The Sports Bar-Matthew Fairburn

Matthew Fairburn of The Syracuse Post-Standard joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to discuss what Matthew took in at Bills practice yesterday as OTAs continued. The guys dissect the play of the team's quarterbacks and discuss positional battles heading into next week's mini-camp.

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We Gupta goalie can lingo in the morning and drive home what danger in good sadly in this sports bar BM 950 and 957. FM sports leader ESPN Rochester and you back in the sports bar danger in the Tagliabue also TA over the media yesterday enforcement to prepare for the Syracuse post and it was on hand here today. The shares Boston sports car would be to protect me Matthew how are you. Well there well already guessed where we're grade it is Larry talked to Matthew it's a Friday it's fair or Friday we branded dad into a more isn't good morning on a Friday. Are we need to know basis when it comes the Josh Allen taking number ones because what is it really matters to the media to the fans are. I do you think the bills are just keeping all their options at this point. Yeah I think you know they're playing it. A little bit safe here and and you know when where and there is not really taking reps with the ones by. We're gonna get to a point you know actually were at that point now where every practice between now and you know the regular season when they go to the regular season schedule. Is gonna be open to the media in its entirety so it we're talking about three mini camp practices next week. And you know the first. You know a good chunk of training camp as open and and usually shut it down after the second Christina gamer so. So that means eventually they're not going to be able to play the game anymore where I think there are being truthful here that they haven't given them any. First or second team reps and he's been mostly with the thirteen. And that there you know. Trying to bring along slowly and stick that plan and and that's and that. But. You know. If they do start given them. You know and first team rhapsody does start working and playing their Logan and now because now you know we get access to minicamp and training camps so. We're gonna get a better picture of what's gone on and I think these first few weeks were about getting him comfortable. Building it confidence. And making sure that they didn't put too much on his plate too soon and you're gonna get a better idea of where he stands in his development as we get in the training camp because that's land. You know push on this show I mean you're gonna have to make a decision on a quarterback. Pretty quickly you know I'm not the first week or anything like that but yet to start deciding how you're gonna divide up perhaps then and what's going to be the case in terms of you know. Preceding games and things like that so. That's what we're gonna get a clear picture and right now they're playing at you know a little decoy because. A because they can and we're only in their once a week and B because I think that's actually part of their plan is to just bring them along slowly and and you know give Peter Benton and McCarron the bulk of perhaps would the first and second group. Matthew based on your limited sample size and Yemeni able C ever practice obviously but what what have you seen out of Josh Allen with the threes what do you Sina and we've heard reports of Heath and human looks great I mean it's. It's June it's shorts and T shirts but you know McCarron Peterman Alan your thoughts on the bills quarterback corps. It's uninteresting group it's it's funny because. You know. The first time that this is not the first time I've watched a three way quarterback competition and I remember. You know the last time. If it took a little while before you start to notice trend and you start to. Keep saying he didn't guys then you pick up on how people are talking. About the different quarterbacks. And it's still early like that shorts and T shirts that student. Pearman had a great day yesterday that was the best steak he had a long time I had not been impressed. Throughout the spring until that point but yesterday you would either definitely Crockett. And he's got some good chemistry that some of these receivers T get the bottom it can't quickly and starting to look a little bit more comfortable. I think AJ McCarron has kind of been relatively steady he has been. All on me way too often as it made a ton of mistakes. Almost. Similar to Matt Cassel and that regard in the last two freeway quarterback competition. We were tracking it. And then Josh Allen has had some odd moments I mean he had you see the arm and you see. The athleticism and you know just the raw ability that got him drafted in the top ten and we've also seen it from the state keeper interception again. Yesterday about what I like that I've seen problem. Is that he's still taking no chances with the football and the interceptions are. You know a result of parable grows or are an inability its aggressive and I think that's something that's been in this thing. From this you know position near buffalo for quite awhile so. I've seen some good things that I've seen moments from all three guys and usually I think you know. The real separation comes in training camp but you know we'd be foolish to think they're not establishing. You know some sort of pecking order at the moment because. You know everything counts and in that trunk of the spring. Is important and it turns on the offense and getting a jump start. And hitting the ground running in training camps so they've all had their moments but. You know it's still wide open it. Eddie Trevor in Syracuse post standard our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN news talk about I would. I'd have to guess that mean you know most of the offense has been installed to correct me if I'm wrong on Madden. If that's true Matthew how big you how Hurley is this for Zeta-Jones and knowing OK we do you think he'll be back for training camp but this being a brand new offense. Or we tease of what will the road ahead for Zeta-Jones what does it look like. It's a tough formats are sure I mean. They're there read it and you know. Players make a big jump between their first and second season and it's because they get the full offseason program and for today Jones and missed so. On a really big chunk of that especially with the on field portion. That's I think that. You know you mentioned the new offense that's definitely part of that but you also are looking at a guy who needs to develop some chemistry with these quarterbacks and he's the guy that they should be expecting him to make a pretty significant step forward and so. I'll be interested to see how quickly he can get on the field and training camp because you can only learn so much in the classroom. In taking mental reps and things of that nature you need to be on the field. Because it developing a connection with these quarterbacks is going to be important now. On the upside. They don't have it sounded like receiver you know about. A little any of the guys that are there I think you know a few of them has definitely made some splash plays then you know then pretty impressive that time. But the job it's his for the taking if if he's healthy. And ready to take that step they you know that sort of penciled in for hand. But. You still have to go out and heard it that's the way this treaty and operates so. He needs to get healthy and he needs he better be an up playbook because. As you know he needs to hit the ground running when he physically cleared to play. And he better hope that sooner rather than later. At Matthew chair burn on Twitter Matthew chairman of the Syracuse post standard joining us in the sports barging German tag Leo on ESPN Rochester I'm. Looking forward to training camp like a lot of bills fans are looking for pre season games because they think. With all of the competition not just at quarterback but at wide receiver also on the offensive line you really going to be able to see. These can't battles kind of play out through performance through their actions. Account darling from last year Matthew getting some reps with the first in the wide receiver tell us about Brendan Reilly Esther. Yet he had a pretty good day and he's the guy that. Is clicking with Nathan Peerman and that's been the case. You know dating back to last year and you know it's part of why they can determine impressed in the and in training camp creek season and it's our library and Riley stood out to those guys have a good connection and in appearance seemed pretty comfortable Kelvin Benjamin derby curly as well but. I count it three times they even greater Riley connected during team drills them. You know they connected for a touchdown a few weeks ago so this is you know something bad is it do it's. You know obviously Brendan Reilly would turn a lot of heads last summer. And heading into the spurring now what I Dupree was actually one of the guys that was. You know getting a little bit more runs a granite Reilly without first team but he had a hamstring injury. You know album out this week so. That opened the door for Brendan Reilly about. Kind of been the way that he's made his mark all along is injuries than other you know situations. Open the door and he just sticks around he just you know find a way to make the most of his opportunity. And you know anger around what he does so. I'm interested to see how he does you know and is second. Training camp and preceded him because either guy would have come on I think he plays his best folk all right now the bill. Really need help a wide receiver and either got it could you know work his way into a role here and it's a crowded room but it's not overlook any clear cut. You know top choices so I think he had every opportunity to earn a spot. Matthew forever and talk and the bills football with us from the Syracuse post standard our guest. Next week it is the mandatory. Meaning camp Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday so other than the mandatory part Matthew in other than the fact you guys gets old you're observes. All the practices next week. There anything different between the OT Jason and mini camp. You know other than it being mandatory not necessarily know what you mentioned a lot of is the same I think. Minor roles here and narrowed more of what they can do it what they can't do but you know you're still looking at. You know not a super super. Important. Part of the the schedule I mean you're. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt here. So affected it's mandatory would normally apply you know make it a little more news or the like in New England or they're waiting for operating Crockett show up but. The bill that for a dependent so you know the mandatory portion of those. Shouldn't be a whole lot different I mean shady McCoy who pioneered how amendment and here. You know all the big gains have been here there's no real contract dispute saying over this team at the moment so. You know. From that standpoint it should be business as usual but I think we learn a bit more because we get to see Google all week of practice some old. As opposed to one day. In and week out or five practices because. You know I you know I mean detonate it Peerman looked great yesterday but I probably no one. Two days because thrown five interceptions and we would now nobody would. Because you know it's close so I think that's the interesting part about many campuses. We get to see a few of these days back the other. Matthew clear up well we saw yesterday and the offensive line who were getting reps where we heard drying Roy was getting some reps as senator boat blew a boat dine now behind him and what's going on with the offensive line who's looking good. Yeah it looks like that's going to be legitimate competition between triangle right Russell bought mine and and no dessert. The only that's the only spot where we've seen change in the practice at least seen. You know that spurring it spend beyond docket that left tackle like Picasso at left guard. Croix and boat on it's all gotten China's senator and then Jon Miller right guard in Jordan Melvin right tackle. And there hasn't been too much change there now you know Conner McDermott has been in the back up left tackle Marshall knew how to play a little tackle well but it guard. And you know that kind of rotated things that way so. I would say probably. Knew how exit and the senators. Are sort of the unknown in terms of where they're gonna plotted and other in the fit. But it looks like the front runners for the starting job either of those four guys that mentioned Dawkins peacock Miller and no because. Right now they're get all the laps then. That's a position where you wanna get your guys in place sooner rather than later so they can start jelling into our opinion. Matthew fair Brno certainly worth a follow on Twitter at Matthew Sarah Bernard to go through his timeline right now you'll see you go back to Monday if we could Matthew I UN out to cover gene Kelly's. Charity golf turn a man Telus. Your impression of bud talking to Kelly. Yeah well it's. You know it's he not been as great shape as a lot of people wish he would beat. But it's just. Still always so great to see him. You know biting and being in such great spirits despite. Everything he's going through and and it it's occurred to me over you know the four years covered that event. It's just how much it was semi you know and how how much it's really mean to sound to have all those guys there and you know are you surprised that he he spoke without so as long as he did just because I know it. It hurts and physically hurt. Talk. You know because that's his job so. It's definitely. Always it sort of an emotional event for people because. It just it means a lot to Jim because you know the causes that its support but also just. See everybody out there. Supporting and and you know having his back and it and the fight he's gone through and you know the fact that he get the Jimmy V award is is well deserved and I think that'll be a great moment. For bills send. You know just called CM. And in such great spirit and you know continuing to fight and you know he just said. If I get that I don't even get fazed by you know negative updates or anything like a bad draw and others planned for being. And I'm just got. You know keep doing what I can and as long as. The lord allows it is so he's been he's been a good spot. You know mentally and Andy's got their physically go to another surgery coming up. I think he has speed will be a pretty cool moment for him and for this and it. Matthews you try to do too much who we are you know how tough he is he is have to prove it to anybody but you know mentioning that other surgery that he has coming up this month. And then a quick turnaround where he's got his camp and the SP awards Emmys is. You'll wrestle needs to be in their two right means is Jim Kelly trying to do too much. I mean he seemed like he can handle it I mean obviously it's so he's not and the best of shape just because of you know those surgeries definitely took a poll but. I feel like key he just take you can't miss that golf turner and I don't admit that the one year. Which is the right guy here and you know you'd get Capello London. You know he he hated it at domestic and it's Camelot the dark cloud over a little bit and you know he's gonna get out there he's gonna do everything he can do that and I don't know I'm not a doctor I'm not an expert I don't know is you know all the ins and out that it medical situation and I'm sure he's resting up as often as you can but. I can also you know he. Is it lightened about. And bright as day to be at these types of things and I think. On some level. Again I'm not a medical professional but I think that type of stuff helps you know being out there and forget about what's gone on it and you know being with. People care about chairman's. You know people or are therefore react and can break your mood and your spirit and you know I think and it's good form and away he said he was surely build it do at the football camp because that's going to be shortly after another surgery but I. I have a field and I'll be out there you know when peace prize he's on the ball around a little bit. Matthew I tell you that my cohost was completely demoralized to see Jim Kelly in that tee box hitting it long. And are so no matter what right here he's in good he is in in better shape that then a lot of us started and we're not on their road after what he's going Jirga. He smoked that drive like a little worried don't think it should be like analysts on club in like over here. In step and is he bought some think and it's duties got any. Hyped it Thelma Melanie you know he spoke Blake. To a vote to be had to you know long drives in the and better than he still better and I can't at gulf. I don't think he's saying and they're pretty good. Mehdi server in Syracuse post standard you know next week mini camp then you get some time off now. Important question here is that did you pick a date for the wedding very good kick the can down the road the next offseason on the. Well we we expected data will be next it'll be next dot fielded next June late June what do it and so. Without that pencil in for awhile about where. Firmly right in the the gap to break between mini camp and training camp. Hats that you see is a key to good strategy isn't here. She's. She's Smart she knows. She knows what this job is nation outlining indeed. Maximum amount of time. Oak Hill to dedicate to Clinton did honeymoon and all that's. Worked out well that. Under gates open and in rural and get it done right right they're late June and take honeymoon in early July total beer they don't work out well. It's awesome way to maximize your time at it like a veteran and yeah he's not even married yet just you know I mean remember our awards it was a Matthews continuous negotiations and it it seems like you've already entered out that marriages continuous negotiations up. Viewing your bride to be will will certainly enjoy your time next offseason and and I'm sure you looking for your time off. This offseason we're almost there mandatory minicamp next week Matheny reported talking again real soon aren't. Art in Jerry we can Matthew fair in Syracuse post standard he had as other bills mandatory mid it will catch up with Matthew one last night time hopefully next week is on Monday Tuesday would excuse me Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. I'll get full reports every day so that'll be of benefit will get a clear picture when you see a full week of practice. But then things go dark period and we got to wait until saint John Fisher College in. No we don't have that schedule yet for Fisher I mean to me if I were running the you know the visitors association is like that it still is a draw for people audit found. You can't playing your time in Rochester though when you don't on the on the team's going to be training so we're still waiting on those states out of Fisher. If you mr. conversation with Matthew chairman of the Syracuse post standard will have 41 amend shortly at the all new ESPN Rochester. Dot com we're take a break master stroke is a regular on our show we work with master stroke if you're an unfamiliar with the master stroke. Chris EU he works in our sales department he is some. He's super fan is super fan now got to the rose colored glasses ready for him to put on this was master stroke last year prior to the benching of Tyrod Taylor. Is a master stroke by McDermott saying it's more than what Tyrod did last week I would consider driving to Buffalo Bills quarterback and that should be -- stats after the first corner here mean is going to make mistakes he might not make it out of the first task I have been waiting. Since week one and I think computer and from everything we've seen a pre season and in a little bit new moral ones I think he's a man down. I'm warming you watching her. And you're gonna be shown. There's no way I'm going to be disappointed Monday. Yeah I saw slumps. Want war are so massive stroke has a rosy outlook as always on this offseason for the Buffalo Bills you can set himself up he's got some points he's got laid out now I think the thing the push them over the edges there's an SI piece out right now. But the writer predicts all of the teams' records for for the Tony eighteen seasons so he's got to this writer I'm blasts than me as the bills at two and fourteen and that rubs. Master stroke the wrong way sell. He'll be joining us here a few minutes before we get to master stroke that we've got I'll drink to that on the way we'll give you some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports some thoughts. On. On what we saw last night. Plenty of thoughts on. On the world of sports with Aldrich that on the way in a few minutes here in sports bar with danger OK you know which gift. Fair Bert I you know world. We'll have to do some sort of stagger something like that come next year load up and Elsa Garcia cigars if you're planning a stagger you just need to do and home tonight years thinking about. Been on the backs deuce and grilling the united cigar it's mad hatter is Tyler's over their today danger. 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