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We're joined by Mike Rodak in The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia who gives us a recap of Bills camp thus far and a preview of tomorrow night's preseason opener against Carolina.

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If you want pure unfiltered un adulterated sports you come to the right place CM 950 and 957. And down the sports leader ESPN right jester. Yeah in the sports bar we only wanna provide the best information. And I exhibit. The amount of phones that there are a beat reporting carries is is equal to the amount of knowledge that they're willing to share with you. This man has not one not two not 3-D. Lawrence for phones on Mike roll back Is that I think we just lost a nickname for you Mike for being here in the sports bar here for phones. I don't mind that they. There are we have foam 123 or four I know four is the flip that's the one we learned. Yet or what I have a bigger and phone number two you know I got. It's a few different cases round of the allied bank you know bickering on the smaller one The Who want a block on these are you know what went. What are what's phone number one reserve force that Bristol is it is it Sean McDermott it would be cool gets the top priority in my I'm glad we're we're kind of the second chairman who get. A top priority. Well I'd mackerel. She got older one she's got their reserve on lockdown and gotta say your your number to remain on the on a bit more on the phone or not quite on the I'm number one there. OK now listen well someday maybe Mike someday but we know you're busy we know even covering. Dole's camp like no one else you got four phones to prove it's a Mike you know we haven't talked to since the beginning of camp I guess I'm curious. Let's start with the quarterback position I mean we haven't named a starter he didn't name is Marty wanted to talk to the team first I mean. It's the pre season. How unconventional could they get I mean could we see a series with McCarron followed by a series with Peterman both with the first team offensive line or or. What will they just you know keep Peter me with a bear with the twos in the care with the one I'm what's your sense of all of this for tomorrow night. I don't doubt about it that that very question because they're they're keeping it under wraps like it. You know the typical coming up on Thursday a little bit strange that today. I'll La. Secretive they are being about it. I don't expect any announcement. Before it became really out cried. Out for. You know whenever. There's there's certainly not an acted before creepy but generally the bills or now. Guys toward resting now the match at that point might it starting quarterback but. It told a muted out now. Yeah there's no competitive advantage that they're gaining there I understand what the Arab Spring Tuesday that he wanted to help the team first then exploded the need. What his thinking was but you'd assume it probably happened by now if not by now than later today after their walk though. Really not sure why. Such. You're secretive staying at this point but. I do open anything or I'd be expecting any thank. You know as far as. Peter an artery which Aaron Berry won a complaint order one of the other quarter alternating wrapped. And in terms of each prize you know that at all possible to. We just don't know at this point and you up the one top part I think for them would be if they don't come out any thing for the game and world sitting there. Seven haven't thirtieth Thursday night. And you know ex quarterback is starting networking start per conclusions RO without the benefit of them being able to point. Though. You know there's a doubt that a bank could not explain it for the game. My current act Our guest here I think one thing we can say safely is not going to be Josh channel starting quarterback and that's not to say that judge Allan. Mike has been a disappointment. If you can get this kind of all the state of the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen where do things stand right now in terms of the quarterback's development. Yet sort of expected. I think this point it would be strong word. I think. Overwhelmed. A whole war. You know speeded expectations or anything like that were also these are I think that. Pretty much right where are you would be. Coming out of Wyoming made the jump small school. To Vienna spell. At the arms strength and yet he questioned that they call that. Has presented itself. The first week and Tom menus don't. You know it. It's not a huge sample size at this point but you know it it's pretty much what we expected so far pink the more surprising part is. The fact that he started when it. The first team occasionally took I think by period though but not a lot of work were the first people burst we practiced and then. The last four days of practice yet on any of that first and who will be what thirteen so it's become enough of a trend or bank. You know we start getting more context on that from charm their brother. No we have a plan for and and or stick it up plant which is that is the marker to the point. You'd you have to wonder that he you know I'm in the next week in a bill with a thirteen was simply hasn't got any first or second team Brett land. That he had a chance to start we wanted to be behind schedule is that the plan all along. Just books will strain to become in the camp giving him knows burst in my opportunity eaten of course you know up in these back gays and now he's not getting more. Mike recchi in the sports bar with danger on the tag we have Mike I see Corey Coleman in that deal with Cleveland I don't think you're gonna find a single person. Who says that that's a bad deal for buffalo. I'm of the opinion that adding quarry Coleman isn't really a needle mover what are your thoughts on the deal. That the bills made with Cleveland Browns to acquire the former first round peck. Yet somebody on Twitter I wish I knew who wanted out credit them but but they had a pretty good spot. When the trade was made that you know this is probably that you are date on it and of the bills white court for what they at last he's in terms of that speed guy and then there's sort of a girder or option. In Munich plate you're Payer but expecting and BP. You know live up to it going a first round pick might be might be too much stow. I think people you are expectations well I think there's obviously a chance that the roster because Valerie. The bills. ON three million dollars guaranteed over the next two years. As part of the contract they took on from the ground and I think that was part of the reason why the cost was so low in terms of that room peck. Next year point one pom. You know it's it's tough to say right now. He goes to number two receiver number or be injured currently had a date June 9 they June. We haven't been enough about that are easily cracked this one. That was yesterday and used with thirteen. Off sandstorm bad day you know ease yourself into it sorted Biehl. But what I you guys watch hard knocks last I certainly wasn't the you know the most glowing repealed core Coleman through that first we can't or brown and part of that might be. The browns obviously have a say in what get out there carton box in. Editorial control or PR department he wondered. You know they straightaway of former number fifty overall pick in August would justify why they did that there roads. A couple shot and brought in passes and that part elite. Knowing his way you know Corey. You know shall order. I wish remember the exact time but what you don't get after it much or more are out there. Oddity that guitarist and speech to India in a wide receiver room where he was biting into some of those guys for. You know and op practice and opera are not been from a cultural issues that they had there the last couple years. Yeah yeah wonder summit that was direct the record cold well so you know he's certainly come in a bot what what some question marks. Cleveland. But it is also part of all battles for what they gave up here which actually now. Might get as uninspiring. As the wide receiver group case. Doesn't seem like there's a lot of jobs up for grabs and in just follow me here because if you're gonna say Benjamin's on this team and curl he's on this team in nitrate for coal man and you figure you've been denied a waste a pace even India seventh runner Coleman only on the team. C Jones I don't think the rate upon Don and maybe they end up empty be that easy Jones who is on the 53 that that's for slot so. Would the competition. For five and meet these six. Their anybody right now let that has an advantage when it comes to that may be Andre Holmes may be brought straighter which is sacked. Oh really what they don't their only option right now LaMont 53. Or content. Or to put on my heart of the EU Evelyn at Indiana pilot circled out the window now that I'm back at practice when you got that list there's. You have no chance of putting him back on it can't opt for the rest and even though that so the question. Now. You know it's part of part what Brendan being BT wanna cut page don't demagogue it and trap them last year. He certainly had to produce very much but you have to imagine that. Given shop McDermott was part of the the group that drafted him last year given that he. You know he's the second round pick last year only been one year I think it it's pretty they that you beyond under him and brought there like that that. I think early to pretty state that is given he's an experienced locked. Static down Holmes all the police special teams that's probably called party. A bigger contract actually. Make a two million dollars each so. That could work both ways you know the bill wanna keep that contract that it justified also predict that. Try to clear ways that money. But he I think they battered number or not. Depends on what we keep our perspective think Brendan Reilly right now property and eat. Ian backtrack. Because we use it upside essentially that you know it can also played a lot. It's after wreak early might get hurt like that so. I'd say he's probably number five Penn. You know brought Streeter splashes in the preceding may be eaten and they view. He's pumping out of one of the rookies Austin roller greater clout that he'd botch. The first we can't immediately speak onto that they but. You're right you know there's not there's not a hundred jobs or partner. My we've been joking on the defensive side of the ball though with tremor Fiat in Shaq glossing getting reps at first team defense it's offense event. It is this is a replay of last year where he will showcase you'll be showcase in week one of the pre season. Probably had a polite you know 68 sacks in the first quarter and then be dealt. Up fur fur trade pick our firfer draft pick in a trade. Down the road you just like Sammy Watkins last year but but what is trip Murphy's. Health status and and what have we seen Shaq loss and during practices. In Murphy's absence. Yeah I mean Mercury spill an hour on but we now with that point which pepper. Obviously from the need to be at last he'd been that limited and broke the spring that you know somewhat concerning that there is back to back injury there. Savage and troubles banged on the field you know we ask armored about it but on Tuesday it. They're really into it any long term and number has been out there were what that strikes after practice though. Externally by data a players. Are here injury that he early close to returning. So you know respect he and if not creepy determined by who we want it seems like he's. He's probably on track for that are Shaq ought not actually impressed I know that this guy is. Disappointed. That they've that we actually. You know lack speed and topic eagerly. Showed up all that much but. But yet in camp and I think you realize that this is sort of day make or break moment or. And you know and disruptive not only getting back in your area Etsy and get it and a couple passes and patting them out out to go on as well so. Looked yes certainly flash and in training camp and increased he's I think we'll last year but it really is and it receded and you know I'd be skeptical whether he'd do that again but. Or whether or not do that again but. Most say at break you know these chains that he's not even not treated and they value and sort of that third deep and occasional guy. Especially given a truck or a help but. Team offers few I don't know sport prompt a war epic epic that are. My Greg The Buffalo Bills a walk through that is close to the public today next time they're on the field of Fisher's Sunday. At 215. Mike give us a player that has. Has come on here I'd during training camp somebody that maybe you didn't think maybe had a chance to make the roster Brit has a real shot who has impressed you. At Fisher so far this summer. You know a good question I mean there's. Among the rookies what better president then it's on a surprise at that point we steam what we expect the BO between Batman and are a lot I think they both showed up but obviously their statements are to Ross I don't think we act in a lot from. Aaron John that is why Heller. Iran peel off parole where clout that draft class. Flashed and and shown that they could contribute. Right away. So that. You know probably not the aerial look among rookies. May be look at from the linebackers I like the company EQ and Kirk of those back up guys do. I could put her complaint I'm tenor polite oh that are at the I think is. In a pretty good body a complete and and dean Marleau. He was on the practice squad last year in the I'll be happy inspect tracks that for these these spot. Over but there restaurant Il Tuesday that external corporate trumpet that the bills. This year. So you know it it's sort of minor things guys you might expect you know -- the war that the more so than a guy who's on the first team in really pride there are they theirs and you know that day. Surprise or gotten really pushing tree and it just yet. Mike and going into tomorrow night's game I'm curious which position battles you're paying the most attention to some recent. I know my eyes are gonna gravitate towards the center of that offensive line to see you know how Russell boat Diane Ryan Roy or either war. A perform tomorrow night against Carolina. What are your eyes watching. Yeah I mean permit but it into the quarterback he burst that. That's sort start and eaten this year at bank you know we are what the line that certainly gonna play a role but if they can't get past 80. I don't know whose teams can go cart car that Bobby won the big issues last year. You know you wanna see actually where McCarron it burst Peter anyone out there are other two. Viewers date jones' inspired play at their night but of course in higher. I want you were he would want the court Coleman plays. Where to start flawed and mr. curly state that we talked about. But like that you know brand highly make bush. You know he's constantly look at the nickel corner spot we. Philip gain at all apparently on them the rookie for. Up like that communicated it miners up at a state probably Morse battle on our side of the ball is on offense but. Yeah my my eyes again passing game the quarterback keepers that in a get it together and they get it going and not to be you know Bible offense that these. Preceding game we were ignited burning calories on who the opponent is. Unless your wide receiver has some issues with the quarterback that would. What was your take on all that and the way Sean McDermott handled cal and Benjamin's comments. About Cam Newton. Yeah I think you're pretty much on the money but there aren't that is in terms you know right where it time for that probably look at our column. I sort of read between the line that needy return man but he someone agreed with that assessment. I'll. In I think all the Benjamin just from talking and the next day all in now that. You know the rebuttal and do it and there but it about that upbeat about it. We Astaro management well are you plans to apologize circle and these guys are reached out that now while you that. Got to get bent you know L management while he actually. At least publicly there are now you know a question that network that can also propelled that he believes that. About India and it. Some of the the issues demand sat down there so. Look I I'm never gonna all the guys being honest in our profession I'd much prefer column when yet the question of a player that they answer it honestly it. That mustang organize well why can't you know like for that he you know it's something more Arctic that hey you know there's mission there. Thought it was a great threat though a journalist. In me the honesty and I'm not really concerned went. You know how it plays in the locker outplayed publicly output is the other he's not that's not my problem. Mike what are you working out of The question prevail here. Getting ready for game RO. Sort of don't matter editors. Too much and it in the old story now but. The others for phones since we know about the media for loans. Renewables want them to auction yes absolutely apart but the sport get backed down but it India and if this don't. Good good Mike rode back out micro and act on Twitter as well for updates throughout the course of the day if your bills fan must follow and read his work of course. Had He's always good with this time the great micro knack for phones Rhode act joining us and sports bar with danger of attack we might enjoy united. Thanks Mike like that that first phone is ringing a bitches his girlfriend he's gonna have a nice night tonight around on two on farms until you. We are today Eugene that's all it's it's it's right it's an opportunity. To challenge. We're always up for change and sports car for phones. No scene and it rolled back doesn't know nobody knows what's gonna happen with the quarterbacks Tamar. A pre season game he can't tell us you can't tell us. Well I guess. If you want the pre season to be unconventional there's your first bit of unconventional. Ism from the Buffalo Bills. Markets they threw the starting Korea or is that a bad sign that. Nobody is really. It should be Od DN I guess it is obvious he would start McCarron but the question if I. Not obvious that's probably out that it isn't obvious you would say yeah McCarrick is easy gave the veteran easy experienced one. That's really what you have gone for you Jerry. So you don't know. Nobody else. That's not a good sign no not a good sign when you went there all the pads. Dog. You wanna come in Friday. Oh yes it's yes of course they do if it's. When he gets three Carolina win in the quarterback's. Lower taxes could certainly see them right you could see Harris. Yeah I guess it's the first pre season game offense is always there. It's floating gate going in my gosh it's not a lot of optimism on that side of the full. Let's get NFL appetizers next go around the leagues are today's top stories and bite sized form here in the sports foreign until appetizers brought you exclusively by Alex's place. Alex's place making mouth watering barbecue baby back ribs for over 25 years. Online at Alex's rigs dot com what we got on tap here. For NFL appetizers IG all the latest. On the Antonio Callaway arrest. Lol yeah there's more. To worry. All all work and we'd we have kind of a conclusion to reaching cog neo going up the vikings released this wasn't built ramps and listen best way to. Make Richey tell need to go away stop talking emerging congress in May be today will be last Wilson. NFL appetizers next in the sports bar danger to take away ESPN Rochester. Rochester we're done. Patrick DiMarco joined us in the sports bar with the nature of the tag leave it to discuss this season's expectations. After ending the team's playoff drought in 2078. Our standards playoff. So when your behavior you're taking notes you're studying here. When you're you're going to do psychiatry Judy it's that lets them. You got a bright student Portsmouth played multiple team that's which owns just drilled it so if you get in the playoffs continues to get didn't show. And that's that's the goal so we we were all season playoff caliber got the playoffs in the Christian took him so it's. Militant mindset it's it's it's our standards what we. You weren't flew over the league is from saint John Fisher College listen to the sports bar would be dangerous for tackling effort bills can't live weekdays from three to six on AM 950 and 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester.