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Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News has co-authored the book "Son of Bum" with ex-Bills head coach Wade Phillips. Vic joins Danger and Battaglia to relive some memories of the Phillips era in Buffalo and discuss all of the recent changes with the Bills.


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The best local sports talk in the flower city but John Murphy she OM a sports bar with a dangerous exactly. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester here in the sports bar like danger Gina tag Leah. We only talk to the best and the brightest minds in our industry Jeanne doubted sigh we're thrilled to have on pit crew chief from the Buffalo News he coauthored a book with former Buffalo Bills head coach. Wade Phillips called the son of bond. Now Vick thank you so much up for your time today just the first question right. A voice found wait to be a fun guy and I'm looking at this picture on Twitter and it just kind of says it all right now we're. He's thanking the people of Denver that light up the by the book but it's obviously a photo from the the Super Bowl rally out. How much fun did you have put in this book together with weight. Personal thank you for Arab media with these guys we had a blast doing it and it really sure it. Go that way this was. Nine collaboration I've got ten football or so or all of my career at this but I collaboration. I would say it was a responses and any did you and I I went in with that expectation has set. Wade Phillips that you perceive him to be you Wade Phillips video it. A guy who doesn't take. Itself too seriously which is over fresh change. Been in the world football were worse so many people big pro sports in general but. Certainly this game where. You guys know me so but he. People who who are in the coaching ranks especially your in the hierarchy of teams. Don't often allow themselves to. You know what you're bound sort of speaker or just be themselves state they feel like they have you. Assume a certain image of a certain way. And coach speak takes over that's really now. Indicates would wade ever. And especially when he was Croat should maybe that's why he wasn't the most successful coach in the history of the league. Because he wasn't more like say a bill well check but. Obviously it it made the writing the book so much ought. And we'll pick we'll never see another coach like Wade Phillips in this league you mean the way it's going your right I mean we've got to we got a lot of robots that just spew out the same. The same cliches over and over again I mean the the the idea of a Wade Phillips or a bum Phillips or Jerry Glanville you know coach with. Real outlandish personalities. Just doesn't seem like that's gonna happen anymore. Fired I think as much as anything way to do this book now why. He when we first talked about it he said you really wasn't interest in doing. The white story typical run of the mill autobiography. That celebrity's it would sports other walks of life. And and I I concede that I agree with his perspective he says. If we approach this as a tribute to my dad I think I think it would make for a much better read and able and it would be something that. That that I need to wait we would find more. More inspiring it and something bit more more or. So in in taking that approach. He wanted to celebrate the very thing we're talking about that is that what part of that era. Where coaches could be themselves they talked about this in the book that he was. The genuine. Deal there are a real cowboy number one. He did. Where that camp ten gallon hat or the outward boots on the sidelines for that it was so he walks. And he said. That obviously this is back in the seventies when you know Tom Landry could Wear the door on the cowboys. Sideline in other other approach used to Wear sport coats and hats other than. You know did the did the official Nike brand. Key issues are league issued. Material that they had the quoting a line that at war. So that they can sell a more of that bed that was just about who you war and he really wanted to celebrate that and and their personality was another part of it he didn't do corporate speak keep did of very plain spoken folksy. Approached to. Football in the light. And his son wade followed in those in those boots. The crew chief the Buffalo News and Nicole author of son of bomb. With former Buffalo Bills coach Wade Phillips and that was last on the Buffalo Bills made the Clausen wade was the head coach. A tumultuous time when you had Doug Flutie Johns in and as certainly a talented team but but the way. Wait left buffalo is it today evict you see at peace with how everything happened at the end there. All the changes remember this is a guy whose whose work for a lot of different team and and a lot of different circumstances. That let him know we got some cases it was the chance to move up the something better. And another case since it was being fired in and you know you had that experience early I'm. What is father when he was. You know an assistant coach with the Houston Oilers. Wait a day and seventy cent. And they were old thinking they would they would independent Quebec it's C championships and and then lost to play out and operator should spell that. They just weren't making that next step so even after they have done a playoff season he's people who are so the whole staff. And and we talked about this in the book do but when it came to buffalo. Which he detailed is he really I think there are regard for Ralph Wilson but. What was honesty and write about. The circumstances that led to his firing and that was basically they did it here or at least rock didn't think you'd hear two routes where issues. Well whining to wire running Jones and special teams coach rather than reassign him on spare which is why. Wade was doing and and thought. Ralf was support we went when he won this conversation again she's got a wait didn't have a bogey you describe that that the conversation he had the dialogue and and and apparently that isn't what Ralph Wilson understood to be so you are telling wade you know go take the trip out to be square. Shrine game and follow through with your schedule after the meeting at which time wade wanted to find out what is future are. Rumblings that. Changes were were it a year well don't go make the trip and then they had the on call and what led to. Who is out there and well wanted to withhold its way saying that he quit rather than aspire. Wait to get contested patent and came up with a compelling evidence that. That he indeed was fired he got his is back today although minus six in the other you don't lawyers be. But it all worked out of the he told me and said this in the book again and Toby there's other times awake reading the book. There you can't. You can't spend time. Well I'm these on what happens with that within the employer when they fire you or blue brought. It because it's they're keyed you or knocking on the team. Then you are. Basically a web whatever you want to do whether it's also our back in the day you know you the owner. The yeah. You still want emotional or whoever it might be that there was you know a guy that a person that is all of idea doctor Jules don't don't IPO of how well he. That crew chief of the Buffalo News making his inaugural visit to the sports bar with danger the tag leave here on ESPN Rochester. Vick it's been an off season unlike any other fees Buffalo Bills meet you ever remember. As much turn over an offseason is what we've seen this year which overall sense. Another where. What were few months into the Sean McDermott air at least in now Branyan being in even a surprise hiring yesterday in brining gain what are your thoughts and everything that's gone so far this offseason with belts. Or should upward. With other instances where there's been this much. Of a changeover in the offseason. I've been through the coaching treat you orbit church yet achieved before. In the top occur this. First during my first stint at Buffalo News. Or about seventeen and looking at. That's all recent extension belt working where. You know an error all the entries. Are what we're about to. Foresee that should really counting the one that's coming out ot I. What is the current head coach and the sect G out. At a lot of change short amount of time. But they have. Well coached and Kia gone after that you know epilepsy in. Even know there was a little more of a delay would achieve. It could sort of see it coming I see it coming at least. With the hiring of sharp McDermott is an echo his I don't from the moment he got here in the ground they don't show. It was clear that we do in Britain. Regain it bring it being. Seems like the right kind of fit because. How well I think he's gonna work with McDermott and I'll they're going to be alive ER I. And and then the addition old. That the plot is right I see it having a game company it would be. That experience he can't beat the a on the ability. To give him. The right sort of title. And so Gina which of our student at a crucial vote. I don't know that I would guess it you know good it would be appropriate knowledge ball. They can work is wildly used. And block that because of them of the write cycle. And thought it would. Lot of what they're. A lot of perspective and bring it. You know currency to bring the director of course I would bet. Two brigade. Additional just after she only does this illusion urgency and well for the dolphins. It I just look at upper ends. Probably. Ought would be yours with the experience. How strong a what don't you gotta go back and they opened that you do have it. It reminds me of going back in the day. What Bill Polian was here. Perhaps include John Butler we do a whole lot about well we do a lot of experience. It is now working and I think will only that it AJ they. Chilled out. We use yours to count on and awareness that the time is one of the real strength was scouting. The Canadian football and that's our boat load it up with the bills. What. Are valuable. Again. The current Rasheed a long way to go. Magic in the same breath as those but I I'd like beat. And Cain was it was interesting to me yesterday and that this that the announcement of his his hiring was surprising but that the more thought about it I I'd. I wanted to time knowing I can pick your brain about this may be Vick aides did Brian Kane have anything to do. In his role with the Houston Texans. In bringing in that awful brought costs Weller deal last off season. I know I don't think there's evoke what. Attachment to a decision just it is going to be about but instead talked about that will it. Saying well. Artwork that that was buddy nix so out. Of the ankle wrapped one. Strong it was. Grow order of these success but what got you yeah. Definitely have at hand Al. Go with the personnel department that the bill that I'm out of go forward so. Would. I pick her up here to cry went up. Rob. What would have been a little busy with the help it. What the only thing I don't know about what happened there was dole. Did the elbit head coach. As you put it over. Well sort of our era yet but already. But the general manager. You know team worked with stepped. Up. So so. That I know. How. Much of that bad weather yet. World wide. Well aboard a quick. But I'd bet you those answers but I. Know what the opposite it's all. It was a ball and put it up with no would would have bet that. It. The crew chief who is the coal author of the book son a bomber with former Buffalo Bills head coach wade phillips' stick with the Buffalo News joining us here in the sports are 957 years BN. With all this change upstairs Vick should bills fans on the field this season now brace for a losing season here. Didn't pick you you make this much change especially with the roster. Of people. Pushing a button that couldn't correct because. That would be what it if there's any reason to big deal. Although more optimistic that because. You make those changes and coach who I think will be. Better organize and and old Arlo culpability in their four players will be more tuned in to what they're doing like we're right. Saw the last couple of years under Rex Ryan. And and step that I just don't think. Did a good enough job. Connecting with the these players invent the players that were also in place the overall culture was lacking and in that sense of urgency and respect for people that are running show up if that's changed etiquette we will all know. Well we should result an appeal it certainly from what's being set the right thing yeah but that's easy it's easy to talk about it now. What will result being. Or short sharp during a stretch to bring and that whole cultural. Movement. I think that plots however. You're you're turning over a quick shock of your defense no replacing. To seek peace you're gonna have at least one. And probably to do people regularly playing. The corner position slot corner position. So and so those are those are big boobs. And and and asking you know how quickly do you players adapt to what Leslie Frazier Tron McDermott. In spite their operatives on the opposite side. Get new people at receiver. Do depth in your back feel more inclusion probably of all back. More perimeter work for your quarterback. But is that you know would argue argued next fight again and it is is Tyrod Taylor. Bought into the idea. That he has a future here or does he ever reason that they like a lot of us do. He's got this one your trial court but really the way this team position the way this team positioned itself from the draft. Adding that tick for 2018. That first rounder in the tree down. Our our big goalie positioning themselves to have to maybe get quarterback help here from now. Almost spring could be you know could make deeper interest in the city how this year plays out. Evict book prior to the draft. We heard a lot of flushometer rich saying that you know this team has adopted a one voice philosophy and and it all of this is us. Getting to know Branyan being more since he's been hired or. If the one voice philosophies been thrown out the window because Doug Whaley is no longer with the organization which do you think is more true. I think. Do we really. Still being there and being pretty much muted. Then it will about how they're gonna go for it Grand Prix eight I don't think it would be. In the best interest. Shrunk don't necessarily to keep. His Chia and in it so suppressed. That you know that you'd never hear from the guy and you start raising those questions those those uncomfortable questions for the team better than. That works oral and gripped until the time that they are we're really was fired so it never weaker from a guy before we wrap. That currency that would repeat itself I I think now I don't know that he's going to be. As now there are as it is march. And has certainly that coach will be. Our eyes advocate will be no periodic but I think it will be strategic and and it'll it'll. It is my understanding of the way try to want to do things. This correct. It will be. Tied into the collective message that they want Sen and you know OK I've been saying this you know reading from this. Script sort of speak and I and I don't mean. Mean it sound that formal by saying big east are presenting these talking points trying to. Would say okay man. The next month or whatever spirit Regina a couple of appearances. Could be the same inadequate training camp come you know hearing that there are. You know at the platform to talk about and that. The other platforms. Earlier. Recruit she is the co author of the books on a bomb giving us a few good minutes here at the crew chief the Buffalo News Vick before we let you go I cannot wait to read this book. And I've heard this story how does weight LA. The decision to start rob John sane. Over Doug Flutie in the last playoff game the Buffalo Bills played in that lost it the Tennessee Titans. How does wait tell the story here. And certain that they argue we're told by well. Could make that change actually dropped indicating it John Butler and so forth but that Europe Austria that our. Work it out of the process but but it emanated from morale. It you know that the thing about that is what weight does not do is say well he is not to do that I total. Though the movie Seoul on Orkut now he doesn't he doesn't put up. BP says he could Puerto any argument about it and of course. Maybe the reason he did is because that the owner and it Bjork and it. Yeah its point was that took fight it by. For his part way gives a egg I thought very fair appraisal. Of what what what the throes of a move. Walk or work behind it coming from the border so. And so that explains it and and he provides some very interest bill on or they'll point out in Tennessee. For those who want to relive the pain. Talk it is all there where. Pick crew chief while we really appreciate it take its time out this afternoon to join us Vick a hope we get the chance talk to you again soon the crew chief the Buffalo News co author of the book. Son of bomb and will link that up on our website as well ESPN Rochester dot com if you missed any of our conversation Vick. Enjoy the rest your evening all right. It. I check the crew chief ESP in Rochester dot com we'll have that audio for you on demand. Wow what they wanna start there I mean first of all that book I mean Wade Phillips to me. He was the head coach last on the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs and it was a very tumultuous time but then. You go fast forward a year or two today and you're asking questions about the Brian gain higher in. He's he's kinda. Ray along with you there are like OK you can't separate the good and the bad from what prying dean did in. At what bit Dick crude she says is that the head coach bill O'Brien and nothing to do with bringing him Brock gosh yeah. Yeah yeah and and that's what makes me listen I'm I'm excited about the idea that a GM Canada it is now your VP of player personnel but I think really what this comes down to is he interviewed well. The schools like Tim. And they probably says hey here's an off me no bull what's gonna tech and Brandon will get on board and we'll get Chu and here. And that's a dead and if this does. Turn out to the an ill fated move what we now. I'll remember the idea that I was part of the Houston Texans organization that took on that awful brought costs whether deal. Right if you brought in Oslo for nothing it's is awful because of the money you gave him right eat you couldn't turn the page but it was also awful because the head coach wasn't on board. Dysfunction yes that's C yet at the sole. And is recruit you also saying that you didn't need Houston's permission for this move by giving him. The new title. By rule in the NFL he could leave from Houston to buffalo in there's no tampering no. You know your free to leave. That was awesome can't wait to get that up on ESPN Rochester dot com in case she missed at the crew chief the Buffalo News joining us in the sport sport danger and the tank Leah. We return next and serve up the day's top NFL stories in bite sized form. We call it NFL appetizers stay in the sports marked danger to tag Leah ESPN Rochester.