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Matt Parrino Bills beat reporter for New York Upstate joins The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Listen as he talks about his journey to covering the Bills, what he's seen from camp, and more.

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You're back in the sports bar with danger and the tag with thanks joining us bills camp live from saint John Fisher college and AM 950 and 957 FM prod welcome in now Perino the Syracuse post standard how the course of his inaugural visit and what we're here at the Buffalo Bills training camp you know. Yet new to the Buffalo Bills beat the united new to west York having grown up in buffalo so you certainly you know when you come to a new talent so to speak maybe you're learning things you use your speed. And everything and I'm actually nontraditional B writer grew up watching the bills kind of effect from a fan perspective. Went out to Las Vegas covet your seat for a few years. Kind of big stays a global stage and kind of bring that experience back to kind of get bill stands the best covered that give. Well it's great we were loving you work at the Syracuse post and of course yeah big shoes to fill Matthew airports I guess a prerequisite Jeff devil facial hair right before they bring Ewing did it make the interview processes can you grow full beer. Well the first question that they asked me in the interview was which sided. Your had you part your hair does anything look exactly like a delicate I catch it did such a great job at Ott Spezza talent that he's really really big guy. Super pro yet. Had no doubt about it though Matthew now the alike are our guest MS Perino Syracuse post standard so with the quarterbacks are pretty worried all my guys is Biederman thing is we care ending that's as much ado about nothing what were your impressions of what you saw the quarterbacks this morning. I thought that out Peter mean it definitely looks like he was. Struggling a little bit at times I thought that you know coming off of but that that against coming off of his marquee performance of training camp pre season and you look great the other night. He came here today and I thought made a couple plays you know in in the eleven on eleven drills but the end there was picked off and to and the day by Julian Stanford and I don't know I don't know essar nothing jumped off the you know feel that me today. I think that you know as we move forward here I think a lot of the a lot of people there are in the camp Josh down starting quarterback where. Maybe hoping a little bit that there might be a little bit at the lady get. You know Josh Jones more wraps and today we saw he did gets rough the second team to be issued see how that plays out pre season game. And we saw Matt we saw AJ McCarron ticket first team reps or practice state I mean do you anticipate that this rotation is gonna continue to. You potentials she McCarron even though probably won't hear anything coach McDermott the provost McCarron Friday night got the tickets are. Definitely and I think day you know he looked so good with with the second team last week that I think that. You know given who run it in their in the first few and let let's be honest though with these two guys kind of know what you're gonna get you've seen it you know over and over again I think that the bigger question is going to be are we gonna see Josh Allen with the ones at all this this pre season because I think that's the most unknown I mean you go back you look at. Some of the tape AJ McCarron with the angles. You know the scouting reports right there doesn't have the biggest arm but he's gonna make make the safe play most of the time. What Josh ice on their first the first pre season game mean you have a chance for game changing plays. You know what this guy every time he dropped back in the pop. So I think that you know your bills fan just you know made this draft pick the highest in team history for quarterback. At seven you wanna see him get out there see we can do against first team talent. Because even he can't be running against you know with the third team offense. You know even when he's making these big highlight plays it's against their team owners on the other side of the ball so I think that's my biggest you know it. That's not anticipating the most is are we gonna get to see Josh down with you know the first team. What we'll play the somehow I mean let's let's hypothetically say AJ gets the start on Friday night what do you do week three the priest in which supposed to be your dress rehearsal mean. That isn't the ideal time to bring in Josh on the play with the ones I mean you wanna scene with the first team. In game action you know I can see it week for the pre season when you know the clock is sticking win will if he gets it at all it's Josh don't get a chance with that person. Well I think I think part of it is we'll Sean McDermott of Brian Cabell what they see enough in practice you know over the course the next two weeks. So where hell kind of force his hand a little bit I mean if it Josh Allen again in the second pursuit against. Pre season game against Cleveland if he goes out there has a similar performance he's able to move the ball he's able to even you know. Leaders lead scoring drive I think that the pressures on. And then. We have one more game to play I mean AJ McCarron knee pima and both looked great last week but the story could flip at going up against Cleveland. And if that starts to happen Allen continues to excel. You know what the big things I talked to Peter King early in can't. And he said the key to Josh Allen winning this job is proving to the coaching staff that this whole thing is too big for him. Last week Sean McDermott said it is one of his press count is what he's been impressed with is that. Already he's seen that that moment in the job isn't too big for Allen and you're seeing everyday in practice he looks he looks the part. So I mean had I thrown up their TV really does look the part. Petrino Syracuse post standard our guest here the other main competition if the answer gravitating toward. Other wide receivers today we saw Rosie Jones out there for the first time without the red practice Jersey where would you put stage on this kind of a weird spot for him to say yeah at least. I'm not sure where. I put on but I it seems like the coaching staff. Believes in Zeta-Jones it will I feel like they think that he brings things to the table you know that maybe some of the other guys in this team don't. I think you'll certain sykora Coleman who's also just been you know thrown at them except for the trade last week I think you'll start seeing him. Integrated more as pre season goes along. But I think I think he's a brings. You know that you know sorry for the cliche but that chip on the shoulder you know you take everything in the off season that happened. Are the mix and I think from a football standpoint he's got a lot to prove still write this the guy that came in high expectations. You know. Depending on what camp your Gator really live up to that last season and I feel like. I've gotten the sense all all of training camp long that this is a guide it's here for business he's here to play football and approve. They key is the guys to pills draft in the second round he's gonna produce especially with you don't exciting situation of chance to play with you know a guy like Josh Allen. Double down the road. Matt Greene of Syracuse post standard gas in the country sweet hot seat here bills camp like from saint John Fisher College. Matt did this situation and not trying to jinx the bills are they might be the healthiest. Team in the NFL with only Brendan Reilly and mark devious Lewis missing practice today no players on our. No players on the and a final players on the PUP I mean. Part of me says oh that's great to go their healthy the other part was like are they are they pushing it a little bit I mean are they you know as everybody out there really. I guess in the game specifically. If it didn't feel as if people were late in the war right it felt like a lot of missed tackles kind of shoddy tackling on the defense on the ball. If he's seen anything like this were a team is this healthy at this stage of training camp. I'm not usually right I mean you're looking at guys across the league especially like you know now those rookie running backs that are you know up for the season already having. It's very surprising I will say that there's been on the defense side has been a couple guys in and out of the lineup saw starlet to lay it was out for a few days after the game. I had a little bit and neck issue and Troy Murphy was out for awhile they brought him in he's coming off big injury with the Redskins. He came in and didn't play in the pre season game was back at practice today but then all of a sudden. Was pulled off to decide Furl the first few minutes looked like he had was complaining of some more growing pain itself. Something to keep and I am but yeah I mean fingers crossed right if your bills fan and this is this is how you kind of wanted to go it's you know we always you know. Media fans whoever you are you're always kind of sitting and edgy your seat during pre season with his fingers crossed hoping that nothing happens and so far the bills and pretty lucky. Well any is apart locker is also part preparation and you're growing up in buffalo you know. Rusty Jones got a lot of credit during the bills paid gain any left for Chicago and then. After that they really didn't seem to have a staff how I mean how would you assess the staff and and you tie you and that's the goal is and they're making this commitment eighteen million dollars for a new facility inning how much of this actually is. Preventive maintenance that they're putting in making sure their guys don't give her. I heard a lot read a lot over the course of you know last year and a half for Sosa's shot charmer McDermott been here about his structure and about how he you know operates as a head coach and is a leader. Other organization and I coming in been very very impressed with you know his whole operation he runs a tight ship I feel like. Average every practice is very schedule it's very focused and I think that you know that. That cut kind of mentality kind of washes over the entire team and you see it. Even without a very inexperienced quarterback group I still been pretty impressed with. The ways they go about their jobs and I feel like you know to see them come on the first pre season game in XQ on offense the way they did. Is it direct you know result I think of you know Brian gables Sean McDermott Leslie Frazier all these guys. There there instilling. You know mentality in this team and you see it. Matt what are your observation is Brian daily bring them up I I see coach using gauge to see coach whose vocal I see essentially the opposite of what we have last year and Rick Dennison. We saw play out a little bit and you're not gonna show your hand to too much in the pre season but you know week one of the pre season. The bills offense looked different I mean there is movement there was there was a rhythm there was there was something going on seal a bit of practice with all of temple he he keeps things in practice your impressions of of the up transporting the Buffalo Bills. So. Personally I've I've been very impressed with him but I always like to go to the source right and I just put a story today and New York upstate dot com spoke with six players. On the offense our top couple in particular ray ray McLeod and camp Phillips had very very. You know interest in assessments of bright able everybody that talked about this guy raves about it I mean you know. What he. It's fun right football supposed to be fun to hear players talk about that a lot and what are it would do now on a system like this and you'll. With a coach like this I think god it was came Phillips calls in the mad scientist is always kind of stirring up some type of new wrinkle or new player news you know addition to the scheme and I think that that's so important at this level is to keep your players engaged I mean you don't mean. Because you know once that you know things become routine and boring. I think that you know you kind of lose guys a little bit you don't even LeSean McCoy that guy that you know 1010 year veteran thirty years old prince. In this league seen it all done at all he even looks like he's engaged in learning. Ray ray McLeod told me that it's like you know what were the veterans telling you about this and he said JD says I'm a Smart guy but this hard even for me you don't mean what bill. The cool thing is the payoff in the and could be so big for this team because. You know there were a lot of pictures of this office last year at times I mean it was like a screeching halt this whole unit can screeching halt. So I think that you know I think all. All of these options that he is going to give this offense with the formations in the different. Looks at their put the defense I think it's it's fun time to be bill stand because was less time you know offense. Would be compared to the patriots. Dad and it is the offense going to shift years in what wave what I mean I would imagine this year manner McCarron. It's going to be virtually the same but if you put in it Josh channel and it's a totally different skill set so what do we know bowel. What they're doing for each of these quarterbacks are them. So I think still the one good thing I mean. Party's Tom Brady is an example because he's such a unique case right but look at a lot of the success that he has right it's in that short intermediate passing game right. And I think that you know you have confidence in any Peter and AJ McCarron. To actually keep the offense get the ball to your playmakers in space you look at you know obviously was some quite as no surprise there but Marcus Murphy a guy that's just. Absolutely killing it in on the practice field and then again in the game I get a good pre season last year I think I remember wasn't following it as closely but you know. If you can get the ball to these guys you know and let them make plays that's the key that's an inept greedy enough Patriots offense has always been known for. And it seems like you know players experts are saying the price it was a real news that. Map Reno Syracuse post standard our guest in the sports bar with danger of attack we have from buffalo bills' training camp Matt let's shift to the defense side of the ball you know a defense that. Many people predict will be an improved unit from last year. I was a little concerned after Thursday night's game. By the second level of defense not that remain Edmonds. Didn't look the party certainly does but on the outside. Whether it was so when there was Matt saw a couple of bad beats in granny you're going up against Christine McCaffrey who might be one of the best in the league. Is that a potential weakness for this bills' defense when he. It might be it might be as true may have been it's kind of like grows into that role of people forget so much expectations of its own twenty years old. But you know even blood into the it to the second level and is there to second team and you know a DM Lacey guy that a lot of people that access. About in camp gave up that they played a McCaffery in the passing game so yeah I think it's definitely concerning I think there's also concern cornerback. Something that I don't wanna that you don't overreact to but I thought that. You know early in camp Leslie Frazier his first media about availability said you know they're still evaluating Vontae Davis they brought him here to replace EG gains. The team is confident that they're going to at some point get the ball to Davis that was a pro bowler but there's no there's no panties coming up pretty significant injury. And you know I saw he missed the play in the game you know let's sit McCaffery touchdown. And then you know mister mister Plame practice. Yeah yesterday the first crack that first full practice after the after the game so. That's really keep in China as well because obviously you know yourself which Davis was on the other side but you know Bob the Davis to be given up big plays and that's on the in the nose going to be conserve the steep. It's you know whether as a matter whether it's injury or if that save a nickel and dime position whiz if you on is the Philippines is Orleans as one of these rookies I mean. Philip games that I. I admire a compression AM was seen him get burned with the chiefs over the years would it would it so far how's he gonna. Well I know that nothing's happened where I've been where I've been. Anything I thought negative of him but I will say that I feel it coaching staff has imploded and he has been in you know playing their nickel corner spot through all can't. I I saw him play court Coleman in practice on Sunday took away a long ball from look good in coverage so. I've noticed them and a few times when he looked good and I think that you know maybe you know. You start and under new coach Umar like the lesser version because formal C but guessing that he's going to be consulate there. But I can map Perino the Syracuse post standard. Meals camp life from saint John Fisher College Mac agree with your time joining us here in the sports bar. Let's keep youth or let you tell everybody where they can read more you work and what to working on right now effort of the Syracuse post standard. Not good timing. That New York upstate dot com is our main site and also where a branch of Syracuse dot com to check that out. Wolf I just spoke with white collar offensive guard after tax after practice today and Azeri press them very very cool guy talk a good deal about. You know the transition from the college game the program I'll have a story on that later today but bill stands and western New Yorkers will be very anxious to hear that. Group going up he was a rich guy with chicken wings yeah hand but now her trip to bar bills which is one of the big wing joint and buffalo. Drug blue cheese for the first time he's converted and he told his brother that when he comes to visit him here when they go get wings are getting blue cheeses Brothers like. Come on and I had read my whole life and he said trust me we're going blue cheese excel I think bill's fans all lol like. Met one question in I could type here for hours about USC in your experiences so you're involved mean we. Just wine and if you're just jumping into this interview Mack came from USC running the web site. What happened around arousing I mean to me that loss was as shocking. Here was somebody that was dominating that support. Your opinion and what would happen. Saws very close to that whole situation I mean I came on just at the beginning of the super. You know rise to stardom for Iran arazi and what happens like any sports the most important thing I think for professional athletes who. Who have so many millions of eyes on them all the time is that confidence level you have to keep that confidence level high. And what happened was she had people around her. Telling her things that weren't true I mean she was a judo. Olympic. Judo fighter OK so she came and anime she started to learn boxing certainly kick boxing. Which was not a boxer she was not a kick boxer which you people at a camp to owner that she can stand and bang. With the best in the business and and she she her fight against holly home you'll see when 93. She went in there thinking that she was gonna help box a former professional boxer you just don't do that in this game and I think there was a little hubris that you know was in play there and she just got a little bit she got so big and I think the media. Demand for her got so big that I don't know of anybody could have really you know that I and that's I think makes con McGregor so. Such a unicorn is that no matter what happens in this guy's career. He handles it all and he is at this point I'm more media than anybody in the history of the game and now he's about to fight to be your argument. Never get that off in about a month and a half here in what's been. What many people are saying the biggest flight combat sports history at least anime history so. Yeah I just think Ron unfortunately. It was always gonna run out because there was limitation that if you go watch him and newness and holly home since then. Use you see that you know they're just you beat strikers and Rhonda was never that by. You know what's good for the sport I really hope in 1020 years that isn't lost because of how and. Map Perino formally of UFC dot com now we get to read his work in New York upstate dot com covering the Buffalo Bills. For the Syracuse post standard our guest here in the sports bar with danger tech we met he'd agree with your time. Your inaugural visit into the sports bar UP christened were excited to have you back in again another time sooner writes great time thanks guys.