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Peter Gregory of McConville, Considine, Cooman & Morin joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to break down what's happened to date and what we can expect moving forward in the LeSean McCoy investigation.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com that. Downloaded today and listen to watch any time anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. Here the sports bar with danger today leave you wanna make you wish more. Sports fans talk best and brightest minds out there available to us and share the wealth with youth and knowledge with the U. Peter Gregory attorney McConnell cod tonight. Proven and more here in Rochester and joining us now the sports bar with danger if tech live let's talk more about this LeSean McCoy investigation Peter Robbie meant. I'm due out ever permit back on all appreciate we're gonna lean on you today out first stop McCoy a I has retained an Atlanta attorney Don Samuel Peter what do we know about Don Samuel. To adopt that dot annual high profile criminal defense attorney he has represented other NFL stars in the past. He's part of the team that defended Ray Lewis from a double homicide case 2000. Is also part of the team that represented Ben Roethlisberger. When he faced sexual assault allegations in 2000 and hand though. I think it's an indication that he is taking these allegations seriously. And he's going to aggressively disband. The allegations. Against him whatever they may be at this point because the investigation is still open impending. Well and I guess that's that's what what we're waiting for what's next Peter and I guess that will be my question to you what is next to me we got a statement yesterday from law enforcement. In Georgia rule we know is that is that where this is headed we have to wait and see if they affect file charges are there is a police report do we know who they're filing charges against. Yet it at this point B investigators are doing the legwork I imagine there. Taking witness statements that I met and were. Reports paired at a hospital regarding any injuries that may occur in the incident. And the probably tracking down who this assailant was and I don't know Mandarin and see much. Big revelations in the near future because. I think after a lot law enforcement do their job. As we learned last out there in Georgia there's a freedom of information in request that venue we have a three day embargo on this so we're still. At least a couple days away from that it to our joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN is Peter Gregory he's an attorney for McConnell concert nine affirm. I'll write downtown. Peter last night the attorney for the victim here her name is Tanya Mitchell Graham released. Are reading through that. What's your take away and is this the norm in other words refer an attorney to come out right off the bat before there is. Even any charges or anything like this doesn't is this more than Joba the prosecutor in the DX. What don't like your Agassi's to retain private council. To really deal with the a lot of the allegations and in social media and rumours that it turned. You know doubt it to do you want FaceBook to see a lot of passionate bills and their opinion about this incidents. And I at this point it sounds like it's it's really more PR played him in the battle court of public opinion. They're trying to set the record straight about which he believes occurred regarding this incident and and to have her voice heard in and the media. I also think Peter this statement if your read it a kind of paints a picture of a guy LeSean McCoy. Who's not afraid of letting other people do his work for him. I I also thought it was interesting that they mentioned at the home. I was broken into with no sign of forced entry. The the idea that it is their final pair for closing paragraph that that McCoy. Had not contacted her to check up on her or see what was going on the residents I mean really this is a picture that's being painted by her attorney and that McCoy. That it's not a good guy. Yeah I'd bet the farm from beginning to and McQuay name was mentioned throughout it noted that he changed the security systems at the house both for the attack in and didn't alert. Expressly pointing the finger McCoy. They did doesn't make. And look at for Hammond and paint the picture that he may not have at a unclean hands there. All right Peter Gregory joining us here now Peter as we're talked gained Mike brought back Is reporting this let's all take this in together. Police in Milton Georgia have released their report. On Tuesday's home invasion no suspects named in reports. Crimes are listed as one armed robbery. To aggravated assault. Firearm. Three burglary residential. No forests. In for. Aggravated battery so. I guess we're still far away here I mean that would be my initial take away here is you know those suspect's name when you hear that Peter what's your reaction. Yes and second our previous reports that there was. A break in their home invasion what they call targeted attack and died seems like the missing piece here is this who was the balance that that. Allegedly committed these crimes and I meant and to be doing a lot of research given the incident occurred at. Approximately 3 o'clock in the morning the probably looking at security footage from nearby businesses and traffic cam to turn it and I would vehicles were in the area can imagine a lot of traffic at that time in the morning. And right now it's essentially going to be a man hunted determine who committed this alleged crime. Did you mention security footage and I think another thing that was interesting from the statement from the victim's lawyer. What was that that the security. The security system was. It disengaged it was disconnected by McCoy and reinstall with the new security camera footage go to new security camera system that she didn't have access to wouldn't it be a little. Fishy or convenient if that system was shut down at 3 AM in the morning. Yet absolutely would and I imagine that there are some questions from law enforcement says mr. McCoy about the system whether that was recording. And if that wasn't why not buy. And not that it retain counsel he could. Erratically plead the fifth and and not have to talk to anyone at its if he so chooses so. And bring to our question is about the security put it is that there are depending eviction proceeding between John Cornyn of ex girlfriend he try to remove from the property. And actually had a allegedly had some of his friends and family trying to remove her. Property from there take our stuff when she wasn't there. And she sought out any previous security system and and subsequently to that they. At some point when and changes that amounts so 21 more ripple to best. Complex situation. Today and Peter Gregory joining us here attorney for McConnell concert I in the sports are 957 years we'll go to your calls here later this hour. Op Peter is far as take its on the side here. Of what is going nine now with the investigation in. And what the district attorney would need here in terms of of a prosecution what evidence. What you will get dates would be needed in other words if we. Say had somebody's cell phone they had their locations on 88 would that be enough in your opinion what will be the types of things. That would be needed for the police to gather in order to charge somebody in a case like this. So the burden to be on a per. Prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person they alleged communities crime one that actually committed it so. Damage and may be looking for DNA evidence that from they'd be salt. Possible error fibers that they have been in the property. Security footage from nearby. Businesses cars driving area cellphone. But also there to witness that the attack the victim and I believe her cousin was also. And house as well and if they can positively identify the person that entered the home and attacked them. Their testimony could be enough to get a conviction on on the person that allegedly committed these crimes. And Milton Georgia police report is also been released not to ABC news and ESPN micro and back again. Tweeting that out of our guest star earlier this afternoon in the sports bar with danger detect if you wanted to check out the them. The police report the official police report ally Israel aggregate on this yes. You beat Peter. I wanna throw a name that junior tell me what you what you know about Marcus Porter will we know that he's. A friend of mccoys he's a former pick teammate he's the man who filed the proceedings on behalf of McCoy on June 60 eviction. Proceedings it's Marcus Porter a name that we should keep in in in our minds is this investigation continues or just kind of along for the ride. Effort the names swirling in and speculation in social media and the rumor mill. You know at this point. We don't have any evidence showed that he was actually involved other than he's a close associate of lookup the Shawn McCoy and with the ball that the eviction proceedings so. Without any evidence or witnesses saying he was in the area are somehow involved. At this point it's not purely speculative. Well if the game early speculative to win a game we got a drop these disclaimers but. Opt for war why. Could happen LeSean McCoy here I I guess if if the war. What would be needed to clear his name I guess would be basically the beauty of the. Right it's it's too early today they haven't named any suspects they haven't cleared on the basis you know I mean it's still in the early days of the investigation. Though. You know really the clear which LeSean McCoy who I'm at an ideal situation for him as if they could find whoever did this and that person claimed Miller Osama quite nothing to do that and has never met LeSean McCoy and this is a totally random act. But. You know based collapsing so far it doesn't seem like they can play out that way. Peter Gregory or guest here in the sportswear with danger but frankly on ESPN Rochester I wanna go back to last year in the NFL went in and they're not. They're not the same store but I could see is if I look at a crystal ball similar kind of story playing out in terms of NFL suspensions coming down new easy he'll Elliot they you know may or may not. Have pinot hit his girlfriend domestic abuse. Boy Jerry Jones. Different kind of NFL owner but he backed his player every opportunity he could. And didn't feel like he was deserving of that four game suspension bid quite honestly because there were no files charged against him I mean is that is. As simple as it could be for LeSean McCoy to. Not face any discipline from the NFL or do you think that that easy kill Elliott case sets a different kind of precedent or even if files are charged. That LeSean McCoy could face discipline from the NFL. If they're they're two separate systems but there's some more related if if Merkel. Quite west charged or found guilty I think he'd be immediate punishment from the NFL but that being that he's not charged. Or involved in the criminal. Procedure he can still be punished by the NFL there's different standards involved it would criminal charges if need be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It's much more fluid in the NFL and and their disciplinary system that it's up a preponderance standard meaning is more likely than not that. Some close somehow involved and that's and and violated the NFL conduct policy which is very different than. Criminal procedure law in the state of Georgia so. Again it's too assimilated it how light I do not think you're gonna anything from the NFL or the bills. Until there is some sort of decision from the police investigation I think they're gonna sit back watch how that played out and then also simultaneously do their own investigation my understanding at book in itself. And the build our art our very start of an independent investigation as well. That Peter Gregory who is an attorney for McConnell concert nine our guest here Peter is this an instance where eaten where you have everything going on but it it. You know you're gonna have a distraction if LeSean McCoy shows up and this is still going on. Odd day wanna training camp that's always fifteen days away do you see the commissioners. Exempt list here being a possibility. I don't think so again and he. The police have not named any suspects. He was not and the state of sort of the prime instant it occurred. So far getting involved this is is really allegations and without any stance that. And step of evidence so. I think it's going to be a circus that training camp at saint John Fisher that this still pending. But I I don't expect to Monday example list unless there's some additional developments between now and training camp. Peter Gregory McConnell consonant komen and more in our guest in the sports bar with danger and technically if you elect we've covered a lot of bases with you and you've been great with your time. Are we forgetting anything are we missing anything is there anything that you noticed that you find a suspicious that we haven't touched on yet. I just think I actually are quite a bit and it's curses you both artists the other developed. I'd rather talk about organ to bedding in New York State beat her at. It touched a football and Peter yet thank you for you know helping outside guide us through this story Peter have agreed that. Thank you got you yeah Peter Gregory guest. In the sports bar with danger to tag that Peter working up for the law firm McConnell and constant on common and more wow and there you heard the attorney right they're saying. No no no commissioners example is does not come into play here the way he would understand it. Can you imagine if the story still remains is very possible. Fifteen days from today police investigation still ongoing. LeSean McCoy is named hey it's out there what you really don't have any thing. He says circus what to name bigger name for Serkis you'll head out of the national media. This end it on saint John Fisher College on the 26. Or rather on the 25 that's the date they actually report. If he's not on that exempt list and we're still in the same position. And it's not clear. Well he's hired. A guy with a pretty good track record of get players soft on Samuel. High powered Atlanta attorney to defend him against these charges that he. Orchestrated the violent home invasion. Leaving his ex girlfriend. Badly beaten. You know I don't know. If we hear anything new over the course of the next week. Two weeks. But I have a feeling that that Don Samuel. He's gonna get to speed really quick on this case and wouldn't shock needed to get some kind of statement from him. In the next 2448 hours of course. We'll see how fast law enforcement works. This is going to be interesting and again we said yesterday I'll say it again. But a lot. Well in Philadelphia. LeSean McCoy case that took months before he was finally kind of went away remember that whether the bar fight there and he. Out that there wasn't until the spring. What you said buckle opera or. Meaning not buckle up maybe this is going to be a long ride and were waiting for updates here I think we're all anxious to just because of that photo. You see that photo you want justice immediately. Or whoever did that. You know and by the way we should point out too we've taken while we've had our guest here on. Oh we want your calls your fourth fight for ESP and his we took a call before we everyone on somebody was saying danger basically you guys are out of line here. You know he was basically somebody that one ended defend the quiet. I I and I believe that justice will be served. That's where I stand. The optics are not good. I'm not saying he's guilty I'm not saying he did and I'm not saying he's involved. But don't look good it's track hurting good. Let it play out see how it goes. This and I'd I became a realist fan I loved Marie Louis when he played the NFL. Very good chance Ray Lewis is a murder regatta off toward the very least he witnessed something. The worst crime possible. Ear Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Your cornerback. Those were in the pre Ray Rice days Ray Rice changed. Everything we're now the league will air on the side going the other direction C easy Galley. There's so many details we didn't know about that and the cowboys ended up losing that now on and dragged down last year to let that essentially. In kill their season last year with foods of the drama that surrounded battle situation. On I didn't think the bills are gonna go anywhere this year and I know I think most bills fans share that same sentiment that this is a building year policy rebuilding that you see where this is. Now house. Are you kidding. It's America guilty until proven innocent. In my we're not jumping to any conclusions that were not saying. Let's John. We used to just wait for the official police report and then the attorney and then the process play out blah blah blah. It's a little birdie now when you have instead Graham and Twitter and everything else. Okay. That's started the whole thing year. So when you see that picture we know there was a crime. That's not this beautiful something or rip picked tactic. People should be upset about this. And I would challenge the most argument with Shawn McCoy defender are you not upset what happened. This was his home his ex girlfriend. I'm not saying he did tonight saying you should be offended. That somebody in society got beat up like this. It porch waiting for facts. Word up supporting a player blindly because he's good football. We're just waiting for facts. Nobody could censor some people are already here here's hoping I'm hoping that we have Smart enough listeners. That are going to that they wouldn't defended. That they wouldn't work against a victim of domestic violence. Is the domestic violence bottom line it needs to stop. It needs to stop. Character issues might be she might have character issues just like he has character issues. Don't know parent Donna. OK we. But nobody deserves. To have done to them what she had done to her. I'm sorry. Your special breed of coward. If you had a woman. If you hired somebody to hit a woman. Any junior Patrick Howard I just don't well I we don't. One of somebody hired someone just to go get the jewelry back and something went terribly awry. I mean that that's the other middle ground possibility here. The optics are not good let's just leave it at eight it's not a good look to LeSean McCoy and I don't think any of bush should be surprised given. What we know about his character. From his past in the NFL. Prior to this incident. Is bad guy. Shady for crying out loud is it more pro is or more appropriate nickname for a player I think shady. Given what he's done. So we wait for facts. We have a police report. No suspects named in that report. For crimes listed. Armed robbery. Aggravated assault with a firearm. Burglary residential no force. And aggravated battery. Digg got she's a life. Pistol pistol whipped now. Could have been a lot worse could have been a lot worse. But nobody deserves what happened are no sorry be I don't care what kind of annual are you can't convince me that that's okay. Regardless of who's involved regardless of who did it. NFL appetizers next go around the NFL's answer today's top stories in bite size four. I mean you would have to be nuts to think LeSean McCoy is it somehow involved. What the good news is somebody who you could say might be certifiably nuts. Is saying he's not a vault. On the makes it okay yeah retreat cut neo chimes in we'll get to that more next. NFL appetizers in the sports board danger but I Anglia on ESPN Rochester. I'm super fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. He's 57. Not a sports. No sports leader and listen live 24/7. Probably his deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when children exactly. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester doctor. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester new.