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The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia welcome in Matthew Fairburn from The Athletic-Buffalo to discuss the latest in the LeSean McCoy investigation and possible scenarios for the Bills should McCoy miss any time this season.

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They're big victories heartbreaking defeats no matter your team no matter your game week talks sports on AM 950 and 957. FM not sports leader ESPN Rochester. Here in the sports bar with danger and to tackle him. And because it's Friday. And because we have a reason to talk about waffled as an unfortunate reason to talk about Buffalo Bills let's make an affair burn Friday. For the first time the sports bar we can say from the athletic attic that's Matthew fare per. Joining us in the sports format the hi event. Are there well already gotten well Matthew first I apologize to you and every other bills beat guy who who deserve a few weeks off here and and there goes your time now between. Here in training camp so sorry about that Matthew. Yeah you know day in every summer something like that and that happened and I mean. There you know comic dermatology at that speech at the end of wearing open necked guys will be paid themselves and they can have an uneventful summer but it's it doesn't seem to work out that way and let you know. Matthew Leach just because you brought up Sean McDermott given everything that's gone on this week I mean he's somebody that I've been thinking about I've been thinking a lot about what Kim Google must be going through. Now is she's the the president of the team like this being really one of her biggest. First challenges Bo what do you think specifically. Sean McDermott is is thinking about it and and and doing in preparation for training camp. This week given everything that's gone on with the LeSean McCoy investigation. Yet knowing Sean McDermott he's probably preparing for a whole bunch of different area because. At this point there's a lot of weight that this thing could go ahead. Some of them are not very good for the belt in fact most of the way they think oh are great for the built but Sean McDermott. It got like prepare and at a situation but the minute spot where he can't really prepare each and you know. Get ready for camp and know what happened on like that. When the team reports because he doesn't know what. Point though he's gonna have to be ready to do out what we need to let that. You know move on from a job or whether it. Explain that people while some like it or out although uniform even while it's going on and inactive. You know figure out what point is team out he'd decide. Though. Yet it's not an easy situation there at the end and certainly not. This situation. He wanted to be Gillick went on it or keep. Well the biz say were still in this for lack of a better word this limbo right now where we. We know something happen but we don't know the full story and he gets to two weeks from now. Who ultimately is the decision maker here is it McDermott's. Is it came Google. Or is it Roger McDowell and the commissioner's example as hot as. How does this play out if the investigation is still ongoing right before training camp Matthew. Don't advocate question I'd bank obviously. Roger McDowell takes the agents took a shot caller it don't let. Back and the let the build up our way because at that point what I'll call it without Elop practiced or playing games. And and the built an app that I could get there early they would get. Be able to keep the money don't let that thing. Go way that they could bring him back and Arabic now are ball. That things turned out they can both odd and they depicted the vision where it's strictly for the bill. What he dug in kept but I. What I like that this case is that battle that anybody which are probably albeit. Then you have to make a decision about whether you want and on the field practicing what you're team. Again and Bob all built uniform representing air organization. While something like that. Oh or edit affecting accurate and it ended it by about all your friends there's so. I don't think that's going to be Sean McDermott the digital well I don't think there's anybody that it would make is that they alone. But I'd cute pink area and below will definitely be at all obviously printed it out there all day as well but. It is a bit. Situation where ownership at have a pretty Evian well just because. They're bridge on audit they're intelligent they're the ones that everybody will pay its current spot the old. You know upper adding an on field at edit the decision well they have you know all kinda come to look at it aired out in aid because. About open at impact everybody. Expects the entire franchise or. Matthew chairman of the athletic joining us in the sports part danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester Matthew you know you mentioned Kemper ghoul. I'm curious what do we know about Kemper cool I mean you know to me which is an outsider it feels like she and Terry both have strong moral character. That that the you know that there. You know the ones that that eat the drama of culture and character and and you starting deceit in the type of guys. That the bills and and the sabres for that matter are bringing into their organizations. A bomb that the photos of the victim that were released earlier this week nauseating regardless of whether you're male. Or female but I suspect it is a powerful female executive in the NFL. And then kemba goal past just the knee just. Porn about what to do it he do you do you make a move on your best player. Or do you look this guy in the guy in less than two weeks at training camp saint John Fisher College. Yet yet I know the word. I actually. Hurt dealing with Bart Bryant and Ari at that type of character that all of those guys. Broaden their respect that building. They avenue and stronger and that it ot I Eric players obviously. That it our situation because it's not cut and dry your not talking about somebody charge that are convicted of a crime. They're talking about allegations that very 0888. That I a lot of will be art that so there's no he'd be debated or I don't think anybody. Would necessarily blame that blew us. A budding but now we ought to a lot there but wait a robot but I don't think. You can blame that too much either for letting the job is that it would work and it. Flooding that they read reject that broke well but it's it's you know. Finding at bat bat you know ballot and figure out how to help. Been at an end date I think important art here. Or shall appoint does that getting charged that they drag on a longer. And it got to look at their despite about it well. I think it's something that support and at Ike are required I think Sean McDermott Britain in the ball well that that support them. And it talked about it a lot but. Actions speak louder and order. There. And it's very EP to get rid of players who have eighty dealt that way. But up about arguably the bat well there are brought there that's like really out how strongly they feel about Abbott I've. Well it the best player on the roster and I I would agree with you on that but with the best player Ross this team still not making the playoffs in my opinion that these so if you look at. Through that prism I mean if you took the best player off the roster of say New England Patriots it's a different story I mean. It didn't do that the goal is get a little more slack here from their fan base knowing that. Well even a thirty year old McCoy at this point with or without him I don't think they were making the playoffs anyway. Yeah I think bad art that that kind of work that their papers that. I think expectations are relatively low that it needed to be lit at. They've bought the L. A little bit of by taking the buyout last year at activate it strap it review quarterback about it nobody expect and all forward right away. They do have that for that but. I think part of what would make that keep in my allowed it to keep Doug get charged the crime and already done. You know go to jail or anything like that there would have a chance yet. And I don't know without beat it Kate debate on more though that they'd be the one thing that would keep them. They get it or keep out. It's like being the a good situation. A lot of people view it that light but it got situation. IT. India that are down. Because I think really all about eight or so of the bill it. That they don't have to be the ones that are a spot because it. They're not you know court of law or not only and so you would all that those two. You know entity. Would figure that thing out of fort built up is because then they're put that. I think. You know make a decision. Really don't. I agree with that Matthew and it I think I said earlier I think that if if this case is resolved or if we don't have any kind of movement in this case here within the next week or so. You know middle of week next week than that I would say probably like if I put a number rise to 70% chance. That McCoy ends up on the commissioner's exempt list now just in case. That doesn't happen and if the bills did decide. To move on you mentioned them being able to get some money back if he's charged what it they just cut him out right. Right now and just you know what. Port the headache what is and we we already know that the dead cap situation this season is a mess might almost double the next team on the list and he's just a bad bad situation. But 2019 clears up a little bit war if they were accomplish on the court what does it do the cap. That big item that would put well I Elliott or. On that debt at which bush. Nor did he know it dead at which obviously is a great situation but. I think I'm that bad apple probably end up on it well but it would. Freedom not a little bit and only two year contract and it did a lack you're aware. There's still quite a bit at bet that they'll get the date that app and it. It is supposed to be somewhere. In the I. Eight billion range well I'd Elliott well you don't get Lauren the three million dollar aid but you saving their ears bell. It would be the worst world. And well there are any shred of truth that allegation. You know. In all or. Even remotely guilt if any I don't think that. I think about all like each day yet whatever five but it or on. Are already at all. You know debt cap situation in that. Well on. Where all that but. I also think it's pretty doable I parity eating out of debt this year than it would kill that you know Bible. Matthew Shepard from the athletic our guest here in the sports person at my notes right in front of me so I didn't get that wrong Matthew been so used to saying it. Our guest here in the sports are 95 cents and ESPN's Matthew you there was a report today that dump rain and Oliver of the former. Charger also why you beef product you're trying to out for the Buffalo Bills that the timeline it is though Newton this. Interest happened before on the McCoy a story Breaux correct. Yeah and oh. Bad the caliber running back up that day. I think a lot of people. Are wondering you know what do quite well course. You can't go boy. What I'll call today. After the crap that it would be a boy that bind running back out it could have a big impact. In July. I think its impact ordered the boat guy like brand all of that Al herb back. Or by an you can find barking back bike pat and they help out the problem is. What and I give them the app back at all laid out here. The valued it at that I didn't beat. Chad do it. They're a charter back pretty old and they don't have a lot I'm on all it would. I agree earlier debt market RP IO. Eight or eight. I thought out albeit not a lie outburst like. That are well I like or Alter. That. They're great at bat it felt that bill do find out that way or elk or wait for that period I'm. Right now. Are rarely. Bill and that but off. Matthew anybody on that depth chart I mean it happens from time to time in the NFL where you finding guy. Who is not a household name a guy that there was an undrafted free agent whatever the case might diva in training camp there's a spark in training camp they turn some heads. And they become some new markets Murphy was a name that was on as the meat you know you could think is there a chance that that maybe a Brad and all of our markets Murphy selecting come into training camp they compete. And they turn to that surprised people maybe you have not LeSean McCoy but. At least somebody that that is it Chris export it. Think they'll probably pick a different guys carry the load but you're right. I needed anybody Boyd and cobalt. And we. I'd probably acquired her out just because injury report but on the day at pretty good that it. Look at what might get it built here they go out. I. That more frequently have to double up but I started out what gave they could take the pressure up and running back. And that was built probably laugh at it but I won't I like bargains are being. I think it does a lot of good things. Out with a bigger opportunity. You might be either. Noise. Actually been repaired. What adage but here at the gate that at the moment although all markets Kirby. Get out eight I think targeted at big oil and special. But the bulk I think. Could make them all right out they're not going to be all right. But you can argued that bill argued that always been about back Bob ball. You know the aid though combined I'll boy. That conjured up Carter albeit a chart for a waiver wire. But you can but you that old Kirby and the right back position mobile is no doubt all the ball. Do you think all laid eggs then. At least work the opposite party probable opposite I. Bedard I'd like art book bought it though. Up maybe Abbott and you'd get back our agent. I'll let you know by that it probably all play but it might gadget that tiger. About. Mentally server from the athletic artistry in the sports bar DeMarco Murray announcing his retirement today. Matthew is another veterans that now there without a job who as far as I know has not announced his retirement. Does the name Adrian heaters in interest you at all. A world without the ball. It's not quite that type. Thing chronic back at Voyager. Pilot thankfully. All odd idiot at age or irrelevant are like. Ivory I've worried all of a group that is. I think and make people bet that. Away from elbit ought to get out. And do. I'll look it up like they'd bored and tired but it don't think. I don't know it would go out our road again Abbott Abbott. You know it at all balled in my ear and they probably want but he didn't. Note all. On the way you'd probably want a coworker might. Matthew. It's the first time that we had you want to during the break the first time that we tag you once that you made the shift to the athletic and wanted to make sure. That you had plenty of time here on the floor the sports bar to let everybody know where they can now read your work and where they we don't tell us a little bit more about what's going on at the athletic buffalo. Yeah we. Where are on Ben at that point and I don't bet a lot of back. Thought buffalo. If you go to the depth audit dot com slash. Bill you'd actually get ordered up your air it out we've already added that that. All the way about there are spot. People on Bob's book dining out there and jumping on board so it's been very exciting Eric there's actually been you people. I'm managing. I introductory well thought out day. They are out here ever brought it out there they're happy to jump or out at audit. But what are out there or barber got out boarded an avid apple up well on the. Love hearing that. Nice great news Matthew Lovett Reid doing a great job we appreciate all the work that you do for the athletic in keeping us up to date on everything Buffalo Bills related and let's hope. That we don't need to talk again before trading. Like I am glad we had two weeks igniting as an afternoon practice so we'll have to. Figure something out Matthew bit but server Friday two weeks and on the 27 it's all yours month. Both LB guys that. Looking forward to a Matthew ever in the athletic joining us in the sport sport danger of the tightly up on ESPN Rochester where it is always again and there you gotta. Guess support the guys out there that are reporting so budget your check out and subscribe to the athletic guy let's come back with altered to that the sports bar with danger to tag Leah. Provocative thoughts were on the world of sports we love when you join us at 454 ESPN. You can agree or disagree anytime 454. 3776. Geno I think we need to raise a glass to a friend of this I was sorry. This yeah this is really cool news. On will will yield little broadcasting thing here will raise a glass to an end. Also there's a breaking story out Los Angeles. Baseball story. Not gonna raise a glass get out I want this guy out of my life. If this is true this is awesome. Where you raise it last week also light one up for our friend Adam Terry will talk about that iron little bit he's got we've got your. Adam Terry victory cigar ready to go I met matters doubt we'll tell the story involving Adam Terry your good friend but certainly this is decent forecast weakening your. Tomorrow I mean really if anybody's complete moods to trash rush. K he's the weekends we live for in Rochester so get out there. Go spend time with your friends and family may be goal late eighteen. 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