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Mike Puma, who covers the Mets for the New York Post, joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to preview this weekend's Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees.

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And sound on new book and a whole new way to bring you. Buffalo Bills didn't wanna Famer Steve tasker and the voice of the bills John Murphy bring you want builds a lot. We he's new to three right here on the home of the bills ESPN Rochester. We got some subway series action to tell you about this weekend on sports leader both Saturday night and Sunday night and next. Hosting the bombers. Who better to bring in Mike whom of the New York Post talk some Mets and yankees baseball this week and Mike how Mario. They don't grade are you Bob Dole while it's on my buddy danger over there we sound alike on the phone or Mike but my. A brief appreciate your time today what. When you look. Com at the Yankees right now. In in the way they enter this beat you we've seen that was Severino what they can really use is another ace. There's no way right the Yankees and Mets would ever talk about a blockbuster trade could day because. Someone like tonight's start Jacobs gram that. Might get the Yankees. A championship this year and let's face it the Mets could use some young stars like live report as it were rejuvenate that Mets team there's no way these two sides would never sit down and talk with things like. You know that they might might talk. By the arguably they would ever allow the deal that magnitude. Is because of the level of risk at all. Now you know you have Jake big problems you know arguably I don't want it up. Three pitchers in baseball right now it beat the asking price to be astronomical and yet at the the you know you hit the nail on the head with a guy like labor or as. Certainly part of the asking price Baghdad it could be. Can too much risk on both sides make that deal and you know be quite frankly the most. Want no part in helping the Yankees win the World Series then you know I'm not surely the Yankees and hurried out the the net potentially spell. I'm Mike Ullman the New York Post joining us in the sports bar danger to tag glee on ESPN Rochester Mike CNET. No one is really that far out of the National League can an argument be made that the Mets. She just kind of stay the course or are you expecting them to become sellers next month that the trade deadline. Other they have the they really what happens over the next six weeks here that they've done. Really banged up and you know they got another shot today it was injuries senility don't on the table we'll let her shoulders so. How did it keep on coming here now Jonas that it is down enough. Trenton and I played double a Binghamton started rehab assignment that would in the eighties he's going to be back there within a few days. They got hot race back last week that they have and the other thing goes over the next month or so when they can get big guys back on the field now. Know that in the match is no guarantee they'll ever get the old band back together again but. You know certainly. They hate being the last week is that the team that we saw spring training. From Citi Field Mike Holman New York Post joining us here in the sports bar as the Yankees and Mets. I renew the subway series tonight so we mentioned to me they're going on the DL I mean who becomes the closer now for the Mets it's not like their bullpen was born a great job to begin with their money. Yeah Robert nominal move into that little rule. You know the bullpen big another hit is that we don't know what they regarded in its Sunday now and as but it is anticipated that Lugo was notable but the bad spot they'll really you know you need to removing Lugo. And familiar from the bullpen from the series. And get the ball and his struggle to begin what. You know breaking out Yankee lineup get a little met eager now I'm on the other side they got into these wars that back. Returned from the DL the other day though. That they beat it beat Elway another option. Michael writes for the New York Post from Citi Field subway series this weekend on ESPN Rochester the sports bar with danger in the tank lay you mentioned. How this team look coming out of spring training Mike cool. How things go so wrong for the Mets always this just never really good team to begin with there or these injuries really really catching up with them. You might become an agent of all you know. And it certainly but it Britain and Libya. A better player than shown. My orderly inexplicably has not hit. You know we did have the children surgery. Let off maybe may be brought back a little bit. Although those two big bet that the Mets but. Not cheat problem and really haven't gotten much in the had Oreo OK. Really hasn't taken that next step up and lead. That it'll be a com you know the key situations that they've they've brought them the opportunity the need over big hit but. The Oregon State production that spot well. I think the combination of the injury and the team not being as good date but as. Michael when your post our guest. Jose Reyes he's still on this team Mike why. Basically ownership blog and that's about it because. 98 or the on ought to all alone he went they're ready been on a few weeks ago but. The Wilpon. Still have strong unity or were rated. In. The not quite sure. How to get rid of him at this point oh you know the play musical chairs you know every time a roster spot. I'm open. He's coming back into the yellow on the question all of the approach they read it in that always find a way to keep them here so. Well does that not speak to a bigger problem don't visit if ownership is weighing in player personnel decisions is this. Is this a metal some ownership there. Well I mean ordered some wings and I am just about it read it created a unique. The net that you know that happen that happened a lot of in the you know with the Yankees that the right edge at but I've lived with. Mostly mostly make so. It's not unique diplomat put it you know in the big and the problem when moldaschi. Ways over what comment that. Mike Truman New York Post joining us here in the sports bar or danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester Mike you're watching a lot of these. Opponents of the Mets this year who's good in the nationally this year is unlike the American League eight this seems more wide open and ever in the NL. Yeah it you'll look at it right now and in Washington and got up and down the audit. People are early. Milwaukee's. Out of them. Steady in the scandal that the bill OK. And there's not really that power out in ninety you know rally the American League where you have those street heavyweights Hughes being bought in new Yankee. They don't look at them and that well you know. Would bite that's going to be you know any one note it will look at the World Series game in the National League plate. You know everybody's trying to restrain well. The wait for somebody get I would still expect Washington. Out of all the way with the spending but. You know it hasn't happened yet so. Now that that leads the bulk of the net. I heard so I wanna go back to something you said earlier no listen to guard scratched Sunday night what might what is that all about. Mean look you come to know what. The columnist knowingly used invite any unity. Yeah personally do the other even post wrote today get swelling. So they decided they're gonna like it may not Woodson back now now. Who knows you know when it again I mean I get it could be as you like I wrote it keep it one day but they've got to see. What happens there with the swelling already been sidelined two weeks here. Well. It's a little bit of a concern obviously. Ate it up there at Sunday night. Michelman the New York Post joining us in sports barging German tag Lee in advance of the subway series kicking off tonight you can your Saturday night and Sunday night's games. Here on ESPN Rochester Mike and just curious is. Somebody who's never been to a subway series game I'd love to know the ideal what to give me an idea what the atmosphere there at Citi Field is like for one of these games is. Is there a large percentage of Yankee fans in the crowd tonight is still primarily Mets fans I mean we give me an atmosphere check on on the subway series from Citi Field. You know being given the way the Mets have played lately I would be shut it. Org a site that that span the you know being doled out late and I'm probably depending on. Other teams are going to get more the other team's game and India. In the Little League ballpark so you know I. Even in the best of times you'd probably get like a that speech forty wouldn't you rather than men were equity deal both ugly game that but I my. My big aren't they go the other way it works 40% and that's an eight page. Mike I know you cover the Mets on a day to day basis but you live in that town in your gonna cover this Yankee team tonight. I've just from where you sit as an observer what do you think the Yankees need yet this year to get over that hump give back to the World Series. I think that you get there what they've got right now now obviously that story and a champion. Yet as you go out and get another starting pitcher you know not let it be a problem ma maybe a coal Hamel maybe. Now. A lesser lesser model than a big problem but it edit it it you know that there. That being out there it is not started at right now but. I don't think they're solid enough to make it real well even. If there was that. Mike tomb of the New York Post from Citi Field covering the Mets. For the New York Post and and is always Micah we appreciate you giving us some of your time carving enough force here we know how busy you are enjoy your week in the subway series are at Citi Field. Mike puma from Citi Field talking about the Mets. That is the Mets and what we Dick gets out of we're kind of breaking news as we go once a familiar goes on the DL. Cinder there was suppose since the start on Sunday night baseball and I am curious PO laws that's on status in the garden now beset Lugo. Year. Move we actually stole the on this team still. Well that about GM as as as proved was that a little bit about the that health is a concern obviously but maybe the just weren't that good coming out of spring training after all well and to me if it were. Instead of the New York Mets the floor mats let's say you would certainly be talking about a trade between these two teams because the Mets have something that the Yankees have won as an ace. It's gonna come down today you're good pace and eager to get it paid a Grammy can't afford everybody on this Mets team so. Lying not restock and the Yankees have this cachet of young talent. Boy is Mike sad that will never happen or be highly unlikely it would happen because the risk. East to hide. In other words the Mets don't wanna be responsible. For giving up to gram and does giving the Yankees a world championship. The Yankees don't wanna be responsible for handing over Torres. And put the Mets back on the right track in May be the Mets turn it around because the yankees' generosity. GM's like lol risk they don't like the hybrid stuff so as long as they're rather more risk options out their for the Yankees like a Cole Hamels. May be Madison mom Gurney put on the wish list adding I would trade between the Yankees and Mets. Highly unlikely. Subway series action on these sports leader this weekend tomorrow night coverage starts at 630 and then sign a 7 o'clock. For the Mets hosting the Yankees on ESP in Rochester excited for that she'd. And we've got the stories coming up here Alter on in NFL appetizers. Julien Andelman comes up with his apology today again Diane and lots of rumors surrounding the New England Patriots what's the future of Rob Gronkowski. It's a Victor fantasy football. The players to keep an eye on here is the offseason. Moves on an OTAs continual one of one of Jean one of your favorite players I know. I know is is school. We'll get some question marks this offseason let's see what that's all about his B server today's top NFL stories and bite size or toxic Tennessee on a Friday. Did happen yeah. My hands on too soon championships are won in June actually the one in Maine but you know women dream to share. It's NFL appetizers on the way next say in the sports bar danger of attack Leah ESPN Rochester.