The Sports Bar-Mike Rodak's Mike Rodak joined Danger in Battaglia in The Sports Bar this afternoon to discuss Bills OTAs today, the play of Josh Allen, Nate Peterman and AJ McCarron, the wide receiving corps and the possibility of Shaq Lawson getting traded this preseason.

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Protesters home for live sports and the best sports talk anyway PM 950 yen 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester. You'll just see it's a fluid you know the situation it's all part of doing what's best. Eight for our football team in fees for justice development overall so I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna do it. It's just what's what's the right thing to do it the right time based on our plan so. But overall. Aging Natal. We'll probably want to just three. Doesn't coach Sean McDermott earlier today builds a TA. Pressed on whether or not Josh elegant first team reps got I was there on scene. Thought it was now ESPN dot com's Mike wrote that joining us in the sports bar with danger and take live Mike how are you. I'm doing well already are we're doing great my skin is you have really only this week and next and then it's that time for Fisher do we have any inclination in. From that wants some Mike didn't. Sound like they're all that. Is some now sometime between now and the end of the mandatory mini camp that they will take a look at Josh Allen with the ones. I don't get the sense that they know that my interpretation of the air that then there is. You know you give them the reason and overall we need them to do it hurt the guys with the one it was no problem agreed they out of there. The if you switch it up but. Yeah he reversed that this plan. All all they you know it is pretty clear that they're gonna wait and now you know whenever. Allen's radiant is when he's going to be in there are opposed to putting event there and it. Having it be speaker swim. So the I think this debate started started you back at what you many camper that burst like we quotes aides were. Ahmet ignited and had no bright people what the the balance between taking a rookie along will lead and it. Giving in those first team perhaps we get used to having help that's out there burst out of the Y all that. Anti ultimate answer that question back bad. I think we see that they thank Allah but there where. It's. You know there's gonna be a good reason that that the deviate from from leaving and now I haven't seen it yet formality but at but. Now but he the world on fire in apps need it burst. You follow along Mike wrote back on Twitter micro back Our guest in the sports bar danger to tag Leo on ESPN Rochester nice if follow along because. During practice today Mike you're you're kind of chronicling how. How the quarterbacks were performing in and you say he has really given a reason he's looking good that he threw a pick you talk about Josh Allen here I mean. How has he looked through this process the OTAs in and you know at some point you would expect the number seven overall pick would be able to. I'll play a fifth rounder in his second year when chip. At some point I don't know that it is you know they'll only June here I'll take BP well he probably are the that it. All. Look I got that the that the all the Asian news that or about watching CI OB. I total eighth seed they have only created at an open. Two reporters so we don't have a complete picture out jot down a ball game on the other days of practice but just judging from. To date actual. Apple last week it it's miniature roller Europe Eric. In any game back then get a second chance is if we are touched down. They certainly here today is it possible Cold War he'd like nationality they get it to editorial. Today. Well we're all bowl two in less time on blocks but you're really just trying to get the ball down the the thirty are quieter so. All that much pride in it in the end zone that he did a pretty good job of that all told it all lasts fine VG and then your eye and all well it actually. But do you all men. People are all Lebanon Lebanon war up but not hide the ball moving. The only top I think what happens is what a charity they need to worry about. One double role model that it'll help. Mean sort of idea whale. There's going to be an accurate the issue of them. The first play of achievement stroke and then over borrowing cheaper or. But he makes it throws. Block these clear weight. All the abilities there there. But I don't think it all. It is not coming together quickly enough for him to be taking first team reps right now and I think. Given validity Peter and book but in practice which I eat them. All. There's a reason for the bills make that change right now now treat it might be a part of the story right now. But all we quarterbacks were pretty good today and if there's any. We don't read in the the change set up. My credit card yes I am happy to hear that he completed as rolling laughter as wasn't that one of and knocks on your own views scouting report. My question is able how close are you noticed what is gables role here in the in the old T gays from what you're observing his he. Is he closely working with Allen or is he letting out oppositional coaches handle things. Tell me the role of how much Brian Cabell is actually rolling up his sleeves here. You've been pretty quote a valid. Back I mean there are now that the only quarterback coach and there Ole Ole Ole Ole bock. But let those two but it rules region in law. It was so important in a lot to offer the smoke in. People. Will judge. Aptly call I'll. But you a lot of that for two. They all. And Arnold notebook. Remote that grow don't take back what those factored suspects are really pleased today that relate to play well as well. Lol the only. That pretty close relationship with respect isn't here are all. The hatred now I'll bet that they. Doctorate you're Tom Brady today. You know out there. You know on the space for heart situation for the patriot property it is going to be outlook logo. Which is basically a quick count our cents on the back. As we're gonna go to Joshua Allen though a lot of that Spain of course now packages are arcane the hatred though. You know they've all around you know for sort of early on Brady's career he knows what it took bill Tom Brady. All. You hope that the number that colleges and this is just the general the insurance broker just now. Micro back joining us in the sports bar danger or the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester we also heard. Sean McDermott mentioned remain Edmonds in his press conference earlier today how's the rookie been looking on the defensive side of the ball where there's uncertainty at quarterback position on the offense side of the ball. It sure seems like remain Edmonds is grabbing hold his responsibility on defense. Yeah me that he's been there and that that the main thing for you to be on first team and they all those reps and going to be wearing helmet take a quick poll we are you know as far as. Only part that cellular but that the acting. It's not. Though India a great read on how it he picked it right dapper in that it back and watched spelled as our. It decided you know in the passing game that are picked up back alleys doing. I'll sort of why in practice. That he'd been there is pretty important but he brought it all terrorist bill or that are out there it was a lot of Kirstie reps today. I even tackles in the today where they're not even Ohio. Williams sort of the day off for dialing back the war will have been hurt though don't they open their first back at thirteenth at one point. And now you've also part of a calling huddle and you know it seems like he Vietnam. Yes Stanford did he process a lot of information quickly about that quote does that as well. What I don't think whatever the knock on him I think our goal is not a pretty. You know physically capable of being run stopping deep but the tackle though we'll put on. That he's not capable being. Quick enough speed past Russian deep tackle at. You know to question marks on him but. Right now you have Eric Phillips and redundant as rookies right there in the Middle East that. In this boat yet. Mike sort act Buffalo Bills reporter sometimes up in the CFL lately our guest here in the sports park. I'll Ryan growing you might agree we see other forty got some reps at center today so tell us. How to groin look you know what was you know the the first string starting five today out of that lay out. Yeah its thumb. Yeah again cartel if this was just the one by paying more at the goal we eat is there a party may strike at a rock the boat I'm. That's how well you know speak this summit there for practice or get heat of the things though. About certainty that circumstance the call list but. You know again it is art so the running game in Joplin. I'll. Just because there's no pat that it is sort of you know and all it was so great quickly though the judge him right now as. The offensive line what giving back today that are socially or out of practice there's missions that. You know whether that was the out that they are on in again you got back or look at Belmont map but. As stated general work progress that entire. Petitions com. Whether Gaudin a better grow it better. In that battle right now for the time being what that left guard Jon Miller right bear arms he knows the apple cart. But does that change you know there's quite Heller the rookie Erik Derrick you make a push. Impartial URLs that the betterment in raiders. They snapped the Coast Guard and tackle suspecting he'd he'd course burst into we don't know yet. I did you know I'd. There's going to be a pretty day learning curve I think for that group linked together on equipment at the last few years with Richie you know Carter wouldn't. Was a pretty big shoot the bill and it's going to be up for them to do it. Mike what do the players we heard from today it was shot Claussen and boy I just feel like there's this cloud of uncertainty. Around him heading into his third season what do you know about Shaq Lawson what does he have to say today. And and be you know if I'm allowed to speculate how I would think like if you had somebody anybody on this team. That might still have some value that you could get something in return for Shaq Lawson. Given what you've invested this offseason defensive end might be one of those players. Yet at exactly it on even you know and that these companies for what side on potential bubble players I think he's right up there. Those are guys you need to not be out right putt but. Trade value certainly there is Spain Brad has so last year are currently not evil or are you ought Barry. You know previous regime never. Seem to get momentum. When he was you know disperse years here and you know I think there are lingering questions on whether it but I shop there or. The weight room order. The guy in the locker room knows it is little extra I don't know if he checked those boxes. Though it. He really lived up to its billing of the pass rusher. Quite yet though what he's he seems ever realized that you know that is now. There's been spirit pressure on him this summer. From what are and it was into it. But moderate voters didn't see him do that that certainly be honest I bet that's probably good spring. You know and it translate to. And actually. You know getting things straight. Entry camp what the state and right now the big. I hit big opportunity for veteran murky. But even better bill signed in free agency had to practice in teen girl's as though coming up 38 you know they're so there's been. A prime percent loss and be out there in trying to make an impression. The problem is once it trainee at that probably gonna be current Burke he's Diop and Jerry each other side though. At that point Boston becomes buried in my seat in output traverse the op walk. That your ED in guys in the Yarborough. Hello we used to a right. I don't that name correctly. Aaron the date the guys that brought in he who are meeting more program guys. And immediate and great guard shack loss of what these debt materialized down in August or so it. Certainly eased named pepper wanted to let. Actual. Prize parts that are moved to happen between now and amber and I. By Greg our guest Micah it was a little bit we're gonna be joined by were scuttled rejoined by bills rookie receiver Austin Proehl. Is it fair to say that the back tandem though wide receiving corps for the Buffalo Bills in terms of earning a job right now. Is wide open I understand that we knew we don't get a full picture here notes CAAs but. I have a tough time saying okay this guy's going to be the number four this guy is going to be the number five do you do you have a sense. In other than they have their mind right now their pencil and. Now and I'll opt out even I won't even you know limited the back end at banks from to all the way now. Who knows because NATO is out there right now. He's not you know economic team obviously but he's locked in at number. We are right now like yet practiced you to have a great year last year maybe there's guys that stop and take that job who knows. If they signed the body. Later ought that position where. People that opened the ball. We walked on to our it will keep running the first team in May at that position on the job. Which is the case but at some point they have at Robert spots there an air Alabama now you know foster's case. He knows there's some Alabama he goes right baseball not only start scratch for him but bill. Told management Robert spot start one point how bad could bring that ideally was preparing. Sort of been in the regular traditional girls they don't want to. Many have curly anymore. Ought. It brought streeters they reps here and there he's stored on thirteen at one point pay your biker cold and on second and third he. Camp built another undrafted guy rhetoric while there was one that your old like more ought. He enclave about an injury that say about it you pray that injury. The opening an act and being from 2345. Who knows one Brey and other guys and mostly returner his career. Is a lot of early group and he. Just what I needed in what turner well resonate today and now. I don't know who papacy and I want at the big question are. Mike what about the running game and he can't really tell much with guys wearing a not wearing pads but easily everybody present and accounted for everybody looking okay. Yeah it it's the same Bob. It yet they who banker of last year's swapping you know I've heard from Mike Colbert beat book I want you know are the that back bank or injury. Immediacy and impact I think the biggest. Oppression for me that treaty there looking like cheating it's though you made quick out today and again there's no heading. Hard hitting there's no eight guys battered bank by Justine he's running plays is being treaty. But they go to the out that it field and at all that it you know four by our deal that he's you know pretty much media group. An app does what he is able cut through Kris and been in cheek guys dobbs. It is in the law and if that ability and that is the thirtieth birthday approaches but on it. So. Look at au pairs. You know even I set my belt there's an event that maybe that is on record last year that history values that. Job. You know. Something he can be played oral next year. I don't regret my teacher yeah I think there's a decent chance that. Each year for you glory years. In the Ebert part of the bill but but but. Wiped out before we let you go lot of one question about your secondary deep if you will. I Johnny man's outlook the first pre season game enemies is he close to getting back to Johnny football would you say errors are still some work to be done. Our own won't yet probably year old rookie got to hurt that Appleby is our what our doubts were. Trash talking about road and journey and doubt on the podium and he's pretty heated and basically that market back down in a few guys he's been named the papers but I. We don't hear it gave you one thing and has played football. Not he would be treated like we in a closed or are looking at each other expressed which are the guys. He's on what he'd he'd killed it. And hurt guys and QB it was pretty strong words and it. That's but that's told John I guess old Johnny is you know it she guys sort of they cocky but just you know there's a swagger to him that yet he's back there are on the steel. And he polling last rolling right. Oregon Ron eat that that's what he was due back Friday night in that precede negate. Being a 21 yard completion down right bad weather that and it it will fuel vehicle game is so. Because. You know it's wider than you know no longer Morse a quarterback or not or. So look there's a chain but it's such a small sample by now the post when he reached on what wait a little orbit act gave it. Your place remorse Saturday in Montreal com. It would trigger rector started Caremark totally ignorant ultimately it the collective though was he more than but there. I haven't seen anything that would you know will allow him being the vehicle player so our. Love it might appreciate all the work you're doing there that that OTAs and also north of the border to it's I see it that means that a CEO like Johnny football is progressing there. And Hamilton I appreciate your time as always look toward talking you into but. It grow back Read his work their follow him on Twitter. That's Mike wrote acted a great job today in OTAs kind of scripting in documenting exactly what was going on with quarterbacks in and you know. Malls all his accounts quarterbacks looked good today for the Buffalo Bills. Yeah in a thing it's tricky and in you heard him throw that disclaimer out there I think it's important that we don't get a full picture is is in training camp in other words we don't know what happened Tuesday we don't know what happened Wednesday. Either the bills under McDermott they don't give you a peek they don't have to do. Allen camp comes around that's what's going to be great you're gonna have dealer reports and we'll know. You know we could tell exactly what kind of progress Allen is making but. To take a snapshot one day a week it's yet you got that. Got a temper any enthusiasm I you might have it still is a month of June here. Our let's get to altering to that the sports bar will give you some compelling thoughts from around the world sports rector minor run you can agree or disagree. Join us at any time a 454 ESPN 4543776. Phone lines are open for you also on Twitter act. ESPN Rochester we haven't even talked about game five yet tonight gene game five tonight between camps. In the Vegas golden knights. Patriots. Caught cheating. If you could imagine. And listening gonna have a Yankee taker whom the Yankees. You wanna get over the top you wanna get past Houston. Go pick up the phone and talk to a team you normally would never. Do interest and nineteen off we're gonna get to that next stand at SM I'll drink to that the sports bar with danger and tightly it's on the way next on ESPN Rochester.