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Mike Rodak joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to share the latest findings in the investigation of Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

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We NFL NHL. NBA and NCAA your home park life sports ESPN 950957. And advance these sports leader ESPN broadcast here. Mentioned yesterday geno I think we should just play ourselves and we came back from vacation on Monday. No news is good news all is quiet surrounding the Buffalo Bills so far this off season and we're just a couple of short weeks away from training camp. Let's hold our collective breath and then all of a sudden yesterday how. And because yesterday happened we have to reach out to our buddy Mike wrote back Covering the Buffalo Bills get the latest from the shady McCoy investigation Mike. Is sort of ploy you away from your time. But really appreciative of your timing glad you're able to join us this afternoon high event. That's been pretty get reported that the last couple days but. That's like Evernote can happen like mergers and in the break there's always been out of her or keep cool lawns so Carlos Williams. And he goes there's been chop Corley. You know the the party Becker canceled a couple of years ago there's always talk about those. So. You America. Oh yeah I I I'd long for the days of coach having one too many and getting angry kids about lawn furniture Mike I mean our. Yeah this is. I decided this is. It's pretty serious stuff here and it seems like we're just kind of shifting down shifting year just because cities so serious. Boom Mike what's the latest development today there is a story that the LeSean McCoy has. Retained this attorney in Atlanta an attorney in Atlanta would what do we know about this turning the show on his side hired. Yeah exactly that's. What his story up on that as well we. Kind of waiting first statement all day from that I don't know we're gonna get one idea that day but. It's a pretty prominent attorney in Atlanta on annual. They've represented from high profile people down apparently the rapper TI and it also represented at one point so. You know I would go to. The money do it. An attorney he experienced. And we think it like that span. Obviously makes cents or shock according go that route. There at Ben Saddam. You know smaller commentaries I guess you could say in Atlanta looked at and going. You fiction proceedings. Which the former girlfriend who owns them and has a spot. Is that he's stepping it up in terms of is that spread teams year. Which you know it not. You know on permeated all to do that but it does suggest that maybe dirtier or some sort of legal battle that is up. Mike I know that mccoys name is on those eviction notices in the eviction proceedings at thicker interesting but. Tim McCoy actually. Was he the one that initiated the did he execute the eviction for Caesar did he have that Don. By a third party. All that sucked unclear exactly two different column infection cases I should know one of them started last July. And really ended. He got to go through the documents that seem like they weren't able to actually server and noticed and then to go fast forward to June. I think there's actually a period in there where he was seen as Goldberg again if you go back and look at social media in my over the winter animated and gather. Com and in the past worked in June and they're trying to cerberus has noticed again. And being partial in Georgia assert it Chu the son of the girlfriend who was also living at home 46 team. And so the defense attorneys of the victims were actually claiming that he can't serve. Eviction notice to a monitor so that's where some of the legal battle one was happening really over the last couple weeks. And or exposed to the hearing on Tuesday. About that and another one of their argument. That this Penske was making a debate on while others. Bet there's actually not attorney who passed this initial document those markets quarter. 10 push on the court friends who. You go back yeah actually played it and it hit you would kick off that for a couple. Do you ride arrest Burton's -- email as we talk or hear from Don and you know as yet no comment so the year ago bomb. And market order actually was was part of that problem. That brawl wanna call that Philadelphia two years ago where it was important trends were charged but there arose. You know clearly competent happened with the off duty cop so. Yes the answer questions that that seems to be. Maybe who initiated it was market order probably wouldn't on court is pretty well across as well. ESPN dot com's Mike wrote back guy helping us makes sense of bald is here in the sports are 957. ESPN might guide you had at last night. And mocked the Tonya Mitchell Graham. The attorney for the victim here deletion Gordon released his sixth paragraph. Statement. What were your biggest takeaways. From that statement by the attorney representing the victim in this. Yes so that loaded diesel in there I don't know what actually happened in this of course is he dictum side of things which probably what allegedly happened. According to ban all but it was the male assailant entered the home. And I was attempting to treat jewelry from these next girlfriend. Hi this is jewelry which the statement said the court had said he wanted back on fact recorded that statement yet joked. Or knock joke even said that her that she could be brought because it was so expensive. Which apparently. Might be part of their case that there was motive. Early show on court could be somehow on vault. In this home invasion to recover that you're and it seems indicate that they're trying to make. But that was the main crux of it but also some or increase to breast bracelet was ripped off. The rest tensions also you know prospect had. With a firearm which is consistent went. The statement that came out on FaceBook from whatever friends saying she was pistol whipped. After dudes were sent to house. That to take away really from the the victims and that things and Adam just said the current attorney Don and it was you know on the Oakland last couple minutes saying that those state right now we don't quite though. If there's another story to be add on was shot always tender if there's simply got that he has no idea because it was the ball. That's basically where we stand right now but. No work in the police yet but we have released any details and their statement yesterday I also checked they had. Where he district attorney's office is ours and possible chargers and they had no comment either. Mike what about that what about though the lack of a police reporter of lack of needed a hospital report mean you know is it possible that that stuff is out there we just haven't had. Access to we don't know that it exists. Correct there is a freedom of information process that at the app and you can look depressed with the police report. In fact I tried emailing the police department down there and built in Georgia and their public relations person Carty as an auto reply. Under emails thank you not answering anymore emails. Both home invasion case and he actually pointed people to the freedom of information request link under web site so. That's sort of where they're at right now. Com. And parental paper to get anything by the end of the day that either. Is that is that freedom of information different in every state and my dumb question I. Always sell it if you actually go to the blanket in spite some of the the Georgia law. Which out assume is probably different than most states. So any idea how long they could kick the can you're down the road so to speak to mean the deal is it a day is it a week are we waiting months any idea there. Yeah oh apparently there's a three day waiting period it's our Weezer court. The meteoric couple days at something there but. That doesn't mean you know get too much more detailed the party got as far as the injuries she sustained and what she's but it happened. You know I think the the next key development here would be. Any sort of suspects being game. And also any potential arrest warrant surcharges being. Mike I wanna go back to the statement from the victims lawyer. That the Tonya Mitchell Gramm's statement. I thought it was interesting there was a couple of things that they went out of their way to mention the idea that the home had no signs of forced entry. During the attack and a couple of occasions where they go out of their way to make sure that McCall way. You know wasn't involved in the furniture removal or furnishings from house but he directed. Others to do so I mean they seize this is a lawyer trying to paint a picture of a guy who has others do he's bidding for him correct. No doubt I mean I was pretty obvious that bank is looking to that statement in fact they go on. Later statement as you mentioned mark exporter mentioning no court directed and there is still some of the paperwork for the eviction you know they're that's that's what a lawyer certainly a picture though. You know no word statement that it today ordered that. Allege that which on the court directed it like they are putting together all we have an incident. Our problem almost putting their kids out there. Well yeah he shouldn't have even DA who does that mean do you find it at all unusual or is anybody else said this Zayed. Out of the ordinary for. For the attorney to come out this early in the process in. Explain the story before that that there's even charges filed there. Well I forget that it seems separate Tom. Branches of of the law because the DA's office as an adult criminal side of things is there are are all charges that. Come out of this but in fact in there. Colonel with the actual release or was this an email that the attorney sent the defense attorneys that last night. We're respect no man actually said they're preparing 88 personal injury suit. Palms though. Whether that suit against shop quarry or somebody you know losers somebody else entirely we don't know. But it's two different branches because that personal injury suited is more civil side of things and that yeah aid in and dole he potential criminal charges. Mike recchi Is I'm reading over through this and I think it might have been in the the email that not tying Mitchell Graham had sent out about the they're viewed perhaps being that done lawsuit that you were mentioning but in this statement. You know it. She's talking about multiple injuries they had face arms. This horrendous. Attack today Mike when you've reached out to the Buffalo Bills. Mean what what did they do that they have any verbal reaction was suggesting email what's. What's the word right now from one bills drive. It's just attacked that mean in fact their PR director. Their boy was actually still lives in Philadelphia. Eagles. It was there are standing it was their seat under over the summer. Does at a house appeared it was your third season but. He's actually aware now offers access there's a straight face communications that are. Yeah that's pretty quiet around their general this time here too so. There's really nothing beyond the statement you know that. There are pretty careful what they say at this point in any process. And now. Give a lot of this you know teams will defer to you know well. On these investigations that the speed of the way things and that happened on how many teams security department so are acquit. And gold investigations but the NFL has built up a pretty good or her own personal. Private investigators and in other investigators who were directly or them. And they look at these things are on there are so it's doubled as a bill after the turn the keys over again well you what happened there. Understand that might gain and we were talking about this yesterday that I mean this is really. The first big challenge for new team president. Kemba Golan and I got to imagine that you know the pictures are terrific regardless of your gender but this casting it. Close to home if you're Kemp a grueling you see this. In the court of public opinion. The job corps is guilty in the eyes of many fans of the Buffalo Bills already. Is can Google is best course of action let the NFL panelists or should Kim Google in the Buffalo Bills take action against their star. Well really that they V yes goal is more than a light week. If you want somebody to step and that they could be NFL that a team. It's not always been the case in an all these and has but yup sold out at the which state used before on great parties may be about jobs around the kicker with the giants. And essentially that for any crime of idol but the boarding them out of policies. Not only crime of violence perpetrated that by that person but. I believe there's any conduct that we need somebody else be harmed which you could theoretically expend too. If the shuttle corn being investigated as part of reached spears the Fortis home invasion but yeah actually wasn't the one doing it. What that all by under this policy that's part today. You know that that basically a ruling by the week. That they could put him on the let which would prevent him practicing preventative playing. And it doesn't require any formal charges be filed generally it does but. The leak and also to put them on the list if they're investigating him again or a crime violent so. That would be the step I think what happened but even go back and look at the report also situation. What the 49ers beat stepped in themselves and that he's not. Participating in offseason activity cannot solve a reported Monday that so. Hard to say exactly but that means you were at. And if there are no criminal charges filed against LeSean McCoy I mean this case than kind of becomes. Well similar to what easy feel Allie went through last year I mean I we we kind of made that analogy yesterday I think yourselves you know what Ezekiel Elliott may or may not. Have committed domestic abuse against his girlfriend at the time but the way Jerry Jones stood by his players through that entire process. Kind of led you to believe that that you know well that Jerry Jones is special breed of owner as well but you know that they felt. Because there were no charges filed he was innocent didn't deserve any penalty from the NFL. Right and at that now that's not a part of this is that the police the authorities could say. Reluctant file charges or be found not guilty but in Seoul and her crew effort and even that the policy. You know that is that are approved and criminal cases can be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt whereas you know go operate more on double. Peru which is more likely than not where preponderance of evidence so. The NFL could decide something totally different than what we were one what the police decide pop out this case based under investigation. Which bringing back in the peculiar situation where again he was not charged case by. And that being suspended either way and I think another part of that just bring it up would be let's not forget about the other accusations that were made in that and. Oh geez I mean just the people. You've got that you've got Adrian Peterson you've got. Ray Rice Michael and Michael Vick and allow wells in all rolled into one in LeSean McCoy if those allegations are true. Right there's a lot a link there for a spell you one pack. And it's not something that's gonna take you know two week that we had before training camp which beat you to wonder if Deanna felt or acquit him ma. The extent let's just as that are trying to sort all that out figure out if any of its true. Or they'll say well tolerated superimposed advocate substantiated. And we're gonna allow him to practice and play until we are able to sign the collusion ourselves that the biggest question right now. Micro back to Talking about the story surrounding. LeSean McCoy Michael back to that Freedom of Information Act that everybody filed and we think it's three days it in the state of Georgia. How that formed to wean Knoll. The video we've there would be CEO we don't let LeSean McCoy put in it DI a new system into that house. Andy would bring up the name Ray Rice what we heard the Ray Rice story and then we saw the video that changed. You know everybody's perception on that story. I it do you think that there would be a possibility we could see this video perhaps before trial if it if one such shot video would exist. I'd say it's probably unlikely. Just is that he murder trial evidence that topic a lot of that amount. You know and freedom of information request and get about apartment special seat but that's my assumption that that's probably Morse company. For any court proceeding down the road for decried the media. Publish on the court house. As opposed to it that demand on one call public. And you know these maturity posted on the side. That will be different than the actual evidence OK house. Mike we always appreciate your time we join us here in the sports bar with danger the tag layer and hopefully next time we have you all with us. As we inch closer and closer to drink and maybe even out training camp. We spent a bit more time talking about the actual. Game on the field this and the actions of somebody off the field. Maybe think that the technical put it now Mike hopefully get a few days here between knowing camp while the report seen in history appreciate your time so much to let. We got it. Micro back Or you follow at Twitter at Mike wrote like I think he's been doing a great job. Progress or there's a lot there and he's been following. Every day doing all the work I mean what you are right there are we reached out to the lawyer for LeSean McCoy we've reached out to the police department we we've. We've done everything we're we're looking into all of it so it as an information becomes available micro and I can be a source freedom fall. Yeah and it very energetic hot April tweeting this out Seoul Don Samuel. Who now is not representing LeSean McCoy all this a couple of the cases you might be familiar with. Member Ray Lewis that happened down in Atlanta. Don Samuel was the co counsel on that. And also there was another case in Georgia involving NFL player does that number every year 2010. And Ben Roethlisberger. On a trip down to Georgia. Right so he's gonna getting players off. If your bills and that's great news not great news if you're in need help. Siding with the victim on this one and by the way regardless of the outcome of this might penal Shawn McCoy has always been he's back guy. To back got I was starting to believe based on his actions last year I've thought you'd that he was turning occurring at up to this up to that point. I was not a fan. Gina I remember getting killed on this program for saying why the bills need this guy you can go out and get somebody with less character issues I deal justice try to field yes. I killed you. He's a bad guy. And if you're gonna preach culture the way they've been preaching culture. With this new regime with with Dean Mcdermott at goalless. A lot. You know why why can T go out through the head with a headache yes yes he is the best player on your team. But if he's involved in this and I think you'd be crazy to think he isn't involved in this regardless of what a lawyer is able to prove her. Or disapprove. IQ I have a hard time. Rooting for it and the only thing that is gonna see his career right now. Is for the authorities in Georgia becoming clear his name personal. Mr. require had nothing to do was this here's our evidence terror suspects. We have a suspect them I had I don't know foreclose that I don't know or four weeks away from that nobody knows at this point. But until that happens it's hard for me to envision. A scenario. Where the Shawn McCoy is on the steel that fixing John Fisher College working out of this team as Mike wrote back mentioned. I hop there's the exempt list and this is for the grey area because legally are rightly Shawn McCoy hasn't been charged yet he can he has a right to go to war well in this collectively bargained agreement that the NFL and the players union ad. The commissioner has the right. To say hey you know why you still are employed that you need to stay away it's bad for business and if this doesn't get resolves. In the next fifteen days of the bills or at training camp 126. That could be very well what will happen is that LeSean McCoy could be looking at being placed on the commission is exempt list. We're gonna get altered to that the sportswear next provocative thoughts from around the world of sports could agree or disagree joins anytime opponent the stool or 454 ESPN 454. 3776. So now we're in the history time year and into the stoppage time you need to tell me we're going to go. To button which penalty case here where we were great win now Croatian tied this game in the World Cup semi final. And what do I say it will end a 11 tie it will go to penalty kicks. I don't know eight it's frustrating. It's frustrating it. It's seriously all they're gonna get to tarnish or I'll be shocked the grass semi final it will be shocked if there's a breakthrough this is not a regular season NHL game. I'll drink to that. Test coming up by the way we'll also tell you. Yahoo! fox is talking to they joined the network yes or no new analyst much needed comic relief oh my goodness. And and has some potential. Problems for the NFL. Coming up this regular season. Let's put it this way it's not gonna make watching the games. Any easier I think and if you've been paying attention that you know which direction we're going here in terms of new league rules coming into the NFL that's all the way I'll drink to that next in the sports bar danger of attack Leah on ESPN Rochester. So. It's. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered. Him an audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar with a teacher and it's. ESPN Rochester dot com. Sports league. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leaders from radio to. That is the official new home ESPN Rochester don't. My apple cart lady or android on. Wirelessly yeah speakers we're just blossoming earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957. So fortunately. Use your.