The Sports Bar-Scott Norwood

Bills great Scott Norwood joins us in The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Scott lets us know what he's been up to, his thoughts on this current Bills team and the fans of Western New York all in advance of his appearance tonight at Frontier Field.

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The sports bar with the injury and attack really NLL and NHL. Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA. Your home for live sports used the N 950 and 957 FME sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back into the sports bar in danger of attack Leon AM 950 and 957. FME SPS Rochus. He's one of the names you know from the glory days of the Buffalo Bills and ease back into town tonight on the Rochester red wings take on the Syracuse. Sky chiefs out at frontier field. Scott Norwood will be signing autographs prior to the game Scott been keen to Tyler Mike danger with few watts thanks your time today out. Thus got what he did not too recently. Well so a big open and questioner. Had the regional area that you would I'm friends with. British presence on. Well look well slow pick it up there. Oh. Wearing. Three children. Over their. And there's from a couple different couriers and insurance real estate. Recently Marshall. So corporal landscaping type player. Accompanist and earned her doors down here about men's division. They're not on the same very busy. As soon forget. It's got you were actually just to Batavia ripe for Jim Kelly's golf term and I'm curious as to what that was like seeing Jim and seen the guys again and indeed your overall thoughts on. On what he's been battling through here over the course of the last few years. Well upgrade. He's wrestler and then now I have actually him or her years ago. And Georgian admitted his side anger and that's constant antibiotics and things are over Bob I don't know we'll visit oriental. That'll issue. Now the only week later. Almost started. Wasn't. Two inspections concern. Is an address street and this last I don't know so. And been very tough on them so I. Has urged more. Assembly of work around them. Community as well. And it's that is so individual presses on the if restrict industry you know on the other. Player so. And I think back. Just the council vote on the mainland just great targeting your social. And an event where it. Get together and so. It actually did that. It was nice to you know. 100 basis to get you know. Scott Norwood is our guest tonight the wings taking on Syracuse and Scott will be there to sign autographs Scott went. We talk about those teams and at that that's not every team in every our generation and this just so. Close why is it's up from the Buffalo Bills. Are from the late eighties early ninety's when when you play war why are you guys still close. To be to this day. Well. That we rose one of the reasons that are known him angered him so well or Edward Moore and on other it'd. Quality care for people. Thank. Tressel of that but in the original. Looks back church is so people do orient and that's what. That's in what about when we were in it together earn. And so we look at each other's. That it trend over the years have urged. All of our outside of football we have retained there are. Rory burger people think that it's only Asia but also. Comes before. It is. Doing it guys. Do this article on here. Yes got to meet you talk about the character that team I think that that one of the the the thirty for thirty piece the four falls buffalo I think that are of remarkable job of chronicling. And the characters on that team in in the kind of funny you guys were able to have during those those those winning seasons in buffalo how did you think that that came up. I I actually I did watch it looks Inco on. I think it turned out. To report. And it should Tuesday and emphasize that. Really essential and those group of players who achieve that. Or worse and there's no doubt about it. Well versed. On the field. And get forcible like. In Britain's. Bang. In yen down the stretch. And usually they're warriors just didn't pan out and that smoke. Indications that whatever group players very. Abilities. We also off. And number. Highlighted you know within their spokeswoman you know great friends and or so it is the back to Rochester though registers Christine relating. Just a terrible all of them Sowers. We're although there door was kicked in the early for what so that's where post it. It's been true friends and trying to. Is go all alone and merchants who are preaching that. And that does thirty for thirty's special Scott you did there where you were with with Kristi haven in now. Almost sadly Bruce's and with us anymore Asian known and not others. Ken hall I mean who and what kind of perspective does that put into it knowing that. We're all not getting any younger. No we're not at. Where are urging and I arrests that are going to reduce. Are pretty critical. Look different unusual things that are. Current key year in your memory it will put. Now on call you a quote and so. Pete stoking them or across a I think it if associated that was that was I was the favorite so. Look a lot of interesting things terrorist. Articles interviews he would and gone tomorrow or what some news whose battle on. Yeah actually cool right at it very. During you know that's special where it goes on thoughtful well flows. And it just been diagnosed which war. Insert so those are especially informant. And around that time period. You know just to sit and treatment. Almost. Our street or. Look toward violent models. That are Sankoh. Scott Norwood. Joining the sports bar with danger detect later here on ESPN Rochester he can meet him at the Rochester Red Wings' home game but tonight against Syracuse. A 705. Scott I'm curious as to you know how much your following the team today and and if you are following the team today yet if you have any thoughts on. Some of the offseason moves at the bills have made including of course that the acquisition of Josh down seventh overall tech. Well I was Xperia. Since March that covers and perhaps Covert earlier on. That mentioned the entire. You know draft of the bill but also their own perks or some other excellent here. Up or burns over other great players there and I think between those. Coming in line. Even. Beyond that you know they're in drafts. Many many Europe or it would quarterback. Position or. The news or by best gains experience as another. Record and there are no luck at all. Place it so well and looking for a good policies and so many ailments. That are in place there monitor I'm very. Proud looming wedding couple games. Ergo there quarterback where. Struggled Alamo also. In an engine kill me and loosening. Steve tasker and I'm. And they'll choke. On sing and and Inkster quickly though. Inca and to have bounce here and now back to Wear out last year. Though no. Murder or up to ensure this year. Now when you look it does some of the salaries today. The ever wish you kicked in at different. So that that was on you know that costs. And create insert name. And I'm tired. McEnroe the plane before it actually. Strike there weren't so and rich stadium. Where turn in new collective bargaining. Some of our coast looks old. Strictly useful created in the move around an. Important. There's a remark that. Got incorporated. At that point. Are potent. And much sort and so actually. After a tartan. Those those are the main ingredients. For the slow Rick Rick exclusion hours. Out aide Scott eat you mentioned they're great fans of Western New York bills fans tonight again. Meal lot of comments you'll be signing autographs on the wings hosting Syracuse out of frontier field. Scott done many of us were out at the rail the bad day the day after Super Bowl 25 always has been curious to ask if you dropped him from outer space. Somebody might have thought. All this team want to know did you see all the fans what was that like hearing your name chanted. And everybody. Supporting you on the day on after Super Bowl 45. And so. It's estimated that brought it just goes or. The reason there. I think we look around our country regardless. Of the United States. But as you're around victories in different states before are all very. A different different areas covered the cultures and the cultural where. Mo flow through Rochester. Just. 10. To just. The right perspective I Ochoa. And it bounced. Good take on things very ground and went spear carriers and talked about change somewhat broad and blue collar or artwork and individuals. Aren't those all the work on it. I don't know import in the area and movement. Well. And has shaped. The people. In the area and they know. You know oil well let's about it at the bird street. Analyst. Good indication. Of that. Character. The area. I came back in just our show while. They didn't. Stared at me and give them so that they looked at me. Well me you know and so should you wouldn't have done. And don't so you'd you'd just. And cussing and city. Before or science and this is an indication of hold on to salute the very people in there and out in the the insurance in the thing that's. More important. Football and much like I. What sort of Tibetan mix. There where. Great or send it forward. Absolutely had a great Scott Norwood joining us here in the sport sport dean German tag Leon ESPN Rochester and Scott tonight you have a stadium full of Rochester red wings fans looking forward to meeting you Syracuse in town 705. Chance to meet Scott Norwood who joined us here in the sports. Bar now Scott there's a lot pressure tonight yeah you gotta throw a strike I mean anything but a strike in Indy you know. I don't know full walks up that and. Yeah. Argued that went for a lot of sports are based welcome actually. When against. The immigrant went. Playing soccer all it was was it chores that let them pick and football should. It was very. Our in my life but. Mind much and the big baseball and I excellent father as well. Maybe it was birdsaw over there and down there so news of turn to now there brother. And engineered and you are you today he took little time. To try to base also grow. Mentioning. Mr. Arafat to Jupiter. Road also that you Milwaukee Brewers Bartley Easter break here and oh most as a traveler mantra regulators. Go to a little little. Opening in genetic error on cultural problem area. You would get a terminal skip the. In the Indian air where we're. We're expecting senator of the played out he's got no no pressure whatsoever you can do that. Rochester red wings tonight against Syracuse 705 frontier feel you can meet Scott Norwood. Who's been gracious with his time in joining us here in the sports bar danger and tightly its outlook of four senior and thank you so much for your time. Thank you can't very Republican. You might revert back. Scott Norwood. And Gracie. I've upgraded eight took because some time us in your hand out the ballpark tonight and you grew up in an Arab Buffalo Bill also fallen to get out of the park a little bit early tonight you can meet Scott Norwood in the concourse of the for tonight's red wings game. That's a guy that we knew we enjoy each one to shake his hand like yeah. Great to meet. Lot of adversity fought through it. No worse for the Wear stronger than ever lifted up just. Great dot. Now again he beat the Buffalo Bills don't go to the second Super Bowl if Scott Norwood doesn't kick. The field goal that puts the bills up ten nothing in a 107 win over Denver in the AFC championship game. All of a conversation we'll get it up for you and on demand shortly the SP and Rochester to come also if you follow us on Twitter at ESPN Rochester. He'll always know and on demand audio from the sports bar with danger in the tank Leah is posted worth a follow at ESP and Rochester altering that is next geno. Yeah I'm gonna have different take here on out buried trots who is a free agent but. Mean c'mon I Iverson silly stuff here in the last 24 hours from all so. Danger new artist renderings. Are released by the city of Rochester. You do you got a Sheen Charlie lives as short as fans. Joining me fired up I'm so chill and mellow today you're really gonna trying to fire me up with some city talk. Come on. Yeah and take my great boom here we go communion hymn of logic and that is next. So in the sports bar danger of attack led ESPN Rochester. So we'll street. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Guys you've covered the demand audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. That's more sleep. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader of the radio. He's the official new home ESPN Rochester. My apple cart lady or android on. Wirelessly heroes our speakers were just awesome earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957.