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ESPN investigative reporter Tisha Thompson joins Danger and Battaglia to dive deeper into her E:60 story on former U of R football player Niko Kollias who was kidnapped and tortured in a case of mistaken identity.


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If you want you or follow filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come tomorrow right place AM ninth olympiad in 957 Afghan motorsports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to sports bar might dangers seemed to hang ugly out on Sunday morning ESPN. Indicates it's a piece that centers around. What we perceive to be one of the crown jewels varsity the University of Rochester. Yeah and it's a story I think most of us heard about the very few was actually news the grisly details and were happy to be joined by one of the two reporters on this year in ESPN investigative report. Issued Thompson dish and we we appreciate your time and you set ballots in the eagle coli this. The courage this young man for Nico if we could start there because it to me I I don't know if I would have gone forward or or Nikko it at some point. During this terrible horrifying all dia or deal would have to simply given up. Larry you're totally right thing you are adding in. I think 100 very irk misconception that they're out there I think a lot of people pronounce it that way but it actually. Calling it. Nico Cole a a little thing like that was the right as cities need. Wanted to be inner ears as you know keep it read articles written about him. Throughout the covered it as well there as we know it was big news in Rochester. How could it not at and but it was a lot of you wanted to get off to ask that you wanted to clear up you wanna be on hand. It would go there you hear that people backing mutt is in all them with the people that kidnapped and but everyone cleaner use and Coleen prosecutors there in Rochester. Including Ellen all their knowledge he never. Or he was not in any and it's Eric Weiner Rochester. And when he was in that house he would air instead of just the right thing he could possibly imagine and there were a moment. Are you wanted to give up but he added he knew that what is diet he might not ever a weight that that might yet he was back about the death irreparable. The anti Shia and unfortunately you know it was a big story in Rochester but. We hear these stories feels like way too often in this city in a lot of times when it revolves around what is perceived to be a drug deal gone batter. Violence in the inner city. It gets dismissed as such you don't put two and two together and realized no this was a kid. Who is completely. A victim of of Cirque stance in the wrong place and at the wrong place the wrong time. Yeah you know what I mean I I've worked in a lot of different places I didn't eat at a Watson will be. And I abort your birth ex US are married now. I work in the that you all moral is that it was a neighborhood. As well brought up the neighborhood in certain areas you guys know that. By New York police department your prosecutors told me that what really bet that the art. Port. Near Rochester. Woods that backed it big cat meat go I mean why. That these are you know you happen in the backyard you know go wrong in alleys and aren't. This is not unusual. When you're dealing with rod iron. It's different here what it normally at mater. Niko are. It held at and I spoke knowing you're in that her who she has quite a bit. About eating wrote currency and twelve years with it's important it is your act apathy eat they'll keep that even experience. It's our Rochester he knows the city of Rochester the something to keep the tournament arrow pointing to that he ever. Did experience expand internationally would it be yet. Eight to Asia if Nikko collides is bank account in all the funds were exhausted. Is that what kept him alive defected they couldn't get to the one account. That. We've seen many of the officers. The prosecutors she tried it they all day. That if it ain't that you were up you know it didn't yes sir understand what happened on eight were kidnapped on. Early early Saturday morning writing night and Saturday morning and then they're out Saturday. There captured. Its credit on it and it had an alternate start transferring money out of it was the college baiting on you know large aspect college. And move it in news is. You know they account to use it debit card for. And that they are cute we knew that we we were able and recording. Where you can hear Nico very common link. Being I really need to get it in hundred dollars or arm you know mutual fund at countless in my checking our. An air every in calling back in the pack pack or. Every customer service agent as a Ari that in your gut and not know bank. Eight. Over the weekend. You're gonna have to call back a month. And then Nikos says paying. OK I get a feminine you know and that right there is what is is light according to the police. Is that they could aid the cited people who live in a market or at money and it Rochester PD was able and then a lot teen. At nine going into that Sunday night and if they stay if they had been twelve hours later that it how do it and analyze. Tricia Thompson the ESPN investigative reporters a behind this Sunday mornings. At 9 AM on ESPN at sinners around the University of Rochester. Football player nick Nikko. But he said is calling a select all let's let's start where where this story before it got out of hand and for Nikko was held captive. I really this story starts with a bad tag on a football team a bad anchor who could play football. But was kind of given a free pass to continue. He's illicit behavior off the field it's Isiah Smith you know budget not to take away from the entire story is we want people to run on or about it's such a riveting story it's it's so. It's so interesting to see. Howl you know one mistake one bad person one bad decision and one mistake by by a program. Led to all of this. Well I have to tell you wanted to main reason meeker says that you want it TARP or. He didn't need to talk about what happened. And we talked about why do you wanna talk and that you know what I'd really want people under inherent. That this wasn't at the where it could that this is related. Hear what a lot of now with an unrelated crime happened earlier. It was over Thanksgiving break when he fifteen. Most students were away from campus but I think it's that it was a sophomore played on both the Apollo and the backed up seen. Was on campus. For basketball practice. Answer such are familiar with the there there's that's a bridge to connect state university. To an apartment complexes owned by. By the school culprit crossing. And there are eight on a surveillance cameras they're one and one that we had is we. Mean frankly I got there and I watched all of that they're on. Videos that you gather at essentially the crime that led you'd it kidnapping. And I think it I think it's and it is now in prison Irving thirteen and half years in Benton in March. A robbery. Burglary and all for what happened there at the first crop apartment. And it it was potentially injured heal that went really wrong really passed in involve her attack. On any place in the apartment want as the president but in kidnapped but he wasn't beer he was away on Thanksgiving break. And I met with his buddy and he knew how to get me you're either they hit getting their round. And use their room to gauge the robbery that would outlaw. And that's where all of this there were going to be able to send you. That's surveillance video had over forty hours of video that group you and we're gonna show you how violent. That hammered pack wasn't I have 11 part that Weiner you're up there and processors told me that you know the day that I Vietnamese was how violent. Hammer attack life because that's what got that's what is drug buyers still angry and not what causes angst. Unfortunately. In your cute so popular that had nothing to do it. So this leads us to the U VAR and a lot of questions first of all. Worry the team who you know your comment back from Thanksgiving break were the students notified. What had happened where they put on alert. Or was this is swept under the rock. They're in Nikko had very good friend at one of the lives in the apartment were. Whereas the united Europe robbery went down as it's in that went down. By. I if you went there and gone up indeed it would. Talking back and he around there and we re enters blood on the wall art another. That remain anonymous that the extent spot brought on by a man. And we treatment that anonymity because keep he called it that you backed up a lot of Whitney oh at that. When the team back from. It rate there in yellow Jeep across there or they act yet accent there where Latin. Your clean it up more and a lot of Hispanic on the court in place. And that was email that went out here in according. You need ally I was unable to find that Alan Moore analog but on your web site. I need to that the Edmonton and in particular place and that university is working here but there's very little and get in including. You're a student who lived in the apartment. And in need now in Cheney's did not realize that I got in trouble. Never quit and it out of its net as early it. You. What happens in the apartment. A much later collapsed and they are now. Now another lead or let them that we need to keep interconnected. And an at all during that happening. The police campus police they all are and we expect and eat in here are related. And that was why they were able or buying the eyes tracked down some of the people that were often read crime. So you have they returned to town after break. The season is over five if I'm understanding right you have got Nikko. And a teammate and the teammate gets a friend request. On FaceBook from a female who wants to get together with them. And out and they basically meet up with these girls and that's win and they get take in taking to the house. Prosecutors and police caught up on. Use the women aware that. And what we found out. One of the girls and served people remember and demand issues. I see. It seemed like you that FaceBook threatening and then texting it's made that was in that department obstructing. Well it was actually like it were there tapping out many and that's it is I'm allergic to meat eating out but the and Allie were air with husband was one of the guys that was. Attacked the camera as he was orchestrating in the beginning. Or retaliate. The women alert the Cheney's. Thinking he had something to do with your result robbery Nikko had been in the news sports and that's hanging out with him that night. And edit it and get a car it is good looking women and think they're going to apart ears and hang out. And I and that means that it's on your artistry which of course it into that. Being tortured throughout the weekend. By Eileen Rivera. Roommate at the time I mean I don't Strickland you may remember that attic at a hundred actors were pregnant or what happened. And everyone says that her and I'd have a checkpoint was really the wind was orchestrating. When and how and what your and it heated at me. And the I have cracked in garden in the are there are people that they have ever had in the courts and I don't mean it. Strickland really took it to a place that knowing him as the I mean I Richard all our. Eyewitness testimony. And we typically audience you women that work the guys out. That's Strickland speaking someone that they didn't recognize that they were right on certain that threaten to kill them that statement I'd go to that lead that they tried to help. What's was strictly involve other than just being roommates with Rivera it's strictly that they are members part of he was just no mates with a guy whose cousin. Got jumped in a drug deal gone bad. And really expected and it that it and become a big player here I want you to I'd. As eighteen cart rhetoric drop. All of the money out of that bank account actually. So in their interest in the key that we're gonna have on Sunday XP you can actually. One of the creepy thing that ever will we not only have at all on video. That directly and repair and their bodies. Talk hearing it pack and Niko on the ground for eating leaving her life and legal and they're wearing the plastic masks that are very very. Key moment in there right at it and now. Keep up that credit and are urged. And this video by itself it is chilling that you just cannot believe that another human being that either or I'm on it then. You can see in this ET video that police were able to get on the locally element there's an credit union. About a mile away and art history. We're. Equity and Italy Audi and hear it all up leaking and are quite know wearing fifteen math wearing the album out. You keep it clear shot at it in elegant and I'll look at it. And quote math or. And in the actor and I think and act by not only one of the what violent crime as being an almost yours but covering up as I am not a big deal and photographed they were able to capture the crime mean. People would know these cameras are everywhere but fortunately in this camera caught it not like the we're able aren't going into the court. One of the two reporters. In this piece you can read on it Again. Sunday morning at nine joining us tissue concentrations continent candy Lockett. Are doing a great job on coloring this whole story in piecing it all together. For for Nikko went when he arrives at Harvard history. At what point does he realize wait a second this is in a party this is something wrong did you ever really have. It right away. You that he walked in thinking that app. And you're his direct quote it is not public yearn and he. Bite back down to news analytical one. You know I don't really know what I'm doing. Instantly. The lights go out. He acts and then Matt and he shot was in a minute here you know he got in both. Gamer who won lake. Water is way in wearing any yelled brace when he yelled are you wait wait it all locked. And shot in the app but. Or Ayers though because that it wouldn't hurt you feel it and then just. Eaton I mean he just sees it that amount it is in an Aries. At the prosecuted ordered prosecutors that match where all that you know. They are so creative and how they figured out how to eat healthful items are these guys I mean there's clothing iron or hedge clippers there's a Clifford you had to start colonial. That have the wedding. Is back calls which might eat the I think that mr. people promote you know that pops up. But I think they're important or you order it or not such an Arnold watts who watched the story that there is there's a lot of our. There's a lot of ex. Or something that I know dominated headlines are that's along here I'm here. That was are all either lap back apple and get the story straight at Nikko are very strongly. That there were in the people who need it now. And ultimately. 1988. Criminals you know taking off their masks and that two women. Eventually kind of being interrogated to the point of cracking down you know they're able swat team is able that the bus stand. And get there in time to to save some lives in and justice. Appears to be done right now in and is there a silver lining to this story when you consider. You know Nikko now bravely tells his story almost two years after the fact he's back in Chicago he's home. What's next. Well ringing can he really well market and really I mean you know he's no longer. Yeah a lot go. Incredible number surgeries he's he's been dealing with air obviously our it's not a 8 at Eastern League they're in ninth. He you rent or where or there. You're gonna you can lie and a half mile race is not. But he does it. It is determined to move on the ice but it's really really aren't harmed at that but not that I am and I aren't attic your police department a lot of credit. It is not very often I would like this but it's not a violent man or it. Number as he ball. Where everyone why he. Every bag. And that's incredible. The bad guys earn it then I know that there's a lot of it in the community about whether or not enough kinda at an L wants to be an ever. And anywhere from that then you're under the act you're running on all the curse and pitching and nine people went to prison for chest a torture and then I think it met my present there are seniors because as. Set in motion in the very beginning. Go back to Isaiah at Smith the linebacker who you know from the you'll bar the one bad day here. On bailed out by one of the coaches on the team gang Kyle now dank Kyle doesn't bail amount that's. I eaten you know there's still probably all goes the same way but he. How unusual was it to have that in. I don't know if you can answer this issue but how old do you think the university days in this whole situation knowing that in of this. This staged fight if you will by you know the Isiah Thomas was a eventually arrested for that the students were nowhere but there are. Isaiah Smith excuse me out there Smith yeah I've edit yeah mile prop Isiah Smith I've been. There are a I think that it. Acting up along either side of it at all. I mean we weaker Barton has. I think the schools that one ego firmly believe another another year older than it was glom on. I. Not that during that it is not a regular. And it cut its crackdown on. Because it was one of their backfired. Mother and ever. You know at heart well earned the I can tell you a longer. It's not who are fighting. About. We had been called it remarkable stop looking at. Guys are not on the net like from the very beginning of working at on our on our side on them. Akron. On what happened. And they declined. It would let a singer the president of you know all that is certainly a good spot on. The you'd expect. Well that a great not going to find guys. 8 in the morning question with anything about. You know highlight that it wanted to hit any yeah so why. And her own that go and what must they. Are everywhere quite excited that it got it. It was as well. It'll out. On it isn't out of there there. Are over god the thought about it are. On it. And you know like a lot. Of ones are. On your. We wanted to hear. If you want to hear from the president. That they they need the that's a long pattern our report on there are a lot. At. While while aides. I mean I guess you know we can put two and together connect the dots and think that the university would like to sweep this under the rug and move forward as quickly as they can try to forget that does blemish on their record ever happened but. It's it's a sad. A sad statement on the University of Rochester to say at least. Well as we say it's early out there if that is Islam. But in order it and I eaten there there's color look it up on how could they are not via. Don't nobody ever want and it's happening now and app and I want to let you and why are you know it is there on an up when are we. I think for us in the community here to petition because that's like. The danger set the beginning it so okay and other drug deal gone bad. And we just kind of righted off and maybe we should just ask more questions when we hear about these. Well these are very typical sort it me or bury it in making expert. A story that is why this is why you. Know it and people been hearing about layoffs in the economic. Journalism. And art you're nodding and lock her up there. General colonel in the white meat is urged I'm Noah turned it's it we know people who are a lot of class and and and we want it to you as much is that your and are you got that I'll keep gathering at they import or at that it that it doesn't mean. You know we laying on the paper on the evident in the world dot. And and you know it and that's what we're trying. On Sunday at hanging out and you know it's not the app unity not at the children watch. A lot of access. To stop but it's important. Well it's it's something I'll look forward to watching. And that the peace and Is is grisly as well in just an unbelievable job. By you and your partners in it money and get this a story out there to tell. Nikos side of the story. Really really worth your time ESPN investigative reporter. Tissue Thompson joining us here in the sports bar with danger tightly Fisher we appreciate your time thanks so much. You got it tissue Thompson. From ESPN investigative reporter again. AM. While. That's all I have to sex bomb burst of ball. Our series got a lot of problems we have people like base living in our top. Secondly well maybe we can dive in this a little bit but. You barge camps. In hiding behind lawyers in doing anything. I mean it professionally she said that that date Ian police chief backs up that once they realize it everything in their power to find these students. Blight it's almost like they're being quiet knowing the lawsuits comment because you fostered this eyes AS Mitt. On this team you fostered this drug dealer. You chose. To put a drug dealer look the other way and one of your assisting coaches bailed out this kid. Please explain that makes dark green please explain that to me Joel Seligman. You know we take courage to talk about this in admit a mistake. But instead. You're silent. If you miss any of our conversation. With ESPN investigative reporter tissue Thompson it'll be available for you online and on demand. At the all new ESPN Rochester dot com coming up on four clock we're gonna play altering to that nexus sports bar give you some sports comets to agree. Or disagree with and I shortly after 4 o'clock Rochester red wings outfielder. And International League all star Zach Graham will be joining us in the sports bar Mike danger teamed tangling AM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester.