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The Syracuse Post-Standard's Matthew Fairburn pulls up a stool once again with Danger and Battaglia as he describes what he has seen from the Buffalo Bills during training camp thus far including what he thinks of the rookies and Tyrod Taylor's play!


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Welcome back to bills can't live it's the sports bar. With danger of the tightly on am 950957. FM ESPN rock just live in a thunderstorm danger the sort of Smart idea here it is coming up to its thunder and lightning we heard a saint John Fisher College is that team. Didn't work out this morning and there. In action tomorrow in buffalo a guy who. Follows the team your team still here Rochus debris had to get back guy to Orchard Park is our good friend. Matthew Sarah Byrnes from the Syracuse post standard that judges at the important question let's get this out the way who is better at golf you erode. Like to think I am far far better than Rhoda cute ones. Earlier this summer side. But I play a terrible round and ever since then a remote routinely beat them by good. And strokes at least I think the other day when we play and might have beat him by overt or stroke your dad and for the exact numbers. He didn't blow in posted all I mean he definitely was humble about his game in and we know that you have a better game that's surprising to hear that you actually. Ended up tying him one round. I did I'm not very good you know might. On a good day break a hundred. Sometimes that you know lately have been gone a little bit of parole mid nineties low nineties occasionally but far from what I would consider good golfer. You know grown act. Barak struggled at times it gets better each and he had been involved and you can I hit 300 yards down the fairway at times. You know he is very inconsistent it's on its debt you really. Is to get the mental side and insert it now. Matches we brought up wrote that you know I've spent some time this afternoon talking about a comment that might made yesterday on our show. In regards to Tyrod Taylor and it was kind of surprise in the meeting here. That after. After Mike wrote a piece for On pirates. Lack of performance on Tuesday after Tuesday's practice tyrant actually. Hold Micah Sidon and had a conversation with him about it Jamie how. How rare is that perhaps for that to happen what do you attribute that to mean eight you know off the the way I look at this is this. Tyrod Taylor really accepting moral leadership broken of following in line with with what coach McDermott is is preaching in and buying into witness in these is a new Tyrod Taylor. Not just on the field a personality was. I'm out dangerous thing that stuff happens from time to time you know all the guys say we don't you don't pay attention and then all of sudden. It makes common in your realize you know thanks for reading. You know. With Tyrod I think it is something that. He's probably then aware of at times. You know maybe like you mentioned he's taken charge a little bit more willing to stand up for itself. One to stand up first he made it benefited you know a local reporter. You know he's he's willing to pushed back a little bit and I think. You know there's that. Ben a little bit of an evolution with Tyrod Taylor. In terms of his development of the leader and that's part of it acting part of wrote about earlier this week. That he'd hate her you know almost every one of his receivers and tight end. Come down to Atlanta during the break between mini camp and training camp. And get some work in on the he'll go through work out whether and then you know that last week he was with then you lock it there was just the two. Entire us trainers and as you know the other guy you worked I was so. You know he took that very seriously it's something he wanted to get done obviously these other guys that funny. But to make it easier on them he said you know I know I'll pay for it just get down here and looked at work and and you'll we'll see if that pays off I don't know that you know we don't know for sure it will but that's something that we haven't seen that's something he hasn't done and I don't think. It's something that every single quarterback does though from a leadership standpoint I do think he there's. There's a different side that tire of the. Broadcasting live from a monsoon near all of a sudden at saint John Fisher College. As the bills of course breakfast this morning Matthew server from the Syracuse post standard our guest stockings and Tyrod Taylor. I'm Matthew just curious what are your eyes tell you. As far as Tyrod play. This can't because it. Yeah the last couple years Ian Gold blow anybody away to meet. It looks a little bit of what we're used to seeing for Tyrod he's just never been an outstanding practice quarterback but. What are your eyes tell you when you see Tyrod so far here camp. Yeah he's okay. And I wrote today I thought had a pretty good practice today is pretty good yesterday is well. But what I wrote today it was you know there hasn't been human eyes the you know to me woes that are there hasn't been you know those extreme. Peaks and valleys and and that's kind of what you want I guess done. Routine practice to practice states that you'd like to see more of the highs the extreme highs but. They haven't been there which is you know. Not really a knock on him like you mentioned. He's not necessarily. A guy that's gonna blow you away and this guys are trying to tackle them and so the running part of it and gave it completely taken out and practice. So you know force so work on things and do some things differently try to think I think you book company looked really come in the pocket. You know hold onto the ball and the ball pocket. Yeah his release looks pretty quick inaccuracies and that that's at times but you know what you what you see Tyrod Taylor and that is land. You know you can avoid sacks in turn. Negative seven play into a thirty yard gain that's the special part of the game and I think we're gonna start to see that the gulf war or. But I think he's been okay at practice he hadn't been. Bad by any means the president. You know taken to a noticeable leap forward its practices are brought cute too many conclusions from and I think he's been just fine out there. Medicare part of the Syracuse post standard gas in the sports bar with danger. And the tag we have Matthew let's talk about some of the people that some of the players that have been standouts thus far camp and Shaq Lawson is the one that everybody. And appoints who's been dominant on the defensive line looks leaner faster. Then he did last season and any other name that this kind of sleeper team that is all the is all in vogue right now Logan Thomas are ready let's talk about Logan Thomas what are your eyes. Show you what what are you been seeing. Out of some of these some of these camps sleepers. Yeah shack opted out of look really good and in Gupta great side you know after they picked in the first round and got very little out of the year ago. Thank you ready to actually make a pretty big impact on this game and if he does. At a huge huge positive for the defense they badly need play makers. And if you can you know be you know approach double digit facts get eight and back. That will be huge boost for them respect secretary viewed as a bounce back years though. Definitely. Yes in some positive thing good check off and and at Logan thought that then there's certainly. Making some noise I think what you get with a Logan prominent news. It mismatch. You know a six foot 6250. Pound guy. Who can move around then and who can you know jump up and and catch the jump all but either guy who's still either on of work to do. As a blocker he has a lot of work to do. When it comes running routes then it being completely comfortable with the position in the regular season either guy that I can't really see getting more than. You know eight to attend snaps a game because you just can't block that well a lot Tyrod Taylor are a lot Charles plays Kurt. You know you have no reason to. You know put him in the game. Because you just can't hold up in the blocking a good thing you're you want your number three tight end. To be able to block I think you know nick O'Leary as the number two tight end has actually look better than. And globe obviously and what effect did today and other titan who you know small school guys advocate for probably a little bit. He bad the practice of the day. Two catches for 47 yards and a touchdown. On the final drive that he groped so there's some competition and blocking half the player role when your number retired and because that we use that got four. Betty tomorrow night something we haven't seen before that is the open practice during training camp. Out and knew where a field what do you expect tomorrow night of the bills is this kind of going to be elect a scrimmage tomorrow night will will see out in Orchard Park. Yeah it'll be a little bit that I was spirited going to be some lives period in practice but I wouldn't expect they all blown Rimage. Child McDermott was a little you know wishy washy on Nat today so I wouldn't expect these guys completely go out of the way we've seen. You know in past years. But it it's definitely an interesting concept in other bringing we're not gonna back at Rochester now bill. Sunday though. You know they're they're doing that open practice trying to appeal I get the ball and bases get these guys a home. For a few days and and they get a backup to Fisher spoke. I think. You know if the weather cold now right now the weather looks pretty nasty for tomorrow's so that they can get the weathered all about the buyer have. What will be a fun practice the fans the watch for the he lied period and it starts the rain unfortunately though I have to move it inside. And that'll let that you know the thing and ability to watch practice but. The fact they're gone liable that would be entertaining as that they have about that at all. And the streak it. Matthew fare in the Syracuse post standard our guest it is spills camp life. From the campus of saint John Fisher College like danger. Along with Jeanne the tank Leah Matthew talk about. Talk about the health of forty Glenn not in the practice field today. John McDermott actually expressing concern when talking to the media how nervous should we be about forty glitters is just about managing his pain right now. I think there's a reason to be slightly nervous but I think is mostly pain management issue and an issue. Making sure he's a 100% ready for this season. If you start missing weeks of practice and obviously that concern would grow. We just one minute practices strike me. You know they're gonna try to limit him as much as they can during the next few weeks so that he's completely healthy. I thought he gets the regular season with foot injury and it's. A funny one because you know I wonder exactly what is the deal was because obviously when people bought all your foot injury. They think about the nightmare that that can lock in once there's so. Hopefully it's nothing along those lines and at. You know a little less severe but anytime you deal with a foot. That's some neck and you know flare back up so. Particularly talking about a guy 300. If he found almost so I think you know they're definitely read to be concerned the reason I say that is because. You look at what's behind him you know shot trouble Anderson it's suspended for five game. The on docket this is what you know wrought. It's at least in training camp toward middle hasn't been very good though. There's not a whole lot behind according to one at that position Varity have a right tackle problem. Their backup left tackle Jon Earl Anderson has suspended so. They can't really afford that type of injury especially if they're going to be leaning on the army games so. I think they're Smart too that the place states with Chordiant make sure that that he gets this he's healthy. Are the bills expecting too much too soon out of a rookie in Deion Dawkins the fact that you you you know it traded up in the second round to get him. Or is so you know it easy on schedule here Mac it's on gain a sense that may be. Bills are hoping for better things out of Dawkins at this point. Yeah they probably were but it's still very early they practiced in a seven time they have and had preceding game. He's had some really good practices. He gets sent to put it together consistently. And I think that's what they're waiting for him to do that now remember during the spring they had a plan all on the lap. Now they're asking him to do a little bit of right tackle you know that a lot tackle but he still played a little bit left tackles so. It's an adjustment period and I think they expected that would that and they knew that. He had done you know wrinkled that in game to work out but. We'll see in the preceding game in the ninth I think there's a chance that they'll they'll come around the Allen and obviously there he's shown flashes so far. That's if there ever of the Syracuse post standard a guest in the sports bar with danger. And it's actually a live from saint John Fisher College it is bills camp live while we're talking about rookies. Let's talk about some of the other ones I mean it had a Valero was turning some heads early in camp. Zeke Jones is looked impressive what else he's seeing Matthew when you're watching practice in terms of how these Buffalo Bills rookies have been performing. I think they've done pretty well I've been pleasantly surprised by may consider that I think. You know he has had battled to the point where he's going to be the backup quarterback but I've been pleasantly surprised that how much he's willing to. Take chances with the football and I think that's how you learn of the young quarterback by. You know pushing the ball down field then today he made a couple of really nice plays and you know big deep completion to on the west accident and another one. As to what tax them for touchdowns so. Like what I've seen out and it's very why is that a solid first round pick. He's had a couple of tough days he'd he's still learning but not for the most part he looked like guys to. You know will be ready to start week one and it won't be too big forum. I think care Valero an accident with a one makes a lot of sense. He's going to be the number two strong side linebacker I'm gonna play special needs that sound like he's doing a pretty good job in terms of picking things up there and they Jones. I think has just been getting better and better every day he. You know a guy that is extremely Smart he's able to pick up on a lot of the playbook really bat he's learning to different position. Just a matter build that chemistry with Tyrod Taylor is one of the guys that Arafat now cannot afford and then I think he's a guy that. Should be a part of it up and this either and I'd. Again I don't expect the usual learning curve for her and because Egypt is postmarked. And he played a lot of college football. He's got a pro ready body in the program you mind that I think he should deal with that then. And make some plays early so. Some pretty good sign for the bills rookie class so far but he the other data show receipt in it. MF the I was gonna just ask you Nathan Peter Main means unique to talk about his great practice today what would you be to see. Out of it repeated in this pre season for him to solidify. That backup quarterback position. It interest in nineteen. I I would be somewhat attempted. To give him the job but obviously it's not my call. United and I don't know that bring him being an interpreter will be asking for input but I think you know. I I kind of lean on the side of you want to give the young guy. The shot to beat it back up bright and need. It's Tyrod Taylor goes down into anybody does anybody really think you know PGA is going to be the guy that. You know that he's ship you know for the bill so I think it Peter McCargo looked comfortable. I think. They'll start maybe give them second team reps is he really can do and some of these priests in game. The most we were for the thirteen if you start lighten it up and GA is struggling. And they give them the second team reps that you make multiple. Then I think maybe there's a conversation right now I would go that far because TJ Yates has looked okay. He looked like the type of guy that wanted you know got a note the up the comparable but. About it not been allowed you with a physical tools but. I think Peerman though quite an uphill climb a lockdown a backup job but. At that point worth monitoring because become apparent that there's going to be competition in the best. Are gonna get the job we'll see if he sticks to it you're gonna perform it. As we talked to Matthew severance or just a steady mention of seat Jones is having a big gap. Let's just assume that he you pencil he mean and number two or are we safe to make that assumption part one met key parts through. How would you give that depth chart right now with the number three is it. Holmes is it somebody else and then the final part of the question. And what point of the ship sail here and Anquan bowl and. I don't know that this ship is totally failed on on Eric fumbled on American Eric. Market up from Poland and at that point you know gets to decide you know which if you want the boy network TV or support or so. You might be your weight now currently in May be that wanna be anchoring our article I. We wanted to be in training camp and 37 year old wide receiver whatever your hurt so. I understand that are out of the district is totally failed. As are the what are you were to occur I think. They Jones is certainly the second best wide receiver on that there's keen whether that means LDD. Technical number two wide receivers. Up for interpretation I think there's going to be times already had a lot. But try to get it in the number three but. I think are wrong at herb that he should be considered the number two lighter spirit that you the second best receiver on the team but I. Right now under it all of the getting a ton of work outside. And that number two position Philly brown has been getting some work as well Brandon eight. I had been in the mix I would say that you're you're top. You know Echelon and Nick Price Perot brought Streeter. And that group as well and yet if you look toward earth and Riley that Louis all. Kind of been a different group while Howell and looked really good. As well but he's suspended for the first org and so maybe David stick on the roster. After a suspension vote but lapped you know Rashad rot. And Jeremy Butler to veterans that. Quite frankly I haven't seen enough from now on the same net you know they're going to make it even think are shot rob. It after the Procter and return game Jeremy Butler has spent. In in most work with the second and thirteen so tough decision he's positioning himself well here. But. I would say that I grew by mention all eight Philly ground. And you know obviously major around there are all. And it toppled and expect now. Matthew reverend the Syracuse post standard or gassed in the sports bar with danger and the tag lire yesterday Taiwan Jones gets signed his. Is it safe to assume that that will be your Buffalo Bills kick returner for the 2017 season or is there. Us is is there still something left in the tank for Brandon Tate. I think it's a competition but I think. You know Taiwan down the fact that Sean McDermott mentions he's special in guy and that's what they sign him or that makes cents that you would. You know be up front runner for that job but I I do. Believe that there of the competition there I think. Kate has done pretty well there but the problem is you know Walt Powell you know it better that next afford quality suspended. And so maybe they don't want a guy like very light returning kicks and that's what they're they're thinking it would Taiwan Jun. But Taiwan Jones. You know what he had bank. You know in terms of the speed and he's going to be guys that. That should be you know the front runner for that job I think it's a little bit too early to hand it to them at this point. Bet the guy will will have to get you to stop buying person next time and come see our holy shall set up here training camp. Absolutely. You know a bit about them back and forth a lot it you know with the early practices you guys and again. You know your pride got one pick in there at street quiet picture. In the afternoon rolls around as opposed to previous years one. You know 4 o'clock boost you know like the busiest time of the day. But yell that's what I have to catch up in person for sure it's. Why but it's not a bad planning gene mentioned that there's a monsoon going were we here we are were under a tent completely say that her life and nothing wrong with the Matthew we would even you know if you were here right now you would be like wow this is great it's pouring outside there's a thunderstorm happening. And yet wearing your nice dry and safe. That's that's bills camp live at saint John Fisher College with sports bar. Matthew we appreciate your time as always a great talking to you let's see you here next week and enjoy your weekend or above. Got lucky that it. Matthew Everett of the Syracuse post and her guest. Bills can't live the sports bar with danger and the tag lead.