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Wednesday, September 12th
It was an interesting day today at One Bills Drive. Sean McDermott named Josh Allen his week two starter at quarterback and Mark Ludwiczak of Bills Digest joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to recap his press conference and preview Sunday's matchup against the Chargers. 

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is no radio dot com that I downloaded today and listen to what's anytime anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. Are you back in the sports marked danger of attack Lee thanks for joining us this afternoon we were not able to be there live at the press conference one bills drive this afternoon Shawmut German named. Josh Allen his week two starting quarterback but. Mark what does that get at her bills digest. Is that one bills drive right now Jean. Mark appreciate your time on this on Wednesday marked guy you heard Sean McDermott the words. Did you believe them over your take on that the tone of Sean McDermott today. Yeah I mean it's column for errors well what are out. There because. Again we are and figure out what state but. I cast out of Blacksburg. A eater friends who you know like he just on the curb a favorite person in the world reap. I mean it felt more like out of like he did you grow at a about the you know regulatory. Word for what they hope they they're present order back out now though. You know if you if you heard the press conference they're here if you go back and check out the quote. I don't earlier this. It was underwhelming predictor of a perspective and either the first thing that you know about every like that it which just. Those are. What do you like you'd expect us to talk about. Is that new potter after batter I think definitely that is is that you're change here. Or recorder back in we too. The dispute that the Oregon park about Adobe you know while every I we're you know to keep pressed on an upward arc arc spell. Pattern with it if I don't think. Not very well but you know that is what it is there and where we are out there are now as their quarterback though. My low was sec editor bills digest joining us in the sports bar danger and tag glee on ESP and Rochester. Mark we were speculating that one of the reasons why McDermott maybe didn't come off as well. In today's press conference was he wasn't the one. To break the news that Josh Allen was going to be the week one starter we had a reporter earlier before the press conference for Mort AD ESPN that that. The late paying you know we we know that this regime has been pretty tight lipped and is that enough to make Sean McDermott wanted. Lash out at the media or orb just beat salty here than normal that you know towards the guys that are firing questions. You know that's an interesting point I I didn't actually figured out way. I guess bill. He and again you know oh though like I. Our as a con who. You open and honest. He'd he'd put on or the there. You know at the day Ambien not a human that whole you know. Or. Would actually early. Repealing it so you know they're they're just is that much gap. And being bad. You know there are. I'd be here interactive code that just is ammo he is he getting any better. With. And I ain't if I've ordered the bill are doing well it took it out or. More and more each week because. It cover up for that up yours and not go out. Art in the one sound by eight we we have marking you're there Mark Lowe was act editor bills digest. We counted up peak times. With him what forty seconds danger. He said this is the best thing for our team which leads me to believe that. Okay this is your PR department putting with the overview of the spin on this to get you pass this press conference. My question being here we led to believe that he wasn't fully bought lean on this decision. I'm mark that. We know all that he has a weekly press got our weekly call with the owners of phone call we know he's got to talk the brain and being. Do you believe or not that this was fully Sean McDermott's decision to start Josh Allen here we tip. Yet here Armey RR RR and really different enter the player on power were people here one bright. Spot. I I think it's more it's Brea and by the way I write it out I got so and over after after a couple questions. Pretty good but I doubt that four perhaps acuity he courier of Israel is there any. You know. You elaborate on them that ever since oh I think that was is great that the gay and that eat meals that. You know maybe certain people will be satisfied with that but. You know what is that you know I did it in the past. You know interest that what what is he in interrupt their data is not in the best bet that the it would of course every move. That a coach may. What is. It's going to be of the belief that it that it you know but it advocate of the so. You know again it just. It's white noise is not you know it doesn't you'd think it does work there. Eight up bait than probably despite the timely accurate that they have you know a little bit early and. Am Margaret we we were bombarded with it on Monday during his press conference as well the idea that he doesn't question the effort. Or the intensity. Of his football team after that we won beat down in Baltimore I'm curious indeed do you think. That he truly doesn't questioner do you think this is similar like he can if he. Comes out and says. The effort and intensity wasn't there after a week one defeat the way the loss to Baltimore that that's just an indictment of he is performance as a head coach the guy that can control the effort in the intensity of the team. Yeah they are with you I think it's certainly. And tying our utterly like any that were talking about one of the work. Losses. You know bill sister three point wide there's there's no question about it that was one of the work spot mystery and mean I think that's more ammo you know the people that as an airline right there it's. You know how we eat we are bit mystery you'd you'd go back to current sign here and you know we hit the panic joke about it but is it wanted to catch rate is what you know why I don't question he you know the effort. You know I can't fault their effort that it is they don't they that you know after a lot is not a again what that means and I think our electorate they enacted it you know is that if you know his initial spot is. You know I'm I'm getting the most from these guys that are in the pan might players. Yep are there but. Which is that it's OK if they would ever agree it's okay if they meet. Our intensity wasn't exactly where should have been we want I don't think that is. Are not merely it and that it ultimately wander a (%expletive) if if if you lose 47 that agree. In Europe have been your effort is there any help that would be here for a word they wouldn't bet what what does that say about Elena that he'd go. Again it is I think that this work toward the word and when he when he trying to come up with you are you know open cliched they have tried to make it sound good but it really. Mark blood was that easy under bills died just a guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN's so. As we look ahead of that chargers game here's my problem trying to forecast how Josh Jones gonna do we. Do we actually really now I mean is that is that second pre season game against Cleveland is the third priest seizing game. I think if there's one thing I learned this pre season mark is that. Now it's still the pre season has a year not getting an accurate gauge so I mean what should deals fans expect. When they see John shelling Golan on the field coming up on Sunday. Yeah well being I mean I'm quick arm of the leave again. The proper pre he doesn't matter if Doug and we've read much into it because laundered. You know the money pair of the other foul air. The thing entirely when players have of the nonaligned applicable he'd. And really I think both dramatic difference is you know when it comes the union out. You know America they'd be gain it to 98. Compared pre even where you're out there you know catapult to grow or belt you know. It's a million dollar question will be an industrial might be a guy. And that a pop for a bit again as if OB. Physical. Tool that the position you've got an arm. Like you know like you know our went over there there. Has. One of the best arms dealer he probably is there if that be would be accurate. From what we've seen if there's an area. Well well well I mean I I I I think you can. You know have some the hope that BP. You know keep a bit of a gamer. And what her drop you know on property in their back. Honestly. What we are you know I think we are little other you know again repudiated. Almost creepy like fashion went in there and expect an effort and all the more. I I think if they were and that you're you're gonna be bumpy road. You're gonna be a lot of growth in the you'd use richter had because they're so are off the you know there are Korea and then there's. Go down at their product be it paperwork in most murky. Are ready this early in their rears you know the spam barrel of the world are. You action not the war though I think there's going to be a lot of hurricanes well before that you hope you beat. I'm not lashes. With at least armed improvement in the is that the because again spring training camp. Creepy and you go you go back it is solid state. I thought they'd player I've lasted but used to wait to read it that promote like it and you know all we're gonna hurt. Yeah and and you know I think everybody that with his watch anything on Josh Allen knows that his game. In the NFL is incomplete but I think the only way you get. A complete game the NFL us through those wraps through learning through those mistakes and and you know here's hoping that he has a support staff around him. Whether these players as teammates he's coaching staff working with him. Because you mentioned Sam Arnold an envoy after watching him on Monday night the thing that I notice right away it was. That's a guy that if anything has support on that sideline he's got an entire organization. Backing him up. Oh Berkshire and I am not a factor I. I think. I thought Arnold was that brought out there and lock back by. Honestly. You pop boycott those group on any good he could be get a our name. Built that day. On their heated though for overall. You know no matter how baker may feel. I think he will be you know aren't and he. Arnold look the guy. We you know compared to an interactive I thought he would earn entirely. If reliable. And they're out Ellen again that there isn't there and adjust on won't develop but we are about you know perspective there. That the yet are not there and repeat a level. Mark let's talk about the prospects for bill's victory on Sunday at one good piece of news or were getting out of Los Angeles from. Coach Anthony you'll enjoy it also won't practice today he's getting a second opinion on its footing jury it's looking more more likely that he won't be a factor. But what do the Buffalo Bills have to do. On Sunday to somehow come out with would upset the charges is some icon of their home opener with a win. Well I mean whether he's out there you'd need better play are the EE need to give. Gas sale and at least that shocked that there if that happens then maybe you'd get ready to go in and you know at some point bill their best player I like art though. Ideally an ideal world somehow get it going hope they're the type of domino effect after that I honestly think that on days and how a lot of operate apple able using. And you know is its potential and had a great year at the opera the coordinator on equipment and what are we want him. You know I've done it you've been a little too much quite you know you label around. A little bit the pre season and they are but it is part of he's not been recently actually via air but. I think the first half the Chicago being the other day and you know I I have my. I'd opt out of the river boat ordered a little bit BI I beat you up more and by. I think you Arnett first half. It really he's being well and you know what before you know to good people around and that's why they are much. Their rebate allegory in Spain and yeah I think eventually. You know Allen caught up but there were brighter than ever got the game but. You know I'm looking for in that kind of you know that out there and Ian and all that on the opposite or mayor helped. Not elevated for our city gonna need an up or start. My club was that deals digest he's out at the stadium right now solely in the locker room today. What was the told the guys in the locker room is it. They were fully behind Josh Allen or did it. I guess my question is did it some more company line is where are these guys fully bought energy day you know do you read between lines is they have questions about what's going on here. Yet you know there there weren't the type. You know have migrated vote. Either way but it it you know. We are war. Or maybe it got how bad. Are there you know late when locker room or you're older. You know curious personally what he had the bad about it by. Comic or you know I. Mean I'm a big run for their. I don't think. And I don't think there was a bank. You know who don't were a year after broker Burke stroller and quite bad either way. Yeah I mean I think interest in whether it is what it is when you lose like you're gonna have to change is that. You know it's toward possible that. Mark let everybody know where they can read more you work. Jerk bill packet is out our new inaudible where it is. Like wedge in there and prop. You know I'm lying I'd be. Two dollars. Per issue it would have a big issue coming out. Cristina on date night but that'll be up there. Now Rochester based company that you news battery marks up. With Dennis like that in their mark preaching your diamond busy Wednesday. Mark Glover Zach he's the editor bills digest joining us here in the sports part danger to tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester yes so was some good stuff there are so much so we get chess talked to Eileen. What are they Jones mom tweeting about the killing Benjamin well rolled back ask McDermott that directly. And at a rally got dismiss it right so we'll have Mike wrote that coming on next hour wind you know he'll he'll check in with us. Provides. So you when ire here in the same thing that did the at her bills die justice here and we listened to Sean McDermott. When mark love with Zack says instead of sounding hate bills fans this is our new quarterback. He sounds like these the words of Mark Lowe was back. We're going to a funeral here. Some of the decisions he's made at this point might lead him into his own box yes. We've got to I'll drink to that coming up in a few provocative thoughts from around the world of sports to agree or disagree with before we do that. Let's check in with remote and Rochester are you as horizontal outline has been waiting on hold Ramona Oreo. I'm good how you guys would that re Ramon thinks your whole month Prejean listens. Yeah I. Or. Question for. I kinda hoping Jack cattle and my question. Bill and the little normal pre ordained in a row what did it Mo. It's all. I think. All quit about a probably doing something like you've got to admit saying. In the running game when they do this side of the ball in but the Mac section. I agree were both of those things it's better to have more bodies in them guys out in a pattern and in Soviet if you turn the ball over this is. On when he eighteen learning for the quarterback what happens if the bills. Lose some games well let's go over the schedule real quick. It's Los Angeles it's at Minnesota take Green Day it's Tennessee Houston Indianapolis New England won in seven or Nader real possibility. Danger if that worst case zero ornate Josh are still the quarterback Kurt why. Tape Sean McDermott say that today you can not Yo-Yo your quarterback. He needs confidence he needs to have the ability to go out there. And not worry about looking over his shoulder and he's he makes a mistake because by not doing that today in the back. His mind he's gonna wonder might draw another picture here in my sitting down. Mistake. As a rookie mistake by sucking your head coach. Appreciate call mom now. Yeah I agree with you if you camp when they say you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Right being hit it starts barring injury he's got to be your guy moving forward this is a marriage. What at least what's your wedding vows for better. Or for worse in sickness anyhow not mine Powell. Continuous negotiations. And I think you're gonna say don't put me you were one of those hope he couples of your own oh. Coma. It you're you're an artsy guys I don't know that I have a romantic bone in my body the more you know looking back. Through the course of my relationship of my life I don't know that I've ever done anything romantic I can't think of anything. I probably out but I can't not as they're sharing a fancy football team count as romantic I I'm envious. Hi I'm envious of value that you and your wife can you can drafting team together and be invested in a team together through the course of a season. Yeah I certainly don't have that Helm. So I don't what I want to leave to go to the ice plex and play hockey as it did last I'd like Al. We came up short three to catcher you're here here I'm here of a lot them and by the way at humble break I'm not I'm not bragging about you know being. Hero here beats beats its. It's novice. Division. You boys scored both goals for in a losing effort. 32 loss the team were playing pouring the coolest dearly jerseys I've ever seen they call themselves a Canadian tuxedos. And their jerseys looked like Denham. On Denham. Even had our tail that screech you're not but that copper buttons on them and everything. This week jerseys. Always literal word awesome letter us. That was a lot of fun my point was my might when I go to play hockey my oh my wife doesn't say how funded. She says she'll get her don't get hurt now. We'll have heard is that yelled like yeah how fun would be okay hey you know if you say they have flood that kind of what I wanna yeah that's what I'm doing it for not. Do we get to go out there and lost my leg up Google has applied. It's a marriage with Josh and try we are now married to this guy. So no you don't take that week off from your wife doesn't work that way. Needed doesn't your marriage doesn't work my marriage if it nightmarish. You're married to this guy in barring injury he is your quarterback for the rest of the season why did Sean McDermott not say that today he not see that unless he. Doesn't agree with that not oral or he's just angry at somebody got to Mort. We've got a leak in Ers in our organization the first sign of dysfunction. Who broke code who stepped on line. But I let's play I'll drink to that next provocative thoughts around the world of sports yell at that they'll schedule a little bit not all point out. What could be a very disturbing trend we've already seen plenty of of this happening. And it's you can eats it is disturbing trend as of right now but. If it happens won't wartime I would say all right that's beyond disturbing trend that's just plain flat out lazy. I'm battle the Buffalo Bills I've got an update time professional indoor lacrosse and in Rochester new right in saying nine hawks it's a professional indoor lacrosse finals okay future we're gonna get into that moral thing to that is next. EM 950957. FF ESPN Rochester. I'm a super fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. Access to them. Yes he and Rochester dot com free to join us. He's 57. Less forcefully. Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives when he forced out. Probably these deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when teacher and exactly how. Stories opinions and contest people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester hello.