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Wednesday, September 12th
With a recap of today's Sean McDermott press conference announcing Josh Allen as the Bills week two starter, Mike Rodak of joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar.

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AM 915957. Afghan man streaming online and ESPN Rochester dot com in the ESPN Rochester around. Sports leader ESPN Rochester. Tireless continue to talk about what went down today at one bills drive the announcement Josh challenge as a week to start of I hesitate to say he's been needed they're starting quarterback because he didn't get that long term vote of confidence head coach Sean McDermott they got there was that. Mr. rich press conference and covering the team at one bills drive Tim micro back from for phones is joining us here. In the sports bar with danger tightly Mike how Lori of. You were hurt there make a Mike I'm really sorry run a few minutes later well I ask all the questions about Allen in McDermott today but. I can we start with this. C Jones mom tweets story Kelvin danger man what was this tweet hi how did this goal over did it go over poorly lock from what is this story all about. Yes they're basically that we buy in not a reporter ball well on Monday which is pretty key just bank that they you know eight to 4%. Of the offense that maps and based mom and that's whisper now they followed it out that problem occurred note I'll bet it's her count. We did back at that recorder saying. Essentially what yeah you know eat. Aren't all book or her position O also out there and and help help management lineup. Before why so. You're not exactly the most blowing. Our view of the open at an assembly at that keep the patient any prom date codes. Again it happened on Monday. ID heard about it yesterday in and night to order a law that it would it more on that Iran and waited really go into shock ever press conference that bought bottled. And ask them about it eat at a media well you know battery eyebrow. About that question yet heard about it and he does that. Twitter. It all week. They bodies dead calm. And rest it beyond that. On the law firm. About that point certainly. You on the radar of those. Did they were down I walked over Tuesday and I. You know look there's one that spew. The bow to bomb weeded and almost immediately that I'm not talk but my mom the storm the way. Some sort of managed to walk the block well at that. Calendar minute are you that no pockmarked though. Not much there. The or or prompt either though certainly not any sort of denial either. Com the what's going on in the duel where more and more don't match RO but. Mean. It's it's just not on the greatest sign up for a deeper. Pop news. Having trouble picking up the often there doesn't know the offer and especially on top of that. You did hear some criticism from outside sources and I think one of them. Opponent radio. Announcer was questioned and go back to an effort. Although inspection. You know one of them pewter and they'll all over at ya all current budget for at their back on me eat it Eddie. Good spot of the ball. In Arctic Carl better. But you know you have to wonder I'm not. Act in the bank UB beaters. Some sort of sentiment there tell management met. Pat I don't hear about well the quarterback situation. In a contract you're not trying to get treated like that it's a great bit PR for him but. You have to wonder or he is that mentally it is there's no great situation now wipers Peter the builder according to shouted. Like Regis really quick talking about Benjamin in and talking about starlet Tulane talking about Mike Colbert and healing clay and insert ex Carolina beat Joseph Webb insert ex Carolina panther who spent time off or is spending time in buffalo here. I start to wonder nicer question are these guys picking up guys that there are comfortable with first. And have talent second or they actually going out there doing the work find the best guy the best fit the most talented. Are they defaulting or they are they picking guys up out of comfort rather than out of skill level and and I guess. The final health that could that final LB if somewhere down the road they end up signing of veteran quarterback through the course of this season out of need or necessity. And that guy ends up being a Matt Moore or Derek Anderson another guy with Carolina ties. Yeah I think it's a fair question and I I think you know those names and I've tried to reach out in Europe are at. Com yeah I mean I think the role it situations but. You know Mike Colbert probably number one example of a shot there really ought. To. They are The Breakfast Club it that hampers weight room to be out there. In the morning early mornings or out together. Well on that way in and year out album Benjamin guy who. And it. You are obviously people know I mean it's not you ought to. Do that and bring it. You out short bursts are both patriots well. It was jets players that. He knew you are still here there are so you know especially at certain DNA your passport and currently used to make. You know party work with them and you know he owed it you are trying to bring in certain ball in your locker room active ethernet. But over the bigger picture. Yet. You guys are working out right now and I think that that should be concerning that the some wobble. Certain degree as well should be more earned a starlet but lately and you know Mike Colbert failing last year given the bills we gave fifteen million dollars even their trumpet for L management in that trade. I think in question as well. So that it again but their question and and it change group. Micro XE SPN dot com joining us here in the sports bars so McDermott makes the announcement today the move goes to Josh Allen. What did you make of McDermott it fair to say he was a little edgy today there Mike. Yeah there was definite and atmosphere. And that ought to regulate it and wait for. A little while out electors that day. Well I guess but that certainly came in last year that are especially an effort on the part. Not only permit. But overall higher sheen's New York that relief. Make sure they're building better relationships were and make sure they're coming across their way and number. Reported last year that they edit image consultant in and work with there. You know and I think there's a certain. But despite there at Thursday's atomic our room would walk in it was pretty cheerful. I'm into and you know state recently. That I really seem like. Dealing yet but you know especially pressure like Sherlock like that it but the entire quarterback situation that. Com estimate that the aid in the ups and downs of that position. You know really seems to be expecting him on a daily basis. I'm trying to go in there that press conference room and answer questions and fell a little bit and get out of that he'd be more the direction that they've been going lately. So that was that we that the case today and you know. Right moves we don't question me or respect your question we respect. I'll. And not much else on so. It is in that that that approach and I don't know you know any better here in west. Or. My kids' attention be related to the idea that that he wasn't the one to break the news Josh Allen's starting that that your colleague Mort was the one that. Leaked the report earlier before the press conference took place. Yeah I mean com. I always out of these situations. You know very you know ever gonna yeah ownership. Or somebody else in Europe relations they were involved and it always coach you get up there. Even when it. You know that last game point sixty an. Edge. Aaron Taylor but that we go out there are basically and call. Though they were now that's really hard. They figure out especially in the heat of the moment maybe it's something we find out monster year. Well I that I didn't. I'll go to my east bank star ought. Co op. You know do you think that there's probably realization by McDermott that. You know but what about pride at what ought. Computer and I don't think it was. You woke up on Monday morning though they are. Pretty foreign. Aid to credence to other factors all. My Greg Joining us it's far is Josh Allen and how this is gonna look mean we don't know the answer to this question. But I guess you'll be my question how have the Buffalo Bills might have done the enough and when I look at the jets. And they have a veteran like Josh McCown and after Sam Arnold throws an interception Monday night. Won't you don't have that veteran quarterback in your office of court area where we're tables working with John shelling he's up in the box in your your quarterback coach was a wide receiver coach. My question dean have the Buffalo Bills right now. Done enough as far as getting Josh Alan the support system he'll need to succeed. I think that the air question as well I don't think I think the quarterback coach has bought a big issue. You know it's there's. No lack of experience I think David colleague Tom not having really work quarterback. Back to you nitty. So you people talk about Carson went seven expect your one well look I look at computers and probably the brightest mind in an hour now. Column and and John to what voter quarterbacks coach frank Reich. Or art well. You know people certainly like bright able but even is back for a featured more on the offer the line. And that. Personally develop the quarterback always Josh and roll. In doing so is not a ton of experience there and out totally group B with. Quarterback. Maybe not that they keep it fair and yet some of those bodies but. I don't know I didn't I never let a major McCarron yeah. You know going to be the jostled out of the room and teach the young guys chill. Out. He will air to win that job we went when he had job I don't know you wanna be here. So. Huge difference between that and if it brought. Counter you that over some. Like I I go back to thinking about. Training camp and when we spoke to brand him being and we asked him what he saw from Josh Allen made him. You know you want to select him with the seventh overall pick it was the development that he saw from the time he left Wyoming. Through the draft process from the Senior Bowl to the calm behind. And then to you know to draft night. Is the constant they're being you know it Allen improve when he was working with Jordan Palmer Jordan Palmer got his foot work improved in and you started to see a different Josh Alan the you saw on the field Wyoming. Yeah I am just thrown it out there why oh why not just higher Jordan Palmer to be your quarterbacks coach and work with Josh on directly. Good question I mean you to promise that the current Indy that an avenue control of that but I think you'd have to get. Sean McDermott to get on border that it. Is the only guy out there has worked with for awhile don't back the only equals. She's in the ninety's and early 2000. So this again it goes back to the cronyism that we're talking about the players before I mean it that it. That might be the undoing of this regime when it's all said and done. Yeah I mean between Adam mean I think he apple question but want your stuff like coach and that's not a guy who's got the Eagles. I mean eat and certainly in pretty good shape last year but you know this trend continues then questions you know like for well so. That would happen I mean that it is unit currently out several times a year where why. Not start spit the and it. You know coach is better partner station the better. That we're there yet but. Forty point well. When it. Two or three last year won already a war that would. Certainly more write a. Might guy you picked out long one of Sean McDermott quotes and we've been talking about this to McDermott today quote I'm not going to getting to how permanent is movies. How surprised are you that guy in the head coach is not saying the guy you traded number so you don't selected number seven overall here. I you're not gonna give him a long leash year. Yeah I asked that question and tonight. I don't know about expecting much more than yesterday gave but it would be. We code our current budget. We too weak my. They don't want. Something that might not be true we achieve from now. But that same time in this case well woody at duke bench your rookie quarterback Erik one immigrant or two games. Look that's just K app in your pocket ago you know he's got me. Rookie. Starter or a rookie here bet on it. Which is just a disaster be a lot of back to shout out he. Went. Mean even keep sterling creek orders eight. Peter oh and he's billed as you gotta go with those Arctic and the point where. Many many genes that grow. You have bigger issue I think you got it. Mikey did a great job cover the bills for What are you working on for the site. Yeah I'm just trying to keep up what are all the event today and oh. They are he would well over postmark. It's looking forward to that Mike great job but can that out now appreciate all the work into a Michael appreciate your time. You gotta get my grown back Is where he can read his work good follow on Twitter app Mike wrote back. As well let's come back with the NFL now out you know by the way Nancy Jones album Benjamin thing that's now over. If if Zeke Jones I'm not talk about storms off helmet and I'm not talking today. And yet it real quick danger sports months. Sports monthly death okay yeah I'm swaying game you shouldn't weigh in. And blasphemy how to area okay your violating the trust that the team if you're going online if you're mrs. say jones' mom and I'm sorry proceed. What I was gonna say is maybe it motivates Kelvin Benjamin I mean we don't know really what motivates him other than talking smack about his former quarterback food it. Sorry okay. May be the buffet line at Golden Corral but. Aside from that maybe this is a kind of fire that he needs to get him to get him go. Remains to be seen we'll find out more more obviously is the easy easy Jones mom Kelvin Benjamin saga my god we get here. Let's get the NFL appetizers it's brought to you exclusively by Alex is place Alex's place making mouth watering barbecue baby back ribs for over 25 years online. That Alex is ribs dot com. Carolina Panthers speaking of the hunters at some issues on their offensive line. Tampa Bay buccaneer. Goes on IR. And this just came over on New England Patriots somebody that you might have a fancier concussion yeah sort of just come from now it's a plenty of stuff to cover next NFL appetizers. On the way. On ESPN Rochester. Still. Street. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Guys you've covered the demand audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Sworn sleep. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader of the radio. That is the official new home ESPN Rochester don't. My apple cart. Our play or android on the speakers were just awesome earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957. The sports leader. You're.