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Mandatory minicamp begins tomorrow for the Buffalo Bills and Sal Capaccio joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar with a preview!

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Wake up to a goalie can wing. Exactly in the sports o'clock PM 915 and 57 advance sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sport forward danger protect their Father's Day this weekend Giannone and I had a couple of moments over the weekend on an online. As I was relaxing joins social media we talk to Toby my teacher for thirteen wham last hour. Give real hard time what cities face painted like a tiger. For his daughters it you know party. And then I saw what south pot she'll put out their on Twitter and I got to tell you move real public is reminded me. Of a time when my kids were just getting started in youth athletics and you know how I feel about youth athletics it's not that important it it's so important I think to the development of of of our children of armed you know when you're raising the discipline and in that that structure that it gives it keeps money trouble and teaches a great life lessons an unbelievable memories that last a lifetime in cell. There you were this weekend you your son's. First tee ball game and walk us through the emotions as a dad of of being their for that. Well it pretty moving and and think it would be but I always want. Always wondered what it would be like look bored of watching and actually play. Organized team sport it's his first organized team sport playing a game that played at soccer shot at a you know learning how to play it up like that is the first time with a uniform get another team. You know I'm some sort of steeled but what happened was. The night before that was when the capital prep in the cup I started or in my pocket watch a lot of the he was hoping that Vegas and I would win because you know elect their colors and I probably sound and even night Pollack passed up the next morning at eight Capital One cup is kind of that a lot to receive. Thanks Odom out of Mexican gate around with a competent. Commitment and over and you'd ask me questions about it you know law and then I showed in the handshake line but see that's what you can't what you do. Jake can't that your baseball mean c'mon this is what you're doing used a good game and but we've always done that. Every haven't played in the home where a lot of competitive that would make them a good game in the afterwards or not shaking hands. Well we go to the baseball game was our emotional Amish or super excited that was really cool and I want to get pictured you with your baseball bag that old. After all or Hadley in the. And I said OK that was really cool and you remember that. We get pregame everything's great credit play it was emotional honesty about their rhetoric or obviously. Our people that we really wins it's only a win but after the game. On the get an airline shaking hands. They're going through the line in my son was the only one on either team who actually gave everybody had it in my heart not just can't shake. I act like that that's that they Atlanta I am in the. Yeah yeah you are still worry about cell you do it right congratulations. I think it was just amazing I mean it is. I could I was speechless I couldn't believe it out of the problem obviously but you know we got there actually in there are maybe the most emotional are we get there we are one people there. Up in front of us was player and his team and they were about their walking in. They're maybe about twenty yards had a lesson he says I think that he at that point in your nose at attic I run up there might act a law that you with him. Since tersely run up there and they held and the law that you. Perfect. Tell you when you're doing some right line. While I am I'm glad you said that as you know you're always worried but. It was easy money because you know he jumped he hit that the ball really well for apple might one I talked to Wichita on. But opportunity. It's not an easy out there on I actually. I'd rather him do it go to the where they do the the pitching in the machine at all that they were out people that okay nice Spiller are adding that the ball pretty well there. The way better when I actually awesome ball. Analysts now and I wanted to ask your questions about Buffalo Bills football won't get to that but if you can indulge me you know at Mike's on his twelfth. And now we're at the point here in this is a problem I'm sure not just in Rochester where they can't find umpires because. While for various reasons why I'm going with this is we all start out with their kids here on the eight at dad agent everything is great but then at some pouring. Things with parents and everything else and it just. Short sell you a spent time as a coaching in different sports. Where what are your thoughts on pairings. On a youth sports field today. Well look I I quote a Little League Baseball our school baseball. Pop Warner football and school football. As well high school track and field I've I've kind of done at all that you alluded to and I'll tell you when I coached Little League Baseball pop Warner football. Even at my wife and I haven't done as long time ago I was the only one without a kid like from the objective perspective they're not there yet there. They're brutal and here's the other player. When I was cooked and I will be all the reports your story couldn't wait to get out of it because of the parent when that Wendy and girls track and field got open -- bucket. So that I can go to called track instead of coaching baseball because I didn't that you apparently that's got on a street and an apparent ever say anything attract initial stop watching it that's why they're not sprint right I mean. But and they smaller but he played that nobody knows at any rate they're atop the action it's horrible. But look at it is a lot of great parents out there my experience so arm on REIT has been great by. I hear things going on other field at an email from us from Little League the other day. They now there was an incident and no paired in the field will be tolerated it was an IQ medical happen but it just ruined it for everybody here's my message everybody is that. Because I will tell you from a coach's perspective I have coached. Our school's football. In baseball and football in the most high school football which state in the country Florida I would tell you that. No one is coming to Little League game discount your K okay so. If you think that because something's going on they're getting hosed got a call the coach is doing things right it's gonna cost of college scholarship just stop it. Being quiet take a step back take a brat. Let them play because that's not the case are right and I am I promised myself. I'm not going to be one of those dads I don't even I don't even code this Iraq about a big I need it. And Alec at a stop but I'm just gonna you know I do stand out there and I cheer for all of them. And you have a data played the eighties. And on and the Orioles and whenever they came and I go way to go Orioles right clapped and I say way to go days and I would lap I think that's all it. Yeah absolutely salad and got a man I mean you know I spent enough time blew up and down the the sideline of a soccer field. To hear some pro already terrible stuff and it drives me insane you know I can try and do is remain positive and focus on. Every single lesson end and make sure that you know. As my daughters are plank that that there are experiencing the joy and whatever it is that they're playing in the they're learning. Lessons that that it life lessons and and gaining memories that they'll be able to carry with them through their entire life the way it works for you mean Jeanne as we were growing up playing athletics. It is a part time I know that believe me I do and I and even as a coach I got Atmel and oh but it looked back an angle where a jerk like acutely by. You know had come to umpire or official I was coaching high school Italy back that. You know just argue if you are between but it did happen and I understand not having a uniter emotional watching and I wanted to get the best instruction at all has let. I don't RIQ but I think we all just take a step back and realized. Little kid stuff man it's icicle stopper whatever it is especially little leak. They're just out there haven't thought you know it. Longer haven't on at the end of the day on the go and take it gain and out the other team or whatever that's all that matters so yes I don't think it would grow or any. Any any ground breaking news here for anyone. I just think if we all just gotta remember that as much as we can't we all about it. Coach Alka pot you know I am going to cut it if you've been a coach in the past sell you always get that done time. At my name for a lot of the only people called Dijjer comic coach. Typically what would that because it's been a long time ago well. That's how people kind of army is referred to me as even a lot of critical coaches and I know they called eco I took. Coach. Bills are mandatory meeting kept kicking off tomorrow let's get to some football. The biggest difference. Between the mandatory minicamp and the OTAs aside from my guess what you get to see. All three days of practice right. Yeah yet the only real the only difference is it is mandatory I mean everything else in the vaccine it pays what based streaming as. At baseline where they're only allowed armed there are there and there's no position coach is basically allowed in the field strength conditioning and public debt and the space to Whittier there are position coach is allowed on the field. But it can only do really is certain number of things with each guy. An and pastry your pretty much it's practiced well. What are the practice had contact. I'm here allowed at an honest seven you know they're not your about nine and seven which is like inside running throw out any each other and eleven on eleven. You know you can do anything pretty much the only difference now is. From which carry over OT east tomorrow many camp everybody have to be there at a bill haven't had. And it probably dependent anyway so it's fine by now if I isn't there for some reason to be subjected to in this. It's far is the amount of the percentage of the offense of the playbook that's been installed sell I mean. Are they close how prepared will this team be when they get to Fisher. Are coming up in July. Well you know it's a good question can I don't know on what their where it appears like it's a percentage or anything like that it. My sense is you know there are still going to be adding up a lot of what they get there are still think there is a kind of working through the progression you know local what they do is. You call that installing other installer installation is kind of piece by piece at most coaches do they'll. The kind of run through there you know certain series but it traps here are some may be all that is an ideal there. Two minute offense and by then media all of a certain our route tree in combination browser in by them but it. He had I think Asia to remember it's weak weak in this league so it you'll game plans so there'll be a lot of their based and I'm sure they'll have. Most of everything they need is ours then making a skeptic and shoot what are we working on this week installed to make sure we're ready want all. Soccer botched a WG are joining us in the sport sport danger to tag Leo on ESPN Rochester seller wanna get your take on another bill's plan. At cornerback that the Sean McDermott was referencing last week but that you wrote a piece on ESP in Rochester dot com as well. I'm Brendan Reilly and and his emergence the road TA stalk a little bit about you've seen a lot of Brendan Reilly any opportunity that might be ahead of him. Well look if there is anyone. That. Exemplifies the might be about Robert permit where we always talk about the word. I think what you bring him Riley and attic you literally might be the poster child or and the point where this guy and the kind of year it you know you want to have any could maybe have. You can even put an improper marketing campaigns they look that's the process what they mean by that is. Tom McDermott the processes. Basically not. Cutting corners stage through every single day going to work and learning her craft and not an understanding the results are going to be immediate. And we're building an expert on the road where we can ask saint successor Matt Reagan Riley because he's very relaxed you're the darling of camp everybody. Public out academic team pocketing you let the catches increased and let the human dark increased speed and you make great catches every day and then they wanna cutting and then. Seems people start instead builder idiot. It's ridiculous instead colleague scooped up by new England and he's gonna be great that he never did is on the practice squad all year note again. You learn about it he learned how to go to work every day in earnest crap out of go against a special look at the back and what it took to be a wide receiver to learn a rout tree. Precisely different little nuances of his job. Now suddenly I become the first team operated say guilt and they're picking his spots so I think when they don't come back in training camp. Which will we expect that we're going to be interesting because right now. It's Kelvin Benjamin on the outside and Rick Reilly that we are on the other side with the first unit wide receivers and that is a guide it says. You know apple that you're last year he really learned a lot but is this goal is to play on Sundays and yet achieved that yet. Well aimed part of this that next question sell I understand you were only seen a team one day a week in May be this week seen the whole picture might. Help out but I'm always curious did Knoll. Who is Riley developing chemistry or or put another way. It does Josh shelling deeds detected Josh Allen is developing chemistry with any of his offensive teammates in that regard. Well extra heat peace with the threes so anybody who you know run for the three's a lot Austin all. He's a thirteen RYC is quite adjacent room a tight and guys like that they're getting majority plays with Josh you know the question is when I just that you would want to news. And right now the plane has only that it strictly ban. Jot down with the third unit so far we've seen three. Practices. Industry practices. Nate and Peter and was then was with the first group the starters the first time we saw them. That was OTA number three penalties number six it was in the area. Nokia eight or nine was eight and human and so it is a rotation from that regard that would mean that every single day it was a different guy with the wind and that I would accused of the same guy. Got down with the breeze and we action on the permit will he get a chance even through these. Next three days here to go to starters or even an ever choose. He's set I don't want to say yes I don't want to know basically not rule out that the fluid situation that helped me guys. They're where it pretty much people with a three of the last. He forces their hand because of how well how could you look. Yet I would imagine that when training camp but comes in pads get in the play in game action is. Is on new year your belt that that that's when you really start to see all right where does Josh Allen fit in this puzzle that is the quarterback situation for buffalo. Had erupted at reworked and I get asked more than anything. Around wherever Al Allen a shot but I'll download and how the answer to that because they're all shorts and T shirt where you know all the jerseys but their own short sinners and we heading in. He's back in fact and you know he has really really great arm but are you his arm is. Advertised it's great. The has some pros those sometimes it you know he's been a while back in the paper and ship and made that decision ship and they wrote nothing bit. No nothing that. Oh my god I can't believe real hospitality tent eat it like you Emanuel make jokes about that you know. But throws that you would want back but he also extra oh you're like wow that's incredible unity he made one or following last. And chasing crew on the tight end was kind of in the middle field. Any just basically actually rolling last just torched his body and throws across his body right on the money. And throw it and that's really hard to do but that the army. So when you do you know we know Josh Allen is taking the threes and we know that Sean McDermott is not gonna tip his hand as far as one he's going to be. Getting practices with the ones. Do you think they're just taking this day by day or do they have a plan in the back of their mind in you know where I need to know basis and right now here in the month of June we don't need to know. Yet more day by day. They don't plan at all so whatever they went that the fluid situation. I think he's leaving the door open the same look I mean. You know we plan can be only with the trees but the fact is we got to move up to one because we just for the choosy because. We need to put more honestly he's handled everything would give them so charters he's gonna hit his ceiling with a thirty unit maybe eight maybe that's what happens but they do well planned. But the same time there Willie wood just that and depending how things go now look if he doesn't go read this week I want people to come down to not say that because. He hadn't earned it or it looks bad but at the case is just the plan I think that I think is. That the next step for him would be in training camp and I think that they would have went and chew move up and that's when he would earn it and that's going to be true competition. Cell which are seen that the plan for true main elements is to get him out there in the middle of the field and in quarterback the defense what have you seen out of other rookie out of Virginia Tech. Well they don't have anybody else it's that they really can do that though Utley he's in a place where Rebecca and nearly got Allen has. So this makes sense in the restarting middle linebacker he's. Indeed the reps right now. Luckiest super athletic he's very radiant long you've noticed that money out and out. Everybody lake. Like that big considerably if he's in Little League just in dongle that Gary can't be twelve year old that your well that's what our committee had been. It can't be twenty expire if he gets what he has. And when you watch him play is instinctive very good people I talk to rave about in here that that the one more acute from bowl and Alan. All time by our people are. Gosh Alan do everything I talked about doctor Alan. Arm is great everything but the one thing people say is he's really Smart they're being portrayed had been. And look I mean is. He gonna be that guy calling the signals in the middle that eat that I think that the number one thing acting. Site commodities physical attribute that he's gonna have to showed he can do be that they still have the physical stuff down that you can generally light up. Get the play well know what's happening dissect everything in his twenties I second that the NFL level at all our life. But that's what you reliant park boat and are running Hewitt Al Williams and write you and Mike hide behind you guys like that. A you're leading right to my next question you answer part of it like. I guess appoint a reference here Amy I'm going back to the Rex Ryan years where you heard complaints that it was too complicated. And for this defense Sean McDermott Leslie Frazier is the I would assume it's less complicated other words it would be a fair expectation friend instead to get this down as soon as possible. Yeah I don't think it it's complicated the other thing and help and is background and then in the right I mean it's not like they're all wearing it for the first time and for him to. If he if he even said that he that if I get confused at all. I rely on these other guys communicate they know they've been in the and so I think that there really nice to banditry and have. You know. An unspoken yet. It goes wrong ride. There are guys that are noted he and no common based on the call in what they're looking at the recent things like that so yeah. It. It's not it is that the pretty straightforward even really use that which Tom McDermott got here we that would negate what you'd only twenty years old. He is you know in the NFL rookie the first part of being held that it is is that would catapult player his brother herbal NFL players so I mean he has. That lineage is in the bloodlines and things like that so that we are. Soccer thought she our sister station WG RM buffalo joining us for buffalo bills' top in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Salads always great catching up with you great hearing now about how great your weekend was and looking forward to your work. This week during mandatory minicamp for the Buffalo Bills. I got looking forward to it should be honestly think. I gotta suck poncho that was great look at that are now for you shortly and ESPN Rochester I can't coach so now they'll make their part of the conversation. It's. Because he's right you see your kid out there in new and you get emotional. And you have to kind of divorce yourself from motion and look at the bigger picture too tough thing to do. But it's fun to see Sal just starting that journey with his son. And used athletics and some of us have been doing it for years some analysts are grizzled veteran some of us an ad that had you know seen our children girl took to be great success this. And some of us have seen our children to grow. An extremely frustrated with the the process of youth athletics and everything leads to lessen. And everything leads to unbelievable memories that will last through lifetime all right let's get to NFL appetizer is on the way next. We Sarah today's top NFL stories in bite sized form at the sports bar danger and the tag Leah. A problem moon. A guard for the Dallas Cowboys got paid and a pass rusher for the Oakland Raiders has not gotten him. And that more next in NFL appetizers the sports bar with danger. And the tag glee you know eight George update brought to you by Bentley Brothers and four Syracuse basketball fans how exciting is this you guys according to one power ranking danger power power. Brain power rankings the Syracuse basketball team. Next year is ranked beef according to the big lead in that were to be true for the people which don't work. Months away from the pre season eight people that would be their highest ranking since 2013 orange fans power rankings something to get excited about. 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