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Mike Maniscalco of Fox Sports Carolina joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to talk about what the Sabres have acquired in left winger Jeff Skinner.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is though radio dot com. Downloading today and listen to what's anytime anywhere not sports leader ESPN Rochester. Just settling down last night getting ready to watch the hall of fame game in the breaking news it's. The Buffalo Sabres have made a move they made a trade they've acquired. Jeff Skinner. From the Carolina Hurricanes. We'll get so let's look more budgets can barely hear you. Follow hockey know. Who Jeff Skinner is is not an unfamiliar naval what's he gonna me for the Buffalo Sabres. What has been covering Jeff Skinner in Carolina Mike meant a scalpel joining us now in the sports bar with danger of tech they had my power you. Get beyond gotten out and might appreciate your time on the first question. Why if you're Carolina you know why are you trading Jeff Skinner at this point. I would bet that an awful lot I think they're. That play that one. That an Obama last year is the only you're that the become an unrestricted free agent at the end of that. There was no talk between the organization and Jeff representation. That the getting a huge deal and I think both sides had not gotten to the point out. He's been here are a lot and then by her career and others know they'll potent and there's now and then all of them into the majority owner Tom Dodd and he said he wanted to make changes and by doing that they're gonna move them as some chip that you feel he can get an accurate sport though. That worked out here and I think that would get you know being treated with the weather situations where I think the McCain Billiton picked up franchise. And projects where it was going to be a guy like equipment that free agency. Better get the job of Barrett situation where you are older now or. I've ever into pretty proactive with all these and trying to get something political core or. And they did it you know it's not what fans are happy about it is not an NHL ready choir or. If you look at it that that they're starting to turn the pretty good players in the league in. If you got to know the newspaper or cook who so he can turn any into any endured in Carolina but. Well we'll get one technical score when he's gone he's typically put them like Milan. Well like let's talk about that as you mentioned he's got one year remaining in his contract do you see this is a rental situation for the sabres or could Skinner BM line. For a long term deal with the team before he hits free agency or or. Do the sabres make a move at the trade deadline with with a guy like Jeff Skinner who only has you know one year left on his deal. I can assigning all of the above adopted. It dealt with. I. Mean I think it's just you know want to do well because they were one on the one of the team on his no movement we're. I've he had agreed to be dealt the ball well. So that he wanted to later we're paying the interest been. And about that area award of them need to really quote component Marcum is just outside of Toronto don't know what order Colorado. At ninety bitter about it UW and then of course urgently for accident though there are you know every hour on the lead you to get home what he's coastal. I think you're excited for the opportunity to play with a analyst Jack cycle or a bill that are he has to have that kind of when making banner in Carolina. That the lean toward he's going to be open. He's done in the long term deal or at least. And it didn't even football oil based on how to even go but I don't picket and on either side I think for all these. It's Hebert and Jeff Skinner. Entire you know wiggled it yet it would greatly expanding our expansion into them on their long term. If the papers are having another down year that it not right there they can look perpetrate that line trying to and we. Among the prospector over the pick that they do about them in the Helio I want to go. I think there's a whole what about what you wanna have their four. Brittany org I would think by the project would bat an extension with the papers because they want a better shortly it would agree to note that. Mike mass scalpel pregame on web host for the Carolina Hurricanes or guest here in the sports bar Mikey you know buffalo here Jack eichel. At the center position in there was if there's one thing that was working for awhile last year was at Vander candle assembly on the new team wasn't and resign in the sabres got what they cool it. At left wing if we're allowed to imagine a what cajole Skinner excuse me Jeff Skinner produce for the for the Buffalo Sabres paired with Michael is he ever had. Joel Skinner by the way is our manager here Rochester new or do that doctor what what would Jeff Skinner are produced with Michael. I kicked how can we met today has there ever Dennis and I came. Close to the ability at the center position like cycle. Well what an Angel and a little bit about these 65. Riveted about. How. What that is the question. If you're not at a point eight that are incurred out EPY with for awhile Eric stall. But Eric Staal and get her art and more players than their old scores not playmaker so you put. Gore scored on a line that was going to be fighting for the park somewhere but. Jack cycle is similar. Eric Staal I think Eric spoke with a bit more. And it sure. When you look at the number is up. And I think Michael Moore playmaker so I think there's the game or get her I think the earlier you quarter legal or vertical content career. He should be a thirty goal scorer with Jack cycle and it than or equal to eight milk that was got to give them at the clock in the right position this court. He's going to be somebody who by the way to put the puck in the back there and that when he does it even ranked five on five or news that the funny thing you look at these numbers. He is he illegal campaign ultimate battle over to our political. That'll really got to partly specialist eleven is the most court you're so. He's got fired on by it would be even be creative would you open areas with the pot. He's gonna do it and he fired a way to spokesman court situation. That some of the big goal for the team but he is like an eagle court creaky. You know they'll go five games with a goal Google is denied waiter and that there. In Albuquerque new yet that aunt who beat him what we don't put the puck on net he picked slot shot. Graphic form India and start to comfort him it was I think supporting them within article I would pencil him down for political football was. Mike we we couldn't help but notice is we're watching highlights of Jeff Skinner the AA on his sweater he's eighties and alternate captain. How is seen a locker room and do you anticipate that they'll be able to make that kind of a leadership impact. Joining buffalo. You know he's he's a really good guy to have an awkward being in the conduct at the community and that everybody throughout our guys. In the years that I've government and I covered and it became illegal in eighteen years old and I mean happy meteoric rise. That rookie season with the Calder and make sure we all our team. He never made headlines off of the site about music that data out around that article leadership role goes. He's not vocal you know he's not going to be put them in Gatorade table cord call and I doubt that they're not eat dark like. He's the guy who looked played a democracy he collapsed on top guys out there. And he's somebody who are being put forward the court scoring Big Apple goes in and out of there you're up a professional away from the wing. That would you leave I don't know it. He's going to get a letter about it heard a couple open. He certainly a guy who is not going well the locker room we're gonna have to worry about when you knock off they're. Mike menace Delco pregame on web hosts the Carolina Hurricanes or guest here in the sports bar. Mike what's going on in Carolina I mean we hear the reports that the owner was putting a low ball offers for GM and they asked a radio guy and taken 80% pay cut and he he laughed in the more radio there is gonna do what saddle cast. Are times tough there in Carolina what does that what does the future of the franchise in Raleigh. Not that I'm the but it's a new manager onion with Jordan in order redundant and what is and yet they believe what he got. Bottom line and looking at where he can make things better and where he can improve and I think that what people are looking at. You know negative press vehicle Whitmore and the positive thing but I'm done ordered a lot of money and organization. That it over. Are revamping the locker room situation where reporters and meaning you don't take it or Kerry Pakula did in buffalo where. You know Hillary that you go to Google they are here I don't give my players open letter to work with them a lot of them. For the players and how important they are. It that way you know rural and open to doubt that would equal one but not big on here and if the market that. He let it play out in nine years and. He can't be quite simple it all in Toronto Montreal at all what we admit the oil and I know people. I'm in the marketplace though. I'm better than a lot of things try to. Picking it up in the team but also there's the man he is a delicate Bork been. Trying to find out okay what big money work we saved money where our money that's what I'm going. He has all the routine but everything here I'm in dark in good shape Biden rumors are rumors. Are you want more Quebec city rumor about it he's. What if I'm going to grab somebody by the crock pot and you know it could go but backed. That interview in order and refined here it's like everything under development ignore. He's got a clear that a lot of these bookings in a little bit differently than what the previous evil or what we think the norm. Well Mike I'm being given the minimal return for this in the on this trade for that for the Carolina hurricane season it's safe to assume that he is kind of tearing it down to build a back up again the way he wants to do it. Yeah I think that's fair to say but I think a Papa Bear that that there and I wouldn't know it wouldn't say one thing out of that out of the other. Any means that it gets interleukin Carolina that we didn't pick the playoffs there is not like. It was a quarter so Donna would it was going to vote even. And I'm done electoral they would we've been doing this anymore and we knew it and you'd be example you have been the vendor yeah. I know that it was everything up and they got released by you know there and deal with it and it and now though. I think that sometimes you put the players and put a certain value on them. You know I would court or I'm certain value what got a bit out of what oh eked there to populate I think that's what happened here. And I think that I'm gonna want the amendment in there. Because I've worked with a lap nine Eaton. What we do on duty did it play out so you know who didn't pick it up but it didn't take a look at it there all the caught. It there you don't believe it and so. In part we did and he got a plan on the block by violence that now we're gonna need some of these young guys you have to promise them that according. Not to let up and number eight literally own these beaten up but it should have got eleven by. They may win the lottery that it was it the number one pick overall but. Things go from eleven it would make it up at the top level but he mark this week called core extraordinary you know he should be fortunately. Marty got a mountain to play better they drop it in years ago he's going to be an author of the impact player that is well. They're working on their way to the pivotal point that it is called. But if they were one up who reported him. How long would it out the week with what would it it would and again similar to what it was gotten out of cocaine I think that the same kind of deal. I'm the first but a similar deal. That between gotten you don't wanna wait at the way in don't want to hear the guys going to be traded and that there. Or whoever it may move you go ahead and move look out of Colorado. Game. Outlook parable we didn't think they trade I saw a lot of them out. I've been beaten wanted to don't mean it is eaten within that it wouldn't trade rumors going around that bad. But the important thing did not make it in a way. It he would go to. Mike made a scalpel our guest here might guy the last two years in the NHL finally tagged great stories of new hockey markets. Nashville while look at these fans knew love for the game and this year they. They knew love of the game. What couldn't those markets learn from what. Happened in Raleigh and I wanna say you were probably up here in buffalo at that time but. You what is happened Raleigh right now it's hard to imagine twelve years from now. It don't rumors of natural moving to Quebec city years or whatnot anymore what what can you take from the hole. Lessons from Raleigh that should be applied to these all the markets in national in Vegas. Vote by the way may well. Out of the Latin. When you know an extended period of yeah. Burton on pick up little Bible all of them play out one other odd. And great run it on top of final. In our own run in them about it but I'm a lot you. As many deposed even when you meet you Bill Clinton that India quite often you mean you're not because. If you're not Korean. So on the hot with the oil bought it you're not giving him. Gartner predict what they're about tendered beat them up for them that I was in a market like you know it's not. Quote board would you have major universities. That are playing major college football and definitely made the call at about default. But not be running out sudden they've had room in the immediate longer than Carolina Burton never in the world. And they opposite that it it and it I've gotten. But whoever the winner. Even in Chicago black but we go about before the court about on. They want pop in the united you know you could get a quick if I'm doing my. It was fought well but let it is. Well without the wind in my other one. They don't they would have law of the you don't by the put them together. Without one more on when you're pumping in return a player that a little bit about sort of not a valuable player with a and without rather well a little bit toward. In sum up what about him and neither of them and maybe that's the example they get in or. And apple but the bigger than god nobody thought it updated because they were. Prepping for obvious about it. Now it is so important topic you gotta stay on the you can go away for years because everybody wants to beat them when. Or play well are you all about it. It. Important to do the Portland beat duke went into it and Bob without input on without aid and is one player we've got on the way you do on the way to. Mike meant a Scotland this pregame he's also the web post for the Carolina Hurricanes Mike I wanna give you some time since you've been so gracious with yours. To let everybody know where they can see more of your work can read more you work. Thank you grandma saved at the Bill Burton dot com. That all important spot on the boat or. My hand. The variable would be put on the Internet. What you thought about all of the you know you've been without Obama fox for a lot of whatever you put a lot better I thought it. You know if it's stop ought. I'd devote a lot we won't force them if they knew we ought to ought. So greatly appreciate that without the report. Mike just a minute if Jamie key plays in that game seven we're talking about the sabres and Oilers in the Gaza decimated my. I won't vote on the city's. You know Laviolette admitted. Oh. Nobody. Nobody doesn't let things go just Callahan an attic now letting go what. I hate it I think it's one of those big square. What is that they would vote obviously and the balance you've been in and look what well on the defensive that the five. Of course by the name Evan Bayh. Go back to the world is. It was pretty damn don't withdraw and more severe all of and involved or wanted god to. A spot in the Portland would look really do not before it is a bit Bolton and the we look it upon them more mud over and they did or did the spotlight. I would vote for that law by while I was one of our news that would appeal by. Mike we appreciate your time vessel luck down there this season look forward to talking here real soon all right. I thought you got around and blown up in these. They didn't make great calls for in to be. Might appreciate your time might miss Delco pregame at. And web host for the Carolina Hurricanes formally in buffalo good perspective. There and to me I know you could say that that model would be market value I am I think Jason bond troll pulled one off. Oh this is our and is this is outstanding this is an outstanding move for the seat I mean think about it EU knew that you had to add somebody to this roster. That could make up for some of the production loss team getting rid of Ryan Reilly and just on paper alone. If you've got that now with Jeff Skinner and and being that he's still young. And and beat this so much potential owner Tammy if he you have so many options. With him whether you decide that you wanna sign into long term deal or use him. If he's got value with the trade deathly. The worst case scenario as he gets hurt there's no trade as a reason. But Lou Lou the scenario is okay we it's the trade deadline the sabres are odd OK and we don't get a sense he wants to resign here. I mean could you at least get the second and third round pick back or if not more. To meet Carolina moving Skinner now. The tiny knees just where other than the fact. Is cutting payroll. I mean if there are too low balling the GM firing the radio guy hey what do we want this guy around which we were traded in March anyway go to save the money now edited this just looks like it cost cutting move. So. And Jason barked he's a shark on this at a San Jose Sharks are just a shark in the water knowing that there was a weak opponent took advantage and now we've got an asset. And is it is critical as we were at the trade deadline when we didn't feel like the sabres got fair market value for Evander Kane. Boy this more than makes up for I believe would not giving written get getting rid of any of your assets other than that. Prospecting cliff who not getting rid of any of your first round draft picks. Now come on I mean being given it to cliff clue who I'm Dick OK in Rochester sure we're looking for. It's not like they gave up Cooley Regan Daley your bad tease her any money. Great move that for the sabres and you can of course read more of it on ESP in Rochester dot com as Paul Hamilton shares his thoughts. On the Jeff Skinner trade that happened last night more thoughts from last night on the way next I'll drink to that. In the sports bar with danger but tightly on the way provocative thoughts from around the world sports I've got some great news for Eugene well. And it. It's time to overreact to the deal are element rule we're gonna do acts up. Odd and old boy Yankee fans are you gaining nerve yes. Yeah it's getting late it's only August 3 it it's getting late in hockey. Excuse me based K okay and it gets altered that next in the sports more danger Ametek Leo on ESPN Rochester. ESPN Rochester with a. The consistency of buffalo bills' training camp has been the player first round draft pick linebacker to remain Edmonds. Not only is his stellar play turning the heads of dance bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier discusses how rare admits it is and how fortunate the bills are to have. Album from Maine. Moment a lot of ways you don't see guys like him throughout believed. Founded like. Available because it's. Over the league is from saint John Fisher College was into the sports bar with endangering the tackling effort bills can't live weekdays from three to six on AM 950 and 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester.