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We dive deeper into the domestic abuse allegations against Bills running back  LeSean McCoy with Ryan Talbot of in The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia.

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I would be doing exactly. Us. Are back in the sports bar danger and the tag Lehigh ESPN Rochester. The gene that go ahead take the blame reaching out and we did I yesterday's. I pay no news good news of the Buffalo Bills you want your team out of the news and then oh my gosh. I think. There is some of the worst allegations possible are being made today against LeSean McCoy. Joining us on the program I invited Monday introduced. Talk about his article which I really enjoyed about camp battles and we'll get to that a little bit and obviously see video of the bigger story today Ryan tell that Ryan appreciate you lot. Coming on the show today. Ryan. It just from way way above what is your read here on this situation is it says the situation where we. Need sit and wait for the facts to come out here. Yeah that that's absolutely mean and Owens be rushing to judgment is they're buried here is that patient. On Latin letting everything. Buy out is that that Nolan needs to go all out battle laymen do meet skiing. All statement on either side of the matters so definitely letting the pack edit the best political aisle that. One of the Faxon has just come out this statement from Milton Georgia police. The preliminary investigation indicating that this residence was specifically. Targeted by the suspect or suspects and not. Our random incident. Boy you know you want to believe that LeSean McCoy isn't involved in this but wind a haze that targeted. Is house was targeted by the suspect or suspects it hard to mention it he does have some kind of involvement here right. I would go that are you know and the immediate and a very nice column or I mean that. Whoever is responsible for the invasion. Probably sculpt the plate column is. The united there's no one there or maybe you're from a cold place and and are you wasn't there at the time you know you eat you don't want it I'm equally to it but there is used that did the report did come on they that it looked like it was. All. Are specifically target by suspect game nattering means tell you know it. Is something that that's out there now is being that I'm sure it went in the all walk on and you can only hope that. They find the responsible parties than on the of that ever you know that McCoy is telling the truth in this matter and that obviously today is ex girlfriend is okay there as well that obviously the most imports. Here I guess where I was going with that Ryan is it the court records from Georgia showed it mccoys been trying to evict his ex girlfriend cordon out of this home for for some time now that the eviction attempts started a year ago a court papers were filed. Back in July 2017. In those those those papers show that McCourt was alleging that he in corner no longer in a relationship. He allowed her to live rent free while at the premises. For five months however there may have been re conciliation but McCoy. This year once again sought to have her removed. I guess if I'm saying inning of the goes that sank this is a look foolish on the call. Well. On the that made it says it may have been close on some one of the the lawyers. That he had you know he he did go any deterrent here moved out. I'll whittling the report out there that says that shortly with a targeted and it doesn't necessarily look graded at play on again. And as calmly about working you don't want. Go to our ad. Accused McCoy and anything because there is no but as time he was in all but you're right and when you when you add in everything that was going on there in court. Mine in trying to year they that I. The event to. The event don't that maybe I don't they don't add up at these events aren't fortunate. Bryan Talbot New York upstate dot com normal we're talking fun stuff but on this certainly isn't fun odd today here in the sports bar but. Reineck I guess this is a story where if we hear about it we read about it we're wondering but like the Ray Rice story. What's your reaction when you see this photo for folks who haven't seen him. Is a very graphic. Photograph that was out there one time and it was importantly I'm in agreement that kind obviously. Many people had seen and greens shouted and shared it. Com it's something that that would turn year's comic elated he did he would do it at a picture that you met that wanna go look or. It's it was seen this happen to her and it's something that should never happen to live in any email our email that mattered on decent terms being. Our attack like that so heavily not something that you wanna go on working and. Ryan why pull the answer Graham post if it's not true. You know I can't requested that it one time you know that obviously generated a lot of traffic a lot of people picked up on that. Original post and that it was out there on that they had a lot of activation and McCoy not just that he was responsible or. Com is the incident with the ex girlfriend and there's a lot to that. So for whatever reason though it was cold on. Once that happened there's a lot of people on social media that kind of com turned you know Indy and all the there's there's you know according telling the truth is not a so but again if you wanna wait things out you want to meet sheer. He you don't wanna say anything that's cool is just let this play out that the arresting anyone can do an odd situation. You have this is their real test for the new bills president came to Golub and I I would love to know what she is thinking right now. But if Ryan is this something that really the league needs to take. The lead on this so to speak that did it knowing what happened with the Ray Rice story and how the ravens bumble their way through that and in the league also. Failed that whole story that. This is a story that the bill should really kind of deferred to the league is far as one of the next steps here and now I'm getting out of myself but but what would be the ramifications of the salt or true. Adding belief doesn't take the you know go on the court Bryant take control of this. They need to do their homework on the matter they need to talk to McCoy they need. To talk to anyone and ball that they can to do who to do their due diligence so to speak. On and again I'd I'd I don't want it to our belt but there obviously would be some potential punishment if there was anything that could be Krugman. On that goes that way and that McCoy was involved in any way shape or form but again it's too soon to date that. Mom but yet our dog Billy would obviously and varied. Strict punishment you would think if anything did come to her which. Reports from local local premiere of the DNC the attorney LN attorney Jacoby Hudson. Is representing McCoy in the eviction case it said this afternoon that he had spoken with McCoy who we know has already adamantly. Denied the allegations trying to guess what I'm saying is or wondering is. It would the next thing I mean if these allegations are. Just unquestionably false. Made op Ed and Whitney and talked about the other applications in the post I mean you know that. The assault is one thing but is she goes on to talk about the you know then the drug abuse. The the child abuse the animal abuse. I mean. Wouldn't McCoy have a case first for slander libel action the next statement that we hear from McCoy McCoy beat from his lawyer saying that we're going after the person who alleged these things against my client. What. Yet if those things are not sure I mean you like compact c'mon say that the that would grow to be is his neck that that is aren't those doors. Pace that attorney did pursue those matters. On because you know ordaining eatery or being out there are people and on some rush to judgment friendly things play out this Bobby elite and hurt his credibility. Even at all the news group and ball. You know short term long term. You know aim at. People are going to have have preconceived ideas now just because of that vote act is well. Yet absolutely accompany you should pursue. Obvious that was Ryan and the ex girl Brian. I he probably knows that is that that would be a matter that he could pursue. Bryan Talbot at New York upstate dot com you know great what this time today weren't such a serious matter. Writing if there's anything we could kind of generalize here is that what ever the investigation league will do we hear. And you know into the for that matter the authorities of course it's gonna take some time. And I feel sheepish ask you a football question but I'm sure that's roaring through a lot of people's mind that whether. He did this or not. It's gonna take awhile to sort out so if you can describe I mean the Buffalo Bills on offense. Essentially holds this year without the Shawmut court. What is it that word app and the man who does because he is the up and MBE of the team. Are you using guys ME yacht and go either got to can help all three quarterbacks here Abby Welker being inexperienced. So it's something does happen there where where he is I believe nor obviously. He he would probably be your move from the team if any of these values are true. I yen the team would it would certainly. Opera and the like. It's got stuck about what all questions as an activation together I mean. There's there's not really out there that can replace one comically viewed and living on her doctor's clothes that. On the other style and talent guys out there on the mark could DeMarco Murray. On but it is that a few years and uses and he was running rough shot over Italy to sell you just hope that. The league does their due diligence you hope that McCoy. It is clear from all matters and that this incident and people buying them. And you know moving forward this year and just and his. It is post football career going to any time in it is foreseeable future duplicate that these accusations and certainly do a lot of damage to his character. Brian Tallet writes from New York upstate dot com covering the Buffalo Bills you can read his work they are joining us now on the sports bar fourteen Jim tightly. On ESPN Rochester this is the first. Real big test for new bills president Kim the ghoul. I'm curious who the bills issuing the statement that they issued which he's basically saying that were investigating and that's where relieving a but I mean. Imagine being Kim Google. Andy your star player. Is he just remotely linked even if it's remotely linked to that graphic image. As a female as a leader as the eggs is the president this team is an executive. What's Kim goes reaction to. Not are urgently now. Comic Ernie it would. Art a look at that I'm sure that as president Simon has registered as an individual. Bias. Calm about it I have no doubt that is the team president she's in need to do diligent and the old man. She's going to be communicating with only communicating with McCoy. I was going to be doing everything to make sure that the she's going to be doing what's in the best interest of this team. Meaning that if he was a role in ball is only. On you know that that means cutting ties with him most likely. But that it's it's opt to stay out he's healing our. And the like I think you have the same reaction than Al that image like that it comic. The police statement in Rappaport other sharing right now as is an open and they active investigation. Going on in. This is the world we live in Ryan right now where. We're learning about the story essentially from a friend posting this on instead Graham when the police are still investigating. And you know we are talking about this but. Asked before social media this is seen in this story at this point. Yeah that is that being your I mean things have changed times have changed. On and and those accusations can go a lot further today than they would've. 1520 years ago it away and social media wasn't and you know anything like it is now so it. It it's some thing that a lot of people stop or any payment were given now or. Even LeSean McCoy could come up write his own statement that was out there her hours. On its just the way it is right now in the world in terms social media one of the unfortunate side social media that these posts are put out there and and a generate a lot. Com traffic so to speak and then being and he's just big talk on their terms of public opinion. Well and again this is distort world reacting to but as far as reaction and our timing in place right now Ryan Moore were. What sixteen days away from the start training camp I I want to ask more questions about this but I'm not in the mood to talk about. Camp battles today with with this guy and I apologize right but it had you had. Have we had a story. The Buffalo Bills and like. Vick's as you could say the OJ thing by. Mean he was why. 25 years or grew from that franchise somewhere around that twenty years removed from the French as any. That the possibly where this story is going right now I don't know if we've. Had anything of this magnitude it correct me if I'm wrong I'm racking my brain right now. No it. Her and ended the read and calm history of the game now it is not and it really comes to mind. It's definitely going to be something that debt hangover. On that the team innings over McCoy obviously is as we approach training camp. Ryan the idea that his name is even attached. To this crime he may not be involved in any of what is being alleged but. It is known no denying his name is attached to this happened at his home. Tougher team that's been preaching culture Brandon being Sean McDermott and we've seen it not just with the bills but also with the sabres character it matters. I mean is it enough to just be attached to something like this and have the Buffalo Bills say you know what man we're gonna heartless. You know I don't think besides being. There and do their homework and I don't think that that be there to. A man at any one visit team or anything like beds is to cut ties about doing their homework on the matter at all. Mom's not I would just say that like at that they're gonna either you don't on this matter and that they're going to be investigating these going to be looking at a the police obviously there are looking at it's not going investigations. Go. What when something does come out one way or the other bats and the bill will take. Action. It's not a good running game a while LeSean McCoy I mean and it picks let's say it's 146 games whatever it is. You know due to injury whatever reason if it's not that Shawn McCoy in the opening lineup night yet. Ryan don't feel confident about Chris Ivory and Taiwan Jones or whatever else they're gonna try to out there. Yeah no I mean it obviously it is significant drop in talent that position at McCoy Karzai agrees Baghdad a chart of the last two years terms yards per carry. I'd either Gatti and pick up out yards or European you know so that. Army in the notre bears could as a dad today in the short stint last year showed the ability to catch on the back deal. But then there's no question they don't have anyone on this roster right now that day it is anywhere close to McCoy all perspective. On it but again it's just one of those things that the team will deal on the I'm on. On it like it's that it is they find any thing against that thing you did our ways but. You don't wanna rush to judgment that that's the key thing no one should be rushing to judgment. What this play out what the police do their job and it well and and the built their job well. Ryan gene mentioned you're I can't battles article at New York upstate dot com wanted to make sure before we let you go you have many of times talk about what to work now for site. All reduce the market preview issues. We're gonna be looking. Obviously record record we we critics and now that we're entering training camp quality that again obviously. Man. Roster projections as we get in the training camp. Pop out like comparing that to build small unit of routine is used well on a lot of things here is as training camp approach. As. Brian appreciate your time and a difficult day and now flee with the talk of bills football. On the fuel costs sometime soon here. But in the month of July brine not on his typical day trying to keep up with this developing story appreciate your time today. Got to ride tell the New York upstate dot com you can read his work on the Buffalo Bills there and and you're right Jeanne typical day. It a day that you don't I mean listen your bills fan and we mentioned yesterday no news is good news or in the off season you hold your breath you hope that you don't have any incidents. That your players remain safe to stay out of trouble that they can come into camp fresh and ready to go. And man it feels like every year there's something right. Yeah and if you're feeling incredibly conflicted about this that's okay. I'm feeling conflicted do I am trying to tell you what you should feel and I don't know what I feel myself. But I can tell you this I feel. Angry that somebody did this to this woman. So these are things I know are true right now. We want justice for this war. Now you wanna come and he'd say oh this stage I am not buying any that something happened here there was a home invasion. And this woman was beyond and there are pictures on social media and they are awful. And I would advise you. Use caution if you haven't seen it when you log on tonight when you get all. It's that bad. And what I do know danger based on the track record. Stores wrap up any time soon no we're not gonna have resolution to this tomorrow or Thursday or next week out. In less. Here's how you have a quick resolution it was and is not what bills fans are gonna wanna hear. But quick resolution to this is. Hey look we have zero tolerance for this you may beast didn't in war you might not have been there you might not have been the person who struck this woman multiple times. But this happen in your home. And through our investigation we figured out that somehow you are involved this is the company you keep this company that you have kept. Often all over the course of multiple years. So we would it shock you if Kimba gore made that decision tonight after it in and sink into bush she's the team President Bush forty shock me yes it would shock me. It would absolutely shocked me do I think it's the right thing you brought I don't know I mean there's a part of me that wants to see. That wants to see this play out but there is the other emotional partly you're saying you were that this woman. Beaten so badly. You want to see justice for you want an NE pre you hope and pray that that that her recovery is. Is gonna go well. And that that she's going to get the justice she deserves. And if your tenure open that there is no involvement whatsoever with the Shaw McCourt but. That's impossible the it's at his house I mean you know. There's some involvement he's an acquaintance of hers he tried to Victor there's a paper trail. So even if he's not involved. Specifically in this domestic abuse incident. He's involved. Oh he's involved somehow it's his house. Why being his house he's involved. He has to be he has to know what's going on at his house this was a home invasion and police are suspecting that it was a targeted. Invasion. It's not a good look foolish on the court. That much you know just from what you've seen and heard and what we know is fact so far. And I keep thinking about Kim Google I keep thinking about the new bills team president seeing this image. It makes everybody stomach tumor is a woman when you hear. In and you hear these allegations and you see this picture. And we need immediately. How hard must beater toe hold back and say yeah we have to let this play out. You know you want justice Powell. You want justice for the victim now. Yeah and and I I think we should clarify something about the social media. Post and instead Graham coming up mean come going pride. This was not by the victim. Friend of the victim correct. So the front of the victim maybe didn't understand how something like this can go so incredibly viral where she might have just on his tweeting. At the Sharma coli and then all the sudden the world you're dead end. You know now the media is descending on you I can understand. Why her intentions started one way but she realized that. You may actually may be hurting the investigation here by now getting is and I'm sure the police were ready for this thing. I ensure the police are caught guarded the investigation. Is still on goal this capping that. At 3 AM Monday morning. We're watt. 38 hours past that that's not a lot of time to complete investigation for a home invasion. Unless the guy had a name tags in put his fingerprints all over. And had a previous record I'm sorry. Or 54 ESPN's or number. Again let's get to the statement from Milton Georgia police about the home invasion by Tuesday. That was said in response the ABC news and ESPN inquiry into allegations against bills running back LeSean McCoy this statement reads quote. On July 10 2018 approximately 3:18. AM. Milton police responded to a home invasion. At a residence on Hickory pass near the Cherokee county line the preliminary investigation indicates that this residence was specifically. Targeted. By the suspect or suspects. And not a random incident. One officers arrived they found one victim would be in physically assaulted by a lone intruder. During the altercation the suspect demanded specific items from the victim. An adult female victim was treated and released in north Fulton regional hospital a second adult female victim also sustained a minor injury during the incident. Or 54 ESP and John from Hilton's calling a major on. John no punch lines today this is not all we need on the. They're geared up for that. I mean. If at all true and our own it good I'll go and get it animal. That's re right there and Michael Vick already in the water. Ali nor are they accuse him of everything short of having a new killer weapon. It's its aerial Peterson a child abuse too though it is yet now it's it's it's it's eight. It's Ray Rice. It's like I'll I'll see you know all wrapped into one. You got steroid abuse you've got child abuse you've got animal abuse and and you've got an allegation that that this woman was beat up by LeSean McCoy. It's ugly man it is an ugly. Ugly story. Buckle up because I don't think it's gonna end any time soon that the quickest way for this and it's for the Buffalo Bills to say we've moved on. We've concluded our investigation. And we you know. Hardcore they authorities arrest somebody else in this these wholly unrelated and it's just this weird correct sir duke quits it at all. Thing that David. She. Homo owned by the Shawn McCoy was robbed by someone else but that's not what the police report is kind of means no. Beatrice and see what happens here but buckle up it is going to be Iraqi right here and if we learn anything last year from the easy kill Elliott's. Case I mean easy kill Elliott. Alleged allegedly. Abused his girlfriend lobbed what's the difference between nets during his tour. A photo I had our photo makes it all that much. Worse and and how all. What support. Will the bill's throat behind the Shawn McEvoy. After their investigation will determine you'll be able to tell how. Real these allegations are based on the amount support the organization throws behind their star player because last year Jerry Jones. It didn't miss an opportunity to support Ezekiel Ellington. All he he was rated. Single leak. Not exaggerating. Was that passionate that defend his player. And I bouncy. If this is any truth to this whatsoever how you defend the. I have a hard time seeing Kim Angola. Or anybody in the bills organization I really coming out in support of the player. Even after the facts I mean you know it's almost as if you win the facts are our file when you when you unearthed what exactly happened here. This is is ex girlfriend. He was trying to evict her he is hole. It's not a good look to LeSean McCoy. Not a good look at all. All right we'll love to continue on this next happy hour will try to have. Happy hour and exercise yet to sober happy hour today all drink of water. If made finally a tweet from much Chris at ESPN Rochester is already guilty regardless of the outcome in the legal system. It's a lynch mob mentality to that hey listen air on the court of public opinion you're right Chris BO the Twitter mob will get behind somebody and you'll also tear somebody down eat out T. Yeah absolutely. It is absolutely a lynch mob mentality to that thanks to his social media. More on this next in sports bark. Danger to tag leave ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and expert. Access to them. Let's say yes yeah. ESPN Rochester dot com bringing showing and packed with action from India and 57 MM us forcefully. Innocent lives 24/7. Probably his heels and 00 earlier this sports bar when danger and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.