The Sports Bar-Steve Carlson

One of The Hanson Brothers from the cult classic "Slapshot," Steve Carlson joins Danger and Battaglia to talk some old time hockey and the 40th anniversary of the film in advance of his Saturday night appearance at Frontier Field for "Salute to Slapshot" night.


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Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio bookmark this sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com. The sports bar we've danger and potentially a big night Saturday night frontier feel the fortieth anniversary. Other cult classic. Hockey fans. All know them you slap shots. I have the slap shot I don't know what it is it's like a totally separate. Doctor said it's it's a little piece of a corner of an ice rink with a three Hanson Brothers skating on it. And I'm pissed my daughter when she was a kid she played with and I really wrong and wrong although it's it's in rough shape but it's a good looking little sat. And we have one of the Hanson Brothers on with us right now in the sports bar with danger tightly Steve Carlson. Joining us how worried about. I'm doing great effort and listed on those those action figures you're better player because we don't sign and a wizard McFarlane toys in he'd do it without our consent. Thought if you if you want to break we have to go ahead and editor col. They are and the thing that's funny about that is I thought fellow hockey fan said to to mean it was a big hockey fan. And it played hockey is a kid and will get worn duo were used new grew up is that we we have some some similarities but when he set to to mimic my god this the coolest thing. I've ever seen it like it is also like I you know I know it's a collect your province must believe in the packaging in and shell written and Neil at a like the octagon package have put that I put on display my kids I just started playing within. Yeah we we are doing it out of recession just outside Chicago we told his kid that we can't sign volatile while we we can't but we won't. And the kid says oh OK good I'm glad I stole the. Do you have any recourse that you know after all these years do you own anything double the the rights of the handsome Brothers these these characters you've played. It it's not characters we played that that's. That's what we were real like velvet jacket long hair black glass in the village after a long hair black glass and I had like a black crisis Jacqueline blonde. And the movie is based on the street at two Brothers and Dave Hansen who became one and two Brothers. Keep your head long haired you know in those days and you can be cured Carlton and movie industry calls have been ads about it we just reenacted are well we did actually in real life. So it's. It's not really big create these characters the characters always always been an air pages that made a movie about it. Virginia Minnesota right is that word you gotta Brooke. Yet already this iron range gee let me tell you hiring and I grew up in east Grand Forks Minnesota and you know where that is a normalized or if you're the the. Targeted state Diana can go to had to call it. Shakier right now. No way now he's Grand Forks Minnesota we we've traveled to the range for some hockey tournaments is akin or whatever the kids in the iron range were always the greedy ist. Toughest meanest nasty is kids ever in and that's that's. You've got to try to referee all the top hot celebrity red guitar reader because in the automatic two point. Nights it's your eyes as soon as it is averaging Minnesota might well there's some truth to that to the legend of the Hanson Brothers these guys grew up. Posh they grew topping mean. You know that's good northern Minnesota were manner that is sort of women. Steve Carlson will be at frontier field on Saturday night the salute to the head. Movie slap shot forty your university our guests here in nursery are gets here in the sports are 957 ESPN for folks who don't know acting real it was kind of something that it wasn't your thing you were actually. Play the game if you can talk about that and I'm reading this on your Wikipedia page. And Eaton told me this is turnout because look at you gotta kind of stick with a grain of salt. Was Wayne Gretzky really remains. He was when he was a rookie there's only two people in the history of hockey. Oh please don't the other ones in history of hockey there's only two players ever to record how it Wayne Gretzky I am more. I think according. Love that game felt like if elected I played fourteen years I coached five years old so it's. I felt that it looked toward a direction where you know there's little more. She lets say aid donor to reported fired so that's why we brought home business and I know this side of the fire but fire myself. Although we do 25 to thirty events a year. It's we're on a roadblock where you know we knew we are they don't know that it'll get out of it a little bit it was dying down but it's just picking up more steam in August of fortieth anniversary and it's like holy smokes we did the fortieth anniversary in Johnstown Pennsylvania. The boys are back in town and we had seven cast members come back with you Barbara the French Open under joining up in Allen nickles. And it's a fantastic event in. We're just moving on in. Now according to baseball because they're more fights in baseball that they do and hockey so you know we hear let's change or. It's sure it's your Steve Carlson I guess when the original Hanson Brothers from the a movie slap shot celebrating its fortieth anniversary will be in town Saturday night. Signing it frontier field and in not only do you have. Greatness on the ice sell alongside with Corey how when we brits we you know talk about. Being in the present whole Newman in one of the greatest actors of all time and I imagine one of the greatest human. That that. But here's the deal if you worked with us. That's a that is that you're on the verge of becoming a superstar you know these people when they count toward after slap chop. Don't really like the guys we've took money are awaiting news says it all wars so we took more home for a base mile we had a our salad homemade salad dressings from northern Minnesota. And the spaghetti so small spaghetti sauce and step back at popcorn at the end at night with a guy do he stole all the. Let them I also realize your own president. He finds out what they were often delegates at a rate card gonna tell you catch up. Yeah he's terrible human odds are I had the other guys. We got to fight now we'd let it slide because the idea of all of Monday to hold more game. And would for the children to recent OK let's elect Paul moment when doubles classes man I ever met my life now it was a great athlete. Now he was agreed actor but also humanitarian is just of marvelous man. Speaker also be a frontier field Saturday night it's the salute to slap shot forty year anniversary not nasty foul me on this I was reading a Sports Illustrated guy years ago where. Ralph my geo was kind of writing a column and bemoaning the fact that. Wherever he goes today that's all he's known for. Odd how is it for you because I'm sure people are not gonna point out on the street but this is the one thing that pitcher known for. We are you know what words. You know when vehicle to be our ports we like to do but 25 to thirty weakens your when we're together we get really noticed a lot more than we do that's where individuals but death. So locked in. You know that other great movies and if it wasn't for fans who would be doing what we're doing we help rate of sept 27 billion dollars last 25 years and it's it's our. You know we're we're having fun do what the two unfortunate we travel during the worst month of the season in the winter mostly and but once were in town once fans are coming in once everyone has old favorite lines unfortunately can't they too many who won here. It's a family oriented so. Stations so. We have to be very careful what we say but. It's one of the greatest sports movie at all times so you know what why we read letter writer we were right note believe and I fitful getting bigger and bigger. Following up with Steve Carlson one of the Hanson Brothers in town Saturday or frontier field. For assigning here in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah so you your in for assigning here in the summertime and I mean you mentioned. Traveling during the worst policy or some guessing that you do a lot of skating still. In probably plan on dirty hockey and Zach is that true. Well what we're trying to get away from the games but what we do now is like if we're going to American game we would. We were playing Rochester Americans toughest mediate might team out there and what we do is we we played him between the first and second period in. You know we we still have bad refereeing is cookies because the guys a little break. Against the mascot and he actually takes a dive they say I triple but I don't beat dole selective it would likely Europeans all the time it's like. And then eventually it did they gave authorities 45 year old murder case the puck over negated. Not for antics. They'll drop the club and chased off the race so it's we don't played too many charity that is what we do like to about it again once. Steve what do you think of the NHL. Today what do you think of the product on the guys. Well ill. If dictate play off games every night he was great. You know IIIY actually comic David just signed over one million dollar contract you know. Which isn't that the work hard. You know why don't they just give them only two million let them you get twenty Coolio and ultimately didn't another thirty billion another billion to let them earn their idea I think they're giving out money. Like to immediately get let them earn it and Childress and that does every night we're gonna blow up there in cluster of but every night and put on social. You know sometimes these players just squeal and promotions and it's sad but. I love the playoffs for the put out were great of the the salad plates and not a and also would correct phrase. You know an eight page they called dislocated holding it interferes also located throughout this regular season they're in the playoffs if forget all the rules in. I have trouble with the consistency of everything I thought it's sort order degrees capable time and unfortunately. With the my brother gave. Jack Hanson movie. Is the only person I know that I can slow the fastest game down. But he played hockey game Cecil became way down a bit tentative but does that that's where it is. It sounds like EU Unita park our cars and cigars loved the sport but it's hard sometimes. When you see what the NHL has become an and curiously when we did you see that changing you played the game in any different time and a different era. But you've you've been a part of the game you watch the game for a long time he was there a particular turning point where he. You saw kind of become what it is now which is a horrible thing it's not a god awful product obviously but the idea that we what you silly I wish every. Game was like the plastic the playoffs are in my opinion the best post season in all of sports. You know and everyone says you know let's let's. When you don't want me to dump the puck in the first defenseman would pick the first fortunately the second principle back into the pocket and make the play well and I can't interfere the first port truckers so the first four charges were brought down on parliament defense spent. It doesn't open up the game him anymore there's no you know what during the clutch and grab aircraft over 200 points in Mari look at over 200 points and grit in ninety Colton when he's in these players nowadays. Can barely get a hundred points with this system and goals so the clutch and grab era. You know as if they'd be triggered severe pain because they're not used to this clutching crap parity they cater to that Americans and Canadians. Paid billions to the big play this way all through their life in Europe. It's those big race day itself skating skill passion skate no it's global. Well that argues that this clutch and grab one nothing two nothing 25 shots a game you know paper hockey study change against them. Saturday night the ramblings at home and it is the salute to slap shot night where did all three Hanson Brothers will be in attendance signing autograph six to 645 and again from. 715 to eight. I you're not. I'd thrown out the first pitch doll you're you're kind of connect chewed it. Steve what we're gonna look at that we're just inform others. Rochus is perfectly team. And I did so the opening pitch the first one I would be a bit dead as it will at a ball giving up cancels it tells me that I had a ball the first one I would be I would hit the right handed batter on a lefty. The second one over cocktail what it left and a battery told a catcher in this of the cursing I threw a curve when Madonna medal shot just like such a fine and I'm I think I'm a foot jump. If stated it chances. That's all it. And plus I didn't go off the mound I'm on top of that Robert you know on. It's part of an emblem rubber sides it's going to be talked but then again all suited gonna Alter should Donovan also. I'd open up guts batting second. He's been starter Paul. Just aim for the mascot is like embolden our about it and read the going to be wearing their us specialty Charleston chiefs. Jerseys it they say wings under the same color scheme is the chiefs looked sharp those are going to be. Auctioned after in the game with all proceeds benefiting the recognized community foundation. And we are going to be signing them. And to Bos are seven securities for the auction. Awesome and we also have the first 15100 fans receiving one of a kind replica. Taped up glasses. It's salute to slap shot night. The big post. That. Day. Richard well the classic just a look at the so we can a lot of skill level and put aside that was a good start fires and I live in northern California so be careful on political side. Yes he what are you up to doubting you gotta you're still involved in the game correct. I've thought doc actually had not my wife and I we've manager hands above his affairs at the merchandise and kept both teams in the in negotiations for the officials on itself so. No money game I I retired from. I'd like it would make early ninety's I quit coaching in essentially it was meant is that went back to Pennsylvania right coached high school team. Four years were won four state championships that role. And then I've moved on them you know I'm not coaching know more about the game a little bit I want to look at if when I say you know. Tuesday NATO rivalry or third but it went bitter rivalry and figure Pittsburgh and so they're gonna plated going to be one big. All after the first ten minutes eternity maybe there does that tell. Have access to go and hit it Eddie blood got on my philosophy is open has the puck they should be at. Love it that the game all see it's your upper right corner of course leave. The that it will outperform and also we Evernote app or game. Steve we we appreciate you joining us here in the sports bar and enjoy your time Rochester Saturday at the Ford. The board could then maybe we can popular American game this year in bring back old timer route develop games. Love to announce they're now wolf bring back memories. Steve Carlson one of the Hanson Brothers joining us in the sport sport to other yesterday's Dave. You got it Steve Carlson. Our guest in the sport forward danger to tightly again salute. To slap shot Saturday night fortieth anniversary slap shot frontier field. I think the fact that he didn't call your cake eater you guys here off right away. White jet commie take your enough for me Dinah I'm not I'm not from the roof should look the Russo verbs of a Minneapolis you know. No way when I saw Virginia Minnesota. As well where he grew up that's all you need to know and me and Andy here that that that the characters that they played in slasher really characteristic. Again. That's all I need to know all you need Al that was what hockey was like in the iron range in Minnesota. It's off. Off off up there who off. Upbringing. How funny is it that you bring up the little point figuring set and that wasn't. Licensed no you're right and he was absolutely I do remember it was McFarland toys that built. That that that box came in McFarlin toys. Box that dissent came in this box in and I'm a look at him like you know I'm not a collector but I'm sure that this is what it's meant for its met for collectors. And a much. I'm just an openness to pool I wanted you know opening wanted senator up and wanna look at I want you know. And and of course was who's my daughter got her hands on which uses the toddler. Shoot you played with all the time when the stakes row the glasses that are kind of like disheveled and how followed minutes. Really. Really had no it's a great set in India ages a year though we won't sign that because it's not it's just. You had only Norris got only your proper head says its markets even after forty years is still home that night so Steve Carlson. When they had two Brothers joining us he could see him he'll be signing with the other two answer Brothers. I frontier field on Saturday night a salute to slap shot. Well we got a lot going on here including I'll drink to that Celeste and things that the bills did something on their website but. To me if you're older bills and it brings it down a road that I. Don't wanna go down so simple to get I wanna get your opinion. Ivan had a more some sports commentary do agree or disagree with who play I'll drink to that next in the sports bar danger and the tag lay out on ESPN Rochester.