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Matthew Fairburn of the Syracuse Post-Standard joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the quarterback smokescreens in Buffalo prior to next week's NFL Draft.


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Reading online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio bookmark this sports leader in ESPN Rochester dot com. Here in the sports bar we danger tangle yeah. We only invite the best and brightest full facility to cheat and a high standard of excellence he's best brightest and east lake. Top three days I think. Easily easily act I think roll backs up there minimal debate on the other ones that let let's pump the brakes on road agony. Students in high praise and that's welcome sir. Matthew fair bird. The Syracuse post standard with the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream life is a bowl of Terry's Matthew how are you this afternoon. Doing well are you guys. Great great we're trying to make gay guy you know real news or fake news sort of deal with the bills level of interest. In it Mitchell Drabinsky. Well what's your read on this Matthew Perry is the these reports that the Buffalo Bills are our interest in is this just a smokescreen or just where at the point they. Draft process right now where BO speculation. Just becomes the story here. You know I think this time of year there's always going to be a mix of the two you know whether it. You know their ballot interest there or whether there. Smokescreen involved you're always healing will it. A bit of a mixture I think it would be impossible to say the bill don't have some interest in the quarterback. Considering charitable has been flying around on these work out then and meeting with some of these quarterback. Along with Sean McDermott and Doug Whaley. I mean. Eric goes. Pretty busy guy I would think he had better things to do. That's why around the country and lots quarterbacks. That up. Sort of elaborate smoke screen which I don't even know what the end game of that smoke screen would be because. People always say oh maybe they're trying to get a team to trade up with them. But. Wouldn't you just call the block it's your knowledge seem like on the trade up with the bill because I think they're gonna take a bit but they love mixture that he'd be sitting merit and that they're not penetrated they are gonna try to import interest it and the inlet so. They're going to make I think there's a ballot interest there I really believe particularly with the extra bit he'd they have. You know pretty strong feelings there and there are definitely some interest. Out strong netted you know let they would move up the atom I don't know I think they're probably birth date but and try to get in it and but. You know we'll see there's obviously. Another week ago and and there are sure to be on anymore speculation of an out there regards to a which direction it goes on to go out. Matthew's parents Syracuse post standard bills the writer joining us in the sports bar with danger to tag leave the other quarterback. That I don't bills had did you book put through the paces with a private workout or have to have had meetings with but there are reports that. Doug Whaley is in love with Shawn Watson and I remembered I think the first mock draft that I saw had the bills taking Watson at ten. What's the latest on the clinch a quarterback. Yet today you're right it's been a little bit quiet on the issue on law enriched. Might mean that you know that can be a guy that that there actually more interest than they're letting on. My understanding is that they've done their homework on all of these guys one former another. There's somebody different avenues that they can do that homework or other that the eater bowl. Com nine. The pro days things of that nature so they totally. Broadcasted the way some of that stuff and gotten out there. About you know their interest in the quarterback's. I don't think that we use you know by any means that there are they haven't done their homework on Watson. I think there's you know different things to like about Watson and can be risky. I've Berkshire is he a little bit. At this point is because. Blocked in the arm isn't quite as alive and as for as he is he they're like forty miles per hour on mine. Which you go back and look at the history. Not too many quarterbacks you know grow with that little velocity. And make it in the NFL I think they'll have a red flag on a lot about. Up to ignore what he did on the yield. And in terms of leading confident things of that nature so I don't think he would be the picket and but if they've moved back might be. That they look at later in the first round. That is reverend Syracuse post standard you can follow him on Twitter at Matthew server and our guest here. In the sports run 957 ESPN is we're trying to figure out. All right what will the Buffalo Bills to a number tender they sit there and they trade up do they trade down is they gonna take a quarterback. I guess from the history of the team and of course Rex Ryan is no longer there to but William nukes are Leona Lewis. Their last year to did you get any clues last year. That the Buffalo Bills were interest did it in Shaq Lawson did the bills tipped their hand at all I in the days leading up to the draft. Yeah I felt like there was a lot of blues tying them to Shaq opt in now on the bully it was a different story because Rex Ryan and they're very well noted affinity for on them but they'll Whaley also and pretty strong but on it in the ABC. In particular so. I think. You know there were definitely glued they had meeting let them and it showed a lot of interest throughout the process. There's a little bit tougher hey you know when they were picking at nineteen a year ago but. It's like you said it. Some of the same regime but I think we're gonna be looking at new draft trend that beer which Sean McDermott you know. How are they using a pre draft visit you know current than they've met with a lot of guys. We're going to be late round picks maybe an undrafted free agents you'd know visit that the way to get ahead on undrafted free agency. They're using some of them on the top flight prospect of them on you know guys that character red flag though I think all they set a trend will have to start. This year because McDermott in and I have a lot of today unlike the last you perhaps where he knows Rex Ryan on the shot and obviously I think. They're safe and players then and people are going to be a lot different and I think people realize that after disperse strapped to. Matt you mentioned the affinity for Clemson there's a wide receiver playing out for Clemson last your Mike Williams I mean this guy. When I watch him he looks like he is going to be playmaker. On Sunday X and there's a possibility he will be their ten. Easy wide receiver ticket ten for the Buffalo Bills they wasted pick when you consider who's throwing them the football. I don't think I don't think a wide receiver would be a way to detect the case I would here for VOA configured. It probably don't utilize the number two wide receiver that is not news. You know make that it worked while election by at the same time we also have a number one wide receiver who. They've opted injured in antilock and so I don't think it would be a tactic view. Around Tyrod Taylor of weapons in the appropriate it did take a pay cut to come back and started dated on the debate that they would around him was that Alan and give them an opportunity to. It's a need. And so if you wanna get a fair look at Tyrod Taylor a feel like you have to be thrown better guy than proper arc he 20 boy band locked in a healthy. And if they added a wide receiver and somebody like Mike Williams. Maybe John Ross from Washington. Corey Davis much in Michigan even go to our from Alabama the site and although it got to be great option it's not it and I would think in the second or third round. Adding some sort of pat answer have to be a priority because. There's just the depth issue at that position they don't have the number two wide receiver on the roster despite what John McDermott might stated. Neither of those guys that are in that job. Are really worthy of that role in my opinion so they have to find somebody else at the back out there and do. At a different element that is not been banned you know provide them where an insurance in case locked in get hurt again. But what's a better fit for this offense because you mentioned a number two receiver. In this that you might not be used in buffalo is it would be in other places what the number two tight and you're already have a guy. A clay obviously that would go back to Howard there. Would that be a luxury pick if the bills opted to go off for the Alabama tight end or would that. Really make this offense and it too tight end formation. Dynamic. I don't know that it would be necessarily a luxury pick there's a chance he's going to be the best player or number and and he's a much different site and and Charles clay in my opinion he put more in line game probably. You know a bit more raw read don't Brett complained team whereas Carl well it kind of age back I'd been. It's a mover around the formation they're all would kinda compliment each other pretty nicely considering that this team is. Probably going to run the football a lot again and only seventeen. You know adding another tight and wouldn't be the worst idea again that's the position where the number two guy on the depth chart. Is that really what you look for number two and you can get created he had. You know Charles client note Jay Howard and in the locked in analyst humble oil all the work it. There's a lot of different thing to do op and you could call it a luxury pick if you want but. Same time you know people might said the same thing when the patriot loaded up on our it and it's never a bad idea to have a plan. Op events there and find playmaker that that that I think OJ our. You know what the builder looking at a second at and I have a hard time seeing how he wouldn't what all 3218. Wanna have it that's addition though. A luxury pick maybe don't want that they definitely app that are at that. Bills you reporter for the Syracuse post standard Matthew fair bring joining us in the sports bar with danger and the tag earlier you mentioned up prospects. That the bills have been visiting with that might go undrafted. For character issues of the and the like I talked to us about the reports are getting today about Chad Kelly visiting with the Buffalo Bills. Yet there you know he's definitely gonna get a little bit interest there they're going to kick the tires and they you know it's. At the very least a service. Jim collegiate. You know get kidnapped you'll look. To me I wouldn't touch check only I would spend draft pick on them I don't think he. I don't think the talent warrants that on the field to be in limit values. You know look like a date three quarterbacks from doctors college courier but we're talking about a guy who suck it up I will team got kicked out of on it and you know. At that incident at a buffalo nightclub and Branagh and little heel height Opel all healed well it was a senior in college it's a little late at a on you know has brother. Too much off the field for me at that position to consider and intractable player at this point. And not to mention it toward the ACL last year and he gets at risk third it will be early next month though. He's really tough to. You know. Warned graphic on the yet they're gonna do their homework they're doing their homework on all these quarterbacks Chet Kelly the kicker lead. He's the guy for them do their homework on because he's made himself available throughout this process the Senior Bowl out their local pro today. And obviously being an acute Jim Kelly that the guys that. You know it they've have to do their homework on to me I just think there's too much. You know surrounding it and to make him work that because if you bring an inquiry. Regarding TJ and having cardinal John. And Chad Elliott that you primary back up very cutting part out don't be spent the fourth round pick on I'd rather have art out on a crop is Chad Elie. And I have a feeling Chad Elliott going to be waiting a while they hear it at all. It's yours and all. Under athlete. Well it the let's say and I agree with you let it be hard considering what the latest with the wrist injury to see him going even on day three is a trap tech. But it's also hard for me to see him not getting invited to a camp and if gore Jim Kelly and the phone rings. I mean Quinn there'd be a case to be made if you brought. In I checked Kelly that listen you're you're you're not healthy you're not going to be ready for that the started training camp but. You do the right things you may have a spot on this practice squad and and that could be a guy you could stashed at some point. Yeah I can see the case for that I get you know why people. Think it would have been no risk option but to need. Here's comic terminator building and he means you're trying to quote unquote change the culture. You have to question every guy you're bringing into your building a specially guys are bringing into your quarterback for a and you know the stuff we just mentioned about him in his past. You know makes it up. A warm bringing him into the room at all and I think when you add in the fact that yes he and Kelly that view and not on. Quite a you know attention on and not to mention your bringing him home where he'd gotten in the most trouble and that's a lot there's still risk there people perceive that there's not risk if you don't draft the player but neither they'll rent. Elegant can't check teller or I'd be ready to go at some point hand ready to throw the ball. They're bringing in that circuit camp in all of a sudden Tyrod Taylor has one bad preceding game and people are going to be on for Chad Elliott are. It's still a distraction it's still a you know a bit of an inconvenience to me to happen and I just don't be. What the upside is that gets beat it's that's on the practice squad or maybe Daschle on injured reserve with the latest news. Of his injury but like it's that you're still resting bring that kind of building adding pressure unnecessary pressure they'll order back room. People are going to be wondering what they're up preferential treatment they're just a lot that goes and and it's all for player who I don't know he's enacted beat inlet though. To me there's just a lot of risk it all. Doesn't really make it work it when you look at type of player you want during out here. Now along those lines you know coach McDermott has been preaching about con accountability from day one and you saw a sixty of 61 players show up for the first voluntary. Session and and mission LeSean McCoy being though the one guy that wasn't there now GOP's not there because of his. His kids birthday that makes all the sense in the world and I get that at the and you also haven't popping off. Kiko Alonso on line which probably isn't good painting you know. Provide bulletin board material for divisional rival will be chew twice and made it to the playoffs while you sent home again. Is that that message of accountability is that what it's sort of work. It has worked with all of the players correct dirty you hold she eighty to a different standard if you work. Coach McDermott in which case are you hypocritical by saying you have to hold everybody accountable or certain standard. Yeah I mean of course that's come out accountability work. You know everybody you have to be holding each other accountable yep open yourselves accountable. But I'm back at stake here. You know which sound corny the held accountable permit same. A few days of voluntary work out and post a comment on is that I don't think that. You know that means he's not buying into Sean McDermott that just means well Shawn McCoy. It's still Shawn McCoy he's still going to be the same guy that he's always been that type of attitude it is kind of what makes them and and they obviously want him on the team. You know he's been one of their most productive players over the last BBs and then. I think you don't necessarily all the to a different standard. But the idea of accountability meaning everybody's got to be there exactly you know. On you know these Alter work out exactly as saying today look at any use the only one ought thereby. I'm not gonna make a mountain out of a mole well as it is fine until you know Sean McDermott. This summer than buying into this idea of accountability Ernie quite. I think when it counts which I'm always going to all the well as accountable and anybody if not. Or any other reason than he wants to have those individual milestones that he's trying to and it. He's approaching 101000 career yards. He's climbing up the autopilot spending I don't know they're holding them to a different standard at this point maybe it's something the auditor gone all lord. I think the idea. You know leadership and accountability. Sometimes. Might be overrated. And in the NFL and I think this idea you know everybody needs to be. Out there doing wonders and stepping over out. Collins and whatever else they did during conditioning. In April you know whether that means they're going to be. Successful players and all I just don't buy it just don't think there's an issue right out and bought. We wrap up there with Matthew server in Syracuse post standard you can follow him on Twitter Matthew fair burnout. Story that we're expecting to drop perhaps on Thursday that's the NFL schedule. Matthew we know will Buffalo Bills are playing but. When you put it all on paper and specifically. The quarterbacks you're gonna have to face. Between Ryan and breeze in Newton endgame is win standing Derek Carr and Andrew Locke and and Tom Brady twice in Denver defense in Kansas city's pretty good. Is this here is gonna the F hang over the next morning when people realize all my guided the Buffalo Bills will be lucky to get six wins out of this year's schedule. Yeah I think there's going to be a bit of a reality check Korean people is that on paper. In order of where their client like that we know that he would not location. But to see it all on paper in and see what that's scheduled on the look like it did not think app there's no question about it. Also the NFL week two weeks things change I'd get hurt. Things like bats so it is too early to count them out because of the schedule but you'd think people are gonna when he'd like magic you rattle off to Spain. Especially you know they're strung together at a bad point in the season. They can be tough I mean you look at what happened last year when it at that church game that up I think everybody in the well capped the eight that at some point. The bill probably have a particularly top. Analysts here they don't travel orders aren't they did last year with blurry West Coast Ers don't have one that here. I mean they still have. Quite a few quarterback I mean. Even Philip Rivers on the schedule well we didn't mention any day our other than those gains against the jets. That they really don't get much or pre ground. Really good quarterbacks though. He even Alex met and Andy Dalton of the world and crime and now we know you guys have beaten them in the ass though. It's not going to be the road and I don't exactly think. Bill and will be sell very scheduled release date illegally others currently are. Matthew fair burned bills be reporter for the Syracuse post standard go with this time as always and a spending a few good minutes with this here. In the sports bar with danger and tag glee Matthew if we look at chance talkie before a week from Thursday enjoy the draft and that's catch up against an all right but. Absolutely out I think etc. You guys veteran Matthew fair Bert. Joining us with the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream life he's a bull air.