The Sports Bar- Rod Streater

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia are joined by Bills WR Rod Streater as camp as come to an end. Listen as he talks about his expecations for the season, catching a pass from Josh Allen, and more.

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Welcome back to the sports bar with danger and the tag glee appeals camp live on the campus of saint John Fisher College bills' final day of practice here at saint John Fisher College. And joining us now the country sweet hot seat. Bills wide receiver rod Streeter rob how are you. Oca everything I thought I got Dixie youth today and yeah how how is their feeling is you gonna get back to a normal routine through grove street alone bear there before and I. The back to work tomorrow now rod don't get too much and that for now I hear a lot of stories about players probably to have a little bit before and I probably half. I'm a gay couple gave them well always what's when there are argument being anywhere you keep a mystery out of a you're not playing ten year old a twelve year old them for an hour and a whoever's going there here and there to lose the Pate rot you know what when we looked at your back or a little bit and were very provincial here in Western New York not a lot of people know that that prior to your time at temple. In college you started your cola your collegiate playing career at Alfred state and junior college football before they re even NCAA level school and they talk like your time and Alfred state how. You've improved. From those modest beginnings and goes all the time there out of state. At that graduate high school exit the year off in these were a little bit the next came across to the school to my friend he played DB there. Thome out for states are applied in Nome it was awesome experience you know. Or did you go is it the right to everyone goes really taught me how. How to really ride how to really go out there and getting I had to work hard nothing was given to me and it really helped me. It stems like a foundation you know to carry on to simply carelessly and if so put all star right here in New York alpha state. Fire everybody I think people in Western New York identify with the underdog as the way the bills have always be do you consider yourself. The underdog hole isn't there. At this you know drag right drafted eighth round last week rather undrafted guys. But yeah. Low the united Doug you know not to meet you ever expect anything out soon and we go we make plays in stood here and easily in. It's either make plays so up to undergo tooth must shoulder blow rod talk about that'll that could you mention undrafted column with the raiders. Six years ago what about the work that you had putting just to make your first NFL team six years ago coming out of college college Placido who Carson Palmer are rookie year he took me under his wing in. I told me no one there as guns are the guys that hey I'm a little go to you know coming the other way through 24. Announced that you and every day he taught me is an how to read the fans' eyes wanted. Pick his brain just to see how hockey lessons league in every day I had to make plays you know as under the guy it was a no. I was in the first round solid and we'll get it down and opportunities and one ball came away ID kits it. By the goma except those with a team that do those costly try to prove myself because he's just who East Coast up lawn and leaf. Well Ron I think you proved it last year and you know bring us back to last year because here you are everybody's thinking wow look at street or is that in this great camp. And then the injury had to tell us about that whole experience of what what type a setback that wasn't I had overcome that they'll. Sucking OTAs lay I think it was I OT number six is that their son in I was blessed that the Disney about to become him play for. NI things go good athlete he plays the camp in there. Do I think it was active much they're kissing is The Who has a relic of back route Claudia what's in my leg up deny this we gave up big so. And at that while Crocker on my man is my whole year you know I worked so hard and now things all your heart was to ever see note that really. Reveals character in to sit there is enough fuel from aflame you know my hey. I have a opportunity after the season sob at the deuce and on a slight chance for a no less Elena played with him work out and I'm here now so healthy and ready go. Rod talk about things revealing themselves I don't know that anybody could predicted kind of reaction that the team gave you all inside your injury that a lot of love A event we had OT come out there and that's where. As it is goes teens about all about him you know they came out they see when it runs down they all came to the field and you know you really you really see down teams. It's a row in Japan feel and a really gave me hope that enough thought love and are ours is want to get back out there really pushed me to get back got directly to these guys. He wears number 81 of the Buffalo Bills rod Streeter is our guest here in the sports are so tell us about the receiving corps this is your first camp. We'll start with helping banks remain how much does he help you is a leader what are you thinking and then met some of the guys that you're catching balls. What is also there for KB you have ever study is off the lab releases how he's physical he. He's very physical and that's an if you get Haywood Roman a time and it's my game he's OC's may melt lines they close to home grow those shoulder whatever you gotta do you know who. But JB's move now that I really like his game and he's a hard worker he's really worked hard to get back with the injury. And obviously you know but also play from him out in the last couple we've been here say does. Rod let's talk about the quarterbacks wouldn't be conversation with the Buffalo Bills player we didn't have a conversation about the quarterbacks IE you've got a little bit of experience with Nate. Up from last season how is he banned and then what about aging what about Josh the rookie coming in this. I would say from a Koresh you know be able to kiss from the ledge here Philly we continue make plays again this year we got the time and age even don't close out who wins and so have. Dumb DOS. Which they ought to go good you know they. A recent record rest we have all crossings in there brought wanna make plays you know it's our job as receivers to what did it make plays and cornerbacks. It now we're excited you know whoever steps into a man's will be great if. How is it working with Josh specifically to that would have to imagine that you've never work with a quarterback that throws the ball. That hot comments yeah I mean what is that battle it just doesn't seem as though he got there and each output so when hunter. Let the issue book. You know home as receivers and jackets that you know because of who's from. We SE like you know you throw the hardest they're faster. And defense here if we kick that he would go to daycare so but we're gonna catch it you know he's he's he's accurate we're just excited you know he made you make plays loose B and. And we're safer refuted their host roll out what Valerie raise Sturm is it okay look like it exploded on the touchdown catch on Thursday night against airline he's here you can actually make access he's. Happy happy he's back. These reviews I seriously doubt you got the right it would today. And I gimmick plays we've been here if you could be some especially this week to rod talk about this new offense under Brian table we saw a lot of movement against a Carolina last Thursday it's safe to say that this off it's not a little more rhythm the fans seem buffalo for quite some time yet they bring did you this year. Man we were eleven because everything he's very anonymous allow movement allowed this message UC KB line up everywhere were lined a fair everywhere. In he's got definitely Phillies took a few defensive you know rookie corner here oval to move faster will play festival realize he. Brought streeters are guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Ride as far as the other guys we talked to seem like there's always one Rachel McDermott has of these guys guys that we like. The work I mean talk about the the culture that's kind of created and I don't know you you kind of fit into that mall. Man he doesn't care where you're from which you've done is on to come here work in the plays as we talk and assaults that they were up by different than a mental lesson. Got a chance you know. The only I came in late he still gave the opportunity go out their flesh so. If you could play you'll you'll play here in on us we love about him he's he's hall or the coast breeze and easy. I mean is really no big result we've been idea every day from start defendants besides this irregular obviously views it had been break when it's there but we were still out here organ arrays so. I love it though I mean he's a prepares for the season in an SS is pokey was going to itself attitude and the Italian he has carries would listen to. So rob what's the schedule like now here your last state debt can't peer at saint John Fisher College god of course Cleveland on Friday night in after that. How does that all play out for the Buffalo Bills. Yes so we go back today though thank you know has affected buffalo we get it they are so we're trying to recover some size something. Tomorrow we get ready to head out the Cleveland and then. Of who your ticket to win play hard and we're back to film the next day in I think we got off the next day new film and in prepare for I think we played it then we'll be back. So this will be like a game we puts a treat this like we do in the game we Greg's threatens. Have a day off and they ought to. Fair that you could honestly long time in the news you know it's kind of widely accepted that the third week of the pre seizes the dress rehearsal I mean if you're. If you're a role in the third week it's safe to say that that could be your role come week one of the regular season. Yes up to us that's out you know for gay might get thrown in there but you can never. As today or as a refuge guys victim but all four insecurity because they had the economic team in this unhappy. You got on the issue when your dress you ready to go stay in Mexico they put me in ambler. If he's this and now you sit out not mom got ready to go. Brad Friday night is going to be fun for fans when you see the bills going up against Tyrod Taylor and on your not going up against Tyrod Taylor but. But what do you think Tyrod can do for them browns franchise that really you know they're there to search of her win. Yeah he's a leader of men like these allows game of a Phillies were going into a media team. And he's movie that that are Korver four baker and younger quarterbacks. Are very Smart he's passionate and they got great leader earlier it's our own site for browsing sites C didn't issue. Bills wide receiver rod street are joining us in the country sweet hot seat sports bar with danger mechanically on ESPN Rochester rob before we let you go the bills made the playoffs last year what's a realistic expectation for fans to expect this season. The rule but did you draw you know the bar's been raised so we got to go out there and it's either raise the bar. You know made us last year done if you don't expect. Dude I know you gotta get out of here you're anxious and how cool until Roxio are there to this. Oprah's we had no more price Obama. Now the court Knight is one game be doing any mad at all and got. Did you see go home inside of bills thing. No ends up today yeah that's right that's up to pencil me in there you news. Flail man on third down I think that they're setting up offices of defense that can erode you gotta watch to see what happened where it is it is the question if roughly men. That's on FaceBook alive I wanna say yes the Buffalo Bills it's like the reality kind of show that we were talking about edited at all yet vetted you checked that out. Our mind and will also end up on Buffalo Bills dot com Rodham making an appearance they're going to its cheery news not admit that in nineteen put forward that rod. Stay healthy this season best of luck you'll see is sooner right appreciate it.