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13WHAM's Mike Catalana joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills signing of veteran WR Anquan Boldin, along with how that should impact the WR core heading forward, and the Miami Dolphins new QB Jay cutler!


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We have another dignitary in our midst right now Rochester. Sports I thought they had a off my catalog for the amount of time. Thank you thank you I'm wearing that T shirt that says a minute can I kind of team ramp. In Colombo the like it I liked it from the beginning again insists you know altering the landscape of the AFC east now. By I don't see that downside at all to bring in the guy like this cents four million bucks at least that's what it looks like. I he's been a very productive player certainly for his age he stays on the field. He's a pros pro am when you talk about Stanley enemies NFL man of the year or so I don't think there's any of those concerns don't. You know he's coming to buffalo but did Kenny went to Detroit last year it's not like he's staying and you know Florida are Baltimore where it was before so. The only complaint I've heard from fans so far since this news has been announces is DH 36 years old why are we getting ice and about a third. You know my thinking that they like at your laugh out of that if your bill spent it to feel. A little bit skeptical with tape forget a wide receiver as we Denver before we've seen this movie before. But Anquan Boldin feels different to me just based on what he's done over the course of his career in the ninth all time in receptions what is the what it would be have blisters 8108 touchdowns last year double what the bills. Top touchdown scorer had he had that says if he signs in some other places if he was signing in not just new England and it is in town if you signing green bank. I would if he was you know sign in with. The team with that kind of quarterback I think they would be perceived differently. But they can use a guy like dance I think he'll I think he'll help Tyrod I think he'll help the offense and I think. Honestly I think he's gonna help Sammy Watkins. Think he's a pro yet for Tyrod I mean there's no more excuses right there's a last year. Yet the injury unity had you know a change in offensive coordinator you had some brain and pain Percy harm him but now. You have a full receiving corps you have a tight and you have a running game. This is the year he got to find out about tyra I agree and you know it's funny as listen Rick Dennison today a little bad and there's this mindset about tyrant like changed tyrant change tyra and and I say to myself sometimes the guy's been around only a few years. How at a more effective player the way he can play then to try to making into something else that doesn't mean he should spend more time in the pocket. Because there are some Bratz who would be great if they can get better in the east timing routes and gets the ball out and makes the play because we know he's comfortable. Quick drop back step and let nick go. That's different than waiting on that timing and nail on the guy on the on the yes slant pattern so. I think he I think they're looking to have a better version of Tyrod with some tweaks and it is the revamped with a guy. Searching web sports director Mike have a lot of our guests in the sports bar with danger of attack leads speaking of Tyrod. You could argue today was his best practice and one of our regular guest Matthew fair British Syracuse post standard got near fulfilled Tyrod after he completed a six for seven net two minute drill. With that twenty yard touchdown pass to Charles clay basically. Looked over how does it right about. That's yet able of that sun they deals the story of Mike rolled back in your Louis last week tell us the story on air work. Tyrod pull them aside and said hey eat you. You don't have this right. Is this a different Tyrod we're seeing a little more but pyrite that you find within. You know hauling out Tony Lima and I'm just surprised because it's not what we've seen out of though because players don't read or watch any children. Shirt back core I I don't mind it I don't mind it at all the greatest quarterback in history. At least you know when everybody will say a number twelve can find slights everywhere whether he makes a Republican up knots into our ideas Tom Brady. I'm saying. These guys there is something in of the differences with Tyrod he really is close to the best I like it a little thing I like seeing a little bit there you know. If that's what. Gets you through a training camp practice on a Monday afternoon go our money more to go right ahead. Yeah I mean some Chinese pro players we see that actually use that negative criticism. The fuel their performance on Sundays. It happens more often are well it happens all the time there's something that's gonna bomb come so guy you know I don't mind saying now I think he's seems pretty confident to make. They you to your point team he should be confident when he's got McCoy healthy got Sammy healthy that scare yesterday. Charles clay looks really good which would make a big difference. And now you bring in a guy like Bolton who should get acclimated pretty quickly Mike penalized thirteen wham our guest during the sports are 957 years been. When a jump away from the bills are just a second team in their division Miami. What do you think the Cutler signing down in Miami is this gonna work at the in the edit today here Mike. I think it has a chance to be pretty good because of the relationship he has with that in case. Besides that it's still it's Jay Cutler you know it's not and I are they. Are they doing making a move that is better than just saying Matt Moore is gonna take over 'cause. Mine that more as a backup quarterback but there's chemistry in plain gamer too and play in sixteenth. So I think if you are then it's sort of reminds me a little bit of what Minnesota did. Angolan get the same pressure Christie made in a trade which you know thankfully since the eagles' first round pick the date they made a trade Kazaa were not gonna sit around and wait. If they get the results Minnesota did they're gonna probably regret it but it's just it's just money to the dolphins and if detaining thing not a person get. Eyes and I agree with you I mean I think gave it just based on relationship blown familiarity as we head coaching quarterback familiarity in the system. And you know Jay Cutler if you give him excuses he will take him but he doesn't really have excuses in Miami either he has weapons he has a strong wanna get assessed and he knows the system I heard somebody explain today they're like. He should be able walking in the huddle today and call plight has seen knows he's not learning everything to which. I mentioned Bradford in fairness to Bradford that was another new system the guy has been pretty good at learning them. Cutler doesn't have that 'cause this is a system yeah I mean I almost believe in in you know gene looks me sideways or Lou I think the dolphins may be. Org could be in better shape with Cutler who has more experience in this system that Ryan O'Neal actually does and I would argue is a better football passer. That Ryan Tanglewood I was a wide receiver throughout college. It could date and may and maybe this is what. Cutler needs you know that's a perfect opportunity to and other everyday you know when I heard that the rumors that he was shying away from like that's crazy then you know see if you're shying away from this opportunity that you really are in retirement mode and. He's kept his broadcasting Japanese sides to come back who gets ten million plus incentives and has just explained it was like there were going to Miami Florida simple with the thought it had not too bad for him. The other day though some haven't had that press got a mean Tony Romo all mean well that was a little different style he thinks so it's a little different because. Yeah that is a that's a big job in broadcasting. I mean Cutler was like you know the third guy you box team whereas. You know Romo is a little on one guy on on their number one team. So that would be a little different this you know there's. They're eight he'd have to really be saying no in south and my MI do in this to CBS because. Maybe tough to come back to that. You know I mean like that's an opportunity that. If it goes away at it we know it's not. You know Peyton Manning in that job next year he decides let's do some broadcasting so. That might be a little different plus romo's got the injuries that he steely but yet you lose these guys got options. Thirteen when sports director Mike cattle on our guests in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah bills camp live Mike let's focus. On Thursday night what are you gonna be looking as you're on the sidelines there and it's a newer afield what are you be looking for specifically on Thursday night you know honestly I. You know I I wanna see some cohesion in the offense that a little bit they're out there I think. That is the one thing you look at the steamy new billion you know while we just talked about the offense and adding Bolden and all but. They bring back the very similar offence to to what they had a year ago I'd like to see them look like that I know what's Rick Dennison systems there and I'd like to see them look. With a little bit of cohesion to start the game I don't know about the defense now and at that point I'm looking at you know. Has named Peter Milliken again I mean I wanna see how these guys have never been on field look before at a Shaq look at as you know what depending on what they decide to do with himself. I I look at it I look at a lot of things as individuals. When it comes to the young guys have a day look individually. And then the teen stuff is more you know I think that first unit on offense. Has no real excuse to not at least look like they got a little cohesion early in the pre season first pre season game what media corps. Yeah if that they get him out on the field they get him going and it was funny I was talking to Peterman today and he said. You know I'm heading to live football since an all star game. And a little bit in them in the scrimmage the other irony you know on the practice the other night ending college. Well they'll have he said that a lot of like practices that pit but the quarterback's never alive. But you sort of RAMP that up you know where their all around you and then you going to the regular season that starts where is here in the NFL it's. Virtually none of that. Then they get those few pre season games these two feet on Guillen anyplace so at that parts always interest Peter recital bit of Iraqi camp so far yes. It's so tough to judge because. I think what his strengths will be is when he is in a real game. Sorry guys more so than now. Do you think you heard reverend Dennis enough earlier mention. That that Peter means. Evolving and and and learning the game very similar how TJ Yates who was learning the game when he was a rookie in my Waterville that's comparison you wanna hear it here and Yates had a play that was another thing yeah octave that he was like get two guys got hurt. And then on the in the game. And I said to him has Nate Bittermann said Leo how did you do that like you would think nothing of trying to learn this whole thing and thank all of sudden your start and in the NFL which is what happened. To Yates and now he said yeah you say he had. Smale lot of questions and I think TJ Yates. For what he's done in the league. It's a really good type of guy. To have between this young guy and between a veteran who is your starter. 'cause he certainly embraces that role he knows what his job as any knows what he's here to do so I think. They'll be fine and am looking forward to that portion of an on Thursday. My channel lineup Thursday night the bills taking 99 the Minnesota Vikings we'll have that game for you Michael be on the sidelines now. You know you're you're going down to Philly here for the release these yet. We coming up self to the sea air con in person. A certain 65 and a 235 pound second year quarterback. Dakota State. With the with the blue color work ethic and midwestern values soon. He how you handle yourself I mean I might scare is going to be a yeah. Going to be tough. The nights are your journalistic integrity goes out the window right I mean when I can I can just gaze over to the other sidelines for a little while and just one count of the idea that these guys I think think it's gonna happen yes it allows on Jaffray from your bears I think he kind of figure hey I want AK can L plugin of course it. So Wednesday night 8 o'clock Purdue and camping with the bills special Toby is here with me tried to a lot of different stuff we have Sean McDermott and have an interesting conversation with him. Not about schemes we talked enough about that this is about is the bit about his upbringing. His discipline how his discipline translates to coaches and players who maybe. Are played as disciplined as he has. Howitzer it translates with his own family it really interesting talk with him Toby just sat with Kyle Williams today he was. Awesome you're gonna love that conversation with Kyle lanes and we do our regulars. Series that we do every year and our show. I'm asking the bills players what they know about Rochester and that we talk and Merck's we talk red wings we talked garbage play in his we talked pronouncing names of towns. Richie intact neo was spectacular so that's Wednesday live 8 o'clock on thirteen thirteen win dot com FaceBook page Bob Obama we get you everywhere we tee and it came along on Wednesday catalog on Thursday on the sidelines while you don't you are. Near Rochester sports. Aha yes and early in Rochester sports icons that we are not worthy you know we should play the Berlin for every time my campaign. A save it for the wanted to is that same one in the same will be Mike thanks travelers and no approaching men's sports director Mike headliner guest in the sports board danger in the tag leave bills camp life.