The Sports Bar-Rafi Kohan

Rafi Kohan, author of The Arena joins Danger and Battaglia to share some stories from his trips across the country touring stadiums and arenas new and old.

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On the heels wrap up their pre season against the live coverage starts at five on Thursday on eighty and ninety and 957 Afghans. ESPN right now. Welcome back to the sports bar my team your team protect Leon. I'm 5957. FF ES PM Rochester. He's the author of the new look via arena. Inside the tailgate and ticket scalping mascot racing do obviously funded and possibly want to monument of American sport. Wrap fecal hand joining us in the sports bar Raphael or you. I'm great great. Great can't complain we're excited about pre season football that this tomorrow night for us are happy I you all the places you wing to. Did you come through while when your odd researching a book god come through Western New York. I you know I would in I was in buffalo went gain. BO right around the party I read or it didn't really make it in the book although it is exactly. Perhaps of what noted after about and behavior. Because I did I did that I need not that I'd that. They nearly got anecdotal evidence indeed he'd like bill and that rocket only. Or a. That's it's a high level prestige. While we oh yeah. The best it's not think let's. I ran out you know you're everywhere it is the bills for the drug is in the nation after your travels. That. Now I am I'm you should be I'm telling you that I was talking you. I crack. Up he would like executive and Oakland Raiders and mean. The reputation and that it waning out you know it's turned around and go away and don't let him litigate. Which all of a belt team day and I've found not be a black or that group went and allied waiting to get it to new air field around it by guys you're. Chugging it down a mile. At about you know 12 o'clock you know public caught in the afternoon. Right up until we got that statement is wrong and out where we want it and at least it would an impressive display. Ego that's bill's mafia for your rap because and is the author of the new book the arena. Rap beat traveled the world traveled Arabs are troubled country. Just visiting team sports Arenas and stadiums. I'm. A couple chapters in raffia I love some of the stories of some of the history that that you share with us up from the early stages of the book I mean you know you spent a lot of time at Lambeau Field talk a little bit about. Some of the more historic. I stadiums and Arenas that you went to while researching for this book. You haven't typically really special about going that the older market or use you know for me that at Lambeau and you know. And and battle and it really. And out obviously rigged Wrigley is. You know another old timer went there when you walk into them where it is you know you can discount that you heeled history out of wash over you does it. I mean magical kind of happened you know like. That memory is sort of the into the concrete you can Il you know you can feel like. Yeah of the generations they've gone they're broke or you come come through and I think Ed you know the debate you know. They take that on you know in and away at all about. It all about it and you are going to take the red dot you even if they do now Wear pink you know may be the captain Kirk in Neil Diamond need to. I'm no later. But at you know and it at Lambeau you know everyone know proud of the fact that it all down. A 100000 people know at home to. Pro Ana FL team that there's just like it. Whimsical and the pride that comes along with it and they're a really interesting quirk that. Action bet and the bet that the result you know I'd edit view as you're probably you know I would. I was forced to make the open the Lambeau Field urgently I was there I found out that I islet. Identity for the first time anybody's really on any quirky tradition that you know that the and they get it adopted. A top because these are really all that some places where it was this tradition really matter. Graphic Ohio and aghast at the author of the arena here in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee you talk about dubious Lee funded. Venues and and the first one that comes to mind in in the one that I enjoyed reading about. In your book was was in Arlington who was AT&T stadium now you you've got a guy an owner Jerry Jones that. That was able to really just get this massive amount of public money. To help build dish dish shrine to the Dallas Cowboys talked a little bit about that and then I want askew a little bit more about what could happen here. He Western New York because the bills at some point are gonna have to look at a new stadium. Yeah and it would really be going down it it you know all the memories. You know that. Football Mecca of the global sport entertainment destination. In the Jerry Jones is wearing a child has been not. Being an eating constructed. I and it I take it in an Alley today. Is that the he'd money but at the summit in ordeal. Activate it yet it out of local Pollack at work. I found out. People like it much but it was a really it has been worried about how all that it could be. I'm sort of a back to back room deal secret handshake then. And it and really not that they'll track back to a motorcycle accident that happened in 1994. With a local a local doctor went out or are ever right out of motor cycle. And outlaw the practice. Because it can no longer an audit function in Canada and call the doctor and it up at current politics and that out of what a spotter like element and it. Oprah what we now have a area world liquid into indicated it like you. Ball moment. Can create you'd turn the eight when it comes or they. You know lady in New York City you know we immediately at wound up where that. A west last night eighty under or if they'll have you know about Apollo era. Local politicians make it all the issues are one reason or other or change that change the destiny of port organization. Well and now word you see the NFL hating with Vegas you know you talked about how dirty world there with public money what Vegas set the record air for. Mark Davis is stadium and San Francisco these these huge monuments were where is the NFL going to kiss you bring up lamb ball. And he celebrated stadiums but. Cash I how how do you keep the culture how to create a culture with these palaces that in Vegas there there you're not gonna have that bad experience right away Iraq. Oh no not at all like and I think I mean I think in public and it got a double he says it like it we brought back every one. Now that we have here world ever want that wrap of the public which by the it was at Berkeley. Danger. Because they they really need the minute you rate over the top medium. And they'd have the unique is that Jerry you don't. You know running the engine I didn't monetize that go away and under or eight days. Will not be able to been implicated they're gonna end up not even break even. They're gonna end up in the bag now. Why did my. It went there is an act how many. Number one Indian in the world can act you know it ever went on to be that top dog. It's in the main thing you think I'm the game that we're the biggest and they do it. That event an eagle and then what you outlet who looked at her you have what kind of legacy that he left behind. You know at all we're gonna do you know create the stadium that are plaques in the and it really lashed out at line. When they are online eighty per year afterward. But then when he quit five years later their battered them and all of that in the league which is what what's happening now a lot of a lot of these. And our entry you know they've is that about select which I personally I'm really bad it is. They become our our. That the money. You know our our signature building the community that think that we really sort of adapt ourselves been architecturally emotionally cold currently. Note the building need work out the that are going to be torn down 2030 years later I think he's a really bad neat about who we are. I mean look no further than Atlanta or right I mean a brand new stadium opening this fall after the Georgia Dome. Implode after what 20/20 years that was all it clear that crazy. Be is the author wrap eco hand. Is the author of the arena inside detail gaining ticket scalping NASCAR racing Joseph obviously funded and possibly haunted monuments. Of American sport raffia. To take it back to new air field for a moment with the lease is up at 82023. And the thing that has me the most nervous about talk of a new buffalo bills' stadium in downtown buffalo or anywhere in Western New York is. The idea that in order to sustain these brand new palaces. You really have to have a lot of economic. The F to have wealth in the region and I don't know that Western New York has the kind of wealth now that they had. When they've built. You know the old you know Ralph Wilson Stadium enraged you stay right right so what. What do you see from your travels that that can king. Go against what I just said they're mean other markets you're seeing where are we there isn't a ton of wealth in this region. It might be fairly blue collar Rust Belt yet they're still able to pull off mean Cleveland comes. It comes to an example that's that's a bad example of the steam out. Read that that's not very happily lot. That you all and you're happier that it the city and now that you know. In perspective there really leaning not not yet out personal like you know paper portion of their own stadium caught and note. Are not cheap and that. You know that's a let me you know really at EC on top of your. Traditional ticket holder you know our and I'm sure I'll vote that most were familiar with it but those who aren't purple. Light and basically. Are you that you pay for them the privilege. And not act AT&T stadium for the cowboys. Some of those yet now we're at right into 150000. Dollar. Now that it you know ticket item op over the course thirty years that they you know you buy ticket. And you you be agreed to McKee big old or thirty years then your only change you know what that our grand a year whatever. By. Bill that's a whole lot active. By not apparently at outback kinda endemic well I mean. But picking on me and not necessarily gonna get it ample either. Is the deeper down into war and they don't have a tunnel exports in you know fortune 500 companies or anything like that without it but apparently not the guys. The stadium where it would you know they have a local Indian authority that you know maintain maintain the facility and an aid money is poured in America. And that I mean they've they've made that decision at that it's important then it is seen as a city. Is that really got that continually continually and Pavel. That battle and not that apparently great model elect you wanted to you know New York they want to eat from money at the bill you know. It's interesting I mean buffalo and western York you know released in position right now because. And a lot of ways it in order order Spain and he's not a barely think about you know I new stadium and by the way you. You all did it get a couple under renovation. Right now I honey I think god and the and but ever short out in. Now other Anna Eleanor and mr. Crabtree and I don't know what that means that the real I mean it's a legitimately interest the situation because. There are a lot of their lot. It is where in order awkward or edict from the lead role and won't be a 18 in the Brett but kind of allow other people around him. Make Brett the sort of fielder could not prevail Brett. You know get with the program or Al. But then again you know they don't forget how to better spent the reality. And yelled baby that doesn't mean that you have you know I think it's mile club and Miller Lite club world players walk group. You know and maybe that's not the right stadium that market you know recreating Jerry world. While I eat that's what am fearful of is that yes you have the passion your due to you know the NFL really. Care about that and when you bring up New Orleans I think that's the model. We're gonna have to gull I mean. What the idea I realize or if you don't you know you're not a fighter Western New York politics but I would think that we're headed down that road. Although the New Orleans what other markets in your travels that. You know I you have these bad act door deals where the taxpayers just got worked over. Yeah and that's and that is really an advantage related thing almost my number one take away it's sort of overall economically from all it. Is that we're all comedy I don't know you know and that's the argument that they're gonna make it around a New York but we're told. It is going to be economic Boone does and it's all kind of activity. On offer on this. And the bottom line is it that. All the evidence suggests that that's just now. I act now a lot I'm pocket where I'm at a unit that literature and they can and it is expedient are not good economic. They're just. That it it came time. That there is there are other. Companies not in our other point the value there's been like audience liked there's that I'd. And no matter you know but at the time. That doesn't mean that you know we can buy an argument that they're gonna make. It or not gonna make it. To keep it going in there at your creditors of who suffered from these packed ordeal commute I like Cincinnati. And enacted into their general on the obstacle. But the reason why that what it could be. It is really grows the economic forecast. They've seen that they were gonna have been tremendous economic off from the eighty which never came earlier. Oh the work war or York is even if your old that it is indeed the economic you know the economic bonanza don't buy that. Going in with realistic expectations. Up on a conversation in terms about what is the work you and how much you're willing. And then be realistic in terms of that actual economic activity that we used structure at least he'll. It's not some sweetheart deal based on again he's really optimist. Or at the numbers Eric you know leave taxpayers or in the bag at the end of today because those numbers are never realize. They're really really important and on the cover page. Graphical had a guest in the sports bar danger tightly he is the author of the arena I album for your route mean it's it's right here in our backyard of Rochester New York. We just got closure on yesterday. On a new lease agreement at frontier field the home of our AAA baseball affiliate. The Rochester red wings the red wings are worried a little bit of trouble this year because the county. Who owns the stadium. Wanted to essentially doubled their rent a rent to that that had remained flat over the course of the last twenty years all of a sudden because of the debt accumulated while being operated by a local. Development corporation. That's not cherry now not shady. And now all of a sudden there's panic in the streets that the red wings could be leaving Rochester until we come to last minute deal you know we wanted to set a deadline of the end of the baseball season which you know wraps up here in in under two weeks. And they got the deal done. However we don't know the exact terms of the deal and I think as fans were kind of wanting art kind of surcharge for the county are we gonna be looking at were buying tickets next year. Yeah element that are getting their current goes back to the original economic point is that you buy it don't make money. And you know it's funny because it up on it. Coincidental that I did it in me that they're minor league stadium in spring training are right now actually are kind of been in years. Getting public money. I don't need an overly. Negative that it would like shaking down or smaller or by any item off each other. At the minute it happened or why her or at least out that deal with a bit more into Iraq is not is it provide. Because yet a local development corporation is probably in. Instructed that you even there yet I. Believe it was about a million bucks a year. Or rent. But they're there they'll how thirty million dollars or like Adam it'll. Mean we don't you write in the you'd be part of corporation RO AD but we we can't in numbers but we note that he op. Bird you know it hasn't paid off they'll even though it might be any order or charge for it. There's an app that one way or not we would want an attack or other. The operating under the pain at at least earned. They're gonna need that money from around the public because. They're not getting it from that and it an obvious and it and it. What is it worth the wanted to work. Obviously that are really important institution. You know of you know all you don't want to believe. I think are more record at a port in general on right now and it it monopoly at that it. You know reality of it is that. Wrote portly. Rodham monopoly because there's a fine night out of their app but why. And seemingly infinite demand between our any note you can get another city that what you might come over. And you eat mine is off one another and that is it gonna keep going that way for now. 88 now. Or. Or are like national legislation again and again that I worked out. Rusty calling author of the arena great read inside the tail gating ticket scalping mascot racing did mostly funded and possibly on the monuments. Of America export route it is is not really fun appreciate your insights here is special weather situation down the road buffalo thanks Richard time graphic. Absolutely and I would love to compete Coca-Cola field. Cook cold fill the buffalo sure yeah I mean. Coca-Cola field a frontier field poll though right around the same time I wanna see general McAuliffe. It was the original idea was a buffalo is gonna get to meet league stadium ready yet and down. Yeah the Expos were actually gonna move to buffalo once upon success at delta are really quickly so it's like yeah. You know doubt top of the precursor to can't be hard populist note that read before and did that. You know you upload really had the claim to fame for the retro ballpark. Absolutely rough fear more than welcome upstate anytime look this up when your in our area are but. Got a rough because our guest here in the sports bar danger in the tightly on am 95957. Offend again to reach the the book is the arena. But inside the tail gating ticket scalping mascot greasing do obviously funded and possibly hunted monuments of American sport I'm enjoying it immensely did dumb. Did you know that there is the virgin hole and have to go to Lambeau Field and I GAAP ready can you read all about it Iraqis will now pretty compelling stuff. Their relationship is all right altered to that on the way now accept that beef with one of our coworkers Jeanne we're gonna all I know all morals and talk about a the quarterback. Looking for a second chance north of the border that and more as we play I'll drink to that. So provocative spot spot some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports on the way next on ESPN Rochus.