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The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia welcomes in Amerks Hall-of-Famer Martina Biron to recap the Sabres draft, discuss the goalie situation in Buffalo and Rochester and figure out what to do with Ryan O' Reilly.

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Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com. Breaking news scores and on demand audio book Marcus sports leader ESPN Rochester dot com. Back in the sports bar with danger and the tightly on the heels of an exciting weekend for Buffalo Sabres fans of Rochester Americans fans as well. Man who would never has a shortage of words when it comes talking sabres are average hockey very excited to have fun. Have a hall of Famer and former buffalo sabre Marty ball on in the sports bar how are you Marty. I'm doing great always good to be in the sports bar and I would love to up for myself a cold one right now I'm under on in there acute. What I you know my girl that horse sort this weekend so I Wear beards out of maybe later Albion idled ports are the sort of at the. A car ended you know there's gray your supporting your girls like marry your. You're busy man and being in the offseason doing nonstop for the family. I Jerry Bennett I mean that's fork is right and their idea is right now where. If it's not you know I've got my buddies and my friends to go to wouldn't it baseball or it was heart eat there's some spring hockey the girl that there are horseback riding out. I can't I'd still like I'm looking at the armory here we have like audits can be spotlight and got nothing to do and now and began when can we go back to work when it and number campground like in the act. At the rink. Marty what we got development to camp happening right now and of course we should be talking about. What happened this weekend with the sabres of course taking Rasmus Dolly we've challenged everybody that we talked to on the topic of Dolly to say something negative about the kid will you be the first person to point out a flaw. In Rask miss Dolly can you do party brought. I hate to hand probably duet but let me the first one no absolutely not and it just enjoy what Brett Dowling in the ring. Judy I don't. Development camp that rookie camp or training camp. Now when you get into the regulars in and then you know what is there is pain. But it's the first year of a man rear and a great one that will be. It's about. The upside it's about how can you'll learn. Big game while adding on the credit that amend that they're all that's what you are trying to do now. I'm I remember where I was in Iraq first your role or even a junior players. You know they know it don't use your good look at your great dirt the bastard that in you're going to be fantastic have a long and it doctor Ed doesn't happen to everybody because. After the first two years maybe even into your third year. That you're the best you're degrade it. Earned it and do you can't predict anymore you can't do data anymore. And the ones that are able to overcome that or want to correct their mistake. In the first couple years if you're in Europe read more fighting they'll make that same mistake I you're never gonna make it to the next level so I think that that. That's why would you rent now the first you're gonna be all part of that second year remain credit side that you'd think because decked the isn't there going to be high but if he's that type player that we all know you'll become. By your rating you don't have anything bad that about him because everything that he does or 90% of the things that he does are fantastic that would definitely always negative. What or how do you bring Dolly alarm or how do you think at the house Lee and his staff will what do you what they'd let him learning get as many minutes as possible court. You bring him along develop neatly a little more slowly let's say put him on the second period how do you think this all plays out market. I think you gotta look at quarters of this is in the first when he the next morning in all forty to 6860 to eighty he. You attribute it to all we'd be ready to it got there there may be some injury and maybe some. Energy high and low will be a very grueling you then and off speed and for a young man though aren't. Got to manage. That depth inspection on the eve then. Desperately. You may art gum on a second hearing and limited minutes then and really managed is that it is don't start. Give them more offense that don't are maybe more neutral on our. I'm already not playing 2532. Other steps and the defense that don't give them opportunity. To really made. But after twenty game you may realize that and our best player right and slightly out the boredom and those that wish and then let what happen. Maybe by import you realize okay well now in all gonna get into every Gerri every bit part in the best in them. Let you know it back a little bit there aren't many different ways you can handle it but I would say. I'm you can break that you know not been export orders or you may even go in duke you know at different at 1215. Games segment. To really about weight worry about Alpine. Marty we kinda have a debate as to whether or not they should he needs somebody a veteran of alongside him on the Blue Line. It's kind of easy Meehan or break command to the NHL and you know there's also is school of thought that. He might be so good that whoever's on the Blue Line with him actually gets better just by being on the Blue Line with Rasmus stalling with side of the fence do you think this falls on. You know let. A young man made yet and I think hockey player by the going to be playing against the top the top of the world. It's not going to be in there and I'm glad it or couple years at Florida enters. Played a great Campbell rank terrible really help of a lot in bright yellow with felony the first you're a parent are glad that at one point. Well we called an MP gamble but he he was worrying more about neck let it property that they that inflate. I got to give him support I gotta be the best like India and I helped a lot and by doing that Aaron I'm glad really. Ride and got better paper had been. You know what they're really good argue player but did not get the the level yes right now I'm waiting at Norris trophy. Until and went straw men came along. From the New York Rangers by with the Tampa Bay Lightning and that there really works well together and that's what. What Victor Hedman to that next level off dot defensemen not actually I really believed he got to find somebody. That's going to be a good bit arrest d'alene may not happen in your one may not even happen in your too because. You know all day finding the personnel and maybe some contract we got to move around. Well one that I happen and you find the right person to play along down that went belly will be. You know taking a step too black patches stardom but right now he's obviously got a big day. That late in the state. The pace of the game and whoever's gonna play wit them. Maybe it could step now and may worked out perfectly but if not I'm rap talent got enough talent. You like to make us all to about a worst heat when he dumped and yet. I just Americans hall of Famer mark LeBron joining us here in the sports bar. Marty did you have any problem with these CG in for the Buffalo Sabres to let Robin Lehner walk. No I didn't have any problem I think that. At the end of this heat then we could all know that in a ball mark was going to be the guy that was going to be given the chance to start this event. That this neighbor we're gonna have to find. A good. Supporting. Goaltender for the unit. And I'm not talking about it rule back up and talked about a 1181. Beat that wage and on a short term contract maybe a couple of years maybe two or three years. You know we. Talk about Carter Hutton and Johnson burn it. Peter Brad deck though there may be the best options right now and a free agent market but that's sabres and go out there are orders always strayed. But I knew who you know when. You know jet and by actual took over last year and he said that and a B and about creation either and for everybody Eddie gave probably under our contract and left Robin Leonard where it died dead and you know that their main guy and you would. Eight and out every 98. That really made me and name for a out. I'm dad more likely mean at hallmark we're going to be and then and in the Rossiter aren't yet next year and that there are gonna look for somebody out and it just played out that way and you know front runners they're good goaltender. But I think we're about what neighbors had it not good enough right now you need excellent and that you know you look at that top. And teams and cannot calculate that on fifteen in the game that make the playoffs they all have a goaltender that it's confessed that and you can rely on. And that would not Rob Reiner and hopefully don't believe that's all part or wherever neighboring end to helped along. Marty they didn't select a goaltender India NHL draft over the weekend and they also didn't select. For the second in a row any Canadian hockey league players I'm curious eat. I've heard that that players that come up in North America are better equipped. To play in the NHL because of how their seasons are when they're playing youth hockey in coming up verses players from Europe you know is as pure coincidence that they haven't taken any. Canadian hockey league players two years in a row in the NHL draft or they really trying to. You know fight everybody that played for the university of Boston or Boston university and at every Swedish player out there to build a team now. Well you know budget and doctoral addressed that at the and it traps and and there's reason for an especially. When the goaltenders. But all the when he comes to Canadian actually junior players. I'll be the fact that. In both entered take longer to develop. The seventeen you really don't know what you have been a goal yet not like it was. 25 years ago when I wouldn't juniors and at seventeen. I've late if you fight game. And I went to play out now at seventeen year old may play only 1520 game an eighteen year old meet with only thirty are in that nineteen year old that went. Yet deplete that besides that you have one yet I'm would look at that free agent goaltender may be older goaltenders big European goaltenders. And fine. There right I'm at their development to be able to establish what that goal is going to be in the future really hard now to look at seventeen year old and know exactly. What's your gonna look at neighbors. There's a look at added that it too hard too about weight rate seventeen year old and an accurate and out. We're not and it wrapped the goaltender right now point eight from European player there or our post players appeared in need and actually junior player. Are there roll bar that a junior injured players not to be signed within two years if not you lose their right aid. College player or a European player yet. And Mac almost four years but would a college player you make on the reader and they've already played. Their freshman year we got a lot longer. To be able to back in those players able to develop build and Wendy come to you there or year and their department program. Then you can find them and it and I have a better understanding of what they're going to be as a role and as a National Hockey League player. You know making a decision before a player hurts when he. They almost by Bynum should I not what is that gonna look like. In 34 years from now it's really hard it that it the number question I think that NASA actually get a look. Making changes in the way that these gains are draft been seventeen. And eighteen year old. And the union rules make it by eight. You know Iraq right now we're at the draft and what he'd been told by late June when he when he picked that UHL player out there have a contract if not they're free agent. After allotted time for it seem to be able to earn back. And yeah exactly what they've got. Part of the Buffalo Sabres television coverage on MSG Marty ver Ron our guest here in the sports bar. Are you haven't spoken since the hammer season ended while rather quickly 03 game sweep by Syracuse. Well Linas hallmark and you have they can cost you not up by at the end of the year in buffalo before he came back down but. I'm just curious to get your thoughts on and we know him going forward and it is the change till for him in his personal life becoming a dad and you went through that Marty and if how big a changer how much of an impact do you think that that might have played in Salinas and how how last season ended. For the injury was unfortunate obviously I never had a concussion or or me I never Heidi. Diagnosed concussions so I can't tell you what the a process to get back in the eye and it's guilt beyond me I I but I've had a chance like Lina involved slope. I he came and sat next to me and grind up. On that that the public and then we just hang out and talk hockey and not many that aren't right young man young old and their. Really understand the wedding had been at stake for him to be extra pull the national market league level and how he was able to goal from a wrote in the American League. To being an all star and on back to back he'd been. And end and really adding that the that he's nuts I'm not worried about it hallmark. I think it was unfortunate that yet bill would be three and recovery and all of that idea that you don't. And dad definitely cuts to affect them. In the playoffs but let them. And that team what bingo in the playoffs that team. You know it just they did they get their elite top team. And their Russian or American made at the plate or about the need them and they got you know they just got outplayed and that bat the other bad but I don't think. Everybody wanted Rochester people are thinking about web experience in that and I got the playoff experience we went for the Calder cup finals my second year. But the first year we got you know we got out that in the first round buy it. Philadelphia won the Calder cup they were better than not than. You know we learned from that so hopefully. Dead you know in a ball mark. Brian Cooley 88 net all of the guys in Rochester. That you'll end up having a chance. You may be break in that roster in buffalo Lauren from that experience than the first round and you know they'd bump NBC got Luke freeware and now that out out. I mean they're pretty much cliched but they'll. Learned in that he'd learn and we end. Learn and failure learn and that. That's how the best duet and you know hopefully these guys do it well. Sabres co host on MSG with Brian Duffy it's Marty Paronto Rochester and mark hall of Famer joining us in sports or danger of attack Leo on ESPN Rochester. News from the Emerson any of re sign Adam Wilcox tool one year HL contract so. You would assume that he's gonna get some minutes competing. To be the top guy in Rochester yesterday. The sabres tendering qualifying offers to a Bailey Baptiste. Sean Malone Danny original names who were familiar with in Rochester samurai and heart. In buffalo and CJ Smith the Marty at more than anything I'm just curious about the process of being a restricted free agent if I'm not mistaken this was a process you went through what goes through the mind of somebody like samurai and hard if your. If you're the young a forward for the sabres you're getting your first qualifying offers a restricted free agent are you expecting a number that's just out of reach for the organization are you pleasantly surprised when you get that number what are your feelings what are your emotions and what are your actions. After you've got now offer. Call it all about the agent bright early I think I'm right aren't doesn't. Happy decree in finance and negotiating tactic. The agent. I hope will which in the best spot is we need as magical mystery audience you don't met. Part of the regular season are are not right art. To all out would be epic mistake. But again you hope that it will come. I gather quickly. Wrist deal long term deal big moneyed media Orvella cap friendly number to call in our government come and play. And that the only deference or I'm right targeted at our allotted the other guys get them obviously. As a big part right now the sabres and moving forward and you could he went and didn't play well earlier this isn't that sabres. Really struggle went camp late battered down the stretch. Detonated a lot better for them so they're a lot there. Or camera and art cute too. You know the odds of that happening and that contract negotiation. But again. Between agent and general manager and goes conversation. I I heated. Taking part in negotiation iPad ready Chile and ball low with my agent directory air one year because I was restricted free agent. I was holding out in training camp. That was after my first old you've been involved slope. And we're writing off on that yet that I'm looking at like stealing like ot get me out of here like it's not what I do I practice I play. And I right when game. That's what I do I ache in L and and I think that's why now the agencies are getting bigger and bigger and now and stronger and stronger because. The players. I mean you know they wanna work out they wanna get on the I wanna play. You know yet gotten a guy like Jon are right now in mean he's going to the process of interviewing teams and all of that but really the agent that are in question he's along the right to evaluate and to make a decision after. Marty chili's I mean how would probably hold out too they couldn't take you to a nicer place was. With a couple guys not available that's not what's going back. IE I didn't wanna go to high top or. Oh I went you know. A. Marty we appreciate it one more question and be remiss if I didn't ask you about your thoughts on Ryan O Reilly and how do you think this might play out here for the sabres. Well I mean that there's an opportunity for the neighbors a look at trading aren't rally back patch ready now silicon sellable obviously that. And Ali didn't want to sign a long term extension with a and I believe that the rumors were. I am I think I mean happened by an orally or seven million dollar on July 1 arm and no team in their right remind. Which they are Della street of date before we got to pay at seven million dollar before even a Jersey on so I think that the problem that they are running into. I'm OK if they trade coming yet and that's around that somebody needed to play with Jack on the left Lang I'm or if they don't treat it that Ryan O'Reilly all the money as the role on this team and could be grit. Really that's all. I would awful sabres in the big daddy. Told in all I need that went up to deepen bilateral I'm not gonna go read the what I understand why not happened happened to the dollars are speaking and not much going on. Mark of her on great having you on what does really look forward to our time when we get a chance to talk to you here in the sports bar. Enjoy the rest your offseason hopefully we get T done a chance to talk again real soon our budget. Great thank you thank you Marty override a lot to react there 454 years Ian is our number 454. 37761. That conversation was going on danger we have some breaking news from hockey. Oh breaking news from hockey yes Kyrie Asia war hall of fame class for 2018. Marty Martin Brodeur. Parent not a surprise. Double goalie Marty saint away. Wanna cup with the Tampa Bay and got some guys. We'll Il re now he only played 45 games or how was Willie you'll re not in the hall of fame that was the first. Black player to do you do via cross them and then and then all self. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and. I love your passion. That he wasn't strategic enough weight with that introduction he needed to bring up. You don't kid with cancer or something like that prevent people from pulling him. This is the official release from the national hockey way. Commissioner Bettman. Began his tenure February 1 1993. Has overseen rapid and massive growth in his 25 plus years. The NHL has grown to 31 team league under commissioner Bettman. An annual revenue now exceeds four billion up pro golf 400 million when he began. Oh give me that last figure again. Annual revenue now exceeds four billion up from about 400 million. When he began. I Dennis. Hall of Famer torment. You could have done that cracked a lot. Hey listen given his horrible TV deal. If he actually created that much revenue for the owners. I can't argue. Look at all just boo him on the way and fulfill late ninety's it was. Nothing more than a pyramid scheme right you know you're gonna buy a franchise all we're gonna sell you're gonna I have friends there was I don't know all. Give them credit for surviving somehow 25 years. I think 25 years when he died two years. We forgot to have an anniversary for them I hate it but. Yeah Alex thanks to put you will Il read these guys share as well stay yeah that. I'd like most things in the NHL they're just a little behind the tide gee I mean you know whether the baseball really fully embraced Jackie Robinson. It happened about what 1520 years ago. So about 1520 years you know that they'll they'll get around to admitting that concussions and CT ER. A real thing is slow behind the curve the NHL. Progressive. Well congratulations and compare to put it does all of things yeah. Well I got to win our last changed everybody's just curl him on mercifully through his entire speech. He won't that'll be a row. Forced off church. Move news conference 400 million to four billion it's. We'll be smoking the cigars lighting up with hundred dollar bills. And resolutions commissioner of I don't know whether he's here and so that are doing you by the way tip of the cap the Marty bird der. You know like in my mind he's best known for danger. Now it's not for winning Stanley cups not for winning all those games. Marty Berger is the guy that left his wife for his sister and clutch. That's true I didn't know this story Marty Brodeur. Left his wife. To marry his sister in law. So what his brother's. Wife know his. Original wives. Seizes her. Jack think how creepy that. I wonder how those Stanley the only hell I. Think what he gets up there like a thank. And diapers wipe them. Sister in law now current wife she's the now weeks Marty Barack no idea about that is in those personal story. Blow don't connect. Oh congratulations to Marty brawn. Will there re in. During development. Department right now. I'm among. Should she shift. Audit or hang the sports bar with danger tightly. Aldridge is next up provocative thoughts around the world of sports love it when you call us at 454 ESPN 4543776. Can always agree or disagree. And on Twitter at ESPN Rochester if you missed any of our conversation with an Merck's hall of Famer Marty boron we will have that for you shortly on demand. If you follow CDS in Rochus you'll always get alerted. As to win week. Post on demand audio for you to check out and ESP and Rochester don't come. I'll drink to that next town sports or danger to tag Leah ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. It's. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join in pact with the action from an EN. He's 57 MM a sports league. No sports leader and listen live 24/7. Probably his deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions and contests people knew. ESPN Rochester doctor. 9570. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.