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The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia are joined by media legend, Rochester sports icon, Mike Catalana sports director of 13WHAM. Listen to a great conversation about Bills training camp, predictions for the season, and more.

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Well stolen join us at happy hour in the sports bar with danger in the tightly alive from buffalo bills' training camp saint John Fisher College it is bills camp live. And we appreciate you stopping by and AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN. Rochester. ESP at Rochester dot com for the latest bills camp news and notes and the radio dot com app which is free to download. To your device you can listen ESPN Rochester. Anywhere. Any time geno inviting my catalog thirteen live sports record of the countries we hot seats. We lovingly call in the dean in the icon of the Rochester sports media. Mike Allen joining us here from thirteen win the sports director of the camp in the books like he had nineteen a from here is that something at saint John Fisher. I yet teen icon Ole guy right that's what you're saying right is that what you're is that in euphemism that. Well so the quarterbacks it and learn anything from day one to the final day here camp. So they start out camp by telling us it's going to be this this competition and it is and I think it has been a competition publicly. I won't say nothing has changed but there is no. I announced number one guy which we thought could happen. I think what is happened is I think Josh Allen has shown he can play. At least at this point and they will put more and more on his plate that's what I think it is shepherd it's not like he's Qaeda to aim and and overwhelm the whole camp that was that good but he was good enough. That I think I wanna see more I would see more of the kids I think that's where it's changed is based on his arm strength in the throws that he's able to make that alone. Should warned that a bigger look a bigger slice of the refs shouldn't it yeah I I heard someone describe that as he makes the throws Tyrod wouldn't make it makes the throws that the other two quarterbacks here can't make. And if you look at it that way yet that's that's the difference now you know watch and admire practice today frozen and traffic sometimes make some mistakes. I'd say two bills fans are you ready for that. Are you ready when he plays that he's gonna do some dumb stuff it just it's every young quarterback does it and the idea of him to have in the armed looked. I think he can back off a little bit. I think you can. Have a guy who's willing to take those chances and getting to back off if he starts out being in. Conservative afraid to make the throws man it's tough to turn that switch on so I like the fact that he's now. Freight Politico. I Sean McDermott today did not rule out the possibility him run in with the war on and so is your read to read between the lines that will see him beaten with a once again. I would read between that I think this week Friday night would be good night to see that. You know most coaches go with that idea that the third game is the one that's the dress rehearsal block all blogs do with the starters. Most of the way so if that's the case and it's not gonna be Josh like they'd determined that Josh Allen is not the on question number one guy. Then I would say man for a scene with the ones that does that mean yes to start now you could still start in saint McCarron this week. I would get Josh Allen on the field I I I wanna scene with the starting line the starting my receivers as much as McCoy plays. I wanna see a little bit of that. So the moment. John McDermott has not asked me my opinion -- what I would do but if it was me I would wanna see the kid out there with the number one well let's talk about let's look at the crucible on week three mean it you know we for the work rotation be for about it's in terms of how these quarterbacks have been played I mean if you. Star Peter mean week whining you start. McCarron we do mean just by the room. True sense of where rotation would you see Josh Allen start week three except normally again normally week three whoever starts week three as your starter for the sees. Are you saying you think rationally can be the start I'm saying I think he could be I don't know that he will let you know I've been saying all along I would I think it's going to be McCarron yeah I want it to be out I think if it's Alan the bills have it deported themselves and a couple of extra weeks in a window of opportunity that shrinks every single week that he's not on the field. It is I'm not a big schedule guy I I you know usually during the offseason we sit there and go well look at the schedule and try to go week to week because. I always believe it's not just who you played the wing you play in all those things. But I do look at the scheduled start the year here on the road three of the first four are on the road against Green Bay and Minnesota. In the first month. Now do you wanna test. Your quarterback quickly that's pretty good test because you're gonna have to score thirty points to win those games in all likelihood. Time. If he's ready I think he'll play I think if there's any doubt in their mind or they just wanna see the offense sort of come to gather before they kill them. I don't have any problem with them waiting and pulling the trigger and going you know we five weeks six weeks or whatever it is if you do that. You've had limited amount of reps with the first team here in training camp I mean at what point in the season you'd get those first team reps are gonna give you the opportunity. Later on the seas OK but who has had raps are. The starting offensive line the starting wide receivers. Because right you mean you look at this group. There's major question marks on both sides we haven't seen. The wide receivers out there I mean look you know you're just getting Zeta-Jones back on the field he looks healthy looks good. But that's a big question mark so a month into the season do we have a little more stability at the wide receiver position in the O line maybe. That would be the time. You play in the rookie quarterback. Thirteen wins Mike Carolina joining us here in the sports bar 957 ESPN. Last camp I think it's fair to say this prizes came on that one they were locked in and Darby were traded. We still have cut down here again expect any surprises. I guess what the definition is of a surprise here but I mean well these are prizes are always win we've counted a guy in whether he's been here. Or they bring in Manny Nikko oh yes that guys on the team. Yet they'll be they'll be a side I don't think it would be seismic I don't see the guy on this roster. That isn't gonna help this team that you go. We demand they cut him where they trade. Trades are always pass that has been more trades the NFL last few years than in the last ten before that combined so I think there's always a possibility. But I wonder sometimes about some of the veterans brought in and this is not to pinpoint this guy. Individually about a guy like Chris Ivory only because talented guy tough guy running back I think it's gonna depend on what they see from the other players. What happens with the Shawn McCoy I I still think they're pretty comfortable with Sean is fine and he'll be starting the season and there won't be an issue but. You know markets Murphy and Javaris cadet in those guys have performed pretty well and got like Taiwan Jones is gonna private on this team because special teams so. Those are the kind of players and I'm not advocating that they do that because I think Chris Ivory can play on almost any team in the league but. That type of player could happen play and you talk about the versatility some of these play and we we had brought Streeter did this earlier as were we that seems like the kind of guy. That would make this team because of his contributions not just on the offense on the ball but also the special teams and I think I always though and I love Streeter a night last year if you members have a good camp and he's back home in Philly and that's where he got hurt. And he's Al and he just told us today and I was down I mean. Your guy's been hanging around the league east had a few moments and boom here on the field and hurt but to his credit worked his way back and he's looked good and you know he knows how to play in the NFL but that being said Jeanne you talked about cuts. Every other teams cut guys to. And I think Brandon dean is on it right now they are on those they know who looks like could be getting cut loose. And that they will constantly I know it's easy to say that they will constantly be looking I would say the roster is any. Fluid situated high commissioner Mike can a lot of talking about those putts though. Can you help me understand why the NFL changed this rule where you're making one cut that's it because if you were looking to bring in players. From a other teams will net benefit both the player in the team that if you got released now you're moving on. You can bring him in wired their two cuts in gagged I don't necessarily get that I know why they. Made that change. Two if you remember they used to make a major cuts. Both for the fourth pre season game. And then they were down to just a few and the coach is complete game because they're like it's pre season game number four. I don't wanna play my starters in key backups I've got like I've got to play guys. 58 minutes of the guillotine you know and so I think basically keep a lot of players around and then that's when they made that move. To make this move with the big one big sweeping cut basically what it is. I don't understand why and to your point teen yeah I think if you're one of those guys gets cut all the sudden anger cut with a thousand other guys. Trying to work your way back on tour roster. You know he's always talk about that first cut trying to hide a guy and that kind bring them back and all that teams are looking all the time if they got a there's a guy they like they're gonna go get them. But yeah I think it makes it tougher to scour the wire though. On that day there's a lot of guys out there that could help your team like we were watching Corey Coleman after practice last night I take it to match your time just catching balls what do you seen out of Corey Coleman that he was with the threes yesterday from my mistake and I don't know whose practice with today but. The court Coleman's intriguing to me because they think there is a potential there in the bills you know give a relatively nothing to get him. You know what's his future like in buffalo. Unknown in and because they gave up virtually nothing for him that also. Doesn't give him any security here. And I did watch hard knocks last night mountain and he had a moment day. We'd give mes some pause if I was team and you got Todd Haley Alan Adam for not finishing routes. And any item walking in. Q Jackson former browns head coach hue Jackson not jumping the gun on an FIA. Walking in complain about why my second team. I mean I'd like to kid of what I've seen of them. I would've found that be a little disrespectful and a little presumptuous to say why am I running with the second team it really been done that much in the Arafat. So I think they wanna see the work. But I will say getting cut or in his case traded for a conditional seventh to 20/20. Should open up your eyes a little bit to to be that guy work and like he has before practice what opened my eyes was he not only goes into Jackson's office like. His voice is cracking he's and he doesn't have his emotions under. Control you don't want that employee. That doesn't bother me as much I would hope it's because he cares but. Honestly. He looked like get emotional young guy upset. He Keith Jackson look worse than him good luck you're hue Jackson Hewitt could talk to Todd Haley Idaho I'm not ruining this for anybody who has watched the show. Go talk to cook talked to Todd Haley sit down and tell them what you think. But again he's he is a young guy now again he's been traded uprooted thought it was going to be in Cleveland and now we see here but he does have he can run. He can run but he's gonna have to catch a lot of balls he's gonna have to show them because they will have no problem. Cut him loose because they don't have that much invested. My cattle on the thirteen in sports rector our guest in the sports bar with danger of the tightly a lot from bills training camp in the country sweet. Hot seat Mike let's shift the defense is set the ball something that I notice from Thursday's game against Carolina at least for the first team. That the second. Tear the defense that linebackers the second level of the defense. Feels like a vulnerability that offences can expose not. Knocking for me that means he's a rookie and he's going to make mistakes he's going to miss tackles early in his NFL career. But on the outside on the edges of mean is it fair to think that that an offense according to concede that as a weakness and he could be seen a lot of open passes to the flats against the Buffalo Bills the season isn't it strange. I linebacker has become such a I will say interest in position we always talk about positions getting marginalized. I mean if you look at most teams. You got a guy like Edmonds that's what you want spaces defense can run sideline to sideline and may be you know he. Your run stuffing guys but I mean basically have to gain your plane with two linebackers on the field sometimes one. When you got all these defensive backs in the game so it's a different position but the guys on the field you can be you can be exposed. When those guys are out there you know. There's some Milan now hum verb we you know combination we saw Ramon my initial tour. They did not work out you know there's there's guys who get better they work and Al that but I think they really want Milan ought to be in that spot. But yet Sepulveda I think it's a vulnerability on a lot of teams I think it's a tough position to fill now. On the outside it because your it used to be such a more structured thing when you looked at what teams wanted to do with their linebackers the guys had their certain roles. But they're they're so many. Dimensions to it now when they have those guys on the field and if they can't do it it's not always a linebacker who comes in it's another safety or another corner who's on the field depending on the coverage. You see Shawmut to return to build something with from Maine Edmonton draft pick in the first round. The main evidence is low key clear right. Who will be. That his Thomas Davis two to you know remain Edmonton you know ten Matt malign all. He that guy you know that's I think the biggest question and in what might be the biggest vulnerability of this bill Steve it's which is supposed to be an improved defense this season. There's two kinds of players they're gonna put that on the field this year no more than that but think of it this way there's the guy they're gonna live with the mistakes. And then there's the guy they're gonna. Pulled the plug when it's not working to Maine Edmonds is the kind of guy they're gonna live with mistakes because he is a long term answer for them. I don't believe that Milan though is that where he's gonna have to prove he is that. On so it's a two year answer yet maybe is that guy but it's. If he's not get it done they will not hesitate to pull him out and make other moves and that's why again I talk about waiver wires I talked about other guys who can come and they won't hesitate to do that they want and I don't know if they think they have that guy on the roster as we all know the way they've set this thing up. Next year is the year. They really get their guys nine draft picks tons a cap space all those different things next year so map modest got a shot. Like he better earn it week to week where they will put somebody else on the field. My Carolina thirteen where animal talk about the other TV special coming up tomorrow night you guys are running I'm just yours to get your thoughts on on Trent Murphy somebody that. You know. You people are looking at that anchor that defensive line at least the imposition but he hasn't been right with a groin injuries the groin injury might something that. We're at the point maybe. Take what kind you need or you think it's we want and everything will be fine I don't. No I think I mean that's to your point I don't think that's one of those things that they go it's progressing the way we think it's we want has been on the field up that much and and I'll say. You know it is good to see Shaq Lawson has flashed at times thinks he's seems to be in better shape. You know they invest so that money and Trent Murphy and he. What do they say your best abilities your availability got to be on the field is not on the field so. I don't know if they're that comfortable with him this guys run into this issue in his career to say oh yeah he's fine and he'll be ready for week number one again. We don't know I say to you guys it's that it's the it's the Jim Mora you think you know the Chief Justice don't you know we don't know they may be saying that up he'll be fine. But so Fareed and looked fine that on the field and another edition in free agency Vontae Davis cut join the bills this offseason Mike and and boy assuming that leads or that the league is gonna get Smart to what. Three white is you could expect that that Vontae Davis is gonna see a lot of action come his way. Tee up for that. I think guys like that. And then around this league long enough they know what's common date prepared themselves for the season. That being said there's no mercy to that position at all is there if they start picking it apart again. Invested in a one year deal with the guy brought a man. They'll look at some of the younger guys to and I think he is I think he's been around long enough these Smart football player I think he'll play well off the tray white. And you have those two safeties back their seat feel pretty comfortable that. But you're right you're gonna look for if he's he's got that is it the sick now for last year after he got hurt. He's going to be a busy guy I think from week one if you were planning answered those who where would you be throw targetable I absolutely do itself act. I think he's that kind of guy they're certainly hope the music. Yeah I you're special tomorrow night on thirteen when we got done talking rod Streeter had him on last hour and what it. What do personality Gary we have that upon what city is near Rochester if you missed it. If you're gonna have a reality show like say hard Knox is coming here Micah I think Streeter with the the time right Streeter because we we just did committed to a story's gonna run tomorrow night since they're playing the browns about hard knocks. Is that if you had hard knocks here who's the guy seeking out the camera and got to be the star. Every guy pointed to one guy. Who's the guy streeters note now. One giant this team to 70. Trey you're very wide and then I asked Trey nearly said. Don't tell me they said me. And and I proceeded to get an onerous not to be and Micah Hyde said. He would dance but he basically has one dance move. That's fighting words they fight mart's. And yet they would be those that those are doing their own in that H I think that'll be interesting. Different than hard knocks. 'cause I'm assuming that shall be very well done those people doing nice job. In opiate but. You know artifacts has got you know police footage on there my heart Knox goes in they go do that then. I true why he's interesting from this standpoint Mike can you remember this last year. Eggs dripping were caught fumble recovery as the bay Buccaneers to win the game in. You talked him after the team he's he's our he's been thinking about what happened before today is that good creator that I it's a great trait for a football player not great for a TV guy radio guy trying to get an independent and but. He is. He could make ten plays in the game it bugs in the one needed me I think the guy is going to be I'm predicting he would not just Pro Bowl I think he's all pro this year. I keys that good of a player speaks highly competitive he's motivated I love the fact that he got sort of short changed a little bit. Get that chip on the shoulder. Get it on there because he's good and you've talked to these guys they all know he's good and he's got help in the second there I think he has and our fans know the difference Pro Bowl votes and not. All pro is the guys. I think he's all for a picture when thirteen wins we're stricter my catalog always gracious with this time here in the sports bar with danger but thankfully it. Joining us on the final day of bills training camp from saint John Fisher College in. Mike just to clear that yes the next year they're back here writing you can Mariana their back here and obviously I say the same thing is they. They they are getting something out of this state do like it and I'm not talk to people off the record and on the record. Look if Sean McDermott did not want to be here can't they would have been here this year right ends the money he seriously and they could Pate saint John Fisher can add the deal and being gone. They too like not every team stays in the facility days like yesterday wary if your bills for him because. They do have the place to go on the inside but it was one day I do think they like it I think they'd like that atmosphere for now doesn't mean it lasts forever. But for now to a fight get a plug in here even more visually. Tomorrow night 7 o'clock network Colin our show let's talk football lives and it's going to be this Thursday night that's a tomorrow night. On ABC thirteen ABC and FaceBook live. And then every Thursday night during the season FaceBook live at 7 o'clock interactive we're gonna get your comments whoever's. You know interactive right you know take your phone call yeah of course they're right you guys do a great job with that we're trying to do that TV once it will be giving our opinions. I'm not your typical highlights now but we'll have that in there but it's going to be people reacting every Thursday night at seven. Thirteen wham dot com face where thirteen wham FaceBook page FaceBook live. They do a show every day I don't know if you guys have seen it. Scott had Scalia I don't know I am Corey do their. If people listen to those two knuckle heads ramble back and forth. Seriously as you know. Malloy I mean come on now they do a good job it very easily entertained my twenty and eighteen like so it'd be three knuckle heads us at dove and I and that's will be Dylan and getting getting people's feedback leading into the next game and having a little bit funds yesterday with tents those who rebel wasn't with all the spam maintenance the storms worms anyway there. He's done jumping up and the I fives in the hallway adding they take it you know they get excited they do get excited catalog that comes up behind dunks the Gatorade on top of him and we got. Me so yes so it's this Thursday and then starting with the first week of the season. It's the Thursday night what is it September 6 it's the ninety NFL season starts. In Philadelphia with the Super Bowl champion Eagles had there and then there's there is I would mention absolutely and I just up for the game maker now or does tonight I was struggling Phillies are struggling bad against San Diego they've. Three games with the Red Sox all through the one that's on banana platelet rich while last they all pitched well yes they came here it. Is that what Philly fans are as excited about the those that you think the American music and recognize and instead they're just not that great team they're young they need that's the pitching is okay Aaron Nolan whose stud arrest them or OK. There are OK they're not particularly fun to watch him you know honestly I haven't labs is their batting numbers are very similar to the Mets. And the Mets you know so they found a way to win games they're not particularly good but they've won. So they're still in it but fit. We'll save you have been bulbs like that I was always happy guy because he knows how to manage expect yes. The C to have tickets are you presenting expectation you're saying I should learn something from him very angry about your match and you just need to learn to manage expectations here. They're really bad about it. But boy was he excited and April Mike and in Europe and came out April and the parade I went to Augusta area so I thought that it was not. And Mike get a lot of thirteen web sports director joining us in the sports bar. Danger of attack we will live from buffalo bills' training camp my ex forgiveness and time during happy out any time fellas.