The Sports Bar- Patrick DiMarco

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia welcome in their next guest FB for the Buffalo Bills Patrick DiMarco to talk about life before the Bills, life with the Bills, and the role he plays with the team. 

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Bills fullback Patrick Marco in the country sweet hot seat the sports bar with danger to take lead out coming last season Patrick I don't know if you heard this but. But the bills have a little bit of a lengthy playoff drought going eagle pass season. Talk about making that post season move last last year is some would say there's less pressure on this team given it. That the guerrillas up your back others would say that playoffs our minimal expectation house team handling. You know. Our our standard as playoff caliber so when you're meeting your you're taking notes you're studying year. You know when you're you're going to make you sick for eight hours you're eating the right stuff but the right stuff in your body. You've got them practice to a duplex mode playoff football team and that's what Sean has just drilled into our heads so. I mean if you get in the play prosecute chance to get in the show. And that's that's the goal so we we went all season playoff caliber got to the playoffs and then it was championship caliber so it's. You know it's a mindset it's it's it's our standards what we do we will work that are. Patrick DiMarco our guest today we've had the opportunity talked to a lot of your teammates in the one thing we notice kind of a common theme is. Mean you guys all seem to have been the same type of personality you wanna work and eight is this something you'd think that is intentional by brain and meaning Sean McDermott has their. Type casting their bringing in a certain guy here. 100% it's all about the culture you know I was. When I came in in years of free agent you know I said hellish on and it was a I've played against you for years and here in Atlanta and I love which her bow on my linebackers hated playing against you. So I know what type of player you are and then. Let me noted much you yes you family the first thing you asked me about our site. Tony virtualized and you get them like okay this is the guy who put it for a guy who's. You know genuine family oriented and you know he's tough task I have to do so he's you know he's definitely fullbacks guys as a wrestling background in just competitiveness as they get sometimes. The author of the guys give mark time in meetings because he tends to show a lot of defense of violence at the Q might be a little slanted one way or the other is we try to bring him back to. Back to back to a vote both sides of the ball. Patrick DiMarco our guest when you come to buffalo and you know the history of this franchise. The big guys from the glory years. They are as close as any but what kept writing them I think was how close they got to the mountain in that just made them hunger. As somebody and means. You're the falcons team we're so close hall and you think about that how much is it a motivation or is that something that isn't relevant to you today you know. Kind of of the past the past you know that was that was two years ago that was. Seems like a long time ago now but to be so close as I start that little burning desire there to be so close to being a world champion. That you know it's it's why come here go to work to reduce its luster but that's on the matches or want to go there stick my nose in there and play this game hard. And try to be an example these young guys it is. You know what I learned from my older guys when I was young and learn how to be a pro I want them to learn and teach the next generation guys. It's just you know this game evil so much every year changes passing game running in everything changes little bit and Allen. To have them lasting impact to buy in a you get a Diego get a get a preview lunch pail and go to work. Buffalo Bills fullback Patrick DiMarco the bills and Panthers coming up Thursday night 5 o'clock our pregame coverage. He jeans and years in Rochester pleasure meeting you Patrick and good luck this season thanks for me guys.