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With a preview of tonight's week two preseason matchup between the Bills and Browns, Matthew Fairburn of The Athletic joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com app downloaded today and listen to watch any time anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. Leading up to 5 o'clock bills pregame here on the sports leader we appreciate you stopping by the sports bar with danger and the tag labeled wanna make you play smarter more. Educated Buffalo Bills and we talked to the brightest minds covering this team guys like Matthew fair burned and of the athletic who stops by an affair burned Friday Matthew hi you don't. There are worried Matthew alive tonight and story lines galore with this game. And we hope for Josh Allen released this election with a once tonight. I don't know if that's gonna happen now I think. If it does it'll be towards the end of the time that the starters there in there. But I would say he stands a really good chance of seeing some time but the second game and community. Practiced there all week I don't know. If they're gonna maybe push up the timetable little bit get him some time of the Warren. At the very least he should get some time with the two then. That's a welcome. You know paying her for this team because. It's going to be a lot easier to evaluate Josh Allen and exactly where he had been his development. If he's in there with the second team offense because you can only learn so much when he's working against third stringers and with third stringers so. Even the second came up front will be a nice nice bump up for Alan but I'm not alone out you know the the first group. Santa or hear it safe to assume major McCarron and given that he was getting the first team reps at least earlier this week to practice. Yes tricky they were switch or not all week if you know if you follow the pattern and AJ McCarron would get. You know the start. To not aid but. I don't know that I can really sit here and you know pinned down a pattern or the way Sean McDermott has been gaining. On any of the rotation. I think it's huge news if McCarron doesn't start but but it tablet because. That would be assigned. You know unless they're giving to appear voluntarily and you know. Have McCarron you know run the first team offense in the third game. But I don't think it's pretty significant news that McCarron isn't the one starting that's not to say. We'll definitely get the start by. I think that's the latest with the current. Medicare burned from the athletic our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Met here comes a question. Give yourself a second to think about it today. Who is the better option. If tech quarterback if he were still here would it be Josh Allen Napier remain. AJ McCarron. Or Tyrod Taylor. The million dollar question today I mean. I think Tyrod Taylor is probably the best only eighteen option at least we won. Through you know the foreseeable future now. That being said I think. Josh now on we'll get there in the movie that the bills made. Well within about week one of 2018 and who would be the better option to move that day it was. Trying to get better for the long term that might not work you know Joshua Allen might not pan out. But I can't fault them for wanting to be. Better than they were what Tyrod Taylor that. Again I think Tyrod Taylor the fine quarterback I think he'll do good things in Cleveland this year and I think right now you know it's a nice LB. Probably the best quarterback on the field unless Specter made field. Does some some crazy stop but I think in the short term Tyrod Taylor would have been the best option. But the builder constantly that balance you know seeing what's best in the short term and what Preston long term and they decided that the reset button at quarterback. And I think it's tough to blame. Well at the same time recognizing Tyrod Taylor a lot for this football team. Last year and in previous years he got a lot of talent brings a lot to the table. But he stuck to figure out you know based health pin down as a true franchise guy you don't kind of in the middle. But I still think you know he'd be the best option. Tomorrow but. We could be sitting here in December and Joshua Allen could have progressed past them points it's a tricky one. Matthew fare in the athletic our gas in the sports bar with danger and the tag in Matthew watching. This core comp quarterback competition play out through camp through practice through pre season games he's one of these guys pulling away I mean is is. Is somebody actually going to win this competition or when it's all said and done Sean McDermott is gonna basically take the lesser of three evils. Nobody all the way to this point but that's not to say that you know nobody will pull it. They two really important preceding games including tonight that lol probably help decide you know the face. You know this quarterback competition. I view this and you know a couple different ways I think there's a couple different competitions going on here. AJ McCarron and their computer men are competing against one another. To see you know. Who among men get the bill but restaurant went panic and Joshua Allen is competing against himself. To get ready because I think the second Josh Allen is deemed ready and it's been an exact science we don't know exactly what Freddie is what it looks like it's ready in the eyes of Sean McDermott and going to be. Josh sounded and raced to get there will he get thereby we Kwon against the ravens. I'm not so sure but whenever he gets there. I think that's when the bills will put them. Unless. AJ McCarron or NATO Peterman goes out and as an Alex Smith typed either from a year ago where the team is winning. And you know one of these quarterbacks is producing to the point where you can't take them off the field. I think as soon as Josh mounted ready he'd go with it because it's very clear. Has muddied as this quarterback competition in Japan it's very clear that Allen has the most talented of the three quarter. So when you get when you. Figure that out you just say. He's just got to get ready he doesn't even have to worry about these other two guys and being in a competition with band. Because they almost have a set it up that way it's like Alan development. Is the most important thing. And then. If he's not ready the secondary concern is figuring out. Weathered a computer Mary. One or the other is gonna make it humongous difference. The biggest difference is gonna come when Josh sounded ready. Take that step and lead the first game and even guys but they know. They have to make sure he's ready because you can not put him in the starting lineup we quantum and we trichet actually doubled ready look old. You know what he once the toothpaste that attitude it can't put a packet. C Du'Shon Kaiser last year only sixteen then at and go very well Matthew fair burn. Off from the athletic joining us sell one of the stories you have up on the athletic website right now ten thoughts on the bills. Our roster is training camp ended and you know we're 48 hours from camp up breaking there a Lonnie items caught my attention here. US the question is map Lotto feeling heat is met a lot going danger of losing his starting job Matthew server. I think he he hit in on some level I mean including wrapped in practice and interlude and wraps them practiced. You're starting job doesn't say he's not losing collapsed because he's hurt. Or because you need a breather the end and earned the veteran days off that we learned go out vendor and Kyle Williams get. Including reps because. He's not you know doing things that are keeping him in the good graces of the coaching staff on a day to day basis. Lucky for him he doesn't have a tremendous amount of competition. Ramon Humber. Tim played a round okay he's not very good pass coverage Keenan Robinson can you know he can hover any bad. But he's a bit unproven as well. But let's not forget them are the first topic. He had his moments last year. But anybody ready you know consider that got a next Brian Urlacher I think it is skipping ahead a few steps he. Should be a decent player so this game but I don't know people long term solution at that position and I think. He shouldn't think that at least not yet he needs to. At the attitude that he needs to prove himself and that in the first preceding game import particularly well and so. I think it's going to be I I think he should be and you know that's. The atmosphere that Sean McDermott has created that there's going to be competition. Across the roster if that's the case. Why should that autorad describe the cooperatives job just like anybody else and to that point the other guys have done enough. To at least close the gap but I still think are most probably a week one starter but it turn things around a little bit in the next couple and. Yeah I mean we talked about it last week we had drawn map you mean it felt like that second level of the defense felt like a weakness and unit that's supposed to be improved. Over last year and in my to speak is that the harsh reality that. You know Lawton Shawmut Dermot might have his equivalent to Luke quickly came in from Maine Edmonds. He doesn't have as Thomas Davis in place yet and that might not come until next season at the at the earliest. Right I mean it. I guess said about mono in the fifth round pick so it's not like you're assuming he's gonna become the next star. You it because I mean you know it's not to say a fifth round pick automatically stinks but. You know trade had been looks like a cornerstone. They arrest several line backing core is. Pretty open at this point I mean. You'd need a consistent weak side guy which is where. On hole play you're gonna need a replacement for weren't allowed under eventually. An economist David type and so. Yeah they're gonna need a bit more linebacker I think has strayed had been gets comfortable. So I'll masks some of the deficiencies they have their I don't think they need to spend a first round pick on the position every year. But you know at depending on how Matt Arnold plays they might wanna invest in some depth at that spot because even though they have tremendous had been. There injury away from being. Back to where they were last year or even worse because they're gonna press the browns so. Yet I'd say that's the position that that's worth watching over the next couple weeks. Not just monitor map mono but to see if anybody else stepped up terrible so. Peter Robinson Ramon armor any of these guys could jump up and takes some perhaps. And it would be a welcome sight for the bill because they need depth at that spot the worst let. Matthew fair her from the athletic our guest during the sports are 957. ESPN met you've heard others say why the bills. David healthy and you know I guess there's been some teams have been ravaged by injury but there is one guy wanna talk about here. It's that being. Trevor Murphy this soft tissue the groin injury area are we reaching a point here where. Made his best shot this guy hi down home for the rest the pre season and get him the rested and ready for week one. I think the builder considering that I think it's among their options that they are weighing at the moment I mean. He's coming up at torn ACL and when that happens here you know more susceptible to clawing and hamstring quad injury. You're gonna favor certain parts your body or you're not gonna be as comfortable with a B and that's the type of stuff it's gonna happen. The fact that he came back and heard it again. Decade your subconscious concern to get its credibility but Shaq Austin has stepped up and play pretty well. In Murphy's absent but they didn't throw all that money Patrick Murphy. Just a watcher of sit on the bench so they don't want it they don't linger and nag him throughout the season that's why they're playing it safe right now. Are they gonna play is so statement that completely shut him down. It would be it's in the realm of possibility right now because. They only have worn preceding game after the response so he can't get on the field next week. Then you might as well bring him along slowly instead of that fourth game because. There's no sense wrong about third down but you know I think this guy who wants to be on the field so be ready. As much as he can't be conditioning rise but. It's definitely been a bit of a let down for them because this is the guy they're looking forward to seeing camp but he just hasn't been able to help. Matthew one of the story lines going in tonight's game that's been discussed frequently is Corey Coleman we got to see him on hard knocks this week. Essentially going to hue Jackson's office demand a trade inning Janet. A 24 hours later and and it hence he's in buffalo. We know what how is Coleman developed since. Joining the bills who we saw him after practice. The other night staying late catching extra balls as much easy candidate in you know working on his hands. Assuming I think he was practice with the three's most of the week assuming that's kind of where we'll see him tonight book. What are you gonna be looking for how to out of Corey culminated you know and making sure these not dropping balls you know what exactly is a good indicator that the Corey Coleman. Might actually have a shot of sticking with the bills. I think we might feel a little bit with the second team offense tonight to be honest with you is because he's an extraordinary throughout the week cute working with Josh now on. I think that's where I'm going to be looking formed to play a little bit tonight see how we were to balance back to be important. You know obviously don't want to drop passes you want to focus to be there and all that. More important than that though I wanna see how he handles. Everything else mentally it's C going hard on every rap. What is body language like on things don't go his way if you can elect guys on the other team gets his head and get the Fed. This is a lot per debut. Beat it being you know. As the place where he used to play the place Regis that's for trade the place where he's still showing up on HBO's hard not so. I think all of those the other stuff that goes on whether I. I don't question Corey Coleman's talent that much like question. Right now as it approaches attitude. It is going to be right because it's it's not Sean McDermott not gonna put up what it's so he has a window here where he can improve. That he's going to be McDermott's type of guy and if if he doesn't prove it have been or might not be a spot for the month. What is the battle for the well where is the depth chart right now we assume daisy jones' on the 53 and Andre Holmes is on the 53. I mean do they keep five or six you lay it out for us it's the it's Streeter is in that mix. I don't know brain Riley and with him getting being this week he might be in trouble. How do you. You handicap the bottom end of this wide receiver battle mentally. Acting Kelvin Benjamin. And after that you got Corey Coleman very very McLeod Brandon O'Reilly and cam Phillips. Fighting for one or may be to spot I'm not gonna sit here and say that. You know they're for sure gonna keep six or there are sure gonna keep five but. At the moment I think it's safe to assume that you know bill at least keep by then and you know. A six seemed like it might be necessary given the uncertainty they have at the position so to me. I I want Campillo but I think he's part practice squad guys bravery in the clout that the guy that they drafted so they're gonna have some investment. And end. He's got a good shot to be that six Cory Coleman got the best spot if he could you know. Approach the game the right way and troop. You know he can fit and from a culture standpoint I think he's a lock for that that spot but you know it's no guarantee that he's going to. Approached it and not let it be that type the back for them so I'll be interest at this see this keep doesn't you know. Proved to be they're type a guy. Then what happens you know then you know then who do they go where door. You know which guys it and but I think those opt for a box and everybody else after that. It's quite perfect spot in your right Brendan Reilly. Asked to find its way back on the field if you want to have a shot. Matthews chairman of the athletic is always great with this time to join us here in the sports bar with danger but tag Lam Matthew I wanted to give you a moment to. Have the floor and let everybody know what you work on the athletic guy if I'm not mistaken I think you've had a chance to speak with Marcus Murphy who week. Also talked to earlier this week what about your story with Marcus Murphy at the at the athletic right now. Yet this story on markets are you know the final on you know Itar and I tied to his mom got a little high school coach. Talked to Brandon being. That's a guy I think you know and they're gonna have an easy time Maria Ortiz just constantly overlooked and neither guy. Continues. You know. Come out of nowhere and and make big plays and and make things happen it's arrived Argentinian open in college both on. You're going your high school yet to do that so that'll be it that's up over a diplomatic dot com slash bills. Men and you can see that. And everything else we've got gone on Tim Graham and I are both in Cleveland clinic and saw that play coverage there as well. And then he continued all day athletic background. Awesome I subscribe highly recommended Betsy appreciate your time here on a Friday enjoy covering the game tonight. You bet but it certainly does yet Matthews chairman of the athletic ever Friday. Love having Matthew wanna get his perspective on the bills. Of course pregame starting here just over an hour now 5 o'clock we'll go to bill's bills network coverage here any SP and Rochester. Can I say that it's I find it not a good sign but at least I appreciate the fact that. At least. On the German guy they brought in mental line on. They're not blind to the fact that he's not doing like there are hoping an outside backer should do and his job might be in danger that they just didn't pencil him mean as the starter that he knew and meets the nail this down so. I can appreciate the fact that that the coaching staff is. I've been harm one of their own topics as opposed to a all right. Right and we listened fifth round draft pick I mean you know maybe what he gave us last year is him out of his trade memory Jimmy he. Showed flashes last you're like wow where did this come from was a surprise. To see matte along do some of the things he did last year. We just says it's kind of a surprise not as we have that expectation based on our small sample size from last year that we expect him to be that level of a player. The key to my fifth from player so you know. Fighting for it getting after it but not a lock not a lock to be success is. On I don't know if he's gonna figure it out to be that top level outside backer is we've talked other experts on the show when it comes to footwork and angles and everything like that yet you're gonna go up against. A good running back or tight end on the outside that's government. Being an issue for the bill. When the bills defense is on the field keep an eye in the flats I'm very interested to see if Cleveland. Attacks. The outside edges of this of this defense. Do Johnson is in the talent to Christian McCaffrey is but if you see do Johnson getting over with some passes out to the flat. If then I think of a vulnerability of this bills' defense is starting to be exposed and it's just a pre season. But the EU would expect those guys on the outside. To be able to make those plays we hang with those guys let's let's see that's keeping Diana good going into it and I think pre two watched tonight. As the bills travel to Cleveland take on the browns let's get to NFL appetizers next Cheadle sura today's top NFL stories in bite sized form. And it fell appetizers is brought you exclusively by Alex's place Alex's place making mouth watering baby barbecue baby backwards for over 25 years on line. At Alex's ribs dot com and what is the status of Dez Bryant in Cleveland while we're talking about the Cleveland Browns. And some injuries to update you one based on last night's action pre season it's not meaningless pre season actually change. Ares are involved you know right we've got news from the reds gains the niners. And the patriots so law those stories and more. Chester has the Buffalo Bills covered hills covered. San. This day I. I hear from the biggest names with jobs best insight. We're Apollo real keys in them hills lawyer. Right gestures most listened to a sports station PM 950 and 957. FM ESPN Rochester.