The Sports Bar-Sal Capaccio

Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss New England's offer sheet to Bills running back Mike Gillislee. We then discuss the possibilities in the draft for Buffalo including Malik Hooker, Haason Reddick and the quarterback class.


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This important New York Mets baseball this weekend on the sports leader Mitch nationals Saturday at 3:1 AM 9:15 PM 957 FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. A sports bar with danger detailing only talk to the best we'll talk to the brightest. Including bill sideline reporter Sal hot she and her sister station WGR in buffalo and and yesterday. Like a holiday in buffalo selling Hingis yeah I mean that you did a buffalo wild I that you're not polish brigade. I think a lot of people Rochus gonna scratch their heads and look toward neighbors of the west on Digg is standstill like. What what he got going on over they're getting is that what. Jack Grubman buffalo area I pay it back to the water out of Europe and they've area. Pretty predominant or community over there not a part Europe and by what your pocket and Italian he would. From buffalo are item into the estate thing like kick or you're not only that I like. Going up here not eating chicken wings are not visiting Niagara fall at least be aware nobody. Basically. You know I've never participated. Break you know it. The employees. And the girls are on the I think it started with on the Monday after Easter. Boys would run around it and touched girls were put in those big girl you water from the boys and that and the next big be reversed. Now. That now. Or use it like it is when you're ordered early you squirt water guns at each other other outlet you'll. I don't see any prior to calibrate all. Normal. How does this not spread because I'd look at Rochester as a city that likes buffalo things we love the bills above the sabres we love our AAA baseball. A lot of similarities between the two cities yet. It doesn't translate but it sounds like a fun day where you can take today off and drink is that essentially what it is south. I think that the case. Uniting your tactic for the Irish have been distaste for the pole I guess that would be the way to look at it still want them India if you if your little that I Ursula all wish you pretty much it. One day each month march and April take advantage of that like I said. I'm not. I. I know I'm from buffalo. I know about it I witnessed that observe it but I'm not a participant. Well collapsing like what would only like Salvador and an eagle. Oh and I'm not much into it or celebrate. Cell oh lord of the bill's gonna do Mike Gillis let. I very inclination they're not gonna match yeah that could very well. Could do it but that I would think if they felt that he was worse. Over six million dollars over two year period four million up front that they would have tattered and in the second round level they didn't because they. Figured that they do not have that kind of the value and especially when you think about a guy playing. If you if you take this contract in town he's gonna count or million dollars and mr. this year Wednesday. Our own little bit more boy that you're talking about twelve million dollars in running backs this year. Justin your top two outings you pull back DeMarco beside. And Michael over. So I can see them doing that they'd probably rather you know walk away and grab that trumpet. Well in if it ends up going that way Telus a little bit about the next man up here Jonathan Williams who the bills. Spent a fifth round pick on but that we can see a lot of him last yourself. Didn't you know and I don't know what your organization guilt about Barbara really dealt new coaching staff and been. You can preceded or wouldn't go to what is what the first game was the let receiving hitting record over the ball in note at a at a couple fumbles in carefully is that kind of caught a little bit and he's got a steal a lot. He's pretty good in college it was pretty well Arkansas. Unfortunately. Yet it Eli and that you know I had some question marks about him comedy and a little bit. But you know we have a a couple of issues that we don't know I've updated outlook. Like it mostly had a historic he's going to be we will realized. He wasn't in the Mac address. He had the thirteenth best. Yards per carry season. It's a merger that I mean. EE what do I would anybody would over with partner carries or more that a lot of carried a guy's gonna. Carry a ball a lot have a big in in big numbers and by the way he could tweeters in a row you before he can have a hundred carries. But for two years or whatever I point seven yards per carry our audience at a time that's what you got the nickname touched on Mike that he's been very good for the bills. But let me remind everybody. He was on the street when the bill picked them up he was unemployed because there are any Carlos Williams was and being basically stole it and that softens. With that type of run blocking offensive line and I know it's going to be different kind of offense. I think that you can get very good production. From corrupting you can get back tapper actually guilty gave you exactly that to be tough to do I don't know if you're gonna have that much but dropped off that kind of money that you would command he could. And you've got a deep class. At running back this year and outright if you're getting a fifth round pick in return I mean not saying you have to go running back at bat fifth round slot that you would get for Gil asleep. But they're certainly some options in the shares draft as well soccer taught your guest. In the sports bar with danger and the tags and by the way great piece that a cell put together radius in Rochester dot com. Who'll be available when the bills drafted the list of just all of the probability sell really great deep dive. As far as who's gonna be available for the bills and where and and we've been hearing so much. About the quarterbacks in the bills doing their due diligence in talking to everybody I mean you know this has got to be a smokes right I mean if if the bills fall in love and and move up in the draft Aminu. And does that make any sense at all. Why don't you gotta be acting like these I I very wealthy that convert a quarterback. But we're here here's the difference so you know 2013. They it would have been expressing we are taking your quarterback big whole world times you embodiment in believe arm they were gonna do it everybody that came arias station. Two months before that are back in November that year quick that. Partly here out of pictures of Richard quarterback going in that here they said. We are drafting a quarterback. The instructed don't really is that by the best quarterback you can't afford it only they are and I eat it we know how that turned out but that was a better. You know it will establish said. He's meeting also met or Mike glad it was a tough quarterback he wouldn't and I don't think that the key issue like you think is happening this year though it is. They're saying look. We are very open your quarterback is lauded as one of these guys whoever that may be true this year lots and whoever. They in effect that's available we elect we're gonna grab. I don't think they're gonna just take a quarterback all caught like in 2013. I absolutely believe it. They're ready to pull the trigger on one considering the way they handled the character situation I think we're ready to walk away from. It's part of a restructuring would not be on the roster. And technologies that their rate walk away from it and they also give you clauses after this year that helped me to rate in the amount of. Now it's a good point south of hot Joseph joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN sell about your piece that danger reference there. As far as who will be there at number ten that bill since let's just say for the sake of his argument they all move down they don't move off. Who would be your optimal guy there is sitting there at number ten where bills fans could say wow I can't believe he was sitting there at number ten. I think we are on Lattimore. What they're the clear need a quarterback I think the biggest need on the team that is the number one quarter of the draft and I'd be surprised if he is there I think he has. One out of five best players in the strapped. And so he's probably get ago we in the top five but certainly I would say we don't are some animal more there. Number ten. I don't think it built can go wrong selecting and I think commitment and really might start date want opposite Ron are you compete Nazi war. For the starting job in in very well when you on the profit from one year ago. And in this is a guy that you could use to essentially replace. You know Stephon Gilmore I get a guy would be is Steven Lee hooker in the league cooker or even Jamal Adam a one of those state either one of those safety. Is available at ten. I think that we got that would people pulled a trigger go rate adding a lot of you'll like Ruben Oster 82 as a pure football players linebacker which he can do in the current scheme. Probably a very very good player that can play in buffalo. I just don't know about how those numbers now are sitting with and Preston brown Rick Bragg and all play an error in the Albany and they have plans for Ramon Humber by. I think though to be there or got ready Lattimore is a very easy choice at number and if they're sitting there he's available. This out it's almost a certainty that a quarterback we'll go in the top ten and in the bill sitting at ten. Going to kind of have the best of both worlds don't they Amy there's Iran and quarterbacks early in this draft and some of these he Leet skill position players fault and Emmitt and and if they don't then you've got people behind the bills that could go quarterback I want him you know move up in the draft to take that quarterback whether you're talking about. You know Cleveland or or accused enemy you know is it best for buffalo to just let the draft come to them sit patiently attend rather than try to move up. Inside the top ten. Well at it. Shouldn't move up I don't think that edit that is. You know that they're generally never worked out great because like I mean I I think all the time I move up in almost rather be on the other and especially mr. you know. Good draft but it is indeed perhaps especially at places the bills need players. Like Stevie corner safety could draft there. It's one of the that it may be the best ever for tight end that's a bit distracted by it and you referenced the running back director we're running backs earlier it was mostly don't get I think getting more explicit opt that it doesn't expect. They need to commodity strapped with battery I think not six and they can maneuver themselves so I think moving dollars more of the plate Molina but. Let's remember if they wanna quarterback he's singled out and almost further. I don't see a quarterback going up the board and later than six I think that that jet spot there when the jet ski there are some entry into it. I'd be surprised. A quarterback was not selected in the top expects. I did I do the research on this first. Quarterback taken in every draft in the millennium. By the label and inspect what 2001. Count 2002001. Through now. Only one time. Or millennium as a quarterback the first one off the board did not take it would in the first three picks and that was the built seeking an annual and 2013. Yeah I I IBO look at these teams in the top ten Salant. You know it's nice they've made these offseason signings and here in San Francisco or Chicago but you have needs at quarterback I mean it. You you know Chicago could take a tribute ski at three certainly the jets at six I mean you know it's did not think that a quarterback. Our quarterback is gonna fall out of the top ten enemies kind of crazy. Yet it out but think about like. New Orleans to being there will land him or read some point. And eight straight up right at what these guys start that process could. Articulate that and having your they'll reverse Ahmet longest yet or are there which even back this year the the play about the Arizona Cardinals it pretty much a foregone conclusion. Carson Palmer and be done after this year that you could find somebody. You know Iraq that aren't your correctly predicted thirteen elect some you have to move up so. I just think that they're gonna be a quarterback beat goes in the top six it's always happen in the cornerbacks go early because you know the most important positions or if you wanna get your guy. He got amicable move to get around and look all talking at including myself has said for months this is not a very good quarterback spot. Mort talked to people that sell more I read things. I will tell you guys. The NFL a lot better about the class that we do personnel people feel a lot better about the last that we use and I am. I'm gonna go on record today I think. Six or even seven quarterbacks. Go in the first sixty. While south of pot Joseph joining us here in the sports burned 957 ESPN. Where I come down on the draft sell it in a perfect or on a team with only six pixel aloft the bills to trade down. I understand that's always kind of a challenge did you wanna make sure you get good value when you trade down. Could the best scenario van V. Like danger sat may be a Chicago takes one may be the jets at number six of quarterbacks start flying off the board there's somebody like an Arizona. Or Cleveland made you get a team like Houston or all the way up the that there could be opportunity there for the Buffalo Bills if that Ronald quarterback starts to happen. Having him up there wanted to you want the court except when it comes out right absolutely. If they don't really want a quarterback. Are so remote one of the wanna grab one Ater. Whatever that you want at Rupp for many quarterbacks that possible ago I think you also what are currently running backs as possible. You want for tactical early you want the cap regal Roby Juan Alvin cook go early morning quarterbacks and running backs. Those other guys are all out but Leo Howard are small and hookers are well Jamal Adam starts all in higher likelihood that the pan. If you look at that article Cairo I said they're pretty much fourteen guys here want. Out of those fourteen of those have. Also elect and so even if even at all and it goes 696. Where item on the list I mean he still I've got the remaining you can excel. Outlet there's an act of remaining on the list. I can move back here's what they do so about scenes public leaderboard they say are they rate degree every guy obviously. Date they put her out around great guy out how you guys. No NFL team pretty much ever had 321 round it just it just doesn't happen earn about 32 players in the draft in. In any year. It medical grade expert drug counts that you agree about wanting to meet each week by the most. First round out the legislative bills have. When he guys greeted in the first round. That the line bigotry to they would say we're only willing to go to that because you're gonna trade down used to want it or Al. In order that only gonna trade pretty much the spot we think the first round. Saudi think the bills so look it linebacker prospect out of temple Hasan Redick as a first round talent. Yes I think they do I think the league should he's really good he's versatile he can do a lot I think and under the radar. I vote but election and would probably like bringing about maybe the guys take it I don't know again linebackers stopped because. Even though Sean McDermott you know could use only independent guy. You know the numbers at linebacker out you put him in there you know you're you've got the moving parts you get you'll like I can see I could impact I think that the surprise and under the radar. I a week ago like Becker beat the other one opposite back. This is very bad opposite wind. But it but put out an odd as the top guy is he still attic and Robinson. Terrible. Right ram check and say those guys to go and buy you know use if you really like one of them enough maybe take Robert Bennett and the built had a need at right tackle guys and you know maybe that's a spot we're not talking about. How do you come down on Joseph mixing here genomics in obviously a player that has some serious baggage. Has some on field talent for Sherron and Sean McDermott I would imagine will be asked this question when he speaks than the on Thursday. Cell are you hearing anything. Character wise here with the Buffalo Bills. Avoid that pick altogether. I haven't heard but my senses he would be off their war I I can't imagine. They would select among the bills right now. Are in the eighties where they're trying to be as boring as possible. After everything happened right here that are having echoed the carnival barker after having press conferences that would and that actually. All over the Internet and all over you know point 47 or channel and things like that because at manipulating Doug Elliott in the year. And that the media policy at all those things happen. Built up basically and we looked expired or PR director really you know where you article the biggest game of the role ever what beyond you know. Guys that their governor for thirty years and eight. They moved at all and it brought them and also in and they have been and I know this are sure they're trying whatever in the B board are we don't want to wager not boring. You draft a mixed up or. Because now suddenly there's cameras people talking and there what are you doing and the like question and answer I don't think they want that and then I remember have a DL owner I mean. But it can interact. You'll an excellent team owner I think one I guess one can make the case well maybe that's the best spot to do it because that's someone who can. Who could really stand up there and say look I mean I I talk to them and I think it you know he got this issue we can work through whatever became can do that. I just don't know if the bill wanna have that look on that would be altered our director of player with Adam Reza. Saudi so close of the Buffalo Bills use you spent a lot of time around the team around the guys and it's hard not to be impressed by what we've seen out of coach McDermott so far. Do you think the fans are going to be. In this honeymoon period through the entire season if it doesn't go well do you think we're gonna feel. About coach McDermott in December how we feel about him right now I mean I have a hard time hearing anybody right now saying that they're not buying what coach McDermott is selling. And I mean look. Settle the right thing is you guys now he's very cliche. Like out there you if you get you know to me like I haven't used them out. He's a really downer guys earlier and you know he's just about my age. He's. Very in tune to. How Little League works and what is always believe in things like that but. If he goes to 5% in games don't care about that he doesn't know how to throw challenge flag when he opposed to only care about that. That's just what it doesn't matter whoever you are coach he doesn't have the creditors cash gay yet to go out there and lose you know sport this first six games that people think that it's going to be just our. Sell before we let you go and I knew you were Dolan that the long shell on your station yesterday at a what are. I would imagine that topic has since we carried the sabres here we're trying to figure out what that. The heck is going on there between the GM and head coach what's your read on the situation. When it comes to damn bowels mas a job security. Where it's a great question. I I have a feeling that they'll keep an eye on what I think anything goes one in America back from war I think he could have. Those conversations with Terri the gullah. But mr. the cola who. Basically set anything in any isn't it true is that he's not kinda got inspired people eat he became about police said. Are not going anywhere at any act or anywhere now we know that they actually. Right by the way that and it barely read and their business for many many years is. Very low or no buyer if you don't believe that it leaving when people work through issues and giving them chances and they see the good and people look at though that the kind of people they are. I don't think he wants to be known as a guy who continues to turn over coaches that would be think about it. Admiral lap and a man I get it you know would have done grow Rex right you have read it or coaches football life. In three different coaches hockey wise in the what five years he's owned. The Tutsis in three years don't wanna buy the other I mean what that a lot of term would you really want to do that I don't know charitable wants to put it all deposition but update desk. I think Emery knows he has a problem on his hands because they're young stars do not get along with the coach and generally when that happens we all know is that young stars. Yeah so we appreciate your time is always know extremely busy you are and Duffy take us tidy afternoon to join us here in sports bars. Very very much appreciated. Let's look for talking to you again now hopefully sometime here after the draft cool. Absolutely guys we'll hear from coach McDermott on Thursday about the draft by the way so you know you get a little more. In talent and on enough marshals say but at least and also that you want urban. Agents say anything we'll get the schedule personnel to that'll because. Every more accurate figure out. Absolutely it's not the budget joining us they sell. Out.