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Bills minicamp got underway today and Mark Ludwiczak, Editor at Bills Digest, joins The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to review today's practice including rookie QB Josh Allen getting some reps with the first team.

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On its roundup you. We'll get a whole new way to bring you. Everything Buffalo Bills bills wall of Famer Steve tasker and the voice in the fields John Murphy bring you one pills lie with these new this week right here on the home of the pills ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar in danger potentially don't qualify for ESPN our phone number joined now. By the editor of bills digested. More what was that fresh. From mini camp how or you mark. But do well I did garner. Greats we have one week in mini camp and then some down time there will see everybody out at saint John Fisher College mark let me hear it hit you with a question that I'm sure. You get every time you walk around town. Honey Josh Allen look today. I expect you know. Not just today by all of these practices have been open and mediocre there are I think Jack Allen and pretty much to eat in an ever. You Evey are you EB arm straight. Use the it is political tool can be huge you don't want poppy good Kurt urban. You know you eat that Rock Island. And eat them pit road east eat some while wrote in the a couple of grows better inaccurate often. You know make you wonder about is that these belt. I I really think he's in an effort I think the boat on in leading into the draft. Has been pretty much to a T what we've seen out there on practice. Let's talk about the guy that was brought in to be that quote unquote bridge quarterback because here. What we hear about Peter may and I hero we hear about Josh element nobody's really talking a lot about what or he's seen out of out of AJ McCarron how does she look. All right Tom. I I never got. Mark. Or out it. In Asia subject but com. You know first. Service provided you know talk about emperors because. You like out today be. We're not at all these practices you know musical bailout watch. You know one practice out of each you know but Rio gave if they have not this week where like. That they're. Maternity care so. Maybe there are some things that the practice where. The are. I think it would make it vehemently best practices of bill that we can paint I mean you're. He was great in the he was right he was the first he was a starter again for you know 90% of wrapped. And you know he has been for most of the time that we put out they're not you know they're UI agent at an opera the ones so they made it a little bit our. Today had I not noticeable improvement from eight eater and I mean you I guess he really looked at yet a couple. He talks rose. You have a little work that on the ball we activists. You know okay you know improving that arm strength you know that was a priority and in the weight room eerie that applies to. We don't know coming out of the draft he was there at the very term well. Right now beat down what we mean I put him up at a major right now heading industry now again. Couple years ago we opt out net capital they had heading into tree that would go. Berry Berry Berry early. You know that at my caution with all of our com. Really you know to me today to. Peter and you've stood out on them you know pop the rest. Mark what was act is the editor bills died just 1893. Bills he's the number to subscribe to marks publication is. He's against it in the sports park. Mark we're trying to figure out a timeline is is the fun thing that the bills handled it right what is the timeline for Josh Allen to start. And if it's a term in a very ready determines. Eating not every week one he needs a little bit more time to learn for whatever reason. Gosh it could do you mean goal wins of that it battle between Peter Main in the Kerry and again the disclaimer being here it's only one day but the ID ER mark seemed unfathomable. Back in November that your week one starter potentially for the Buffalo Bills into when he eighteen. Could be Napier. Yeah I mean like. That it let me that then you wouldn't have been hectic but you know I can only go off the scene out there and you know to meet. And he practices he's been the best or back in again today. Democrat that the I don't know if any or back really jump out at each other. The debater there wasn't noticeable difference though again it's one practice. But. As far as that geragos I think all along the ideal plan is adamantly because he took you well you gonna meet kind. You know I I wasn't you know a huge you know reportedly play coming out of our history. And all. You know studied up on him and all that and I I think the argument that hey international in that if he can't doubt they'll either that or back in the because he has been passed physical tools. Com about tight about our strength you know the rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric you all packed but. You know he might have smaller percentage of and you know and other actors because you know raw and there are so many questions that I just gonna take time. I'm of the belief. That order back and be ruined if you plan to work though I think it battered these statements artery and week. Until you're sure he's ready you know promoters believe that eight year drove into the fire if they're ready they'll be on it and eleven acres where by. I think that the guy where. I would just wait until you're always confident that it it because. I think you can sort of put him in there too early in the eastern. I mean. That time to develop and really cleanup its fundamentals. And become a lot more consistent football. And mark I hear what you're saying and and I can't believe I'm thinking this but I mean is it possible and again with a disclaimer that we know how early it is but he's a possible. That that the quarterback gives you the best chance to win for the Buffalo Bills week wind. Might be neat Peter Grimm. Yeah I can it not something I was planning on Spain or writing but you know can do that get ready to do our. Taking a preview edition and again you know Democrat is a week ago. You know let them play out at you know I'm like a sore right out you know that are trying to. Or something an immediate repair but. When you when you take practices that we've seen and then particularly want a guy I'd be the favorite heading into training camp now again. They're stoke more practices this week but. Yeah I had I bet. Where we're at now at the same time I I don't know there's going to be an enormous difference between you may give caromed. I would have been shocked at that Ellen. You know what the opening day starter again just based on what I thought colleges and how long day like it yet go. Yet it already though. In income wait a surprising about another rate you know maybe it shouldn't be it. Mark what was act our guest here in the sports bar editor of deals that does go to the other side of the football or any other year mark we're talking about the other stuff for one draft pick for the both of those. Jermaine and ends at middle linebacker and running with the ones today. I tell us about what you've seen year you know before this week today as well hi as far as his progress in middle linebacker. You know what Becker is always a tricky one when it comes to bring practices and all that because I think harbor. What do linebacker he really talent but he didn't mean action whether creep in game action early regular action. You need. Shed block it and hit it all at tackle and those are all really. Well. But that my recliner. Bet that we all are so good that the that it out. Me with him is you just look on the football field and nose out or defer to realize. And he'd just seen him he's cute. I mean should he be hit it is. You know maybe a little longer that you went back for somebody your line up at the moniker middle linebacker. Position. He's just upbeat dude where it. You know crazy market like it is so. When you combine all that which is aid in what he should go to college. You know the future of the upside should be very good for. Again I'd I think we'll be you know it says the edit practices increased the game they're really not sure because that's the nature linebacker position yet though are so. Marla was second at their bills I just in the sports barging termed tag glee at ESPN Rochester mark wanna go back to the offensive line is we kind of prepare for for camp battles in what we could be seeing it saint John Fisher College. He hard to get a sense for who's doing what with the offensive line no pads and nothing really that physical but what. What are you seeing in terms of who starting with the ones in and who's playing what position were green. White playing how much time is. Boat on mean getting out there you know how does all shake after the bills offensive line offensive line has gone through a lot of change this off season. Yeah I mean you can't say it would not if they're more changes to calm. Just because there are you know many positions that are you know that in. Don't right now because. So many of those other changes that. You know they lose their quality was recanted you know they restore law it wouldn't shock me certainly it would mark McKay is their vacations and the normal there. You know from what I've seen but you know ordering it in the air and it would. Area where attic right. It would wouldn't go there but there had to correct. You know middle line and let our and there are. You know Dawkins of course apple. You know that's an outline of looking right now. I am concerned because I you know that eagle and weren't directly. Ever with codeine and we're pretty happy that you leptin and all that. You know if you ask me a couple months ago back that amber rank right in their that there are I would like all right so. We'll see how that goes. Couple plate today and target judge off that linemen in the spring but there're couple played for the Atlanta crop. To be left crichton. That the little. A little bit of a parent wasn't directly. You know the an outperform last year but. Again it wouldn't shock me you know those are the guys that are in right now but it it wouldn't shock me they'll shop or early entry in trying aren't that I doubt that. As your work on that training camp preview and I don't know the answer is offensive line or something else earmark but. The one area that team where adapt is a concern would be one. I you know I don't go to receiver. There are players there by. I thought the bill last year had one of their weakest receiving cores. And like modern bills history it is when you factor in you know the players a lot trailer watch it and felt bad that the time was only earn. You know that you're you've got Pittman returning and look at today. You know we talk about Jack Allen went out on god you know. Or five wrapped with a one Lleyton practice that though without a 11 of those rose water. You know eat out to Benjamin and it was one of those where most receivers tactic would miss that and then Benjamin due to his side and radiate and you know ability if you depending on the innate attraction it was it was you know they would and I play in Europe urged. So I think he will be. Factor after you know he was with that knee injury last year by. Again after him. There is nobody questions and you know not just questions that really have questions about what their what is they Jones. It'd be in his second year is he better get over over the hump or you know. He was just so it and that as a rookie and yet potatoes so I would then you either you know soak this in college and we just didn't feel it yours so I think there's about am. And there's just you know there are limited in players there but there it is just so many questions. That receiver you know right now is the big question for me that that that I what they want other player who has recruited here we currently I think he will be probably. You know the favorite to land. In the primary operable so com a guy I think he invented it looked right at that in. Mark Vegas has the bills over under for wins this year it's six and a half for anybody. That's thinking about taking the under making argument as to why they would be wrong. I had the argument would be. You know you would have thought anything last year. And you know I don't I did and a lot of other people did and the oak and last year well. You know it if you're one to believe it and the strength of the defense. The strength of the tropical way. If you believe in chartered you know McDermott process and you know there's I think there's still some things that put him that you know he could go either way what but. I I think if you look at last year that the argument that that meet personally. I think this inevitably is going to be more of a rebuilding year. That not a work and in the world because you're hopefully guiding the young quarterback along that you just drafted in the first round and you know next year they're gonna have a salary cap space. And you look at some of the need that they had viewed as on the opera the lighter earlier that game you know so abrupt and in so late in the either. There really wasn't that much they can do. You know to me that it picket sign means there are changes when there are so many Olympic that they had opted out of the raft. Was all about going to need a quarterback and linebacker though. I think you know next year hopefully it jocular and shows completed recruitment late this season in chose used promptly. I think that's your Wear out so our I I would take theater but. You know for that question I think you have to look the last deepened it Helio. Mark what was that editor in chief of bills died as our guest here Jack Lawson. Is shacks loss saying in danger of losing a job this coming training camp. I mean I don't think you'd allude to rockers are now when it comes to starting position. I think he could because. You know you look at. Who they added created the end and who they have bear mean Trevor he's gonna be out there though you know is that in place the vivid that. You know alongside him and stuff packages are you know wherever. He's going to be out there I'm going back from injury and though. Will be but I think what it is an interesting character you know I talked last week in. He's really focused I didn't died in shape and trading way and you know he feels that he's moving a lot captor than he really. What it may be. And dedicated he needed to be. You know maybe it took for granted a little bit in the I was you know I just thought it went that are popular prospect and you know is not that they were working hard in the eighties and what are working hard adopt. You know to become an elite level. A former at this level and live up to those expectations are I do think is is added. Not strayed and you know headed in the right direction but you know about the matter actually living up to men into that field. Mark blood was acts fresh from mandatory minicamp one bills drive the editor of bills die just mark what did you give you some time because you've been so great with yours. Tell everybody where they can read more you work. Sure I get bill died just dead but local stores like. Let me interpret them as much out there righteous as well you know. The people like it. And I'm fine you know I or at her and KGB ER you can. Subscribe to repair your vote that counted the product line and however tree in a preview issue out in early July. I still remember the first time we talk Tim I thought you said Napster when you said Maxtor. Except I wish it was that certainly that it. Real Napster and that's our crack up early days of the Internet. I would send my email prodigy. Definitely feel a lot Internet and the market's great talking you as always appreciate the insight from mini camp look forward to doing it again real soon right. You gotta mark loves XT at your pills dodges relief to this time greed. Great to insight there from practice to. Are there you heard it. Nate he Germans looked the best so far. Now I think we would all be shot didn't pleasantly surprised of that answer was Josh Allen I mean it's a lot to expect on a rookie to be the best so far. The danger what does that tell you in this battle with a AJ McCarron right now and again disclaimer disclaimer it's June it's. LeRoy I the the the word that keeps ringing in my head now is as we talk and and dissect how the quarterbacks are performing as process. Is part of a process. We have a plan and we know where do weighing. It EV EL part of me believes none of that matters that Nathan Pete McCann light the world on fire this pre season. And because they're following this plan and have a process that Josh Allen a Josh Al's gonna start. Even if he doesn't give you the best chance. To win football games and and by the way it's their right to do that they're following a template from other teams that have had success with their rookie quarterback in and how they've used them. They they wanna kind of apply that same template to their franchise and how they wanna build this franchise for the future. Oh. But I have a hard time aide I don't know what it's gonna take for me to believe. That needs and Peter men. Gives you the best chance to win football games come we won its early pre season is is still ahead of us training camp is still at a loss. And you're gonna see these guys compete and battle and may be through that that competition week we start to see. One quarterback separate himself from the rest that would be that would be the best scenario for the Buffalo Bills. No the best scenario is that fits our channel separating himself fast that one quarterback best bowl gosh. Eat it's time. And the arguments to keep him on the bench become less and less and weaker and weaker. That's what you wanna see here obviously. On to me it's a positive sign and here's why danger because I think we know what the ceiling ease with aging me care. Need Peter may and where. Gosh were poisoned more clouded by that terrible half a football that is part of his sore OK I get the but the ceiling for Napier is higher than it is rage in the care I'm saarc. AJ McCarron is the quarterback that's been in this league I would expect AJ McCarron to beat out eight in Norman if it does credit they may be here make human. Are we about got more. More stories from around the NFL serve to come by says pharmacal NFL appetizer shall go around the league next including. A couple of running backs. In making either notable appearances or not appearing at their team's mandatory mini camp we'll tell you who's in who's out. As we serve up the day's top NFL stories next with NFL appetizers in the sports bar danger and the tangling up on ESPN Rochester. Extra. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Guys you've covered the demand audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar with a teacher and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Us more sleep. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader the radio to. He's the official new home ESPN rush yeah. By apple cart play or android on the TCU is and where you can find EM 915 and 957. Sports leaders ask you Rochester.