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Danger and Battaglia welcome Matthew Fairburn of The Athletic into The Sports Bar to recap the Bills practices from St. John Fisher and preview tonight's session at New Era Field.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester which you is don't radio dot com. Downloaded today he had listened to watched any time anywhere thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. Time to make you a smarter Buffalo Bills then we'll talk to the best and brightest minds that are covering this team guys like Matthew fair burden of the athletic who is preparing. For tonight's practice that new pair of field joining us now in the sports bar with danger and tightly in Matthew how are you bud. Are there are we got Matthew appreciate your time on affair firm Friday so tonight this isn't going to be anything different because. And we see these joint practices around the league. Meet in your squad scrimmage nothing like that tonight right we should expect. No it doesn't sound like they're gonna have a legitimate score image still way they used to in the past. Obviously. This isn't you know there's no other team in town there's not that so I think. For the most part. This is going to be business as usual for the bills just in our it's bigger audience and they've made. Go with a few more lie periods then ramp things up a little. But Sean McDermott doesn't like to break from his routine too often and I think. You know for the most part he's gonna keep this practice in line who is only other stuff that they've done throughout camp but. Maybe take it that the intensity will be picked up just a bit because you know there in the stadium they're back in Orchard Park and thereupon. You know a bigger group of fans that I would think it's going to be. Like most of their other practice there. Matthew practices leading up to tonight the last two days Matt AJ McCarron taking reps with the first team consecutive days for the first time. This training camp are are we getting closer to dis determining. Who that number one quarterback will be going into week one of the pre season. I think so I think gives police the AJ McCarron out there deny that will be a pretty strong indication. That he's gonna get time but the one. You know in. In that first preceding game because they won't necessarily. You know tell us which way there. Trending for you know week one of the regular season but. They do need to get ready for that first preceding game and that means having you know quarterback play live. You know the group of players that he's going to be out there with the most then. That's probably. Going to be AJ McCarron of the ones they computer man with a two and Josh Allen with the three. That doesn't mean you know that's the way and they're gonna shake out by the time the pre season is over but they do need to get ready for that first game and McCarron has spent the most time. Would that first for. Has AJ McCarron taken a step borders is by default in other words is Nathan Peerman taken a half step back. I think AJ McCarron it's taken a bit of a step forward from the spring and I think NATO Peterman has taken a slight step back from the spray. I don't know that either one. As you know what the world on fire and establish themselves says. You know the guy yet but I think AJ McCarron been. Pretty solid to start training camp he he's not running away with the job by any means but if anybody took. A slight lead it was McCarron. I don't know that beat Pearman has spent two up and down to this point to be relied upon. You know are the starting quarterback I think. You know he double walk apart at the moment AJ McCarron at least has been steady. And consistent on a practice by practice basis and you know if the sea the worst starting tomorrow I think he would probably be the guy that they would go. Matthew good this is it any angles releasing brand in the fell yesterday will we talk about the lack of depth and lack of talent. The bills wide receiving corps has but I think we've also seen. Flashes and bits of potential for from. Unproven commodities in the league partial on that practice field yet brand look fellas intriguing to me because he has a history with Carolina and we know. How the Buffalo Bills seem to like that any wisdom to day at least picking up the phone and talking to brand of tells people or should the bills. With there wide receiving core intact right now move forward proceed through training camp as as expected. I think what's so if somebody that they they should kick the tires on at the very least. I think just staying. About what felt that would be that will be you know interesting though watcher is he wanted to be released by the bank Goldman so. You have to think he has an interest in sort of picking his spots and you know he might have a destination in mind and I don't know that this is the type of situation that is really attractive to a free agent wide receiver at the moment. Maybe it is because it's a clear path to. Playing time and a lot of targets but you know maybe he's looking to go to a contender would established quarterbacks so. Depending on where are you that he could be an option that they get the very least he got to pick up the RNC because. They don't build and on the practice field and you know not. You know slight any of the guys. That are out there right now competing for for those jobs looked well has. More production in this league and just about any of them so I think it would be wise for the bills still at least kicked the tires and NC. Where it's headed that. Matthew fair term from the athletic our guest here on a Friday affair room Friday and Sports Radio. ESPN Rochester Matthew is far as the depth chart at wide receiver. Let's put Benjamin number of wine and then let's say Curley is number 20. Is there a number three and four right now as anybody stepped forward. You know I think there is. Groups of guys that has clearly risen to the top and a couple of guys that have gripped yelled gun to the bottom I think. Austin Paul as. Barely gotten. Any reps and training camp he hasn't gotten targeted very got sent he's not a guy. You know you'll likely be sneaking into one of those top five spots. I think as far as the top story goes Benjamin an earlier kind of cemented in there at the moment Andrei homes. Who sat out practice yesterday. He's a guy that looks like he's in the top or mix. Now I Dupree has been been getting quite a better run up there. Brendan Reilly and rod Streeter is well that's probably your top group at the moment that you have. You know the rookies the undrafted guys. You know very very McLeod Robert Foster camps Phillips. They're all kind of fighting for some of those other spots but I would say. Riley Dupree homes and straighter. Are your next bunch of guys. Actor Curley and Benjamin. And let's face it we've seen almost all of those does he mention make it at least some kind of play. During the course of practice border comes down to it on on. Game day that's really when you will of the proof will be in the putting you'll be able to see if these guys are making drops and game more they are continuing to make those kind of big plays that we're seeing in practice. On natural game day. Exactly and that's where you're gonna learn about these guys and how they make plays in traffic out you know they're. Beyond where it you know put technicality here comes. When applying an NFL game against an opponent. You know in bad then I think since the pats have come on you've seen Brendan Reilly. Start making some plays can't Phillips has made its employees. Under all it is is one of those guys I know a lot of bands aren't you know super ion but here's a guy that has a track record in the and a well. He's proven on special teams. Is good in the red zone you know about the guys that. That definitely you know has a role on the team has gone he continues to do what he's done and stay healthy. But you know this is where you are about these guys who have their late teens and other you know they can handle themselves over the course of the game and you know you can do it short future as long as you want. What really matters during the game and I think what I've learned about these guys are in our next Thursday and there. Matthew Trevor from the athletic our guests Matthew there is one practice known as it was Wednesday where. Hi Kyle Williams looked like he was 213 consecutive plays this accidental defensive line was great and on meeting the pessimist Diane. Kind of worried about the offensive line here. Matthew should bills fans be worried about the offensive line after us some of the played this week out it's Fisher. Yeah I mean that the up and divine or the concern. Heading into camp and I don't think they've done a whole lot to ease those concerns and that's up again that's one of those position that until earlier in the game setting. It's hard to. Totally know what you're dealing with you know the built defense line is good. And now Ireland is very good players are relatively new way trapped Murphy Kerry cute Eric Philips. Either really good players and so you know you would expect the defense to have the upper hand on those guys but. You know. You'd like to see them hold their own and maybe get better you know as the game happened because. You would think training again. The bill people on the line. Would be you know pretty good test for that up on the line and help them get better and enjoy altogether so. I guess that's the silver lining in they're getting a really solid had unabated at eight but at the same time. You know these aren't the most established Al pit I mean but if and you know grind gore lawyer Russell followed behind those guys don't have a ton of experience. In the league. At least. Not a ton of experience playing at a really high level that played a lot of Napster you have proven that there anything more than. You know mediocre in that you know Jordan no older than other guys you know has always been that spot you know on top of the line we're concerned. Because of the way he plays some weeks so. They have a lot to prove and appreciate them but there's you know reinforcement are not coming so. They need you know shape up here and there's you know roughly a month to get ready for the regular season. Matthew there were in the athletic you mentioned the defensive line these are good players one name that you didn't bring up an Indian that we haven't really heard a lot about since camp opened. Shut Claussen. Shot gloss and I'm curious as to what you think the future of Shaq Lawson is for this team on this team. You know gee and I joked that that we wouldn't be shocked if on Thursday Shaq gloss and ends the first quarter play with eight sacks they put them on display in any ends up getting. Shipped out following that game on Thursday I'll lock a Sammy Watkins last year but what do mussina check loss and if any thing. And and how can you project Shaq Lawson as a buffalo Bill Owens when he came. You know I think he's had some good moments that really do especially that but we. I would try and Mercury hit now with a groin injury you know he's been bad attitude down upon a scrimmage making tackles a lot. He's still not where you want them to be at the pass rusher and I think that may be you know the biggest concern in the end but. It's possible that they trade him I mean he's the guy that probably still has some value. And you know it is and exactly. In line to have a huge role on that team. But I don't know that they're gonna give a white or not I don't think there is gonna cut this guy. Just because he's not an ideal fit for that I think they're gonna wait if they can get. Decent value at stake and they're certainly not gonna you know turn their nose or a bad I think. They're definitely. Considered that it's an option but. I don't think they're gonna have port city and the guy he's playing okay. He still mostly the guys that he then probably a little bit better. Little bit quicker in a little bit better shape still defending the run pretty well if he can stay healthy eat the defense rotational peace orient. But they're not going to. That Erin turn away good offer either so. I think you know. There's a better than average chance that he's honest Brock turned on eighteen but as we saw last street Eden. You know that can change quickly and it you know it's an offer comes along Brandon being in an effort to all the trigger. I am one thing that that's helping this conversation about the possibility of loss and maybe getting traded is and you have somebody like trend Murphy now. Two part question Matthew one being. Kind of got being there are a little bitty ease. Do we know anything about this injuries and minor is something to monitor here regards the Murphy because he's got coming off the major injury and then. But do we had a chance to speak to on this week and I you had a great piece in the athletic on on Murphy is just seems like Matthews this is somebody that is. Custom built for Buffalo, New York. Yeah custom built about ordering Arkin custom built to play for trauma and that I mean. Just a tenacious worker in guys went upon the truth after. Getting suspended and you know coming up its ornate you know so there's of the guys I think. It's the personality of this team to a key I don't know that the groin injuries anything to get overly worked up about just yet. But you know obviously you watch those types of things and Geithner coming up ACL injuries whether they're favoring. Certain you know part of their body and you know getting hurt as a result obviously don't want to stop tissue injuries of those tend to linger but this is the guy that will be able to play grew and I think again. We'll be able to you know get himself right and make sure he's ready for the season and I think he's. Just a great I mean he looks. He's not going to be you know I don't think it you know completely. Dominant as structured credit team but I do think he's going to be a really solid addition and he got you know eight to attend that potential and he's shown in the past and he's also going to be a force against Iran just because you don't. The way he plays in the dial in eight plays. Either all on me and I mean he's gonna pot guys around and he's definitely going to be getting into the backfield often as long to stay healthy and I think that's part of what. Makes that defense lines so much stronger than it was a year ago that electric Murphy and starlet to anyway who can push. Guys like Shaq Austin and Ricky Alley at all as Washington for the bench and give you an even stronger rotation although it's earth. Met when your first round draft pick plenty of hype. Will surround you as a player. We've certainly heard all lot of hype around remain Edmonds this week we had Chris Brown now with the said. You know he's floor is probably Darryl Talley his ceiling is ray Lewis and then of course LeSean McCoy. Mentioning out after practice yesterday that that this guy might be in two years one of the best players. In the league and you bit of practice you've been watching from in between no physically out physically if the guy's a freak but we know is. Matthew the height. Around for mean and mean Israel. Editorial. I don't how I mean comparing him a hall of Famer is. Is a little early. You know you picked in the middle the first round and you know I don't want. Say that he doesn't have that potential but it's and a week of training and he's only been on the and and a ballplayer for a week yourself. I didn't look forward to seeing an Indian and then rookie as. Unique skills for the position as one band and almost he which makes them you know. Terror alert deal wouldn't. In pass coverage and he shall not the last few days picking up agent Erin and and almost everything about the third time. If you think about twice and almost airtime studied. He's really good in pass coverage he moves really well be shown that he can rush the passer. But let fear and you know in game action in and let them you know prove itself I think. There's plenty of freedom for the hi I mean anybody who looks at them. Get excited about it actually is because of the size of the speed but I I think there's a lot more that doesn't wind wind back the conversion. I think it has. All of those qualities. Between the ears then. You know the instinct but. Now let's see them on the field before or former ready you know are about his spot and can. Man fears somebody who laws covering the draft the you know the whole process like I feel comfortable asking a question almost. I'm not putting you on the spot here on askew will Edmonds goes sixteen overall. And it. Boy yes the height is there in you see the potential. My gosh you would think that he would've gone higher why when Baltimore have actually kept the tick why wouldn't a team every. What was the downside. About that means from all the draft next if you will on entering the draft. You know it's interesting and I think some of it comes down to pay additional value because. You know some people don't think an inside linebackers necessarily. You know war that hectic I think you know that could be part of this I think. You know there was some concern about its ability to. Quickly diagnosed plays but. Q at nineteen years old playing his last college season and he just turned. You know Taiwanese so that's only natural I think. You know. There were some of those things that that just popped up wood and being met young buck. They're there the scout I talked to that covers that area. And move you know studied that school closely. And he says that remain Edmonds and his brother were among the highest you know football character. Guys he's ever seen and you know the family is just top notch and that you know that despite the fact that he's forty years old. You know remain Edmonds is very much capable. You know being the centerpiece of a defense then I think. You know. Of course there were there were some concerns. But at the same time you know sixteenth overall fur a middle linebacker. It's pretty good I mean you know there are. Too many guys that are gonna go a lot higher than that broke on Mitt navy would considered the more well rounded guy but I think. You know at the same time you know terminate Edmund didn't have too many flaws and if anything it was just the fact. You know. One of those one of those things where maybe you wanna see India a little bit more consistent against Iran and you know filling gaps and things like that but I don't think. There were too many alternate game because. You're looking at a guy that would have really hired a position where you know guys don't usually go that high. Matthew Trevor joining us this sports bar Matthew are always gracious with your time morning give you plenty of space or on the floor. To tell people you're working on for the athletic and how they can read more of your work. Delhi that a few things or work and on you know I'm I'm right about Vontae Davis. At the moment. Hopefully. And next few days does have some pretty loud and then obviously we'll keep Roland would be. The daily observations from Camden to have some games to cover so. This would be to get time for people to jump onboard and we've got the hockey guys are at work after the jet Skinner trade last night as well so. Part of it playing at content up there for people to consume all around athletic back. Yet I've got the app on my phone now to Matthew appreciate the time today enjoy covering the practice tonight. That's good friend got. Touch later Matthew fair and the athletic buffalo joining us in the sports bar with danger and take Leah. Here on ESPN Rochester Archie in to move on to appetizers. Or Urban Meyer just put out a statement. Yeah blah blah blah blah blah. We had a really really wanna nobody necessary ha. All I really don't know if I want to know I understand there are more questions to me answer it looks forward to doing just that with the independent investigators blah blah blah blah please know that truth is the ultimate power are. Are these sounds like he's. Now the nine. OK listen in this case isn't that complicated. If you knew about this. If he did nothing and then lied to the media about knowing about this. We should be fired. Okayed a line media. Next case now this this is that serious. Of an issue. He knew about it. Didn't do anything about it and then lied to the media about knowing about it the Urban Meyer should lose his jump. Markets that we got that statement out there upgrade just yet for what it's worked NFL appetizers on the way next to serve today's top medical stories of bite sized form. Brought you exclusively by Alex is place Alex this place making mouth watering barbecue baby back ribs. For over 25 years online at Alex's rigs dot com we'll tell you a little bit more about the expansion is happening out pro sports training senator. For the Buffalo Bills and. Your fantasy football player all. I own. Exhale. Give you the latest. On Antonio Brown next with NFL appetizers. On ESPN Rochester. ESPN Rochester with a another bills can't live off. Acquired this offseason in free agency new bills defensive end Trent Murphy joined us in the sports bar with danger to take Leah. They told us how influential his father books in his upbringing and how would prepare him for life in football. I was vs little crazier things have smooth. Maybe wells has handled the water heaters. You name he rewrote their view and it. Picking up rocks dude you are where listed in the news of Jim fanatic and he's 67315. Now. Could be the fifth grade so like point two so. Jose whether it is good trick. Really derailed everything worked out and the role models show me into the work every day so I guess it's okay. The league is from saint John Fisher College was into the sports bar would be dangerous for tackling effort bills can't live weekdays from three to six on AM 950 and 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester.