bills let's let's say health at this surfers certain.