The Sports Bar- Shareece Wright

Buffalo Bills new CB Shareece Wright joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss all things from his long & expensive Uber ride, training camp, and what he expects from the upcoming season!

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Welcome back bills can apply the sports bar with danger of the tag leave here buffalo bills' training camp saint John Fisher College Mike danger. Jeanne the tag Aaliyah and her special guests he's a former charger also play with a niners and also the Baltimore Ravens and he brings some mom much needed experience that is secondary trees right joining us here. In the sport archery stings are done with the skipped over stored on the way to receive and how much are you surprised how much Nash pension that guy. Yeah there's something that wasn't expected gone from from the that actual incidents that have been known. So there is this for months apart come off surprise on national news. You know going in that most people using over to go a few miles maybe a few blocks and a few hundred miles go from Chicago. The buffalo and I was just in Chicago this weekend to a thinking about usury again you know as amended over got this there would be pretty pricey if we took all the way back to Rochester from Chicago and. You have the losers on those. Mr. matters so how how does that how does that work out where EE you know you you find your your flight is canceled. And I read it wasn't an option that she wasn't cast title lay over and it was only like forty minutes OK and we took off lately and LA. I had a red I've. Flight booked before and Anna might you know I can't take the last flight out possible just in case something happens sure. How I got to give myself some room for air and I saw both their earlier files that it to a club by the LA. And I might try to avoid all this from happening of the trying to avoid actually happened sure and then. So I got it to Chicago late. Come from LA so I miss not connecting flight. And I might run into Mikey at call the airline the figure dollars and mrs. And not try to find the fly in and Tom and generally speaking do you cheaters like he was like 11 o'clock we started that. 7 that morning at 7 o'clock them more government does not earlier on how to get there sooner. And I was like if I need Yoko you guys back cannot call on my ex teammates than that played a US CU in the Chicago. Accident he can drive me there. He was busy watching the lawyers game as of the people and I can't do it. I'm like man my next option is in Woburn first two movers canceled on me. And the third it is called on right away this explain Tomas situation. If he can help me with this situation and he was able to do. His most famous who were drivers Chicago now this point nobody else gets tenacity for driving Newburgh Chicago or oh. What would've been the consequence doll I if you were back in time it in buffalo on Monday it was that we will worry about it. Analysis does this mean for me was one of those days rod didn't want to be that guy after having ten day break. I don't wanna be that guy that wasn't there a first failed to gaze practice the new. To assigned to the team is is one of those Steve someone better. You know I just got to be more responsible and accountable lodges in my mind a you know coats on this month layover flight he not be there early as possible book. This for me I'm on trial whatever I can get their I can't get their own time I don't look at these awful month this effort for now I'll feel better about myself. F five to see you know gave my best effort on trying to make you know as is for me was at whatever I can do to get their own time all of whom do you know distant. Is the beater you know and it kind of happened and I had to tell the coaches are kind of calling gave among. A warning on it tomorrow wasn't don't make those kind totally dissing case files that repeatedly. So you know for me was this is gated in any plain mean this is there. She Reese read our guest here in the sports bar with danger in the tightly alive from buffalo bills' training camp bills camp live surest. You mentioned coach how was coach McDermott reaction. You know I am I'm if I'm remembering right it was fairly positive I can imagine there are some people some people even. The co host on the show but while that's completely irresponsible how could that possibly hot anyway let me explain it from Minnesota you know you never get the CI I criticized you with the times saying if the like you were my child has spent all that money what does that say did you get. It look like it wasn't any enemies some view it that they had a lot of make survives a lot of people think it has always been a lot of money here. But my question was rental car went a rental caucus and I have to drive and I can't sleep and have practice I'm not. Yeah in the U right you can't drive and I am sure I overnight and in the top of the car upgraded to a meeting and practice them productive day. Figure I think get a close couples sleep in the seat of to have someone drive for me yes just the process of Boehner in a car what does it take so much time in. So that was the thing in my next option for those who grew women got it done now would have the drive and we Arpaio what it is weighted influence in the morning to safety you need to is not being on robot myself and my time overnight. You know something happens. He somehow Obama self. Now coach McDermott was cool with the whole story everything worked out OK from what I remember to keep in label use of that's what kind of guy we want here because he shows that he'll do whatever it takes to be here to be a part of this team to be here on time. Right right up for him for him as the coach at Tennessee and I keep. We've had a sort talk about how about that overruns and they got there about pay you back bogey. Reimburse you for that them Obama is cool for me is is a great investment in all provinces. You know my age any of them and us that's a great investment will make that any data to to me so we get to work on time as this is important for us to be here and in this is. To be an example is is seen on some veteran guys and young kid can't be that got us this that's not here. That's why you bring some you know veteran leadership to this secondary what are you. Make of everybody how's the secondary coming together there's a lot of new parts to this. And I allowed me a lot of young young guys coming to young teen has the us a young team and this is my first. Wanna say role in this being on being a veteran drew veteran in in a secondary so it's a new role for me in his. Is something that I'm embrace and at this this point in my career Iraqis. I can share with queen camera show me when I first got the San Diego own. Mom you know being around their word on guys like that kind of what they told me and I have opportunity to. To share my knowledge in these guys are the future of these team these these young guys should they be instant army and. These guys you know for me to give to kick the not a sedan for them to have. You know in a sense of better occurred and I and changes in and give an analysis that I have is something that I embraces his helping people into this. He announces chicken and knowledge to them you know tell them about his. You know that the the waving the game works and taking care you body in the time he got to put into its. There really to make it worth it sewn some I embrace and I love. You know asylum among I'll come from six. Five siblings in on on the middle. South Soledad older bro sis and I have a little rows and yes this is sought people. So hasn't the pulled him and asks this where Austin news room has to be in the big pro or to be the leader. And it is good to view of his technology in this you know to share my experience with them. Sure he's right our guests and sports bar with danger but frankly of bills camp live from saint John Fisher College you mentioned the rookie tree Davies wife. What do you see is a veteran looking at this guy who came into the league is a lot of some scouts measured Muppets day he's very pro ready he's ready to go and he could be an impact player they want. Oh yes he's definitely definitely is Smart players marked. He's really instinctive you know he can run. Palm real quick with a lot of quickness goofy worked on. You know he's raw pain he's going to be going to be great player and I believe there is certain in this Lee teaches continue to work car. Armon conceding Grimes is you know take to coaching than. You know and do it he been doing as a reason why he was in first round draft pick him if he just keep keep their focus he's going to be fine. Where he most comfortable where they have you working out in the slot on the outside word now Khamenei played did plant outside alone movies we traveled as corners so sometimes he did. You can play inside or like you will be closer to the ball make make a few more plays foot. But mainly animal that lives I mean that's kind of what what I'm into my whole career writers have signed so. Trees read our guest here in the sports bar with danger of the tag leave bills camp Lexington Fisher Cotchery shoot better players been multiple camps multiple teams. How does this set up here at saint John Fisher College with Buffalo Bills compare to your past experiences with other teams other camps. Oh is different this is my first. Campbell or we're doing it at a different facility different locations conscious way all those teams you know we kind of did it at our facility up. Being stayed at a local hotel close by. And this the first time me you know I've been part of this travel and doing it you know at another location other than we practice against him on the team. And that was kind of different in my in my past and other sounds as we practice against own damper so we spent the whole week in Denver now's a little bit different also. But this this is goody he keeps us you know keeps his folk is make his uncomfortable. On those these reduce the time when you wanna keep making it. Harder so won a season comes easy. On easier for us in on the transition is being called the Vienna home announced kind of takes it out of our comfort zone haven't perform on how levels a lot of mental. These that goes into this and keep was mentally strong for late December and you know want this known and it is these things you know me. Car was frozen in the morning you could handle that I don't know. I got a I don't know may have none of those I went to Baltimore has my first time away from the West Coast my whole career kind of high school. House on the West Coast and I want to Baltimore. And it didn't snow on this did he get the coal they got I don't know it's snowing cold as I Baltimore victory in eight guests know what it was in January they don't know authority in California but time is this those snowstorm came in and but late December Manning it was getting colon and walking outside a few times and was. It was cold so now. We've really love of the norm meaningful football games in. December here in Orchard Park I mean it's loaded question here but I mean fancier been waiting Walton for a winner so. When your batters situation like this. What's the big picture where you're assuming he knows about the streak gene and reset and you've heard about the playoff drought impossible but maybe it's unfair I -- chart gasoline just might make sure he knows it's on thirty units and I think it's so unfair to the entire organization right now for anybody decide whether they be wanna judge this organization then judge the street from now moving four bit like that the playoff drought up until this point. I don't care about any day as. Oil where were aware were trying to Lou you know not innocent before but his removal from that yet kind of change the mentality changed that and NASA would close McDermott is. Kind of deal playoff mentality that we are going to be a playoff team and we have to think like that we can't think of about the drought in all these years we know hating media book. You know meet coming here was one of those things that this to have an opportunity to be a part of that team that actually change the culture changed. Like what's been happening and to be able to be part of that we go to a team that. Thereby you expect to win and nothing really special there you go to a team where new coach is my new places new players in new on coast is new GM. Is that to be part of something like that have an opportunity to be a part of something men that that team that made the difference a team that change it. It makes it special. Saying we have an opportunity. You know coast to determine who come from a winning team knows what it takes to win and he's breathing here. He he's he's put known as every day he's put them in our minds in. We have to change our mindset if you want to change the culture around here and and that will change everybody else's mind sit around. And talking about that change culture the coach McDermott is trying to instill. You be one of those new character guys come in and kind of helped mold and shape the future of this franchise another guy that started today his first practice course Anquan Boldin the big sonic now did you and Anquan we both at Baltimore the same time. Know where he's processing boards are discussing a son together yes we work those good to see him see see if not the familiar face here in. You know and he obviously he wasn't in Baltimore book. I heard a lot of stories about him in Baltimore announced this innocent little talent in San Francisco saw. Would be. I was gonna say array when you lose look at the wide receiving corps the guys are going up against every day what are your impressions. When you're going up against Sammy or saint Jones some of the guys you've been practicing against tear us so far. And they give us ready has given their dinner is ready than we need. We Justin got to the great group of receivers. Here to to give his ready for food is the schedule that we had when you look at the schedule. You see the receivers that we're gonna have to billions in the court events you gonna do suffer like is good that we have those guys and there. They're great group of receivers they work hard you know they're always doing actual work and in danger always known trying to help us get better and we're helping them vice Versa. It is having that dialogue we're competing berth in the day on Sundays on the same team. And I come from you know receivers rob used to talking to the receiver. After practice and how you know always known today and you know having Malcolm Floyd and those guys in San Diego where. They're very data were competing in the world the same team that's been staying. You know I want you to figure out one impeach practice but after upbeat tone wanna tell you why have beaches is so you know. And when that happens on Sunday you'll know how does not lose that rapper. Our how to beat the DV in the singles from me you won't you wanna be be that the worst talked to me about tell me how. Are how I could do better on that and why how do you know what I was doing just that help me get better on the same team and we were sharper in his arms sharper and sharper and iron. I masses Connell months beyond I try to talk to those guys got us talking warrant world different. Side but we're we're we're together we you've got to help me help you and I hope Niemi vice Versa. Anne Hathaway that's well a lot of you know some teams are you go guys don't want early talkative I don't want to beating me making music that I hear about the same time like. Lure one T you know we have to use that to get better. Juries to that centuries rhetoric guess here in the sports bar with danger to tag live bills' kick off their pre season. A Thursday you can hear that starting at 5 o'clock with pre game on ESPN Rochester. You know guys fighting for their jobs fighting for their livelihood. These pre season games are everything. In your experiences. How is it the what what exactly does a player have to do. In the short amount of time that they have on that field during a pre season games to really make an impact and it is about making a big in a big play is about to turn over what what catches the eye of a coach to help secure somebody's future with this organization a. And be an event and is paying them maintain our assays is two years job. This do what's your acts to do with the coaches and continue to do they wanna see you do that in the game they don't want you to do all this though that. At practice in the inning dawning gaming night trying to be superhero are you doing all kind of these days they didn't teach you. It up for like a lot of guys go wrong when they misconstrued that because they feel that I got to make a big play I gotta make you DK. So they get out of character and I started doing things that. That they haven't been close to do in a stunning going to their own common to a mile way so what can make a big play get their attention look. They've made a big play though you're technique was wrong do you not doing anything that we talked to a new appraisals posted by putting what they. Have been teaching you all feel NASA they wanna see one return for a long they wanna do is say I've been this is what we've been showing you do you went out the and you did Keeneland. More so SAU. You went out there you did everything that there should be in need in need in making these blast blazer but you had a better day than you. May want big play what you do and did nothing that they they coach who do you may want they played Connell. You know would would be rather have right now we'll we'll plays the mother had. How it which your impression of their offensive line because you know any good secondary always has helped out by an extra pass rush here forty but think about the guise of. And then along I'm excited I'd say them honest man and you know and I think it is a year rose one of those things. Calls Trajan talk to me about you know come me tone and in our front. You know he's not there they're all about this series you know one name they don't bring that pressure in. We've played against buffalo and Armon Watson gone against Baltimore ran. There for a whole group isn't ruled the front and neither the same guys that are here a few different people book. For the most part he known the is there any numbering that pressure and that that's exciting for me. As as DB he knows nothing like a great passer she's known. The best secondaries in NFL mandate got the fist classrooms and in the NFL also so that's economy helps a lot. It joined by Sri shred our guests here quarter for the Buffalo Bills than bills camp lives seat John Fisher College sports bar. With danger and take leash reached agree with your time really appreciate income after practice to join us talk about. A pre season here at the saint John Fisher College best of luck this season stay healthy or amendment thank you.