The Sports Bar- Sal Capaccio

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia welcome in their next guest Sal Capaccio from WGR to give a Bills training camp update. He talks about the QB's, the Coleman trade, and more.

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ESPN Rochester which you. Watch any. Anywhere about sports leader ESP. Hills kept alive saint John Fisher College danger the tightly in the sports bar we appreciate you stopping by. And now it's time to make you a smarter Buffalo Bills now we're welcoming in south parts of the country sweet hot seats out and covered of course buffalo bills' training camp day one. The dorm room here at saint John Fisher College you can hear him on the sidelines Thursday night. For the bills radio broadcast starting at 5 o'clock the pre game here on ESPN Rochester Sal how are you. Pretty good guys have been around the country we got the Wii is all about off. It is all about and he does not in buffalo to Zell and it's now it is it's up before it's exciting. My. They rate drop it down. They. That we are at a. You don't have to tell lost boys were big fans of self but before we get that. All of the action on the field quarterback competition and all the good stuff and we all know that Brandon being. Is viewed as a shrewd businessman he's made some some pretty significant deals it's becoming GM. Of the Buffalo Bills but given the news and Antonio Callaway of the browns who was just elevated his they're starting wide receiving corps just got popped for marijuana possession any chance of being conflict Corey Coleman. For fourth round pick maybe get you know that seven back so it's there's got to be something there right. Cracked cracked. You may put them back but Rowell yeah that this player needs to reality show yeah. On you know now I don't think the ground I think that the that they'll route one or all out of their team or. Dressing room or whatever the reason I don't know because. They gave him up for the lowest possible compensation and I don't mean at some broker permit program picked to wrap from now we think about that. You know usually don't get you don't get strapped extreme graft from now of getting to address from now though they're around. Lower anyway than it normally is so basically that's like getting under appropriate to. I don't know what to read and as you know whatever you know John Dorsey doesn't want to own guys. What was that a disappointment since being a first round pick a couple of years ago and in fact that's what happens you know it is look repressed are eighty. He has them disgruntled but you know situations and an organization. But we'll see how it fits in buffalo who has worked in the Arctic air India savior. At least not right away at a tertiary you know use some work to I think prove he can play in this league consistently. The cell is there any concern given that there with the bills paid what they paid for quarry Coleman that any other team with a need at wide receiver could have given up just a little bit more. To get Corey called and meet other teams. That needed wide receiver passed up on Corey Coleman are we concerned at all that the core Coleman just is viewed. As is damaged goods are viewed as just moved flat out not a good football player. Sure I mean I think it there's a possibility that but I think I'm Arctic actively. Their I doubt anybody can negate have been asked that in the way in nineteen draft. Pro wide receiver with two years under his belt but it yet produced as to broken and in his career. You know I don't think that at all I think I think what happened here was. There's a relationship between John Dorsey and the bills we that was back in the city draft. Last year the betrayed into the use with their GM Specter alms effort and they'll go down two point seven and they trade that they retire. Make it they that are made a couple of deals with them and I think it was just a cup ability wire sprint Ambien about that relationship. Kind of a politically but yeah I mean he goes I respectively are you that he talks more Dorsey that may be any you know mentally I think maybe what happened here was. They talked about oracle awhile ago we haven't seen that and once the browns news that maybe they were gonna cut him. That looks great to be a possibility. He probably called brandy instead of me and that a compliment mightn't. Anybody have a home if you want them about an app that beneath you or at least we get something in return and don't look like idiots for cutting 2016 or. Analysts seventh round Vega makes brain I mean look really really good because seven the round picks it Sal lit. There import nights yes but today you look at and you're not relying on seventh round picks that to make your roster certainly not and when he twenty I'm just. I'm just trying to find the downside if any and I industry for buffalo. Com I think there's no doubt. It is I guess if I could come up with the downside would be. Thought they look at all the top guys have a reason why you get an accurate at them from their. Instead of nothing at all when they probably would it is Cottam it is bad for that organization you know Dorsey wasn't there leaders don't want it you don't cut it first round pick. Who for two years and you don't do that but from the other side of the bills you downside would be again optic. The court Coleman's and they need to train wreck I don't think it's cut not only the builder about today we just gave up aspect of the fabric and ethnic. Right so I think he's kind of like you got your roster. Though even if he'd. Looks really bad it technical whatever technique few people mind your rosters simply because if you gave up an asset in seem. Are gonna may be made it look like war and say whenever we go wire that hectic few history anything's. For this guy is cut two weeks later I think that would be the only downside. Suck but should WG our guest in the sports bar bills camp live from saint John Fisher College danger in the tightly itself. Ari given the addition now of a quarry Coleman. Given that Kelvin Benjamin said what he said this weekend and and spent some time with the use of practice. Given Robin Foster Robert Foster is kind of come down to earth after starting Kampala give us just a broad picture of what the wide receiving corps for the Buffalo Bills looks like heading into Thursday. Look at it as a really good position battle going on I think what I am really most of it and it is. How many are gonna keep in in the news special teams rules as the major effect on. How this rosters in the seek out in the construction on our beat a guy on the wages. You know keeping an extra offensive lineman or media extra fall back anymore because of these special team rule you're gonna keep the extra wide receivers extra DB Boller. Baxter guys in the U cover a little more brow believe it you have to now. Navigate the rules through kick off and things like that so I think it's that keeping traditional what they Iverson QB talk about the respect and wide receiver. Now that's where the question becomes then you're probably looking at obviously and they earlier you wanna you ankle and make the roster that would but the reason they give you a little while ago. And they don't is going to be on your roster that are gonna cut and that is sticking with them for as long as it wasn't it was take you straight up and second round to get. Last year that's for rate there now who placed special under home that every special. So he's probably gonna make the team. Now all. I think I'm looking at rock Streeter and reined in brightly as your next to in the pecking order here and build a better. I don't know whose body could possibly it pretty been hurt the last couple days be it back out and it can release ability in they help me. Maybe he might start button even baby and we may die out there. Robert Foster and in the in this scene he's got a horrible. Camp once not a passive c'mon. Made a couple of catches but he had more drops that anybody out there I think over the last several days now I can rate thing they had to elaborate body. Six with two really fit in some packages but not consistent enough to be able to be an injustice by that so. I think you're looking at the the last spot and as being brought Streeter. Rated Riley and in the EB camp Phillips that they want by the spot for him and you know see how he can you know that it of that group. Suck up my geo you'll hear is reports coming up Thursday night on the sideline Billy G our guest here. In the sports bar with danger of attack Leah okay so Thursday night if you're so we've been brought up the quarterbacks John McDermott denied. I drastic this morning dear I don't really have a problem with that. But what's your best guestimate here in regards to how the quarterback rotational shake out for the first pre season game. Well I think it McCarron and are we don't know that they just seem like he'd been getting the majority of bad things like that with the first he's been really getting. You're more looks than anybody else. I think. Regardless of wrote hate you know the about turn because that would pretty much the AGW computer missed her. Because I think AJ yet Amtrak they ate it at the first use that experience the majority of them. It's ours what happened after that the paper yet I counted as they appear in the command next question it is to put an adapter are here. In first round first team snaps. It went after the first quarter you just countless third. Quarter fourth quarter hole second half. You does that that's tricky part guys you can't dictate what he other team does their personnel so you may say. You know I really wanted it bowl like quarterbacks here work against disparity in the back. How do you know and prosperity for the coming off the field. So they can be out of here over 11 theory and Carolina their first. In defense let the tricky part segment. Or look at a gimmick here is starting it would be cynical the couple series. And then you're bringing me to Bittermann I don't know that's totally get in my are based on what I want to. Where self stick with me on this because you're watching the quarterback play I've watched some of the the the plays that have been made it practice. And I think when it comes quarterback plays of the Nile is like to ask myself is whether or not a team can win with. Or because of a quarterback they eat Green Bay wins because of Aaron Rodgers New England wins because of Tom Brady. But if the dolphins when it's gonna be win at Bryant and it ill or if the jets wanted to be with whoever topples the size to start week one. I'm curious do you think the bills can win win. Or because. Of Josh Allen. Matthew questioned birth maybe that should. Getting to know one because or which parents do with. I. Yeah I talk Tyrod Taylor as a quarterback that if the browns win they're gonna win with. Tyrod Taylor mean there's that there's a different respect I guess what I'm saying is my my observation is that Josh Allen is the kind of quarterback that you can win. Because of you see the throws that he makes and in you know that he's still. So what on refined but when he does get it all together. He's got that kind of skill set that kind of talent where he could be quarterback that this team wins because of. He eventually got site is not had he not yet it if they were disparate and this year B they went with it because they would. Insulate him in the game plan I don't think they would. Just let him go out there are they when McCain force that they think they don't worry it will win the game you be more regain monitoring how your rook he's been a leader and your running game make those roads when there need to be made. Eat your listing way to look at it guys a person I don't think they have any quarterback in Iraq that it would because. They're all going to be when we. Okay because they're gonna lean on the running game in the clean energy that. But there is a guy down there are here. They at unity oh wow we want because we're back it would be just now right because leaders that I grabbed a figure that place yet but you're too good way to look at I think. It has no pat. The bills where. Up four point. Whip. 34 minutes left. IA he would want in fairness restarting at my quarterback he's going to be able to move the chains do the right things make the right decision to get that baby on the ground. I don't think I'd want got talent because I would think he'd make some sort of mistake it would cost my team and IndyCar is caught in the game if they were down four point. I would not feel confident having eight in the air it here and as a guy I would want Josh Allen because they beat you in the chance to score from anywhere on the field. It's kind of interesting conversations up about GO coming up Thursday night the bills in panthers'. Other bills mean relatively speaking pretty. Healthy year ending Trent Murphy anybody else sell that might not see action Thursday night. Yeah I mean I felt like that you know I think Campbell doesn't look like is he appears that he's going to be on the play Internet with the caper and he really was having a good camp and I thought is gonna make the roster of last week before the injury popped up on Friday night. You know trapper being the big injuries I mean as a guiding a lot of money you expensive and he is a pass rusher they need more in that department. He had the big injury last 388 BL. Though you know you talk much Jack losses and primarily disappointment its first. Two years in the league becoming the starter and you know I think Shaq is performed pretty well on its spot here come and I've given opportunities made some plays in practice here but Trevor is a big deal they need to be healthy though. Quantity it looks like they're pretty good quality you know I think that number 11 of these that I. And say not taking contact in practice safe to assume he will be out there on Thursday correct. Correct I forgot about him you're right he's going to read on our factors. IE. Don't think they would put about their aching situation after not letting it is practiced yet. The cell there's so many story lines that were here we're gonna mean to win at the quarterbacks the wide receivers. For folks watching or listening. What would be your vice where some other things we should look forward to on Thursday night. What I think the third running back and instinct thing going on right now. Ivory number two behind on. I think I think her art to that is number three I don't know because of particularly. I think they like I want bill ideally we'd bring any special fever so unity they'll kill you I want your own. In of these special teams guy directed at number three which is probably archery bow. I think he sport got a nice little pretty economic that it lucky or right probably gonna get an opportunity here either this week or next week is undrafted free agent. When he looked pretty good he looked really good match up right and I practiced so. I think ethnic in battle with a little bit and talk about an ATP. Most under talked about battle is spurred heat back up against spot behind. Felt like I can't argue that ever deeper than it is right now I nick O'Leary hit a lot of run there but bogus promises you know a lot of tactic is where they like people they. And I think the guys that are really good camp is decent crew and they kept them on the practice squad last year vitamin November. Kept them on the practice squad and brought him back if you can you know that he doesn't get. At passively is things I think that a plan or he's really played pretty well agreed to not running practice of Carrie Lee was good blocking tight and so. I mean I think there are underrated story line here and they're still having a battle it better everyday right Roy replete with probable that we don't know disparities that are you know on this thing. Sell anybody that we've had in covering this team whether it be local or or national we've given them an opportunity to do the heap praise. Upon first round draft pick remain Edmonds. I would like to give you the floor to do it to you know give your fair share to our our. Praise although we have set up the two main evidence at the height. Appears to be real we haven't seen take a step here to Israel but but I mean that you really what are we looking at here with with a mean habits when we hear. The reporters say that the floor is. Is that Cornelius Bennett that parents had their tally and in the ceiling could be as high as Ray Lewis. How special is this player going to be for the Buffalo Bills. We hear it appears to be super special and I've never seen a man his eyes move as well he's 65 to fifty people like the ball. Because it gets lit really well it's the where he needs to go strictly his wing span is. It allowed you do things and that you think about it he's an actor in and create wingspan I knew about that respect it. He allowed you'd have a little more space in order guys go to their parole they're they're dropped their curled zones. It meant a lot of people we're a little bit oracle will we're a little bit to recover a little more here we go for the defense he allows. You know you'd depleted the attack the differently as well. But Kevin Everett does just kind what the pressure on him that he like those guys you mentioned because I'll think that's fair. It certainly is in the conversation with a talent. When they drafted and you know people that'll you know McDermott as a B we have people that particular we'll speak with what economic power out of the conversation at all within a few years that he could very well be. As good as what we see weekly especially a guy to beat we had a problem in our look to relate how important it was to them what they're doing. Upright and keeping him clean so yeah acting is it really impressive piece. You know and the other thing people don't talk about. Yes good coverage skills I've seen in covering was on the court when I'm one of the other day. He made a really nice when it under Cutler on India and product and inspection. They get wrapped interception at the goal line exactly forty yard the other way after practice backpacks to about that way. Sean over heard it. He walked over that are wanna hear yet to stay in the big rally at Yankee Dick Armey can try and any stop any limit was Sean looked at all of us. Then wave it but it Kellogg is something. And a couple of years he's going to be one of the best players generally it and they wanted to let linebacker and one of the best place. I think it's going to be any increasing to go watch immunity you're watching how. He performs that role how we grows and that brought will be doesn't grow too much physically because then we might be talking about him moving the defense event which I don't wanna see happen but. Given that his position the position that he's playing for this team. Has yielded the leading tackler in the NFL the last two seasons self I mean if if Jermaine Edmonds ends the season is as the leading tackler in the leaked. He's the conversation for NFL defensive rookie of the year is not. Yet I think he he's got to be inaccurate speaking knowing him like most. If if you're doing like three awards predict since he's got to be on the list because simply going to be on the field a lot record Robert or work out he has for years and buffalo. I think it's not up it will mean add it to be on the heels Earl that if he has. They'll be in the conversation defensive rookie year simply because he'll have an opportunity to make plays. Much more than other rookie open you'll also make those plays a lot of old. Social up on film and people see him every day and that is that back that thing about just turn when your soul. Think he's gonna be the youngest player in the entire article here. Quite amazing actually you would appoint a moment ago which is. You'll boo him despite I welcome people lack respect. Who say that and linebacker that even outside linebacker looked at my responses. This isn't. 2005 anymore where any side agreement. And the get a unique and if you could put that gave him an echo your line backing core you do it you have to look like anything because he's that special. South of pot geo is we wrap up your cell and we talked about this on and off over the last two years but. I mean I time for everybody in our town we law. Having training camp here where your very provincial and Rochester south hopefully he'll have a garbage play while you're here. That my question being we we have the news item that the coolers are spending eighteen million on a new weight room and it. If Europe your favorite team if the owners spend that much money that's what you want. The owners. To do but he's got another sign that it's not and if question that a weighing question that camp will be combing back what are you hearing. Regards to the whole future training camp near saint John Fisher College. You're waiting at its value it I'm pretty confident for the people liked it there elect is on from there I have noise. So anybody you'd think they you know suddenly next you're an announcement that there city back in buffalo everything I've been told. Is that that there is this packet goes it's points when he won I believe in they'll be there and and guys by then who knows because they can be building that. That we are and let's remember the least and that here in the state. And edit it rebuilding it it if they build a stadium downtown let there they have ruled retreat ability now now I don't think those there's so many things that go into the I would not read anything into that right now they have improved the practice fields over there there's also no room for me. And I believe the apple really you have to open your training camp up to me. And you know you what you're gonna get maybe a couple thousand fans. And that practice period epic work of art and you're guilty. You have to bring in like a lot of bleacher you have the kind of expand even more on the parking lot area and Hollywood you know a lot with it's it's I think it's people have to think about. That are ready to have that happen right now. So you know just into the training camp the next few years and we'll see where it goes much remember cute that you can to cool it is. From that area or what the college that there is important to her to have Internet areas well I I agree with you we may be Arkin. Five years from now about you know the builder haven't yet been up slower in what the mother college or something like that but as of right now. From what I've they like it there they're gonna say they're probably the contract and it would. I I did ask one other question that long when to question amok to lay you off the hoax now or have you had a plate yet or not. I haven't I think I had 11 time though years ago was I mean I don't think it was. It was during training. Jesse agree reverend I don't know I didn't know if he doesn't remember it that's good that means he was enjoying the play when he was supposed to enjoy play. Could you really I wanna remember that yeah. I haven't played at 2 o'clock in the morning you really don't know where you were how that ended up but somehow that ended up in your stomach in your system. Sell I was curious you were one of the get the media guys pulled underneath the the awning try to stay dry this morning right you're OK with playing in the elements. No I was under the on a ball at me for my. There's that they're rated my that he had not happen ideologues is hiking I'm out in the elements greater. I would just double check because I was in the a comfortable RV that we have but there it is a good athlete Wilkens young guy aren't a good we're on the same page sell it was great talking to you great catching up thank you for all the work you're doing here appeals training camp love your coverage. Really pre show appreciate all the look for the call Thursday night on the sidelines. It.