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Former NFL executive and host at our sister station 105.7 The Fan, Vinny Cerrato joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to discuss what a GM does in times of player crisis such as what the Bills are dealing with this week. We also dissect the Ravens roster heading into training camp as they face the Bills in week one of the regular season.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com that downloading today I listened to west anytime anywhere thus boards leader ESP. PM Rochester. We're back in the sports bar danger in the tightly appreciate you stopping by KM 9159857. FM. And you don't we ever had a guest on the sports bar kind of resonate. Then Vinnie Cerrato has to work very fortunate to have him on our team from our sister station will 57 the fan. In Baltimore Vinny Cerrato joining us now in the sports bar very high event. I am doing very well. Vinny we are well we're looking forward camp up here and then we have this. The story involving LeSean McCoy we wanna ask you about that we wanna ask you about while the excitement of the ravens camp for rookies reporting this week certainly but I just for our listeners just he gave her the name Denise Toronto yes. Former vice president of operations with the Washington Redskins Vinny I would have to imagine that was. A funding for each time working for Daniel Snyder tell us what was that like working in that position with the Redskins. I would it would go to and there was some. You know helped irons. And it. Most times and was great you know it has humbled and they're going well you know everything's gonna things are not going well things are. As rose. Oh. What and what Joseph Gibbs was phenomenal on the say that it was it was a highlight of I mean I've got a chance to work with Lou old Bill Walsh courts is for Mike Shanahan and Guillen joked yeah so we're pretty good guys that I've got a chance to war. Were those guys Snyder. Now Vinny that that is an impressive list for sure and know that during your time in Washington. He you did have to deal with some adversity is integrity unit is an executive with the team the murder of Sean Taylor and I imagine that that kind of adversity. I really changes. Be and what we had when your vision for the team that's easing your plans for the team you have to adjust on the fly. Talk a lot a little bit about the adversity that you had to deal with with that story the Sean Taylor. Story aid is I think it it leads into what we're gonna talk about in terms of what you would do is an executive right now if you're the Buffalo Bills. Oh difference between you know shady McCoy and Sean Taylor was shot during these. And Sean was murdered. You know and it happened. I got a call on the owner 5 AM. On Monday morning and match on which shot go to the office right now. He and I got the office. You know owning our what do we do we talked you know the agent find out low on that out there and you know you don't have a lot of information. So we're just sitting there what we do that area. Jumping your planning go. So we got to this point in you know we flew to Miami has to be hand off you know so we could be there at hot it'll be there what. I am to be there you know waited eight to find out what was going on it practiced yet. Firsthand knowledge. Oh everything that was autonomy that we talked of the doctors you know we were there with the family and it you know the old thanks so. Our. And then after he passed. The next morning. You know then it was gone over a rambling houses in Auckland where you know talking DeShawn family and then going over pocket too you know. The fiancee spam in line back it and having you know talked. Football you don't have to play game against the bills that's Thursday night I think that night. Some debt you know so yeah it was it was it was. Very difficult time you know but I think it's a lot of an army totally different. Then it is with you know LeSean McCoy I mean he you know he had been shot or anything like that it is not during the season and not as. Drastic you know measure and the ones you know somebody was ardor. He Serrano was with the Washington Redskins as their vice. President of football operations now hot afternoon host in Baltimore on 1057 the fan our guest here. I is far is buffalo bills' general manager Brandon steam. What would be your advice to him because little cool like the situation we're in we we. You know I'm sure he doesn't have all the information we love to have the information at this point what would be your advice to the Buffalo Bills front office here is. The situation is unfolding. Well number one you to talk too much thought the find out cited the store and find out what the deal. And then number two our guests. You've got to do you you'll get your head of security you know in ball. It and kind of gathering information being your latest on what the police department down there and then as a football. Group. You need it you need to go full what you need to make plans and I'm not. You know you need to go worst case scenario you know if Oakland you know that none of it's true and because nobody knows. Then he comes back and played that's great. But you've got to and I mean that they are working out of running back where you've got to make eye and you gotta go audit. Not an upbeat they're because that's what you gotta kind of go by because I mean camps in two weeks without a ravens start camp next. What they. But they've played nearly games army you don't have a lot of time there's not a lot of people out there you know so. Which you've got to do it just make sure that you have enough bodies in camp you know is is is bullish on going to be in camp you wanna be in camp you know he didn't decision that. Which the owner those that are closer of all GL. You know pay scale on that you include the ownership odd that you wanna match practice while he's going through this investigation. You want him just to stay away. You'll be in the old. Now so I mean that's what I would I would distractions. No opt for my football he about a young quarterback. You know I don't want. The media everyday at its all about eighty cool you know let him stay away let him. You know handle his business and it what you get ethnic Arab that you. Meaning to that end I mean wouldn't the best case scenario for the Buffalo Bills then with this. Investigation ongoing in assuming that they're not gonna find you know suspect that they won't have answers by the time training camp starts you're just under two weeks. But the commissioners exempt list it's rarely used to when it is used it you know basically eliminates the player from the equation it's a paid suspension essentially an end. Now you're the Buffalo Bills with him not a camp the only question you're asking. You can be you can add to what they know let's stick to the talking about the players that are actually here on the field with us. Now doubt about it no doubt about it I think that's the best way especially for young football he'd. You know am I would say that expectations that are. Now for buffalo. This year. I think it. And made a nice I don't front last year but I mean you know law associate they don't have. McCourt. Or that big thing that much more difficult but. You know they're not gonna find a replacement. Until probably the final cut now. You know so you've got. And in reality it is you know if he misses two we can't so why. You probably protecting himself from now you know because these are hard workers stopped but you know look at lately I'll tell you a report that the first week they'll OK. Army the first week as the so update with a veteran like that there's time. So I would think that the people away. Or Ellen and hopefully it's resolved by. Is that something of that and it goes something I'd. And and you could go forward so it was a two that matter to don't have the. Distraction. Former NFL executive and now hosts 1057 the fan in Baltimore Vinny Cerrato our guests let's ask you a few questions here about the ravens. I Joseph Flacco. Is it fair to say he hasn't been you know had this level of competition in. Ideal for the quarterback position in you know in recent years has anyone I look at a quarterbacks like Alex Smith well. Alex Smith had a good year last year and he you know had the threat of pat mahomes. How is Joseph Flacco responding. On to the ravens' decision. To draft Lamar Jackson. I think there's I think what Joseph Flacco and I've been to all of at all. Practice and now that you know a couple of the other practices you know he ate so not until like Iverson I'm not I'm. Not rent. Know it but you ready to step is indeed the starting quarterback talent of the pocket. Insist it was a Mac suite. And Joseph Flacco. I'm not been as big critic Joseph Flacco and rightfully so last well last. Saturday quarterback meaning they'd like a top five quarterbacks and and perform like one in the bottom on quarterback that. So. So augment arc. Not this year and might not argument on the market in Le. First thing not a problem and finally Al Ani it looks great. I mean I've gone on record or shall I think he's gonna have over ninety quarterback. And arms and don't point them toward Pakistan like twelve. I think you have an outstanding here at those. Com I think the rate public violence and the only way to do that is not the offensive line and other question. Joseph looked anomaly can't look you don't need braces no. Not bad easy looks to be looked quote as well or as much. I hate football between ERG three and Annie yeah. Lamar Jack's not running to restore our. You know and ain't gonna have the opportunity to make some lightning game and act like bill. You know may be too late maybe play may be. Those. Huge for him and I think that. With five priests even games in Lamar and get a lot of playtime and an oil spot pre and what he's capable paneling outburst. Many here mentioned you know your projections for Joseph Flacco in the year 2018 season if I'd imagine it's easier to make those protection for your projections known that everybody's healthy right now and also knowing that. Put them the ravens have bolstered up their wide receiving corps which has been a weak spot for the team for some time now talk about what they've done this offseason to get better receiver. They added dom brown owners on the dom brown and then. A productive help the receiver for two years go back to his first two years guys come on you know as good. Go get them all either won the first two years that he was Italy and Willie it will mean without all you. Mentioned it nobody even he looked. You know even typical slot receiver quick. Smarter now in the slot everything final holes that is now and then Michael Crabtree in the possession guy. You've got to be literate Sony's position I he's going to be good on the splash out up front he's not a seat right. And I I. Made got a good and annoy dropped a lot of balls last year's I think a lot of it just concentration and lack of focus. But he looks focus and concentration right now they've got some young guys adapted Chris Moore. Chris Moore and lastly the receiver they draft and not feel like I thought it at me camp with each extremely good Chris Moore what. Very good he played some Austria too many drops. I didn't see a drop balled that three days of that many camps in and look very and he got a chance you know help at returns also so the receiving court. It could be it means if there that they're not helped it jump around as to appreciate any camp it was. You know so Willie's name was there an old time Crabtree was their old you know so. Do they have enough depth. The wide receiver spot especially if John Brown you know has not been shot very much. You know I mean you've got a 650000. Dollar roster bonus in the third day of training camp as I was there might get little. I've made probably like this. Seven receiver and make an up or robbed us. Four years ago and to me was some of the biggest mistake you can make is to keep a mistake that may may move on. Maybe it's one that like when there. He got an Obama. They Serrano one of 57 the fan in Baltimore our guest on the other side of the ball I and I'm always amazed at. Terrelle sides in the he's still doing what he's doing out. What is father time gonna catch up with Terrelle side's gonna. I'm not I'm not sure you don't catch is that latter part. What it does is start up and actually he looked in great shape. You know and they look good job of giving him off aid and airmen and don't let him rest you know especially with our pre C eight. I'm sure that he got rabbit out of all made during this camp and it'll probably be. You know rather easy camp for him because they got the young guys they've got a development of course is going to be key. You know for them and maps YouTube dot you know that ate that last. Double digits back. This year and what the secondary you know between going to be that actress was about which you and maybe Williams has got to step it up and and up Albers got it up properly those guys gotta gotta be much better in the actress that they were lashed. There's gonna be much more aggressive defensively they're going to be much simpler defensively with point mark down deep and coordinate I think he's got a blitz a lot and he got. Excellent quarter. They've got good corner Jimmy Smith. And all of operate it on caught in that light up that quarter that they'd it would well at Jefferson I don't think they cover that well better not. And little super Smart I get everybody lined up but either one of those guys run that Weller covers. Any given the way last season ended for the ravens with the Buffalo Bills bopping them from their playoff spot on the prayer from Andy Dalton. How much of a motivating factor is that gonna be week one when these two teams meet each other. I don't know that. It'll be you know motivations new team new group of guys. Now. I would it mean that they are. Must win for the rape they can not lose but at the opening it at all because then what they're scheduled to open it thing you know the honorable. He also a couple weeks and things get much more typical is that game that. When you look at the schedule you have to win you've got to win back. Many one question off the board before I let it go it is very z.'s new rule changes in and just curious to get your opinion here should shift football friends braced for some sloppiness with. In other than the officials and the players for that matter adjusting to these new rules in regards is keeping your head up. I'm out but I think you know I'm not coached youth football her. For years and anything to protect ahead on ball war. You know and is it going to be sloppy. Maybe lobby I think is going to be sloppy just because of the CPA. You know I think is going to be sloppy you know when when I was in Washington or separatist coming the third appreciate it. The starters played in the third quarter nobody played all the regulars and that's why does not like that's why a lot of intrigue at the beginning as being a because nobody play. On that's like teams are now practicing. You know with each other so much during the during the break I think it's art but ravens racked. You know what rammed into what the colts and and your veterans can get good quality work. At that time because they don't get work in there to receive anymore I think western Joseph Flacco played what two series in the third. It's like great. No video IE six you brought it up and end you know your experience and expertise that is an executive in the NFL I mean. You mentioned the CBA and I got to imagine when this current collective bargaining agreement expires. At aware for a war works obvious you're right there's there's a lot of different gaps that need to be filled for for this to be smooth. If they'll come out of money in army would be audited about the money the owners of about. They gave up a lot of the other stuck on the heels up and up to get money so that it and it got the money. And the money dictate everything Indiana tell at all. And it just all of the twelfth and then you'll get your. He's run a 1057 the fan in Baltimore. Former executive with the Washington Redskins also worked. On the staff of Bill Walsh in San Francisco also was recruiting coordinator with Notre Dame Lou Holtz I mean your resume many fantastic we really appreciate your time today thank you fire are sharing your knowledge with us. I about what happened. Thirty year reunion there September 1 thing in this year. How are your reunion and the 88 national championship games on the spot that's seeing right to edit. Yet Earl Bennett like to. Many can we make a date now to get you up before week one when the bills take on the the ravens we get her. A recap of what went on there are a little preview of what we Obama look like between these two teams. No problem and any you know what my my son played on in dire we actually are coming up to Rochester cause were planned. It will play and one of the teams up there and we're also planned buffalo. Don't be a strange look this all jokes don't get to play as a what team or what team doing. It it'll be up markers and are they called the Philadelphia hockey club and they'll be that we did not want a country we are worse than double what it the last four year. Humble or or. Lugo got a way to come to wait a cup garage just I don't know he played anybody from upstate New York is hockey Canada Piccadilly now. Hockey dad we have some big. You know based already has stranger becoming a Western New York RI. Are we look forward to talking to you again soon babies are rod. 1057 the fan in Baltimore that's increased. Like Perry is he would bit right hand man for Lou Holtz recruiting. Helping that team to the 88 championship. He worked for Bill Walsh. He was not vice president. Of operations essentially the GM for the Redskins for the better part of a decade. And now he's hockey dad traveling the country. In their talking on the radio ads in the to come. Nominated will we do for our kids in the matter where you know love that is the common denominator. That is great if you miss that conversation if you're just joining us our conversation with Vinny Cerrato. A 1057 the fan in Baltimore little preview of the bills in ravens' week one bills. Training camp of course what to do with the LeSean McCoy investigation using set on that is valuable. And little preview of the Baltimore Ravens and other looking going into training camp as well Vinny was great that was offs Morgan on demand for you shortly. At ESPN Rochester dot com up next in the sports bar we syrup today's top NFL stories in bite sized form with NFL appetizer stay with us. The sports more danger of the tackling ESPN Rochester. Look super fast sports junkies take. Let's say you. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join in pact with the action remedy end. 57 MM a sports league. Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives 24/7. Probably his bills receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions and contests people knew. ESPN Rochester doctor. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.