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Sigmund Bloom of joins Danger and Battaglia to share some thoughts on Dan Rooney, the NFL Draft, and Chad Kelly's future in the NFL.


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If you want pure unfiltered un adulterated exports you come to about right place KM 9:15 PM 957 FM the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Our next guest in the sports bar with danger to tag they from football guys dot com. You should listen to his podcast the it is required listening for an NFL fan every week guys Cigna. Little hosts a podcast called on the couch re dives even deeper. Beyond the surface scam and we're so fortunate to have Gamal does this afternoon given us some of his time. From football guys dot com Sigmund bloom joins us in the sports bar with danger and tightly howry sick. Great and I think this you know we're all just. Ready for the draft again here April is that the ethical line even. I think we learned last in April may be farther away from the tree that meet you in the months leading up to April. As we before we get to the drafts again know the your Steelers fan. Yeah and you probably have some thoughts on the passing of Dan Rooney yesterday not just as an owner but as a man. Yeah I think it. They're gonna have a public viewing right fuel and eat as much as there is royalty expert. The Rooney family loyalty but at royal heated up of people and that's also what is an owner and he hands on was responsible for the hiring a couple and a lot of operate and values the lead of the game being the best organization. And he took over in the NFL that he was the maker of the L he gave us the Rooney rule you really Tripoli is a lot of the ballot. In the NFL that we represent the best that the game and at its ripple throughout the lead it will be another like him. It Sigmund bloom from football guys that come here. In sports bar 957 ESPN IQ you talked about all the the law hot sequel here in April it afterward you hear a story coming out of Cleveland that they're divided about what to do it number line. It would there be any shred of truth to that. I doubt it I mean it's possible that you Jackson. It's locking for his quarterback and certainly you know we just bought. Mitchell tribute eat up a big meeting with buffalo other Fokker jets like him there's always the possibility what that he and number Q3 Biden six. All looking to trade down. That bit you will be there at the pick for number twelve. That is the one quarterback beat you Jack your thought I could you being a trick pulled you'd lobbying attribute. Gear at least from a physical standpoint is that generational. Prospect here I use the lay up at number one in a story we're talking about 99.9. 9%. How much do you believe sickened me want when you put a number on it and when you hear a report about. A team looking this way are looking that way or it would theirs did they don't agree on what to do with that they're taken me. Do you believe. 20% of its 5% we're where do you stand. Short while adding more than ever a number and I think that we will look back. And five or 10% of what we're hearing that month. It is true but I think what we Hitler in the incident ignoring everything which would be. Bury pal actually. And if releasing it now be kicked out for you. My economic team. It might be from the scene of no it might be quick if thirteen let it from an agent that we might be able to ask ourselves groove. Would put this out there and what would they are speaking from that we can look at different sport in sight. Not that taking that would have been brewer at face value it's true or not true. Trying to figure out right manipulate. The draft because the eighteenth in order it might say it. Eating up every little papers stop trying to improve with the repeal is you have your work out here valuation. And that will end up at bat in that might approach. Authorities elect New England expend all your resources on your work. That's synonym alone from football guys dot com joining us here in the sports bar 957 years he would talk a lot about the quarterbacks how well the running backs and is drastically because. It's a league now where my allergic to find great running backs later in the draft to we have one in buffalo here that he picked up off the street Mike Gillis cleaning he was productive but you have to names that are very sexy being Leonard four net and also the running back out of Stanford you know how would you rate those two guys it in the first round it in this state -- I guess ask the question this way. He it would have to be an exceptional handling to spend a first round pick on a running back would it not. It would be and I think that indicate support that I would personally at the net I think McCaffery great NFL going. Four net worth and it will it. Tom Coughlin also wears an element in the is that dictator for the deductible jaguar now and it affected he read by and pick or trade out. Jacksonville not revert to what a tree down and it because they want letter Ornette. And later Ford and Mac is an addict you a power running out of you know a quitting the individual physical battle out of where Christian McCaffrey can run the entire route tree arbitrary kick returner. And you also. Pretty good running back not a power back like later Ornette but teens who like. Indianapolis and they'll help you picking at fourteen 1415. Would really like to get him he could go as early. I think if you beat out Tom Payne talked about the need you to elect. I Garrett spoke very similar skill that. To his bullet stability so I think we're not a lap Pat Roberts when he. Denver which. Of course is horrific and grew up a row. And that's another thing love in the first router or players that note NFL rigors that not to worry about that DiCaprio that's helped because. Dell and cook. And aerobics and would be the number three or running backs are routing number three or more because the off the issue is because they're appear they're not appear talent or equal Allah. The McCaffery Ornette. Cigna emblem for football guys dot com our guests in the sports bar. With danger and the tag glee let let's talk for a second about New England in how they actually value their running backs when we consider that. Mike Gillis Lee was there for a work out this week and if the bills were to not match any offer that doing the order make. A New England would have to give up a fifth round pick which I think is ridiculous and don't think they're gonna do is just more plate trying get. A lick her blunt. To come back to New England at the right price or do you think Mike ilsley could actually end up in new England and they would actually give up that if from peck. I doubt they would give up its route it. I do you think it's more to put leopard on political word is that they haven't backed off of their original offer and of course they'd be getting him repeatedly the pattern. Minimum corporate years of service the last few years but blow up. There were times you Carla William and Asian and there were times when. William rather you'll. At different times that you couldn't tell the difference in and Williams at the wonder too I think big guilt we inaugurated back like you think. That according Pauline reported that the bill will probably get something done with Gillick Leah. Did an excellent. Compliment it was on Kuwait. But I you think you'll be brought back in New England. And bad that they were just using that leverage they have which is sure it will bring in bakery leaders or bring in Damien William Richard create from Miami were not wedded to the guy you know bring. Say we live for football guys dot com now when we're talking about the draft day in and before the bills ticket ten. Historically. There are some heads fractures in that top ten historically there'll be a quarterback in the top ten but there's usually a team or two that that will you know swing out of their shoes. And you'd you're kind of left going what it what is that pick is it delivered for an epic. If he goes with in the top ten that that would qualify is that kind of pick this year. What do you see as far as of uptick in the top ten that could leave fans of that team going wide we just do that. Right he put ill he would probably. That it. That I think that he will look back on. And really wonder why. You go. Not necessarily need in order to governing back but again in the eight respectful to the running back in their better third down running backs them later what do in the strap. I think the quarterback with the other bit of cat cracker because I don't you a lot of separation between tribute you'd probably Gordon Cooper John Watson. Clinton on Kaiser Notre Dame needed after all. From Texas Tech they're different type of quarterback they have a different in between leaders even their more system they might work in I don't see any reason. To give up or resource is to get Robiskie the quite risky a lot of I'd eat at the back. In the first round at the opt in the first round I knew we will the perhaps we've been boxer that Alabama linebacker which could be it for the build number at least -- a wide receiver Mike Williams and then. Corey Davis. From that western Michigan and gave it a thing to another name for buffalo to walk when they're on the clock. Seeing him alone from football guys dot com my joining us here in the sports bar 957 ESPN one more question are running backs is always running measure draft. There's one guy still out there in free agency as a very very big name. Is the main reason Adrian heaters in the it has not been signed it is it money or is it the fact that you may be he's done after all. Well. You can't really separate it. I think that on one side you have what you back in her role in in terms of money in on the other side outcrop will be. In the second half or fifteen in in what he was on the you'll last year he did not look like. Adrian Peterson that we come you know love thinking dark or to pay him any weird year what that Adrian Peterson yet I think in New Orleans like. That it showed interest in him but any one of the could also take one out of the and that's not going to make it easier for him quite a repeat at the new reality being complementary back. Being paid like complementary back in until he does that's why. But on the street. Cigna and bloom apple guys dot com host on the couch the audible. The football guys dot com podcast which is required listening if you're an NFL fan and say go on the couch this week I heard you mentioned Chad Kelly. And my ears up because Chad Kelly is a god I've been beaten the drum for here in western new York and know that this is he's home turf. Yeah I feel like I'm in the minority when I believe that this guy could actually be. A star in the NFL someday and the fact that buffalo he's hometown is kind of who pooling the idea like that would be the worst place for him to go because. Of it being his hometown. Talked about what you see in Chad Kelly just from a talent stand point I mean I believe. On how alone if you took all the off field stuff in the injury stuff off the plate on talent alone he would be the top quarterback prospect this year when he knocked. I think that there's an argument for that and I certainly think that he would be a first or second row prospect. What you eat them in is. Playing in the eye of the door that mental all physical toughness you in the pocket and really what into the gate and attack but he spent from the pocket. Is pretty rare from a call at crock that. And that's against he doesn't like Alabama. And Georgia are you this is not playing it in a little Wear leveled at the highest level college football. He has. Clearly have our talent. The whole yield in play is mechanics are beautiful very consistent. He's very athletic. And the player that route hyper accurate the terrific all is that type if anything. To regret that the anything compact. Keeping you can view more that you really can't but that much easier coach and a player that it happened there to test eat their because that would do get all that because the players. Give mortality in May be eating at. Some heat off your problem. Getting in fights other white being a bit of a tough. Player to get along with but it felt like his coach's old Mitt will go to bat for him and now with this writ issued in addition to eight yell at this and that hurt yeah you may not. And drastic on absolutely couple that with the organizational success with. Jim Kelly I could possibly try to leopard that obviously does that in Italy but it it Tyrod Taylor for one more year if we're looking long term they. It makes sense for me to say Jack Kelly you're their quarterback. If you do everything we ask you to view the next you can come and compete in the start of the. How much would you factor in on some of those problems were were closer to it here obviously but shirt he's going back to watch his alma mater getting into a scuffle on the sideline and he's getting into a bar brawl. I come down on the other side sic where. Yet having. I can inspire Maine where he's gonna have a lot of yes men around him. EE eight it I don't know of Western New York is is the best environment for him because you are going to have those old friends and those. Those bad influences potentially around him. It's true it's true probably to eat here anonymous. You know yen that somewhere. Argue Jacksonville. Also have a quarterback coming up you know that it's. Something that it will maybe we'll find out quicker if he does about the weather handle it or all follow him deducting that I think. Whether Kelly weathered at the quarterback number and whether the quarterback and the second day whether we're back in the third day I hope that Butler has done their homework and find somebody. That they can develop along with cardinal. You make their decision the cut more auction next year by themselves in the situation they were these your where I think they're back at all. Say we've spent a lot of time talking the buffalo is actually a very good position checked number ten if they just. Kind of stand pat they could see quarterbacks goal in the top ten which would mean some of those. Skill position elite players could fall to them at ten they can also see teams trying to get to ten to grab those quarterbacks which should mean he could move back in the draft and acquire more picks. Humble one of one of the things I keep seeing him mocks he's. Wide receiver attend whether B Corey Davis or Mike Williams. That would mean that the bills are the only team in the NFL to invest two top ten picks in that position more actually if you consider what they gave up for Watkins is there a case. For buffalo taking a wide receiver at ten. Further I mean just look at the depth chart rate. You know it is gonna be Corey brown. I am not poor who's quick to line up opposite in block in any walk in injury history. You have to have more options in this state trial clay now. Okay our could be. The top tight end in the draft. But certainly you can't go into the ease in which Amy walked in with his injury history and not much else. Help out high rot in there in the passing game while that would interpret that talk and they pick up all white Ebert. They're still on the contract the salary cap. You couldn't stomach that and we know that they're going to be of good running because need to have a more credible passing threat in the app last year I I would believe were. Corey Davis cited don't know he's gonna get past Cincinnati number nine. Sigmund Bloomberg football guys dot com Argus during the sports are 957 ESPN. Severe last year Rex Ryan said something that they came back to haunt him that the Buffalo Bills Koren quote. One the offseason. He's this year who who do you think he's had done the best offseason so far. I don't think there's going to be answered that you're let's circle like that upper level New England. All that because that they went off with a play and in the plan isn't done yet. And that the scene that. Continue to churn the roster. You need to find value in free agent the in an and then even this year. I will see about the ball and you'll work it. We need a Patriot League that kind of strong. Play a pay a player market value you know now seek in the court you doubt they're the right to be if they can reunite you look at other. Devin QWERTY that would be a boon for them because. Malcolm Butler could allow them recoup the number thirty cubic they gave up for Britain in cook and Bill Belichick on the record saying eco or comparable. Picking wide receivers afterward in the NFL still. They gate the tip of fighting an impact wide receiver there's puke purses bringing in Britain and cook and of course they have DiCaprio. Britain not really be a problem the paper and it cook. Would he is going to get on the market next year so I just look at it would look at the way to handle these things McKinney crop which we have Barry could. Whether they would recruit the twelfth pick plucked from Cleveland. Where he can be dropped whether they air that Tom Brady they they continually make movement that he never got adequately thought that again. It's ego talk about Cleveland real quick I mean how much stuff like that move. Picking up rock onslaught that ugly Contra to Houston. It's an excellent group because they think we need is he with the cap going up and well billion dollar year. DiCaprio doesn't just prep for that being able at players you're dollar that distract the art create the it is it likely that I create the day. Behind the eight. Oakland haven't interior offensive line. That can match Cleveland you look at doubt in a building from the inside out what people it is an act prep Scott was a revelation it was a situation that a lot of young quarterback could. Eat and I think that's what could be the trying to duke with. Or pick in the first 483 in the first 33 they should be able to double or Allah and hopefully be patient. About tech quarterback and not number one. Cigna will football guys dot com work in our listeners find more of your work sick. Yet football guys in your follow me on Twitter at Wembley would really be can never give up NFL whether create in the year coach changes are the draft or try to park will be. We hear out of boot yeah aid training camp and and then of course that the main course Ike Cisco increased 65 a group of people that are like that football guys should be your. Is awesome I and you guys do a great job Cigna and I can't believe that we have you on the air with us this afternoon I'm so thankfully you've given us some of your time. And they'll look for speaking you again here in the offseason right. Stick them bloom from global guys dot com our guest in the sports bar with danger of attack and I hate to say it but he's right. He's right on doing all my guys having adequate Huskies and it's not even fit air raid they just want to Super Bowl they get Gilmore that's for fixated on you almost forget. They picked up the receiver. Exact cause. Who would be the best receiver number wise this upcoming season I'm talking about Cox god cooks and white in New Orleans get critic books. I still can't figure that out Leslie I really thought now on the road they couldn't sign and get what you can form now. Yeah it's it's maddening it's maddening that the one obstacle that prevents the bills. From ending the drought. Is is doing it and there's. They're just the better everything. They're better at everything Jeanne the offseason is theirs. That the regular season is there's like what what is going to take. Short of Tom Brady getting hit by a Moab missile. There until the get a lot I don't know what is it but I don't know what it is I'm open to suggestions. Cigna blue joining us in the sport or a danger to tag glee if you missed any of that. We will have that up for you and available on demand at the all new ESPN Rochester dot com.