The Sports Bar-Wendy and David Dworkin

Owners of the Rochester Rhinos Wendy and David Dworkin join Danger and Battaglia to discuss the challenges of owning a professional sports franchise and to discuss Saturday night's home opener at Capelli Sport Stadium.


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From the U typical. Took home rink if your sports on ADM 950 and 957 apprehend these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sports bar Mike danger along with cheap tag Leah KM 959 to 57 FM KE SPN Rochester. Pleased ultimate special guest jade. Yeah you know it was great for our community to draw so well for the red wings in for the hammer this past week in another great weekend coming up as we got another opener coming up. As I joining us here in the sports bar on 957 ESPN I think is your second visit here David and Wendy dwarfed in Nat. As home Hamas how mad scramble is it to get everything ready here for opening night David. Eggs and excellent as a lot I'm glad we had an extra week before our home opener where I think with a last evenly and up they. To forecast looks pretty promising tell us what is new what is going to be knew it compel these sports stadium this year. Well the start they share are going to. And through the month of June EE two dollar drafts national and Jenny and and Heatley and that starts pregame party an hour before. Until fifteen minutes before kick up. So that's one thing that we learned that people take our food and beverage program pretty seriously. So that's the first thing we're doing new. And the second thing. We have one very well known food option coming. Dinosaur barbecue we setting up shop down into the session level they're gonna bring there are building that was over at the Buffalo Bill stadium and they will be. Cooking on site and selling dinosaur products all the while I saw you mean a player when you have that smell. And that's got to be a challenge that's. I mean that's different kind of home field advantage if you're if you're a Rochester ride knowing you're just used to that smell but if you're if a player coming in for the first time. I mean you think you Barbeque more than you take in about bicycle kicks right yeah. Also we you hear this with other scenes is not his wife goes on the field assaults also about the experience and getting food and everything else that goes into this is what your customers absolutely. And it's funny because one of our players might cars the said that he's gonna have his wife economists say how much so we can have after every single match so it's. It's exciting it's something new what we're thrilled to have it it'll be available on the street level if anybody wants an up there so it's some it's definitely the smell be airing. And then how the wind goes it it should go perfectly. How on the new leader for this week's end for hospitality options on delicious street food in it hearings and you. Options that and we have new things being rolled out in all concession stands you. Awesome David and Wendy to work in Rochester rhinos home opener Saturday joining us here in the sports bar with danger and tag Lehman what did you guys learn so far from. You're one of ownership of this team two year too as we I'd get ready to kick off your to order of the torque and our. There's no off season. That's the first thing I learned there is no offseason it never stops even when the season's over there's still things that you have to do as a team not just on the technical side. But on sponsorship side I'm getting a stadium Randi it's just it's a forever moving process. Which I guess is a good and of acting unionized have a little offseason but there just isn't it always something happening with what goes on there. You are always you know seeing what we think we did rate asking our fans that attended a whopper apparently didn't work and animal can be changed improv bay are all fans we have such a different com greens people edit and teens from little kids from the lineal still. People in the season ticket holder since your line. Yeah and soccer's has taken off tonight I will be there at the Genesee brew house signs for the opener for against Saturday night. 6 o'clock as the rhinos the home opener we've been talking a lot about the hammer situation on our show. And how the city of Rochester BP they're dragging their feet is it easy. I'm being a professional sports all hurt in this town. And it's never easy to be professional sports owner in general. It's always hard when you have a facility that is always in need of something I mean you're competing against. Other CDs with other stadiums and we just we were in Charleston last weekend. And we have a brand new Jumbotron that the city body of little over a year ago I was actually. Set to be purchased from the old owners of the Clark's had agreed to and was being basically installed after we bought the team. And we think it's great and we go down to Charleston and they had 82 million dollar 3000 square foot Jumbotron. So you know we look at we hadn't thought we had nicest car neighborhood and then you went down there and you're like this is the most unbelievable job much I've ever seen. So homage to challenge and it's a challenge when you look at cities like Cincinnati that do 121000 season tickets may have more revenue and they have more opportunities. So it's never easy and here it's a little our worst small market. And that is one of our challenges is that we don't have the benefit of being in a big city so we need more support to just be on par with some other cities. I mean I remember. That time at the stadium was built I mean there was hole at that time that that Rochester. Could eventually be part of this emerging league this emerging. Sports league the MLS and it feels like it with each passing year as you see them kind of continue to expect. Really not really in markets like Rochester more like markets like Cincinnati would be an emerging market for for soccer. More so than Rochester what are your thoughts on something like that. You know it's interesting news you look at Cincinnati. And there are only around one year and they went from nonexistent to 121000 of those that season take almost 20030000. People. And they automatically became on the in my last lists for expansion sure a look at some the other city Sacramento they average seven or 8000 people at a game. Nothing says that we couldn't have been on that list if we you know we put thirteen thousand people in the stands. It's going to be hard to ignore us and we are the most storied franchise. Outside of Major League soccer mean we have five championships US open cup. So you know for us. It's it's the problem is we're not new I mean were around 22 year Cincinnati's new you know what we like twenty years ago he filled up frontier field. So you know from our vantage point and I look at the owners in the US cell I mean the last group of owners that have come in. War colander from Cincinnati who used on the reds are Simon that took over the team out in Vegas and Reno. He owns the pacers and Simon malls so the owners that are coming in are very sophisticated. And they're trying but you know to your point I think at the end of the gang yeah I hit some. It it would be great but we have a we have a long road to holly get there we've got a first start by getting a stadium more filth. Yeah I think he kind of goes what she was saying about the the struggles of not just being a professional sports owner but maybe being a professional sports and specifically. In a market like Rochester. David in windy torque in our guests here in the sports regulate to join us for five for ESP as the number 454. ESP and as far as what we'll see on the field this year. Talk about the difference in moving up level one and in walks buckles and all that here. Actually a lot. Goes into it sale before on the US I'll actually received its officials provision to use status. US soccer the governing national association in Al and inspected us to make sure we were division to rally. Through David I'm mad at financial or requirements. Our coaching staff have the right licenses you know things like that. But also it's going into the US now moving up for soccer's just expedient enough seats. We are broadcast which is huge most markets will it kill him out broadcast and it led to some. I'm not a cult difficulties I guess you'd say in the stadium. Where. Some of our things are upgraded and each being eaten some things RE in and there's just a lot of requirements with division to we are so close to that I'm the last bar or not quite there and it's very hard standard to me. And good news is that the MLS just continues to grow and thrive sort of have any sort alignment with that even on minor league level. Is it's got to be viewed as a positive right it's. Hues gently when dean and I meet with other unless we met analysts' coaches we are spending more a week eons. Those animal last out colleges or ownership actually come up to some will say hey you're the wit I am shocked. And how the rhinos translate outside of our mark. We were in Toronto two weeks ago for the Toronto FC. Steam when then will we stayed an extra day for the M last game when Toronto played Atlanta. And the general manager. That team was gracious to invite us into this week that Pamela scheme. And his counterpart Atlantic came up to say hello and this week. And I just myself David who worked at all rock course to run those you know the rhinos. And you never met the person before yet aren't history just transcends across all different cities in markets in and it's nice and and it's. It's just it has such a storied history outside of our market which is just dumb it's it's nice to know that. That you told the story and the here before but for our audience many people that don't in bringing back to maybe what is this 1516 months ago. You win you learned that the rhinos were really in danger of going away why did you make the decision to make a bid on the team there. We didn't want that team to lead my wife's family is some of the listeners probably know used on the roster royals which at a Sacramento Kings. Team left went to Cincinnati Kansas City and Sacramento. And we didn't want to team in the probably 400 or so jobs disappear. And it was literally set to go this team was all. Prepared to go to other sitting. And had we not stepped in I mean the league is confirmed it more than once to us there was no really other plan other than us and we were pre that it. Because of ownership in the NBA ain't so we didn't have to go through a rigorous. Processed through the US sell because obviously if we can pass MBA we can pass the US cell. And we wanna see Lee so so we stepped up and it's been twelve months no more December 20 has only started. And we closed in March has been a little over a year as you said but it's some. We don't want it to go and it's it's as you say it's not easy it is not easy by any means is not all glory. So we went through this a little bit and we error are keeping acting and removing the now. So we had a little bit of experience went on but you can't necessarily compare the NBA. Now. I would people don't realize I think something about sports stadiums and you see people on the field. There's another site and a and when things go well they do it they're supposed. Though for the second year in a row were having an event for people that live in the way of the stadium on just on. And there was the little things that people don't always hear it hasn't gotten big pass but we invite every line in the neighborhood it. Into the stadium. The city's gracious enough where they have all sorts of programs and resources for people that live in the area. BA you know job. You know making safe choices what ever it is papering like 2530. Vendors and and week is free tickets to a game for heavy one our city. Players come now they do chalk talks they do soccer clinics for the kids. That's the stadiums and sports are supposed to do for the neighbors and community out there and that's sometimes gets lost that the most important thing I want to lean yes there's a bunch of you know men running around the field. But in the sense that's almost a shot sideshow as to why sports team hanging in should be an clean. I am okay let's talk about that because you know David a when he'd work and I guess your from Rochester rhinos. Now with home opener on Saturday and more we're talking a lot about what the team stands for and some of the great things in the community it's doing in and there is some of the rigors of owning a team or Rochus let's get excited about or actually going to see. On the field on Saturday and we let let's talk about this year's team let's talk about. How these rhino stack up to ten years past and and what the expectations for this upcoming season are now. Well we'll start the simple so much as we're playing the defending champion so that's how we get starters he's been playing your credible. They're the defending champion he beat us the penalty kicks last year. And it's not the first time they beat us. And that's we start with. And the players' standpoint we certainly have common good group you've got. We've got twelve that are returning from last year I'm not mistaken about twelve returning in ten that are new. And they come from multiple countries. You know one of our keepers is from penfield. Again Lindh who some people may know from until days to Moscow Missouri there keeper of allies here in weaving and guy Kyl who's our third our cassette third keeper. But you know where were an aggressive group we're good on defense certainly and we got that attack players. And it's it's exciting I mean I've watched implant and two weight gain so far and it looks like were hoping to see some good stuff that is team. Yeah it's good to have the team panel come already re brought cars I mean there's a guy that has personality danger he he had he sticks or he he'll he'll alone in this town. Because the thing with a rhinos. I am sure he might have heard this from other people I can rattle off that US open cup champion roster it's getting to know this year's team and once people get in order team that's that's what leads to the people. Well coming out and it's a good point that you mentioned in Garcia and Kyra forcible stay here full time those two players live here all year round obviously has a gambling. But some things that we're gonna do you want now leads the on Saturday. We're working on getting our players out to do practices outside of the of our our stadium so going to different cities with in the area. So that coaches can come players can come they can learn watch we're doing look at our tactics so that's something that you know disease he said and you're you're right on point. I'm most people can rattle off the players who played 1015 years ago it's the ones that play the last couple years. That they may not know as much and and for us to really get those names out there we need to make sure that our players are in the community. And doing good things in you know people is as we top literally it's not just the stuff we do for jazz and a its. All the schools we go to all the books that our players are reading to kids all the times are our players go in and volunteer in different places I mean that's what is part of the fabric of the team. And and that's what matters I mean it matters a lot. Community anymore the past year Anthony. Arrogant and we have an outstanding group of young. That it is it is important get out there and we do get your name associated with team in orbit we've been speaking with David when he torque and owners of the Rochester rhinos again home opener is Saturday night at the new tally sports stadium. And in the pregame happy hour gene has my attention to a dollar draft Janice Jenny and Jenny light. Thus starting in the gates open until fifteen minutes prior to kick up and this is not just for the home opener etc. these all home games from seizing kick off until the end of June. I mean it. Yes yes errands and I love the early start to I mean that must been something new you'd that was a decision at 6 o'clock just at 6 o'clock in the pits at least be 705 and now we're down a 60 sides we did that last year. And oh it it it seemed to resonate with the fans so we're gonna stick with it. I'm it's a little warmer out but you know what after or any winter who doesn't wanna sit out and some beautiful weather. I should be great I mean season openers are always fun for every sport. 4545425. If you're just sitting tickets or email tickets. At rhinos soccer dot com talking with David in windy worker Rochester rhinos here in the sports bar. With danger and the tag Lee is so great to see guys again hope to talk to you again soon here as the season progresses and best of luck Saturday night in and of course this season with the Rochester run us appreciate it thank you.