The Sports Bar- Shamiel Gary

Buffalo Bills safety Shamiel Gary joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss his role on the team and his life in general, including how he sees the team developing thus far!


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Welcome back to the sports are 957 ESP and G exactly where if you as the bills. Rolling on in training campers preceding game coming up on Thursday night she meal Carrey joining us here on the sports bar on chenille thank you so much her time how you doing today. I'm doing very he has got there finesse and good day's work. You know I came and in December last year how difficult was that coming to a new team in cabinet pick up the defense right away here in buffalo. It was it was. It's always hard but I up from a so far you know meet with coaches in his study in my playbook. The way I suited. So but this difference is this defense is different in. Breaks the fans how some. Does this you know every thereby decrease from Miami where a player before where it's the page is today here it is as different terminology. Thereby rises saying stuff. You know little bit you've got to go to turnout Cheney's defense is it true we've heard this I don't know if it's true that's a little. It's a little easier to pick up but as compared to the racks defense is that fair to station up. So like for me not them to go removes any defense you guys loans up with the keynote effort into it. But. You know I went say is easier or harder and now is they have both had their you know differences. Jameel Gary our guest here in the source burn 957 ESP and you did with the patriots bears dolphins vikings now buffalo. I take me back you you get undrafted but you goal. Right to new wing and where on what was that like going into a locker room first time in and you have those guys there in your listeners hotel just. Is pretty surreal for me you know at the scene you know goes echoed those say coach you know Tom Brady. No dim Corey are there he goes to bed and there was there. And so's. Pretty surreal moment for me just being able to be you know locker room around it's. A wing organization I they Wear it. In the unions and you know the perseverance you just because a lot of guys might add there there there hopes crushed after you know you don't get the job for stoppage but you've been fighting ever since I'm just like everything he had before it happens for a reason you know. During that period Tom mom had cancer. It's my I got released and how they Lucy my mom. You know to have surgery so often like you know everything was happening at the right moment and I got picked up by the bears. Then I went to the dolphins and then end up hurt my shoulder at the dolphins. Animal mom hazard had to go back home and have my mom had surgery again. And so and I came back out there and play these gains for the dolphins and other came in a month's. Had in the had to go to hospice so. My mom it was they were missing clay before she passed away so I really feel like mom my journey. Without god live in everything happen you know the way with those that. Seoul with the dolphins and points if you when you heard your shoulders after say that was almost like a blessing in disguise you know that it was a blessing in disguise. The way at before. Jameel Gary our guest here in the sports bar 957 years you know you have a daughter did your mom gets to meet your daughter yes yet to name a daughter they had this been among them daughter was about to. Those in my daughter's. Still remember their bus so our pitchers but. They got to spend some time together mom but I was in the hospital amend the Huskies with their donuts and their peers town to a to a I mean we say sports offers perspective but you have a totally different perspective seeing your mom gold through something like that I mean you know talk about that and you know one of you know fighter she was yes. Mom always. You know strong woman though is tell me. You know how to persevere always had. You know bill they're due to you know took tons endure in his feared town you know she was always the one who eats. I never seen a crime and in this moment in their scene there. Yes inner core players now and then you know as the cancers start the know you were some words but my mom always had a smile on a phase always one to pick up always heavy to go to hospital. You know Chris you worried about how I live to a few kind of came in instead of like how she would so mom with. Always the campers and we're about other people who you know then so that wasn't even not two years ago lot. Does it feel like it was yesterday as a selected to for lifetime ago. And as always it's always in the back quietly have mind. Hamas pitcher in my car and the dinner every game this you know that's over thank you for four. Support me are life. You know carry our guest here in the sports are 957 ES he had not played with the Buffalo Bills in December last year and now at the safety position do you which safety do they have been working out more free safety strong safety wherever. I've been playing both so. I mean my they had moved you know Lou hit thing going on. He's fine southern playing free in Ireland playing strong you know so but they're both the senate. Yeah I mean and whenever you're. In a position like this to special teams and he knew that you played special teams your whole NFL career how important will that be for you can make a roster spot here. As always is this thing is though is important if you not the starter. Sustained though ways you know very key and vital to to making the thing. If you're a different person your Europe motivational speaker. You're also do something I don't know I I could ever do and that's the if he can't how did you become of the pension. It was from a guy named Griffin. Whalen you know he I was living in Miami and you can't yeah I saw him the united eating like Denon lay down I don't know how you do that the other guys try it. So and you know found that recovered a lot better. Now I have more energy so you know I kept doing it. And you just how much days' rest and eat I'm not full on me and but I still eat you know meat in there. And is that something is your NFL career does not being a view images. Haven't paying attention when young opponent your body art earn that's so important. That's what I've been doing now it's been more let's health conscious. Since last year. Your website does chenille Gary you do do motivational speaking what's that like for you being out there and I'm meeting with the community. I was trying to so it was a just started in February so. I spoke flight over twenty schools in Oklahoma and in Florida and I had a good speaking engagement with TD Jakes in Dallas. That was pretty fun. And it's always good to share my heart with with the people in the audience. And people want to know what it's like to be an NFL player is that the most common question you get when you do a Q&A. Not a races ago ago an in depth about my life so you know people people wanna know about the NFL and AMP wanna know how I handle my mom's this. And you know my my journey stuff that I do like a variety of questions. Well your your journey it's unique in the sense you go wolf first saw you enough that Wyoming back to Oklahoma State when you're up in Wyoming and thinking that in the NFL is at the furthest thing through your mind are you still have that motivation at that point now is Chris. Nowhere in my first year in in my suck my second year in I was doing well in. But when IE transferred and I had to sit out. That's kind of win Mon Mon pensive that I may be is. Going away the most freshening ID did but says the idea viewed in the united transferred. Now they really have had to walk on a Wednesday. And so this kind of win win tonight I don't know if I really do is then and now got a chance of claimants and I started my junior and senior. And a guy look closer at the moment. What what do you think the prognosis for Buffalo Bills this year I mean you have won national report that said this team would only win four games do you guys even pay attention to it and that what you think of this team here in 2017. Right. My you know I think we we have all the pieces. That we need in the locker room at this moment. And you this is if we continue take day by day. The keep continue to build. Chemistry together. A fellow woo woo. We'll do over folks to do you know and get into making a playoff right now we assume both indicative daylight demo we're doing over shows do right now this moment. And we keep on making sure the reviewers folks have been you know you re here coach McDermott say the word process a lot disease say that these guys and remain inning there's just a process and and everything in life is a process. So you can get too far ahead you you know be in the moment seems like you like mean dat too yeah looking in the that's the you know I have book I wrote a blog on being a dead the joy of being a father so. No one dollar means the world to me. And you guys I'm so thankful. So new idea a plan to so Heidi keep in touch facetime everything and that is out there and spurring NASA is home. And you know we face time and it's kudos to C hire her growth and her miniature and give talks and. Thursday nights on the bills take on the vikings. I would imagine is idiot just a change of pace it's refreshing this plane actual gain your thoughts on Thursday night here. Now the site deployed you know instead of Moroni is the same view every day. So you know you get a chance though workhorse gains against their own and continue to grow as a player. I guess has been chenille Gary good luck this camp nailed the roster spot and we look forward to seeing on the field Thursday night no thank you.