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WGR Sabres beat reporter Paul Hamilton joins Danger and Battaglia to share his findings from Sabres development camp, the future of Rochester's Brian Gionta and the status of Jack Eichel's contract negotiations.


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Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio bookmark this sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com. Here in the sports bar we only talked to the best and brightest minds out there. People that share their knowledge with you would make you smarter just from listening. ESPN Rochester guys like WG ours Paul Hamilton. On that sabres beat Paul good afternoon. We don't have Paul it's the month of July I don't it was still in danger here. I don't ever call talking this much am Merck's hockey in the month of July but the hiring Chris Taylor and I certainly Jason box troll is up followed through on his promise to be bent bend to this end. Of the organization but. What it just the start and get your thoughts first off thanks for joining us up to be host now to use the most just general thoughts on what you saw. During development camp out in buffalo this past week. I think grassroots at a sport and I was one of the better players out there will organ was another one saint cloud state to reduce typical back to play. These juniors each and not talk to him why he was so we keep doing that Pacific coming in turning pro debuted mom months that you're not deployed wherever they need to eager college education. So that's why is going back for his junior year decided not to time pro but he's really good on defense he played a lot of sitting clock speed I remember. We were out to play the avalanche a clutch it was probably Denver. Which has been an eventual national champion. And he used to on the right all the time keep at duke later where thirty minutes. People act out against all the best players against. You know YouTube we noticed some proper line out to a Chaz Powell. I like guys out of the play. Kept apart due to quickly up bites and just do all the right things you don't like leak is gonna light up the ice. But. You know just. A good solid defense but it's somebody that would enable France can look forward to as add on that request could rod he's gimmick. Logic by doctoral actively go back to Sweden for one more year. We've got to play it one more year but we probably witchy complaints is spent seventeen. Typically pro hockey. For a little bit now so they'll cut one more year magic will be back next cheer and need to be a amber sort some papers about what it was back to it he's going to be a good player Sean Malone. The Western New York Ted that are one game with its neighbors last year after getting into the frozen four finals harper he's just consistent. You know you just watch them play and it's just a lot of consistency. It'll never to lie. Networks who lol it is always just they're. Patent and that's what I like about them. And they'll bail that sort of look Maria pre scrimmage but you could see Iraq chip but he was a man among boys and that would Baptiste. Paul Hamilton joining us in the sports bar danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. We heard glowing reviews. From the skill displayed by the sabres a first round pick this Roger this year's draft and Casey middle stint what are your eyes tell you Paul. If you could see that skill what we need it gets around and I'd also be groups of regret article are. Policy which he sent you know he he had to moves to get around people per day he'd Neil editor time the teamed up together and you could cheapest kilowatt bottle bolstered number eight overall pick someone who last year won this year and then. If you don't medals that does not take a backseat to the ladder when it comes to steal a lot these very nifty with the pot can very quick. Nifty moves. He gets brown but now I think it's terrific quickly and it actually keep get a big guy you can popular populist talk about what he drafted in the skillet heat. And you know I think you'll have a diced fresh veneer they're ready speaking to look at and spent one year happier or statement thought mentally ready to turn pro or wait secrets partly I thought nothing. This team we can't that would probably that's wrong. I you were just get you answered my next question one year would be great maybe if it's too but. Here's my next question Paul what how much contact are the sabres allow the hang out with middle stat. Me is how involved will they. No other developmental go to art now. What's the college guy went public ballclub. And even know there were church shooter keyboards they're college team and help them they'll be in charge. Solid outings they don't want to undermine the coach in any way that they're playing for two columns things that cannot. You know our our our. Are there for but they like to improve bother you like it don't work on whether strangle the weather skated what their story candle again. Do the types of things that you can work on at least they're that you're not meddling into the coach's area or don't get there the middle it's easy don't want to disturb too much but. Don't develop the coaches are in contact with the player consistently. Paul we haven't had a chance to talk to you since the end of the regular season so much has happened between now and Dan and I guess. As it relates to middle stead of one of the news one of the breaking news items from the last few weeks was. How Peterson not signing with the sabres rather did go in the LA kings rout which would be to offseason is in a row where. A college player that we had the rights to his sign with somebody else there's no risk of that hopping with middle stat or is that still. A risk that you take when you draft day a college player and with that silly rule. Be be changed in the NHL. It's a risk. And the players association as you're watching her so that we NHL wants to change it there when they get their negotiation or perhaps give the players association something in return. Which they MW again Bob. And what are fourth player got a bigger all the college players that have been drafted throughout the years for Donna. So beware that's probably. Point 05%. Up college. And we're so close with his half of them have been with awful well. Yeah everyone was really drafted by a ball that was just timber you think about it well we can't. Kim Marie maybe Opel competent figure what we can commit just got a couple of sure well that's a problem you know that type of thing so. Com. They're little wonderfully bicker Portland probably gonna do it this year which are operated by another want. He did he not particularly parasite with the avalanche by what he can become a creation by a 58 and maturity because it could sabres are temporary Beatrice took it on defense. Possibly with a neighbor could be a not that I'm sure. But it's just you know and give our Twitter is like at this from president. Every legal college player what they extracted along the way at all no because you don't player but do people just relax and I'd meet different. A little step winds up playing four years skier missed the university of Minnesota bench. She is not the player. That they thought he was when they drafted a mature April brawl. You're not put in four years of college. Seoul today in all can critical happened sure. But I. I think the chances are lots what a property directly. Paul Hamilton joining us here in the sports bar 957 ESPN on here in Rochester I mean. People are pretty excited I mean I guess that happens we'll bills fan since they got everything looks great the offseason but. Paul you give amber stands licensed to be excited seeing what what's transpired here since Jason box trolls taken over. Well you got people would know what they're doing its next immunity. Bob troll and they're going to be there watching. And what you say that it's basically been ignored for a long time there Murray talked a good game. But he certainly did not produce a Rochester. And it would have messed around our two point or your captain big do we want to dual band aid ship it bit a bit it shipped last year he wanted to around anymore capture cap that. So that's how bad things got parent and there was a basically ignored in there to do it a different way they've already signed. A bunch of veterans or Rochester it's it is because they believe. They can't all just beyond guides the other war veterans there before but worth it right ordinance. You know what was Cal O'Reilly do the job as a captain helping development. You know this certainly pitched it now I don't know altered because something that was talked to him. Or Egypt's. Didn't like the way things were Brandon and they older what it wants. We've that this repair guy Rivera but listening to beat tech they're views on what. Blocker cleanup day at Rochester solid more reluctant multiple times this. And the way things sort of handle that people saying well we don't talk all the time and they're not effort all the time and it's like what we're. Excuse me ever ever like arrows like listening to what I heard the week before buffaloes so they'll look types of things had to change. We you mentioned galaxy Alex knew under Paula Hamilton our guests in the sports bar and and I think our Merck's fans. Saw a player that was young. And need to grow in the off season in going into year two did you see anything on a mile under that shows I mean we've heard. But he's bolt up a little bit he looks like them he start to look like a man out there what he's seen on on young new lender. I can tell you to acquire so. I have done in the works so far this summer's not over based or the rest to July Almonte thought carpet capital of October. Are one Disneyland Turkey has bigger. He's bigger and matures you can you can see it right off the bat and that's what he needed to do so he's willing to put to work didn't. To become a better player to get into the NHL. Now I urge. The rumors I haven't been able to substantiated. That he did not want to be a BHL which should be don't make yet that you don't want to go back to Sweden. Whether that happens or not or whether that's true or not what remains to be seen to wouldn't surprise me if it's turtle. But I can't I haven't confirmed Saturday morning at like but he Lisa is putting the work in the upper end to become an NHL player do in working out to the other ones Justin Bailey. Should see additional there's been challenged on it right now I mean he has just put it it's a huge amount of work in Israel we all got. I don't think it directed at speed at all now. Somebody like there will likely be in take off on a breakaway and had two steps on goalie goalie caught a little like. What's Cooley I don't like anybody else obviously caught up. But goalie has that type speed work maybe he can catch just to bail out tickets Christian to Bailey slower. But that's what he needed to do because he needs to be a power forward that. Import and play better on the war Albany used to and they look like Justin Bailey is definitely critical work into. It did it's fun any day and we don't talk normally like this in the month of July Paul blight. Boy you can have malls start up in buffalo between that he's daily knee Lander. Mean who who's the odd man aren't we all start Rochester how do you think this all plays out. Well I started to get used to saying her name and it makes you guys need YouTube because they're ready project and Egypt's mass. As is one we never talk about him what we're talking about sports that might make the team in parts of catching it and and its often mention too. Okay just it was a very highly sought after college freeagent. And Pittsburgh wanted to badly it was the cheap Pittsburgh and buffalo sounded like in buffalo bottle. And you know he could be the one that maybe might take that job and Ryan would say that I. I always forget when I talk about government epic talk about the guys that are great bear by. To me it's Bailey about peacetime they need to make it make a lot right now. I just think she gave Eric a point there develop and now it's now pretty much know our number. And they're there to tops six position open and some people walked quickly out there. I'm not real interest and then putting common Thorpe fully operable sit there. And lust there's just nobody else in in my mine Bailey bet she's set to play every single preceding game. And be given every opportunity to show what they can deal. And see what event can jump in the cops fixed with a speed he wondered what 25 goals and government had 23. And that's spending some time and bought all. He wanted to maybe be they're sure if it all out then. You know it might be the guy that's looking for their debt talks extra spot but. Really I think were it's only one or two spots that are going to be open on before positions. And who you know that's gonna put a bunch of about the Rochester. Sabres beat reporter WGR Paul Hamilton our guest in the sport sport danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester free agency under way. The sixers making a couple of moves are still a couple players out there and and I'm curious. Paul as to whether or not there will be any other moves in free agency for the Buffalo Sabres if a lot of dominoes are waiting to fall based on what decided do. With Jack cycle and then of course the Rochester connection that you know we're gonna talk about is no. What's the future Brian Gionta when you're on those fronts. Well creating these twelve days old now and it's just kinda cooled off certain cultural society he you're not getting called on trader right now it's this is quiet are always there's. Usually it like it is I would without court. He's actually a spot also may be wants the top prospect games are played in September. And then you're going to training camp when teams see what they do were totally out. That's when he hopes talks will pick up again on the trade market he pled. They'll restore that a couple of positions open a couple of NHL contract opened a little birdie cap pearl. He kept saying he's not talking to gauge you know I guess we don't we talk which you don't do any good Null. You know that they're big which will be discussions but Gionta talked to our Rochester police station yesterday and said that he really hope to thicken up a bit not looking too good right now. Maybe. You know they're they're wanting to speak to September what. What it brings America it's brilliant. Can we acquire more search company ever to create a market that we can get out and if not maybe that they were turned bright jacket Vietnam signed with the team yet to. And look at that at all. It'll be registered the other current number no there's really no discussions going on right now. Could you see Gionta and we talked to his agent in you know onto us Steve Bartlett and Steve says that I take matters were there other. Franchises. Interest did die in every start this point but it's up to Brian does he wanna relocate his family. On could you see a scenario Paul where there might get teams say goes back to that doubles the Rangers you cover Brian Gionta. On income do you see him finishing up his career outside of Western New York. Bryant Serbs. Yesterday that. It's campaign decision it's family history onboard where is wife his kids all of them is not he said he's not going to make their move. Or. Anything like that they've sacrificed enough for him it's time. I'm pretty Indus bias prevents so he said yes there are we're all firstly he's considering. But he won't do any staying in less this whole family is on board. Paul let's not talk for a second about contract negotiations between the sabres and Jack cycle what are you hearing how much is that David Diehl factor into it. And what realistically can fans out hope to see happen before the season starts in terms of a new deal for Jack cycle. In my Miami David it would appear at all what is. Michael spent here likely ultimately it'll certain prospect conjured will be about a million. I don't think. I have to kind of Olympic. Think we're all land. Are Abacha also add that to calm things are going very well as far as both sides are talking. And botch her comment was I don't see any reason why we couldn't get comforter agreement this summer don't he feels. Bet it's. There are replaced and that it's pitched a positive negotiation. And it feels company can be done. And I would guess if it's going to be an eight year deal it's going to be all right Peter deal or something like that and money's going to be different. But. It is an eight year deal. I still think it'll wind up not gonna happen and I noticed that benefit David got thirteen million deduct 50000014. Million or less work electric heater got eight billion that is which they know what's gonna become under that. No I. I don't think that's where gonna offer. Thought Jason Bartel said it is the quiet time net do you get a quiet time here do they give you a little bit of time off here before camp starts for the Buffalo Bills. I guess it much the grid and not much time we got what clear channel every minute while we got we got time like. I don't I have done I have off the grid and be iron and biopsies in the end. Well let us not hold you back Paula in we appreciate all you do for us all that you do for the sabres in covering this team we your knowledge is up. Second to none when it comes of the Buffalo Sabres and and we hope he gets a chance to enjoy some down time. You gotta Paul Hamilton for WG our guest. Here in the sports bar with danger and tightly as so fortunate to have him on with this and so gracious with his time you buffalo but sabres beat reporter for our sister station WG armed awful. Yeah and if you wanna we'll have that up on our website later on as from Dalian met these two guys that OK it's time you want a job you you have to really go warrants so. Camp I've never been this interest in and his Saber camp this is going to be exciting because and we'll talk later in the show what Don statement to go talk more hammocks hockey. A little bit later on also we have late guests joining us here danger okay hot heat is a member of the Super Bowl rock. Three of the four years first year he was actually her. Seem bills fans can figure this out. It's going to be in town Monday night. On. I'm a former Buffalo Bill great time to talk about his appearance of frontier feel toxin. Some bills football with a great gotten beat you later in the show. Jack we are jacked up today we've got all kinds of action Paul Hamilton which you'll here. Shortly on demanded the only ESPN Rochester dot com up next in the sports bar we gonna play I'll drink to that gene what do you think. Yeah I think baseball blew it last night. It being made a mistake Jerry they did some nice things but I got something that was so obvious last night that they did not do. But that's baseball sometimes sports comments free to agree or disagree with your always welcome to pull the stolen join us here in the sports port 454 ESPN. We're back with I'll drink to that in the sports bar danger of tag Leon AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester.