The Sports Bar-Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus

Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss and dissect the 2017 NFL Draft including all of the options that await the Buffalo Bills with the 10th pick overall.


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If you want if you were on filtered on adulterated sports you come to the right place they had 950 and ninety. 57 Atlanta sports leader ESPN Rochester. Here's the sports bar with danger and tackling and we only. The best and the brightest minds in sports industry. That's why we fight Steve palace although pro football focus to pull the stool and join us in the sports horse Steve how are you this afternoon. Steve appreciate your time we first spoke when you're down not right after the Senior Bowl in Indianapolis and now here we are two weeks away from the NFL draft. But I hey it's good to talk to you because you're a guy that got books of the numbers and and right now we're just getting. How's it like every year so much false information right now in any war you're hearing about quarterbacks going in in the first round. What are your numbers tell us about guys that could go on the first round and each we believe any of this right now. I think there's a lot of smoke screen out there that good quarterback spot. As in no question already and then you just you get more questions still out there whether they're baker dot. You know it they're going to be a big story in the first round I think a lot of the doubt bit. And as much as there are. The other teams like the brown the air at the jet the ability to throw them in there that need a quarterback birds are early in the market for a quarterback. You know debate Bill White ball and because there are no question it's gonna take he's all the love that bit you all at local law and and I don't know what they've completely sold. He'd yet to be guys might ultimate middle ground legal weight art first round it should. So there's a lot of a lot of big pop up that are you know that picked it seems just tried. To go get their guy and that they got that they can get it got. Put a number on how genuine you think it is all let I I see myself right now as I read reports about work I mean like. 5%. Of what I'm reading a belief. It's probably five to ten I think there's usually a handful stories if you if you work back. Acting out yet heard that in market heard that in April 08 BP coo and late April very rare. Apathetic public mortal political leaders to go to Jacksonville would. Potentially you know. It cited with every single player you know every player bought late or topic that the well about people to people in the entire organization. Didn't do it differently every single year at all it got on a on part of sorting through that up during drop down. Steve tells all pro football full kiss is our guest here in the sports bar 957 ESPN. Seoul with the quarterbacks you have ranks here in this class do you have any of them worthy of of first round great. Yeah I would still look at her bit he walk an air ball. As for routers a lot of good spirit in which a big. One year reduction. That raises some question marks a look at that as a as a audited there's no room to improve. But it sure a lot of medical retreat Occupy Movement the ability to drive all about the numbers short area because a lot well but he wanted. You know you viewed him are we look Greece app be it. I need to move the chain may make the necessary wrote that the duty that the bulk. The pocket passers ability to build a progression but it certainly ought Allah there. And Patrick alt a bigger just as big wildcard because there's so much out so much play making ability but in the market. Two point while not taking away that natural aggressiveness and then I don't think the president of in the first round at the show on either of the ship in the current round. Because you know is Utley looked as good as any quarterback in a lot of the matter at peace and yet he cubicle wrote any good. On April probate I think you know everybody comes a request and are gonna be a matter of finding the right bit Greek guy. All right Steve can we distill it down in the first round with these quarterbacks in say. One of them will be selected in the top ten as this happened fifteen of the last sixteen years at the draft which team and which quarterback. Could go in the top ten. I look at her visit these stayed with Chicago. A good one on opening. I think Michael Landon in the potentially look at one year contract for I'll be he's gonna any he'd grow from dropping their quarterback of the future. So I think tribute to the bears still look like a really good fit you probably. Take it a little beauty with him with Michael and on the raw during the bulk of them better be good news. Bill that is tool probably too much about public figures there's a lot tourniquet out. So you tell us all joining us here in the sports bar 957. ESPN. As far as defensive backs in this is an area here in west you organ bills country IA we know some of the top names here in this draft. Who do you think might fall to the Buffalo Bills have they were gonna go in that direction. Stephen number ten. Yeah and mark on Lattimore epic would be the best case scenario that are bawling. You know eat eat out all do you do all the quarter as the deal. You interest in Connecticut quarterback spot is just loaded. But I don't. All the guys that you know five the eatery. I think all looked out of the omen land where it might be like reached Obi got an Olympic bid of data is quite LSU. Probably a little hard for him that and in. You know he's sabres falling down the board of Florida you might be good got to grab in the packet Marla I'll Alabama. I've been movement built like threatening covered. And please don't covered with a concrete from a pure business standpoint might be about it ball blow up Dermot electronic are deployed. That the union similar scheme that they had a Carolina would cover what don't I caught up. Opera is excellent at bat at that at that style but it might be a really good bit about. We've got to come to a conclusion here as far as what the bills should do on draft night that it's in their best interest to move back in the draft wherever. Wherever wherever possible right and end. We do especially me consider the kind of depth that you're just talking about their corner. Today at ten do they not have. The best of both worlds I mean they're in a position where if quarterbacks go early in the top ten in this draft those skill position players fault of the bills and if they don't. Well because they have been doing there. Their quarterback visits and because they do have a long term need a quarterback teams might actually move up to trying get one from the bill's attack enemy play that's an area offer me and and give us a little hope and optimism for draft night that the bills actually being attend. Might be in the best spot possible in the first round. I think it's a good spot because. Perhaps the players that might raw every regional block out a look at the ball and I'll do it. Sometimes there's just a little better fit for you those teams though. I see Jamal Adam's fall in my life in my world went on duty market I think Jonathan Allen could absolutely all music guide for production that point you'll be outlawed. The issue there the arthritic shoulders didn't crux of the problem by about on field production at about bidding got beat so currently well be up well I think bill's gonna be bought. Maybe grab one of those ball players or maybe Corey gave us the data east Watergate and maybe the angle that died but they don't go there and grab a structure. Maybe buffalo looked recorded it would be a great compliment. Did you walk and on the other side of the there aren't very good ought because it's very unclear. What it will be from about Sudan but anybody yet. Right around and to be audit because of the very good player and you get out and got to go all even further there is no object it. We've been debating the wide receivers too because a lot of fans as you can imagine and we live in a fan of Sierra as Steve where the biz is what people are used to. But the bills will be the only team in the league with two top ten picks of their own at wide receiver having already spent a first round. Technically too I guess I'm Sammy Watkins with that trade. If the bills. Go with a wide receiver to continue Kris king you say to guys like that could coexist. But if you take out number one receiver like a Mike Williams like the receiver from a from Michigan western Michigan. I think that you go to a look at Vienna helped today. I hate more than ever. You'd need multiple play makers you need receivers were different stole that and tight ends with different feel that so. You look at the the opposite is they've got a big receivers go up and debt that it should you guys out really well they beat it beat Brett. But it's all about bidding goes it and I think Corey Davis would be good bet there'd be better runner. And they've been walking in lock and it via computer you you can. You've played that is right. All right you gravel Mike Williams you've to got to go up and get. It operate you go up and make plays he'd betrayed or possession deeper. Get John raw from watching it may be a little redundant and walked in. But blocking that now that it has beat or Orton you that would typically plays. On the field I think there's absolutely room. But that other wide receiver and I know it off because they gave so what we walked in typical years ago that was probably a date given up so much one player but. They are where they are right now them all out at a more like that the liquid bulk. Steve tell us all from pro football focus I hear what you're saying and I've been also saying that Michael Williams to meet. Just looks dynamic and I know that he would be another number one in you don't need two number ones. Our way it wide receiver on a team. Especially when you consider who's throwing him the ball so again it didn't do your best to talk us out of the bills. Taking a wide receiver attend when you consider Tyrod Taylor is a quarterback. Yeah so that. You wanna put the best pieces around Taylor knew but at the pain odd ball well it is a victor's. Earlier argument made against Mike Williams will Tyrod Taylor take those at butternut or it may Mike Williams. A productive player I think you along that all shot up every type of player where it any thought he might be covered up or ball it went by a wife. You'd shot Walken got along well once you know what does all up what make it I don't know. Had vetted him apparently he's more of you know you there then you know take off an increase of maybe Mike what is it about their adult a look at so much. He met Alan. On the board here even even spending the first round or a truck a lot project walk and he could never have too many guys that could get after the quarterback predictable truck on the ground. A lot of quarterback I'll take a look at especially with the automobile we're looking at well this is one of those got revamped would be bad especially with the majority opinion. David become that you got to focus draft to get that he got back on track where that he could be and they do door wide receiver that. Talking with Steve palace solo pro football focus you can follow him on Twitter PFF underscore Steve. This is the sports are 957 ESPN I go back to the other side of the football. Two guys are wanted to get your opinion on because the bills that they sit there at number ten. Maybe. Is there any chance of Rubin Foster would still be there and how do you guys grade you I sound Redick from temple. There's a guy that you know certainly a lot of lot of people are lob with the jury awarded so they say but. Feast that top level of competition in any college. Yeah I think softer definitely has yet to be there with his can't let episode getting back on early look typical reader at an interview area around all black so. I did absolutely can't just like Jonathan Allen would all that it is there are equally be better than a question of you ought. Rabid Alabama linebacker mystery years I picked off at the readout legitimate readout linebacker ability. I think you popular site you know any player 50 players are up in my opinion. Indonesia. A lot of credit you know he played on the edge again. Or apple and a lot terribly concerned about the competition level I think. I think he's showed it produced multiple years unbelievable up yet. A dynamic at record now it could convert more traditional linebacker role wouldn't be into it out of that apple on the ball on and people will it. Looked great doing it unbelievable athlete I think you could Jeannie call it tight on Saturday in Alberta. A movable that he's going to be with him up the middle isolate Obama linebackers. Teach a lot of plays speed a little bit more play covered so I'm all already at the player I think he'd be all about him and fifty range you can go up the board. Like we've been here about quarterback we have been hearing that there's a lot of depth. At tackle in the showers draft and the bills have been making. They've been they've been making their rounds they've been going going around in talking to. And in putting them through that that the pace is gear Bowles being the latest tell tells that you know about it. About your balls projected to go in the first round correct. You predict it is the first Broderick the big concern going to be epic 15 years old. Not a huge concern but it comes in the play a little bit what your annuity and realized it would roll back to year old well. I think the bigger concern in notepad action news. He wouldn't talk topical like go to they love them because you get that one walk out of a rock everybody. And you don't candy in the run game but I think that they mentality get in trouble and capped wrote one to a little bit much. Yeah I tried to do a little bit too much indeed I think you really want that old beat. Cap pass rushing title author of tackling it they can not hide about it might be questionable bowl. Actually able to run game look at the bell in pass protection but yeah overall up at the apple ought they all public but in that not buried deep group or. A V and so many bills fans will be paying attention not only day two but so also on Saturday day three. And what what you told us in the past Steve is that this is a great draft here for the quarter position you might be able to get one if we are watching. On Saturday the NFL draft who are some guys that could still be there that you like at the corner position. Yeah I think the first cut you kind of Shaquille written yet these start to get more height but he picked a lot excellent at a weak rate all deal. He played a lot of poverty use yep let them make up beat their. It is just win in the deep ball game within the BB I think he got a getting more hype the light into the record there could be there. On Saturday it'll record elder from Miami again from a bit spam point excellent don't like order bit with a look all blow. Is likely moving you from a deep at the speed standpoint and then Russell Douglas. From what Virginia another guy water they're playing our coverage but what do is play throughout the playoffs and a guy that it is you cornerback bought all we get it back. Steve every year at the draft it feels like one team makes a pick somewhere in the early part of the draft and leads every kind of scratching their head and for that matter in the first round enemy we go back to the Tivo days when when Denver you know Tim Tebow numbers and let. Every year it feels like that happens. If you had to make a prediction and now it's impossible to predict what's gonna happen on draft nick is sold pretty one that's why we love it's so much. Hooted and yet who do you think ghost I mean who do you think. Could be the apple of some teams I had the point where they reach swing out of their shoes and make everybody go. I didn't. It is not a huge surprise because of the hype. That's an early but two players that'd be cute when you really evaluate them should go if I hit it about one report that integral beat. You could see people may be falling in love those guys and take him about an arrangement I don't even. What is Ornette in the right at them absolutely. It Belichick peppers. You know there's some update you better that are probably better order and yet he got a little bit inaugural the first noted that it brought the able but they. Being one of those big games may be going up and when they're really more more realistically mid or late spurt early Beckett back epic. Is deadly weapon we could beat the other guy maybe all we know all melt on you from you caught six or 25 or so. They see something like into the corner. Recap lead I got that somebody could just all about what particular and I don't think I'd be out outlandish. But just from a side and measurable standpoint I have now bought a Republican all of. Steve he brought up for that so it let leads me to this day. Teams seem to be. Under valuing running backs everywhere right mean yeah the Ezekiel Elliott story from last year's a nice story he's at a special kind of talent but. Each is more about the offensive line less about the actual talent running back at me for net going top ten. Could happen and shouldn't surprise us but it will still surprise this moment. Yeah I would I'd I'd look at running back in back to gain. In the India on third out. Pete Elliott we out of it about you down running back in the dollar coming into the L years. And he became an outstanding runner adult court I've at all but the wind also hit the ball back building great walker. I don't think they've they've been about port that it may be good of these other guys. In the dropped but I think you look at a guy like the outlook for human that those guys are even wrap but he kept the ball can move around they can do a lot. I even a Joseph makes an album Arctic to bring a lot but not in I don't know that Ornette I think that big day. What are you getting in the wee bit at about 60% of the time you get it yet. From a guy that maybe your first or second down running back that he probably just played a downhill running game. Which is again limited options or optimum orbit that audit report that the degree that every seat in the right our running game to be a very good player. Love talking to Steve tell is although you can not read his work pro football focus. Dot com but. More of your work you were you did this already Steve this is just the fun time to sit back and enjoy what happens here in these next two weeks. Gallaudet hadn't been breaking it down from one. And finally be all old people ought to everybody can shoot it up yeah whatever occupier. Wrap up there yet. I like it Steve palace a low pro football focus dot com. Man unbelievable job Steve Demeter really yet I said this yesterday in the journal say it again today talking to you Steve I mean there are people out there. That are working in the industry that work harder. For their web sites and for the data that they collect then the actual NFL executives who were buying a the product and you know like you know you're doing more work and I guarantee more work than a lot of people want bills driver to right now for distressed. Steve how to people pick up that draft did the draft pass again. Yet over a pro football focus dot com back luck rapped out that'd be. Capital ripped out of players in the drop a lot over the that. Over 200 profile re your rate on these guys debate but it by any real well all. Awesome Steve thanks your time really appreciate it. I.